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Kids Explain the 3 Levels of Government

hello I'm Ian and I'm Liana we believe that civics is important to learn especially as kids that's right the government it's complicated and our leaders change all the time as kids we hope this video can help you remember the leaders in the three levels of government let's pretend that our country the United States of America is just your elementary school the leader of your school is the principal the leader of our country is the president this is the federal level this is an easy one to remember but what about the states all of our country's 50 states have a leader – that person is the governor each state like each classroom in a school is unique and different when your teacher is the leader like the governor of a state you know the third level of government we the people local students parents friends everyone we can imagine that your group tables in most classrooms is like the City Council in your town the City Council works to take good care of our community just like students take care of other classmates in school supplies if you have more questions about the government and how it works just ask your parent or guardian or any of your teachers at school




  2. Chloe McDonald
    Chloe McDonald July 2, 2019

    love it

  3. Chloe McDonald
    Chloe McDonald July 2, 2019

    hi my class is doing this

  4. The Shillong Teer Ultimate
    The Shillong Teer Ultimate July 2, 2019

    Awesome Subscribed & Shared & Say To SubscribeThis Channel Because U Have So Awsome Cool Videos In Your Channel …..Help Me To Get Some Subscriber

  5. Mariam Shabana
    Mariam Shabana July 2, 2019

    This dose not help at all

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    mirza umair baig July 2, 2019


  7. Cecilia Ochoa
    Cecilia Ochoa July 2, 2019

    hi i like it i like it l like it

  8. Lennon Messinger
    Lennon Messinger July 2, 2019


    BIGMULAHMIKE 40 July 2, 2019

    I'm a college student and I found this very useful

  10. Broken Cloud
    Broken Cloud July 2, 2019

    I would love to use in my classroom. The principal of a school is spelled "principal". Great relationship.

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