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Karnataka Govt Falls, Cong-JD(S) Loses Trust Vote in Vidhan Soudha


  1. Prashanth H S
    Prashanth H S July 28, 2019

    Shame on all those who bent their heads during National Anthem

  2. i'm secular
    i'm secular July 28, 2019

    B j p is buying corrupted leaders means we have to expect more corruption in futer. And other party may be become better because the corrupted leaders left already.

  3. Indian Only
    Indian Only July 28, 2019

    I think those MLAs who changed their party should loose their membership of Assembly and they should face election again because people never voted for the party in which they are right now….

    Who else Agree??

  4. Venky R
    Venky R July 28, 2019

    Finally modi hunger satisfied…

  5. Diganth Divakar
    Diganth Divakar July 28, 2019

    Yenta olle speaker sir neevu ! 🙏🏼
    Ajathashatru Andre tappagalla !

    Bopiah avru ide trust vote na henge madiddru annodu … Innu kannige kattida haagide ! Asaiyya !

  6. Ashann Choudhury
    Ashann Choudhury July 28, 2019

    All time corrupt takes the office again

  7. Nam Namo Indiya
    Nam Namo Indiya July 28, 2019

    Game of Greed in action as part of Kali Yuga…
    We are hopeful a nature's Super Human arises to address them soon from this mockery.
    Please people's elected representatives don't devalue our Trust and continue with such recurrences. Thanks.

  8. Nabil Fatak
    Nabil Fatak July 28, 2019

    Money 💰 talks 👍

    TEAM CRUISER July 28, 2019

    hahahah congress bik gyi 😂😂😂 ghiyasuddin ghazi ke grandson rahul gazi ki sarkaar gir gyi 🙏🙏😂😂

  10. Rahul Chandrashekar
    Rahul Chandrashekar July 28, 2019

    Kumaranna Elli idhaya paaaa….

  11. Ram Gopal
    Ram Gopal July 28, 2019

    Modi jitega.Desh harega !!

  12. Vasant K
    Vasant K July 28, 2019

    what you reap what you sow… jb mandi me log bikne baithe hai to kharidar mil hi jayenge… public mandate ka majak bana k do chor sarkar banaye tb democracy khatre me nhi thi… kaante ugaoge to kaante hi milenge… jo log yaha BJP ko kos rhe ho pehle mera comment pad lena… chutiyo

  13. Sudarshan KS
    Sudarshan KS July 28, 2019

    Times of monarchy were good!

  14. Magnified
    Magnified July 28, 2019

    Mr. Yeddiyurappa you will bow your head down in shame for causing this NATIONAL SHAME and this complete mockery of parliamentary democracy of our great nation ! 21:45

  15. K .H
    K .H July 28, 2019

    One bad thing now is Bihar hindiwalas will rule Karnataka

  16. HUA TO HUA
    HUA TO HUA July 28, 2019

    BJP zindabad… pray for Bengal

  17. Vanraj vannu006
    Vanraj vannu006 July 28, 2019

    End of democracy

  18. Zero 26
    Zero 26 July 28, 2019

    This goverment will also collapse in next year

  19. Bat Man
    Bat Man July 28, 2019

    There are many good standup comedy sessions held in past few days. I’m happy that it’s ended but gonna miss the comedy shows.

  20. Raja Vishnuvardhana
    Raja Vishnuvardhana July 28, 2019

    Just one year back Kumar raised the hand now turn to yediturappa💪

  21. Manjunath K
    Manjunath K July 28, 2019

    At the time of elections these parties were treating each other like enemies and suddenly they became friends after results just to form govt.

    There was coalition at the top level leaders but the party workers of JDS and congress at the ground level never accepted this coalition. So this coalition failed.

    RAMLALA RAMMANDIR July 28, 2019


    RAMLALA RAMMANDIR July 28, 2019



  24. nani pulimati
    nani pulimati July 28, 2019

    Gud news for Kumara Swamy…no need of crying instead he can take care of his family

  25. pratiek shinde
    pratiek shinde July 28, 2019

    Power of money vs Democracy 😔🙏🏻🙏🏻🇮🇳

  26. RRQ D2E Esport
    RRQ D2E Esport July 28, 2019

    Finally the fully corrupt congress party is getting removed from India 🇮🇳 they are the sole reason for India’s backward from other countries

  27. GameandFoodTech
    GameandFoodTech July 28, 2019

    Tatti uttar pardesh would be Karnataka very very very soon🤣

  28. prashanth s
    prashanth s July 28, 2019

    Picture is not yet end, fresh election is a solution.

  29. Roopa Prabhu
    Roopa Prabhu July 28, 2019

    Good 👍

  30. Rajanathan C
    Rajanathan C July 28, 2019

    Happy for kumaraswamy, now he will live peaceful

    What a poison he was having daily

  31. Debasish Mandal
    Debasish Mandal July 28, 2019

    Success of horse trading

  32. Suchethan Merwin
    Suchethan Merwin July 28, 2019


  33. Suchethan Merwin
    Suchethan Merwin July 28, 2019


  34. Jai Hindu
    Jai Hindu July 28, 2019

    Congress alliance failure.

  35. pran krishna
    pran krishna July 28, 2019


  36. chaithanya L
    chaithanya L July 28, 2019

    Bjp will not complete it's 4 years

  37. Tanmay Shelar
    Tanmay Shelar July 28, 2019

    Didnt like new tune of Jana gana mana…why so rush in national anthem and fastbeet 21:25

  38. Chaitanya Kulkarni
    Chaitanya Kulkarni July 28, 2019

    Thank God this ended.

  39. Hameez Gaming
    Hameez Gaming July 28, 2019

    Parliament is drunk or what

  40. Prashanth Budihal
    Prashanth Budihal July 28, 2019

    BJP has only 2 extra seats, Cong should pull the govt down next month 🙂

  41. Humann 67
    Humann 67 July 28, 2019

    While dumb Pappu and sycophants staged resignation drama corrupt yeddy pulled his own drama. Can't say a bright future for karnataka!

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