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Korea, Venezuela celebrate 50 years of diplomatic ties 한-베네수엘라 수교 50주년 문화 행사

Korea presented a wide range of cultural performances
in Venezuela… to mark the 50 years of diplomatic ties between the two countries.
Our Hwang Ji-hye gives us a taste of all that′s going on, in this report from Caracas.
Screaming and cheering fills the hall… at a national theater in Venezuela.
What’s generating such fervent support? Korean artists, who are here for a very
special show. ″We are very grateful to be able to perform
here. We couldn’t have done it without such a supportive audience.”
The show is part of a two-day event,… hosted by Korea′s Culture Ministry and the
Korean Embassy in Venezuela… and organized by Arirang TV,… celebrating the 50 years
of relations between Korea and Venezuela. ″I expect this kind of event to support
the activities of Korean companies in Venezuela… that are already actively operating here.
Eighty percent of Korea′s construction contracts from South American countries come from Venezuela.”
The over two-thousand seats were jam-packed with people who wanted to participate in this
occasion. ″We like the Korean culture, and this
is the 50th Korea-Venezuela anniversary, and we′re happy.″
″Korean culture is so… it′s expanding all over the world. Right now, here in Venezuela,
it′s very popular, with Hallyu and Korean dramas and everything. It′s very nice right
now, and we′re very excited for all this.″ Some K-pop fans even staged their own performances.
″I really love pop music, but in Korea it′s really artistic, because it′s about
dancing, about the way you look, about everything.″
″During the two-day event, Korea is also seeking to boost its image in Venezuela…
and further promote the cultural wave that has sprung up around K-pop.
Hwang Ji-hye, Arirang News, Caracas.″


  1. TrickCode
    TrickCode October 19, 2015

    We love South Korea culture! I hope in the future more events like this happen in Venezuela, Thanks For this report!

  2. Oswaldo Ojeda
    Oswaldo Ojeda October 19, 2015


  3. Roshanak Hannani
    Roshanak Hannani October 19, 2015

    My new name is Susan lol.

  4. chickPotter
    chickPotter October 19, 2015

    YAY! I wanna thank the embassy for this events! It was really special to us, the kpop fans in Venezuela! Hope to see those great and talented performers again! 😀

  5. Carolina Sanabria
    Carolina Sanabria October 19, 2015

    NIX, con su espectacular baile en las noticias coreanas, jajaja. ¡Así se hace!

  6. Alejandra T
    Alejandra T October 20, 2015

    Venezuela quiere k-pop :v

  7. Gleys AQR
    Gleys AQR October 21, 2015

    arriba VENEZUELAAA

  8. Bläck Rosė
    Bläck Rosė November 23, 2015

    JOSEMA!!! y por cierto OMG I NEED U DE BTS~~~

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