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Latvian couple talks about living in Wellington, New Zealand and working in IT incubator project.

If we compare Latvia and New Zealand … Oh! – Cicada ! (Locust) Hi – my name is Janis, and I am originally from Latvia and now I live in Wellington
New Zealand. I came to New Zealand together with my partner, Lelde it was our mutual decision that we both wanted this overseas experience. We first thought about moving to New Zealand because we realised that we wanted
a new adventure in our lives and New Zealand was our top option, because, actually, there is nothing scary that’s runs around you and tries to kill you
like in other countries. So you are pretty safe here, except for one thing:
there’s the earthquakes but it’s something that you can’t really change
and you just learn to prepare for them. Once we arrived here in New Zealand, we were starting to look around for different opportunities. There was this wonderful government initiative that was a three months programme where people can
come in from the private sector to try to solve these challenges New Zealand
faces. When the programme ended, the Crown gifted IP to the entrepreneurs who
participated and it provided us with opportunity to carry on with our
business, and so after that we started the Bosspac. We had some conversations with the local innovation Hub – Creative HQ. and they decided to accept us
in their incubation programme. They provide the mentor support and office space and business advice, which is really important for companies like Bosspac. It took us a while to build the product into a working solution – so it’s
been amazing actually to be part of Creative HQ community. Lelde and Janis are amazingly resilient entrepreneurs. They bootstrapped all the way along to make something work for New Zealand and bring all their experience into this market – it’s quite, quite amazing. Latvians are always very hard-working people and that’s just in our nature. At the same time, we love nature and really love to go out for walks. We live in tiny apartment in Mt.Victoria that is really close to the city centre. It’s quite central. Everything is in a walkable distance. There is a beautiful bush walk up to Mount Victoria and only after 25 minutes climb
you can go up north Victoria and see beautiful scenery. The views from the
Mount Victoria lookout are amazing, because you can see everything – you can
see the airport, you can see the surfers’ beach, you can see the city, you can see
the country. We try to keep ourselves physically fit just either going up Mount
Victoria or just go for a quick run or go to the Lyall Bay – it’s just very close
and convenient. Another thing that I really enjoy about living in Wellington is that there are different markets, especially on the weekends. At the water fountain there is food market and you cango and buy fresh veggies and foods, which
is amazing if you like cooking at home. Sunday market is quite similar to
the regular market which is in the city centre of Riga, capital of Latvia but it just happens once a week. So you go there, you select
your fruit and go home. I’ve been living here already in New Zealand for soon it’s
going to be four years. What advice I can give you is: just plan ahead. I would really encourage you to start thinking about it now. So if you are someone
considering coming to New Zealand, I highly recommend you not to delay because you might regret not coming here earlier.

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