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Konami's policy UPDATE! Everything you need to know

the banlist channel has returned and rebranded itself as the tournament policy channel konami has made some updates and some changes to their penalties or tournament guideline thing basically this video is just going to be giving you some updates on what's changed what you need to know for events and what you can do to help yourself not get banned is it really a farfel video without a mandatory trip reference so what we have now is a new philosophy section and in there we have a bit of an update and clarification on the difference between tier 1 tier 2 events tier 1 being casual local steer to being regional some judges duelists and officials have mistakenly interpreted previous policy to not apply at the tier one level believing that the more casual nature of this tier does not require very much policy or rules enforcement this has led to one set of rules and policy for tier one any different set of tier two or higher which ultimately does not do anyone any good tier one tournaments are designed for more casual play and should provide an instructive enjoyable atmosphere these tournaments should function as a learning experience but that does not mean that penalties should not be enforced or that infractions have to be downgraded rules and termen policies are equally important the tier 1 level and should be enforced it's strange that in this section they say it's a learning experience and yet in the introduction in the blog post they say well you guys need to enforce this at all levels and I think that they've pretty much given out a warning to all ot s's and judges and stuff at various locals that you need to enforce these rules whether or not it's a casual locals with children or new players or anything like that regardless so nothing's technically changed here but at the same time I think it's kind of disappointing because well does anyone care if use doubles leaving other locals does anyone care if you do roid app at locals I'm not like using pen and paper I use a Dueling app for keeping life points out locals okay the food and drink rule that we went over in my previous video for example my locals is a cafe literally and people eat when they do so you tell me can't do that anymore now does anyone at the casual local level really care that much about double sleeving or doing apps on your phone or googling card texts and rulings no but I guess we'll deal with it in regards to this we now have a new caution section and this basically goes over what can be considered unintentional minor infractions at the tier 1 level so it's weird that they say that we have one rule for Tier one and none other rule 40 or two this isn't the case and yet here we are with rules for Tier one and rules for tier two so our caution is given to a person at a Tier one event who commits a minor infraction on intentionally blabbity blabbity blah you can kind of just pause the video and have a read through this if you want but pretty much non serious issues are just cautioned that locals which is understandable and it's fair and that's that's great it's locals in addition to we have a clarification on what constitutes rule sharking it's something I should probably just mentioned really quickly because a lot of people under the impression that if your opponent for example just forgets to activate an effect that was optional in the graveyard and they say oh do you mind if I add this Dante back with its effect or whatever you know like a chain later and you say no that isn't sharking has just me saying no you suck get good and remember your effects rule sharking is when you use the rules specifically to get an advantage over your opponent when you should be trying to get advantage of your opponent but playing better not by using rules to give you an example of that if my opponent is winning and then out of the blue I'll just be like judge my opponents leaves are a little bit marked so you didn't have an issue with the sleeves before but now that you're losing you want to talk about the sleeves huh you want to talk about zone placement and how is Dec has tilted four degrees to the right now huh suddenly this is an important thing to discuss and bring up oh and one last thing before we continue offensive articles are now having to be removed or whatever from an event previously I don't think they had much of a clarification on it but I mean if you showed up with a play mat of just like swastika you'd probably get removed for that but now it's actually clarified in the rules so if you're one of those if you're one of those guys nothing worse than trying to play you and your opponent whips out one of those lewd Dark Magician mats like listen we all like a bit of the 2d but can you just keep it to yourself and not flaunt it publicly drink a match like we're trying to play here gay we're not trying to figure out the intricacies of space pirates era episode three at the point of where they arrive at the new planet and her I'll spare you the details it's not important basically if you just have weird boys stuff on your mat or deck box just get stopped now it's probably not allowed okay just keep that to your personal stuff at home we have a clarification on what constitutes a game loss any of you now if a person uses profanity towards another person so if I tell you is a Drako player to go and heck yourself yeah I said the H word that's probably a game loss and as well he doest throws over a chair in anger after losing a match oh so as long as I win the match I'm allowed to throw a chair at my opponent is that what you're telling me that's not how this works you know in a violent outburst is just a game loss so they can continue with the match I just feel like this example isn't really gonna play out in reality let's be real if you throw a chair at your opponent you're gonna be disqualified back from you view I can I can promise you and guarantee this that if you throw a chair at your opponent you're just gonna get disqualified and banned it's not a very good example I really can't imagine throwing a chair at your opponent is only going to net you a game loss I have to be is only again okay let's get on to the most important section here the changes to the game state and what is or isn't considered repairable irreparable and accepted accepted game state isn't when you cheat on doing book and then your opponent calls you on and you see no it's accepted games day not that I would have any personal experiences with that or anything it's just a joke why I have to be met if a duelist has damaged the game state written illegal missed mandatory effect etc gameplay can be round to the point of the legal action it should be rewound even if the opponent may gain an advantage from information I was previously Primus knowledge where can you rewind or not rewind game states we'll go over that in a second but it's an important section to realize that just because private knowledge has been exchanged does not necessary does not necessitate that you're going to be exempt from this so yes if an error has been picked up maintenance cost wasn't picked up or something that was important and mandatory that happened at a previous turn if it's possible to go back then we will go back and I'm gonna know that you're gonna seven that dang cuz I'm gonna preemptively flip those trap cards okay that's how it works learn how you play your cards or I don't get mad at me alright the judge said it how can you tell the foods between an irreparable game state and repairable game state you have an example here which is a glod beast 1 a duelist returns a face down to her deck to special summon her arc Lee knows from the extra without revealing it there's no way to tell if it was a glod beast so the action is irreparable it is appropriate to give the duelist a game loss if I shuffle away a facedown monster and I just say it's a glad Beast and I quickly just pick up the facedown card shuffle into my deck that would be a game loss because the card is now on the deck there's no way to verify if that specific card was a glod beast it's to do with being able to 107 verified cards that's generally the rule of thumb to go to if you can a hundred percent verify that a card was God Beast the game should be repairable if you can't hundred percent verify whether the card was the card stated in situations like that it's probably irreparable and will Rizzo on the game walls now it should be noted when it comes to air repairable game states that irreparable game states never result in restarting the duel or the match and on top of that with irreparable game states we now have a very big rule and probably the best change in all of these policy documents and that is an irreparable gamestate should never result any double game loss except as an upgrade previously double game losses would be issued if both players fail to maintain mandatory facts or pay maintenance to the point that a few turns have gone by in the game state is just kind of busted oh you've been activating effects on their majesties feeling this whole time I forgot this guy didn't see what's going to happen is that the one most at fault shall be the one to be receiving the game loss and the other player receiving a warning if both duelists share Fault in a single game state error that merits a game loss determine which duelist is most at fault and award that duelist with the game loss the duelist less at fault should receive a warning so an actual legitimate cheat previously was that if you win Game one you could go on to Game two and then pretend to forget some mandatory effects some maintenance costs that were being paid by your opponent let the duel run on for a little bit to the point where multiple cards are drawn and there's no way of repairing the game state call a judge and say oh we forgot that there was a majesty screen on the field and we've been activating monster effects or my opponent has been searching with mistake or something like that that previously would probably result in something like a double game loss and if you get a double game loss after winning Game one well you won the match 2-1 you'd get at a fraction and a warning against your name for the rest of the tournament but uh I guess for some people that say a soul for a soul is a small sacrifice in the greater scheme so to summarize again irrepairable game state generally when cards cannot be 100% verified will be considered irreparable what is considered a repairable game state well we have an example here a duelist shuffles his hand with his deck wait a second how do you just shuffle your hats into your deck my hand did fell in the deck and I shot for the saudis mr. Dantan is okay these examples are not very good Konami a duelist shuffles his hand with his deck however he had revealed his hand to the opponent earlier in the term due to a card effect and has not drawn or played any National Guard's bull duelist and the opponent can clearly remember the context if the appropriate it is appropriate for the duels to restore his hand reshuffle and continue to play with a warning the key thing to remember generally between the difference between repairable and irreparable game States is the exchange of knowledge that cannot be a hundred percent verified if the card effect was like mine crush and we could never mind that's not how that works anymore respect play was on the field or something so you could see both hands and he accidentally shuffles his hand away as long as you've got a hundred percent verify what every single card was before he accidentally shuffled his entire hand away for no reason into the deck at that point it would be repairable because you would know every single card that he had in his hand at that point and the game state would be repairable terrible game states are when you can hundred percent verify the cards drawn or whatever during that period in time and then for accepted game States they are basically irreparable game states that have been deemed to be unintentional I think is probably the best way to describe this and the best rule of thumb that I can offer the example given here is that both duelists mystery to card effect and resolve the effect incorrectly the error is called later when one dose plays another copy the judge Vesta gates and determines that both players genuinely misunderstood the effect both duelists should receive a warning and as both of those responsibilities maintain the correct game state and game should continue from that point so this is kind of like a bit of a fine line and blur between a accepted game state and an irreparable game state and I feel like the example seems to indicate that it's somewhere to do with the intention not only the intention but how major or minor of an impact it might have had on the game again this is very all contextual and kind of just down to the judge's discretion at this point a duelist forgets to resolve a mandatory effect and neither duelist notices until a few turns later after investigation the judges determined that the infraction was unintentional but neither duelist is clear able to recall what happened in the game after the error both duels should receive a warning as both slots ability to maintain the correct game saying games should continue from that point so as I mentioned it seems like the difference between an accepted and a irreparable game state lies probably somewhere within the realm of an ancient and how much of an impact it has made on the greater game of that specific match you could argue that regardless of what happens an impact has been made but I think it's more to do with the severity and both players kind of involvement in that I hope I've clarified that as best as I can and that's the best example that I could think to give after asking around about this specifically but yeah we're looking at something like intention and severity basically and the final part of game state is misrepresenting the game state so in this section we'll be talking about some of the things that constitute deceiving your opponent in a malicious way that affects the game state and how it's run so for the first example I've got here is a duelist intentionally places a stack of tokens facedown any extra deck zone you guys remember when monarchs were a deck that didn't run any extra deck and you would probably make your play differently against them depending on whether or not they had an extra deck well in order to combat this some people would play a stack of tokens in there extra deck 15 tokens actually just two tokens I need my tokens man I'm gonna resolve my losses or loss vassals is that the word I think it was the device I was one of them had talking I need 15 of them okay like so people would do this as a way to prevent their opponent from realizing they were playing monarchs or true Draco when erupt was a popular thing I guess it kind of still is but you know that's now illegal because you're deceiving your opponent by presenting a fifteen card action deck even if you don't say it's an extra deck just the fact that you have it in that zone you're heavily implying that you have extra deck cards and therefore you are misrepresenting the game state and are an awful horrible terrible person for playing Draco in the first place to be honest regardless of these changes you're just a bad person playing Draco wow I made it through like 10 minutes of a video without slating Draco players until now that's a record fair I'm sorry that was toxic a duelist suggested is opponent that they should not cite fairy wind as they go into game to other match then proceeds to soit and fairy wind anyway I think that this is a very weird example because suggesting to your opponent to side or not side cards sounds like a very gray area and I believe that could be considered some form of Kalu under tournament policy so I'm not 100% certain about that that just doesn't seem like a good example to use but regardless this is the infamous gin example if you remember from Patrick Albans days where he would ask his opponent let's both slide out gin and they would both side at the gym but the whole bond would be signing a second copy 400 IQ so I got one and now I opponent sided out all of their gin outs and I have a claw Celeste on the field that prevents special summoning well this has now been formally made illegal thank you everyone for watching today I hope you enjoyed this video I've done my best to clarify and fact-check a lot of this stuff so hopefully everything this video should be pretty easy to understand and yeah leave a comment down below with any questions that you might have I have a discord server discord GG forward slash out of fact and in there you can find a bunch of judges there's a ruling section for anything that you might want to figure out and yeah it's a good way to connect with me as well and my community so feel free to join the discord server follow me on Twitter for ygo and all the other social media links in the description like Twitter etc leave a comment and a like and subscribe if you're new and you want to see more of my content and videos until next time yes No


  1. Cheshire Cat
    Cheshire Cat June 6, 2019

    Honestly if you listen to your opponent's suggestion to side out key cards and it's not a casual with nothing at stake, you kinda deserve to take that loss

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    ‘Spirit of the game’ is a large portion of Pokemon TCG rules, and really goes a long way to make rules flexible and context-sensitive.

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  14. NaOCl - Mobile Gaming
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    Ok don’t even joke about the chair flip, last Columbus regional a guy lost to mine and went for the tactical nuke, not even kidding flipped 3 tables before running off, judges never found him.

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