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Johnson v Hunt: The Final Tory Leadership Hustings – LBC

we now have the live final of Tori's of Got Talent but the question is will we need a super over who knows now my name is ian daly I present the LBC radio evening show 7:00 to 10:00 every evening and we are translating this on LBC throughout the country right now welcome also to the viewers of Sky News and the BBC News Channel now let me tell you how tonight is going to work I'm going to introduce you to our two warm-up acts in a minute Kylie Minogue was unavailable so you'll have to make do with Andrew sharp and Brandon Lewis then we will meet the two candidates firstly Boris Johnson he won the toss and he's elected to go first [Applause] and slight change to our usual format for the hustings Boris Johnson will be introduced by one of his chief supporters Liz Trust the chief secretary to the Treasury she of course was the first cabinet minister to declare for Boris Boris will then speak for 12 minutes and I'll then interview him for 10 and then it's over to you and then it'll be exactly the same for Jeremy Hunt will be introduced by Eleanor Bunbury who is who is on the candidates list and a political blogger now then we're going to open it up to you for questions we're not going to have any pre-selected questions tonight they'll all be spontaneous my only advice is to try to be original because the candidates have gone through 15 of these hustings so if you ask a generic question the chances are they will have answered it before so try and think how you can scrutinize them to the best effect because they're not just running for leader the Conservative Party they are running to be prime minister as well so it really is gonna be crucial that you ask them the right questions so I hope you enjoy the evening it's been an absolute pleasure for me to host so many of these hustings so far I think it's shown the Conservative Party at its best with the quality of questions that have come from the audience so you've got a lot to live up to tonight ladies and gentlemen so without further ado let me introduce you to the chairman of the Conservative Party's National Convention Andrew sharp [Applause] thank you very much indeed Ian and thank you all it's a pleasure and a privilege to welcome you to this the final hustings of this particular leadership contest and it's great to see so many people here there's been tremendous demand to attend hustings around the country as I'm sure you're aware and that's necessitated more than one change of venue including tonight and obviously this is a very special venue for a number of reasons firstly because it's comfortably the largest that we've had and you are comfortably the biggest audience so Pat yourselves on the back London but it's also very special because I can also confidently say this is the only venue Hasse things wise where I've actually seen the Red Hot Chili Peppers play now seriously there is no doubt that this process as he incent has actually been very good news for our party you'll have seeing plenty of positive media commentary about previous events and some of the questions have even be described by no less and organ as the FT as spot on both candidates have expounded a positive vision of a post brexit Britain which is tolerant optimistic global in Outlook pro-business and pro free enterprise the audiences have been thoughtful engaged and sizeable and this exercise therefore helps to dispel some of the typical media narrative about us and our party although ladies and gentlemen you have to still be where fake news the New York Times recently described all of you and us as a fanatical sect wouldn't it be nice if in this the centenary year of the conservative women's organization they actually could celebrate some of the progressive achievements of the Conservative Party which are many and varied now as you know when you mentioned progressive and conservative in the same sentence Twitter fires up quite quickly but to all the trolls out there check your facts here are just a few animal sentience 1824 the second MP of BM Edith sent elected just up the road in Bethnal Green 1896 clean air 1956 and gay marriage in 2013 and let's not forget that mrs. Pankhurst herself was a conservative so we're here tonight not just to elect a party leader but a prime minister many of you will have already voted and if you haven't you should probably get on with it we will know the winner in a week's time and we're going to need to help the winner and unite behind him he needs to deliver brexit and he needs to get back to the serious business of beating labour we need the we made the case of the party board that the leadership campaign had to reach every part of our United Kingdom all members we argued it should have access to at least one hustings there was no disagreement on this so this point I'd very much like to thank Brandon Lewis the party chairman for his support and also more generally for his support for the voluntary party over the past year and a bit I'd also like to thank at this point the ops and conferences conference teams at CC HQ led by Tom Skinner and David Comerford organizing all of these has been a mammoth undertaking taking and they've done an absolutely first-class job as I'm sure you'd agree I'd like to thank endale as as he said by the time this is finished he's going to be well into his 20th hour of hosting which is a possible book title I think but he has moderated all of them with considerable rigor but also very fairly and finally I'd very much like to thank [Applause] finally I'd very much like to thank the regional team here in London led by guts Mahindra got is a tireless advocate for London as I'm sure many of you know and he's deservedly held in very high regard now before I go can I ask one further question please on the subject of resources you will have seen on your chairs some campaign manager program materials if you could please read that and perhaps get involved it would be very much appreciated we are very reliant on others for our help with this program but the simple fact is where we have campaign managers we do well and where we don't we don't so if we could all engage that would be really really very much appreciated that's it from me thank you very much indeed for listening please enjoy your event and make sure your questions are spot-on thank you [Applause] [Applause] thank you very much Andrew just let me say one word about how the question-and-answer sessions are going to work obviously given the size of this room I won't be able to say the woman in the red at the back there so it's going to be I hope you'll be able to recognize Who I am pointed to and wave at me if you think it's you I will start over that side then come to this block and go pull and then backwards so we'll see how that works shall we now let me introduce you to our final warm-up speaker before we hear from the candidates it's the chairman of the Conservative Party Brandon Lewis [Applause] [Applause] good evening and first of all I just want to add sir something Andrew said which is I think we could once again give a huge thank you to Ian Dell for hosting so many of these I haven't quite tated it up but I suspect at the end of this wherever the winner is he and we'll be able to say he has spent more time quizzing the next prime minister of our country than pretty much anybody else and he's travelled the country to do it as well so in from all of us thank you and thank you to all of you across the last few weeks across our entire country all four nations and all regions of the country we have held hustings and time and again as Andrew rightly said we as a party I think have shown why we are such a strong such a good as such a positive party our members all of us as members of the party have taken our duty solidly and I've seen very clearly over the last few weeks that our family around the country have been very clear about the fact that we're not just selecting the next leader of our great party but the next prime minister of our country and the questions and the response has reflected that and I know it will here tonight where we have got as you can see one of the largest audiences we've had for some time as certainly the largest of this Husting so thank you all of you for coming to these hustings all over the last few weeks and we also do need to remember in all those regions there are seats that we do need to win to make sure that we hold great mps are the big thank you to my colleagues who are with us this evening and also to gain more seats back from labour and from lib dems to ensure that jeremy corbyn can never get the keys to Downing Street and [Applause] and we all recognize in Parliament we have a huge role to play and making sure we have got the policies to deliver that but you have an opportunity to play your part every day and there's a party in as members as volunteers you do that week in and week out and tonight with those cards that information about those campaign managers every pound you give is potentially going towards another campaign manager there helps us win another seat so please do look at that and that does matter because whoever wins this competition in just a few days time we want to make sure they are well funded to go forward and defeat Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party I think we have a national duty as a party to ensure that we are making it clear that we are the party as we've seen of these hustings that has the determination to deliver for the whole of the United Kingdom and what you're here tonight if you've been watching what you would have heard over the last few weeks from these great candidates is that we are a party with the leaders who have got vision determination passion and enthusiasm to take our country forward reminding all of us and everyone in our country why we are the longest standing and most successful political party in the world and why we are clear that we have a duty to make sure we are returning conservatives at both local and central government in the future and tonight you will hear from both those candidates that positive vision I hope you enjoyed this evening you've got some great questions lined up and if you haven't already as Andrew again rightly said make sure you remember to vote enjoy the evening [Applause] right the moment has come it's time to meet the candidates to introduce Boris Johnson it's my pleasure to welcome the woman who tries to keep fit Philip Hammond under control she's the MP for Southwest Norfolk and she was the first in the cabinet to endorse Boris Johnson please welcome Liz truss [Applause] [Applause] well good evening everybody it's fantastic to be here at Excel tonight in London's Docklands Docklands was once the beating heart of global trade but it fell into decline and disrepair only to be reimagined by a radical Tory who was prepared to shake things up it took the vision of Margaret Thatcher to wrestle the powers of the rubbish labor councils to establish [Applause] and to establish the Docklands Development Corporation these new freedoms liberated businesses to locate here and grow and now Canary Wharf is one of the financial centers of the world a few decades later the same brand of vision and leadership was realized in this very Hall where competitors from across the world flocked here to be part of the London Olympics those Olympics captured the imagination of the world and they showed Britain a tower self-confident best at the heart of it was one man Boris Johnson [Applause] Boris Johnson pert London on the map he was the mayor who cut crime who built houses who leveled up all parts of this great city with world-class infrastructure and having worked with Boris for several years now I am convinced that he is the man to do that for our entire country to make our streets safer by backing the police to do their job to allow enterprise to flourish and to champion entrepreneurs to level up and unite all parts of Britain with world-class infrastructure to recapture the spirit of Docklands with free ports right across the country including brilliant places like Teesside and Liverpool to make us a global economic powerhouse the world's ideas Factory but ladies and gentlemen in order to do that we need to deliver brexit by the 31st of October [Applause] with a safe without democracy for the sake of our sanity for trust in politics we must leave the EU on that date there cannot be anymore differ and delay we're ready for it let's get on with it [Applause] but for me this leadership election is about more than just brexit it's about having the courage to be conservatives again to make the case for conservative ideas we've been too afraid to argue for tax cuts to argue for people having control and freedom over their own lives let's be honest we've stopped inspiring people instead relying on managerialism and focus group politics people don't want to be told how to live their lives by the government they want politicians who are going to inspire them with a positive vision for the future who were prepared to put themselves out there to take risks and to win over a new generation of young Britons now contrary to popular belief young people are not commune dwelling flag-waving Corbin Easter's they're entrepreneurs are innovators they actually believe in lower taxes than older people they're more likely to set up their own business they're more in favor of personal freedom they want to control their own lives they want to control their own future and I believe that Boris is the man who can cut through this cacophony of pessimism this doom mongering these people who say that Britain's best days are behind us that we can't do things anymore I don't know about you but I'm fed up of that now is the time for a belief in Britain it's a time for ambition and it's a time for peddling optimism [Applause] Boris is the go getting enterprise loving uplifting British freedom fighter he is the only person in our party that can take on Corbin and his socialist cabal he's an insurgent in a world of incumbents he's a blonde in the world of the bland ladies and gentlemen can I introduce you to Boris Johnson [Applause] good evening everybody thank you very much good evening everybody thank you so much thank you all of you for coming thank you very much thank you all for coming to this to this climactic this climactic hustings and thank you all thank you very much thank you all for coming to this climactic hustings of all I think has been a very very exciting election campaign that has I hope you all agree done huge credit to our Conservative Party and thanks to the everybody who's helped all sides and thanks to iandale who's done about 15 of these amazing interrogations so far and of course turret to my opponent Jeremy and I know that people are a bit down in the dumps about our party at the moment son you wouldn't you wouldn't believe it is there the reception here in this hall but in the last election that we held in this country we managed to get a staggering total of 8.8% we saw our wonderful councillors lose many of their seats in the in the may council elections a more than 1300 brilliant conservative councillors went down and I know that there are some people too gloomy about our prospects but I want to tell you all tonight here in this fantastic excel building that the air is darkest before the dawn and we are going to turn this thing around and we're going to come back up into the wind and I'll tell you what we're gonna do I do several things first and most important we need to get brexit done by October the 31st and to do that we need to do some essential things we need first of all to take the provisions for our European Union friends who are living here in this honey working here in this country the 3.2 million and we need to pass those protections into law don't we we should have done it years ago let's do it let's put it into law number two we need to take we need to take the the 39 billion pounds that were proposing to send to Brussels and place it above the the talks in US in a state of creative ambiguity until we get the answer that we need and then of course we take the we take the complex issues actually not so complex there are ready solutions to all of them but we take the questions that are raised by frictionless trade across the Northern Irish border and you need every other border between the UK and the EU and we remit them for solution to the place where they properly belong in the context of the free trade agreement that we will strike with our European friends and partners after we have come out on October the 31st doesn't that make sense yes it certainly does that's the way that is the way forward and then and of course at the same time we've got to we've got to get ready like as in any negotiation everybody's done when everybody knows what the what it's about you have to be prepared to walk away if you absolutely have to on different terms don't you make sense and we will get ready this is a great country we can do it can't we yes we certainly can yes we certainly can and I'll I've heard some dozen glimmered on poeple say that the planes won't fly if we come out with open WTO terms and there won't be any clean drinking water live even heard it said I think by the Department of Agriculture that there wouldn't be adequate supplies of milk solids and glucose and the way we're with to make the Mars bars in slaw on which our children depend and I have to tell you I think I and I even heard it said that the dramedy Tesco said there wouldn't be Christmas dinner if we if we came out without an agreement on October the 31st do you really think this great country of ours is incapable of making Christmas dinner of victualling the Bourbon Christmas I tell you the planes will fly whatever do we do and it will be a great whatever deal we do the planes will fly and there will be clean drinking water my friends and there will be adequate supplies of glucose and milks on its and way to make the Mars bars that we need because where there's a will there's a way ladies and gentlemen as you have heard several times before in the course of this campaign and it is then after that that we've caught actually before then what as soon as if I'm lucky enough to be elected we get on immediately with a program of revitalizing and reinvigorating our great Conservative Party and our conservative brand and what I want to do in a nutshell can be summed up as uniting our country in the way that I was able I think over the eight years I ran London till unite our seat I'll just remind you that eleven years ago when I became mayor we had four of the six poorest boroughs anywhere in the UK when I stepped down after two terms we had none of the poorest 20 anywhere in the UK and the regeneration in this area has been absolutely staggering and what we did it we did it a bike we buy some very simple things we've we drove down crime and I'm delighted to see my friend and colleague Kip Moore pass over there James Kevin others who all of whom had a played a huge part of this we drove down crime in London by about innocent we've got the murder rate down 50% and you can't fudge that statistic my friends we've got the murder rate down and it ran for a fewer than a hundred for four or five years whilst I was an incredible thing for a city of eight or nine million people and that is what we did by sound conservative policies of backing the police we also put in fantastic transport infrastructure and we encourage all sorts of ways in which people on modest incomes were able to take advantage of the opportunities in this extraordinary City and as a result at the end it was the people on the poorest quarter of the of Londoners who had seen the biggest increase in their prosperity and their life expectancy and that is what modern conservatism is all about that is our moral case to the country that is what we believe it we believe in the symmetry the symmetry between a dynamic market economy and great public services I want to be the Prime Minister if I'm lucky enough to get this who does the northern powerhouse rail what we did for cross rail who does for the connectivity in the West Midlands what we did with the tube upgrades and I wanted to I want to level up education funding across this country every conservative surely believes that all the children in this country should have the same basic access to a great education let's lift up education funding around this country raise them ways that per capita minimum around the UK I'll make one final point it's about education it's about transport infrastructure of course it's about a technology of all kinds and I'll single out full fiber broadband is he not time that the people of this country had the full fibre broadband access to the Internet that they deserve and by the way the people of Spain already have I think 85 or 90 percent coverage whereas we have only 7% how pathetic all I think is the word I want in Spanish absolutely absolutely pathetic in in Spain in play blows in Andalusia they have speed of light access here in the UK we're staring at the pizza of doom in in towns across the UK that that is not right it's not fair on people in towns in communities across the in ruin in rural Britain would believe you mean are going to be left behind on current timetables in twin 2033 2033 before they get full fibre broadband we're going to accelerate that program massively we're going to give everybody full fiber within the next five years and that is the way by education by infrastructure by technology but you level up you level up and you unleash the talents of the whole country people will say well how you how you going to pay for these spending commitments and they're gonna ask me and I've given you the answer already so we conservatives believe in supporting the wealth creators of our country and we believe in enterprise and we understand enterprise and we saw we support the business and the industrious and in the industries of our country and we support what they're doing by the way not just in in creating wealth but also in helping to improve the environment because it's it's the breakthroughs in technology the battery technology and wind turbines and and all the rest of it that are helping this country to improve the environment and to reduce co2 and tackle global warming whilst creating hundreds of thousands of green collar jobs that is the future for our countries supporting wealth creation supporting enterprise as a way of protecting the environment and producing jobs at the same time and of course there's one man one group of people who don't get that symmetry and that balance at all who don't understand the vital importance of wealth creation you know who I'm talking about he has an allotment he has a string vest he has a collection of unsavory views about all sorts of subjects I'm talking about Jeremy Corbyn and of course the Labour Party and it's not just that he is not just that he supports Hamas and his Malhar and the IRA and he backs the Mullens of Tehran over our friends in the United States when it comes to what is happening in the in the Persian Gulf it is far far worse than that his economic program would be absolutely catastrophic for this country he would put up he would put up taxes he would put our taxes on inheritance on pensions corporation tax up to the highest in Europe income tax up to 50 people he put up a tax not just on homes but on Gardens my friends I fact I revealed to the people of seven eggs the other day and in four million they have to change n into three oaks after Jeremy Corbyn had finished with them we to set and all to finance by the way all to finance his chaotic three hundred billion pound program re-nationalization absolutely disastrous economic program for this country we cannot let Jeremy Corbyn anywhere near the government of this country can we absolutely not no one off we're not gonna do it we're not gonna do it so we're gonna beat them I'm gonna beat them so we need to get our mojo back as a as a party we need to get on and get out of the EU on October the 31st well done you've been I'm glad to say you've been at least one thing has cut through in the course of this election campaign and if you want to understand I just I'll just conclude with this I do want to understand why it is that we must leave the EU and the advantages of coming out of the EU in the ability to take back control of our own democracy and of our own regulatory framework I want you to consider this Kippur this kipper which has been presented to me by just now by the editor of a national newspaper who received it from a skipper smoker in the isle of man who is utterly furious because after decades of sending kippers like this through the post he has had his costs massively increased by brussels bureaucrats who have been sistah that each kipper must be accompanied by a this a plastic ice pillar pointless pointless expensive environmentally damaging health and safety ladies and gentlemen and where when we come out therefore we will not only be able to take back control of our regulatory very much end this this damaging regulatory overkill but we will also be able to do things to boost Britain's economy which leads the world in so many sectors bioscience academia art Culture Media and Sport you name it we lead the world we lead the world and we will be able to establish an identity as a truly global Britain and get our mojo back and by coming out finally we will do the most important thing of all we will restore trust in politics and restore trust in democracy and [Applause] we will brick the twin puff balls the twin puff balls of the brexit party in the liberal park Liberal Democrat Party that are both sprouting saprophytic Lee as puff balls do and feeding on the sense of decay and trust in politics and when we come out on October 31st we will prick those two couples we will bring the liberal voters back we will bring the brexit party voters back and we will bring the kippers back as well I've been working up to that punch line as you can tell and and we will and we will send and by so doing by so doing we will send Corbin packing and send him into orbit where he belongs and I would just remind you in conclusion that the last time I was called upon the last time I was called upon to defeat an emanation of the London labor left considerably Wilier and more devious than Jeremy Corbyn we came from behind and we defeated him when our great party that conservative party was 17 points behind labour in London we did it then we can do it again we can win we must win and with your help we will win and I hope I can count on your support thank you very much [Applause] [Applause] but you'll keep around [Applause] it's protected by very very stark plastic sheet I was just worried that I'd shaken him by the Kip ha ha it's a razor it's a tonight so I'm not a red herring it's true or at least according to the editor of The Daily Express it's true sir when will you introduce a Queen's speech into Parlin I'm not going to comment on our on our program except to say that we will obviously have a great program we will be looking to do all sorts of things that I've mentioned that are our priority is to get brexit done on October the 31st and and I think that's what the people in this country want to ask to construe this session of parliament has gone on for two years or so it's the longest session since I can remember it is normal to have a Queen's speech at the beginning of November which would be a kind of convenient timing wouldn't it I and your brilliant political journalist and I'm congratulate you on your acumen on this point that I'm not going to not going to descend from you she's a reasonable point but you know my point is that two weeks before a Queen's speech you normally prorogue Parliament that is yes tradition working up to that was precedent I thought you were working up that one look I think what your what your question is is concealing is is you know do I think that MPs are now psychologically ready to get this thing over the line do I think I do I think our great party is going to come together and deliver brexit and restore trust and confidence in in democracy yes I do yeah I tell you why because we are staring down the back and we've seen hundreds of thousands of votes hemorrhage away to as I say to the Liberal Democrats into the brexit body and it same goes for labour with with heroic and superhuman incompetence they're far below us in the polls I mean they're there now that were 18 percent or something they're gonna want to get there actually beating you in the polls latest polls at the moment yeah well okay available are they I saw what I saw wanna put them on 18 percent but maybe it may be I was a few weeks ago and but when you see the new head of the was when you see if it would help me out here I think it was a recent one when you see the new head of the European Commission making a speech in the European Parliament promoting a European army more European integration etc etc and Michele Barney a making a clear yet again that the withdrawal agreement is not for reopening how do you Boris Johnson think that you are going to get a deal over the line by the 31st of October I was willing to do it I think you bring you with huge eloquence and characteristics but you make you've made the you've made the point for me that the the EU is proceeding it in the direction that they are choosing for themselves with further integration with moves towards what is described as European army in fact II won't amount to anything of the kind but anyway they want to do much much more integration federalist program that's not right for this country the British people were asked a question on June the 23rd 2016 did they want to remain part of that program of ever closer Union creating a scene effectively a single polity out of 28 countries you know a federal program and they thought about it very deeply and they decided that on balance they did not want to do certain and they saw a different future for the UK a global future rekindling friendships and partnerships around the world as we can and and we will and the British people were very confident and optimistic about the fate of their country and what it could achieve and I think they've been slightly dismayed by the gloom and negativity that male is risen off the Palace of Westminster that man that's why I think MPs are getting the message and why I think we're gonna get it done but the European Union are not getting the message that's my point they won't reopen the withdrawal agreement why do you think you're in a better place to get them to do so than your opponent they regard you very suspiciously whereas they regard him as someone they can do business with well I'd never evidence for that your last assertion at all I have a great many friends in the EU counts or The ministers have uniform evidence of my abilities notion to negotiate with with our friends in in Brussels look at what we got them to agree to after the Russians poisoned those poor people in in Salisbury we had the French the Germans many other European countries immediately coming to the support of the UK and agreeing to expel Russian diplomats Russian spies from their own countries thereby incurring the wrath and reprisals of the of the Kremlin to show their support and their solidarity with the UK and we have friends in in Brussels and we have plenty of people who will want to to negotiate with us throughout the summer but as I say if there is a refusal to be flexible if there is a refusal to compromise and do whatever I think everybody can see is sensible which is to protract the existing arrangements until such time as we can do the free trade deal if they if they absolutely won't do that at any price they would change a doctor or comma of this withdrawal agreement and I think as I say that it's dead and it needs to be it needs to be junked then obviously we have no choice but to get ready to come out on different terms if that's what we'll do [Applause] if they agreed to abolish the backstop would that be enough for you in terms of withdrawal agreement or with other other demands that you want to make up I I think that that you know I think the whole withdrawal agreement is effectively defunct but the backstop is certainly the bit that I find most difficult and redline for you that would be back IIIi don't know what everybody here feels but the problem with the back stoppers as everybody understands it I think now in this country is it it poses this appalling dilemma for the UK you either have to accept that you remain forever within the EU customs union and in regulatory alignment with with Brussels even though you have no say in setting tariffs or in setting regulations or else you have to accept that if if the UK wanted to do things differently we'd have to lose control of Northern Ireland and I think that's an utterly intolerable we'd see a division between the the Union between Great Britain and Northern Ireland and I think that's an utterly intolerable choice no democratic country could submit for that kind of case so as far as I'm concerned the backstop won't work you you have said that you think it's possible to do an initial partial trade deal with the United States before October the 31st Liam Fox international trade secretary says that's impossible what I heard on goods I look well I think you could I said that well what you can certainly do is you can begin after we come out on October the 31st you can begin the work not just with the US but with plenty of other countries around the world you can once again the UK will be able to offer its tariff schedules in Geneva and begin the work of doing free trade deals and that's a very interesting and exciting moment after 45 years we will be able to champion free trade around the world to renew old friendships and partnerships in a way that we haven't been able to do long time and I think that that will be a great thing and look I'm not going to pretend he's very important for people to understand that a free trade deal with the u.s. is not going to be done in a trice and it is not going to be something that you know overnight adds several percentage points to UK GDP will add you know in it will substantially boost our GDP over time but it's not something you is going to be done instantly and I also think it's important for people to bear in mind that the US are very tough negotiators and we will also have to be very tough and there are huge opportunities in doing a free trade deal with us believe me the huge opportunities but they will also make some very robust demands and we've got to be prepared to be robust in exchange and we certainly will be would you describe yourself as a feminist yes absolutely yes yes yes what does that what does that mean this is somebody a federalist is somebody who believes who believes fundamentally who believes fundamentally in the Equality of human beings in the Equality of the sexes that's what I believe in so would you put 20% of the conservative parliamentary party now is made up of female MPs I think 30% in the cabinet pretty good is it 21 and would you consider introducing all women short lists in parliamentary selections to get that number up well I think that the I don't want to do anything that discourages women from getting into politics I want to encourage young women to get into our politics into join our party into lead our body of course that's that's that's the way it should be but I'm not certain that introducing quotas which after all are by their nature discriminatory is the way to solve the solve the problem I think [Applause] eunsuk the answer the answer is is is to is to is to show what you mean by doing and when you if you look at the team I had in city hall it was basically I call it a femine opera see that's a bit of an exaggeration it was more as 5050 the top table in in City Hall and we did you know a huge number of things to promote and I said the thing I'm proudest of was actually apart from the Russian thing the thing I that we did in the Foreign Office is that we we championed is just proof of my feminism by the way but it's a vital point and all Tories should think about it we championed twelve years of quality education for every girl in the world and there is I don't think people in this country realize quite how bad the position is in so many other countries around the world whether it's sub-saharan Africa or South Asia you have female illiteracy rates running in a sixty percent sometimes eighty percent in some African countries and that is the the core reason for so many of the other problems that we're seeing in that in those countries whether it's political tensions or or whatever and if you if there is a single sort of Swiss Army knife policy to solve the problems of the world believe me it is insisting on equality of education between boys and girls around the world and twelve years and final question you use the phrase do-or-die about leaving the Eber I didn't mean that literally I want to be so on a stretch I did well what on the way in here tonight I asked a couple of senior political journalists what I should ask you tonight for and they said well there's only one question in the lips of the lobby today does Boris Johnson dye his hair but I don't normally answer personal questions but but since you've you know read your suggestion so that's well have no idea looks perfectly natural to me okay right it's a radio do they really ask you they didn't ask me so it shows it shows this has been a long election campaign they really run out and run out of things to us they know what they know what they were leaving the EU they know how we're going to do it they've they're reduced to asking about you know things that way there you go right let's see if the audience has got some better questions and that Shelby I'm gonna stand up so I can see properly we'll start over here alright let's go to the guys standing up right in the corner there right at the boys he got the microphone I don't know yeah you sir and then in this block the lady there with the hat nope in front of the one with the hat okay yes go ahead hi Boris there's a lot of fear-mongering from your opponent about the prospects of a general election do you not think that in actual fact is essential to have a general election in autumn in order for whoever is the next prime minister to have a mandate to go forward and take us out of the EU well I thank you I think actually the people of this country really feel that they've had quite a lot of electoral events in the last few years there was election in 2015 there was a referendum in 2016 and other election in 2017 I think what they want us to do is get on and deliver brexit and that's what we're going to do and I think it would be that's that's that's what they voted Paul that's what we're going to deliver and then we should get on as I say with a this fantastic program of revitalizing our party pushing out with a new power and conviction on our vision of modern conservatism which is I think a great sell for the beat I think the broad mass of the of the British people will get what we're talking about we're talking about believing in business and enterprise precisely because that generates great public services and once people understand it's a very simple idea isn't it if Parliament stops you from leaving on the 31st of October and I know you're gonna say I'm being a pessimist but if that happens you would have no alternative but to call a general election well I don't think as I say I don't think that I've talked to friends in the Labour benches they don't show any particular enthusiasm for going to the country with their current leader then you put it that way and I don't think anybody in the Conservative Party really wants an election now because we feel that the public have had enough election so let's get on get bricks it done and and and come forward with the fantastic program for this country which is what we're going to do right the lady with the blue jacket lady with the blue jacket and then we'll come to the gentleman there can we get a microphone to the lady in the blue jacket there please there thank you thank you hi everyone my name is Maxine Kerr and one of the questions that's been burning on my heart for quite some time now is that hashtag ban abortion in 2019 or is what are you going to do about the nine million babies that's actually sadly lost their lives for the past 52 years that's what I want to ask you as well as Mr Hunt as well okay well thank you very much I believe I I've got to say I believe firmly in a you know in a woman's right to choose and in our Parliament and a man of conscience in our part of the MP should decide according to their conscience that's where I am right gentlemen fair then we'll go to gentlemen there in the middle I don't know what gray shirts is that gray shirt just over there good evening magistrates courts have power to do in 95% of crime at the moment it's a joke the present justice secretary over here oh sorry the present justice secretary has plans to abolish sentencing powers for most magistrates census on the statute books there is the double sentencing where do you sit with this III generally I think that sentencing has been afraid become too soft and I think particularly with respect to serious and violent sexual offences are you seeing time after time people serving only half the sentence that was pronounced in open court or or less and I think that unless there is you know absolutely overwhelming reasons to the contrary serious sexual and violent offenders should serve the sentence that they have received because I think too many people are coming out unlicensed and and then and then actually committing new offences I think there have been I think 12 murders committed since 2010 by people out on our who've been released early murderers who have been released early so look and to say nothing of serious sexual offences of all kinds too many people are coming out early the public have spotted it and we need to do something about it right gentlemen there thought I'd put can we get microphone to him please note back back I don't understand why I can't see why I went pointing gentlemen or whatever right and then the lady down the front here good evening good evening mr. Johnson my name's Tara green and although you're refusing Horace Johnson so you accept the possibility of a general election if that words have become apparent that it was following and you hadn't heard Nigel Faraj for exit party in their box as you said you wish to do is there any way you can envisage any form of people election working with the brexit party party to help stop a Jeremy Corbyn government well thank you I look III I want you know I think it's been about 25 years ago or more than I I met Nigel Farage in a in a pub for a historic sort of Cold War meeting in which I tried to recruit him and he tried to recruit me and we both have been failed and we went our separate ways and and actually I I don't believe that we should do deals with any party we are the Conservative Party we're a great party and we're gonna run it we're gonna get this thing done when I get this thing done we're gonna restore trust and confidence in our democracy and then get on with selling our conservative agenda again why would you even meet him what yes I will rule it out yes I I rule it out why did why did you meet him right thank you thank you thank you for allowing me that important clarification why did I meet him I think I was what because I think I was I was then I think I was then a journalist and what I think he all right I think he was a metal dealer and he was a Methodist let's go to the lady in the front row there front row there and then the gentleman in the white shirt good evening everybody and you stand up oh wow okay good evening and good evening Boris how are you my name is Arianna Aruba and I want to speak on behalf of a lot of parents who don't know what to do when it comes to teaching the children about managing money six out of ten children are leaving school without the essential skills and there's high levels of debt mental health and everything else so can you tell me exactly what the plans are to help children from primary school age 7 to learn how to manage money better thank you very much it's so interesting you know if you do an on election campaign like this you start to realize what's what's on people's minds and it's it's so interesting how often this question has has come up and clearly we are not doing enough in our in our schools to teach kids about money in the management of their finances and it of course it's critical for people because their lives can go off the rails simply by making a few elementary mistakes and they can and they can be helped of course the answer is better education as you rightly say both in primary school and in secular school we're going to put more money into into primary school in the raise as I said we're gonna lift up level up the funding to 4,000 a minimum of four thousand per pupil in primary a minimum of five thousand for people in in secondary and I will I will look I will consider having listened to this campaign very Kathy I will consider what we can do when if I'm lucky enough to become leader I will consider with the next education secreto whether as education secretary I will consider what we could do to inculcate better understanding of finances amongst young people because it's been reasonably so often they like it clearly something we need to address or you could have managing money and III got it too terrible I think you asked me a question about my personal fund it wasn't you it was Hannah ask me a question of all it was I'm sorry it was Hannah what can I say about it I certainly have certainly spendable yes yes you're gonna be First Lord of the Treasury you need to be quite good at managing money as well I just heard a bright yes okay right gentlemen they're followed by the lady there well just following on from question about managing money the fact is you have you have pledged program of increased public spending and cutting taxes how will you pay for this without increasing the deficit because it was the great Tunisian sage even khaldoon in the 14th century who pointed out that there are some taxes that you can cut that actually stimulate economic growth and I think your bank held didn't observe that when it came to when it came to I think it was the the date harvest in or whatever Allah –vs or something in 14th century tunas there I come over exactly what it was but they cut the they cut the tax on or on which was which was too high and the farmers grew more dates or olives and the tax yield went up accordingly and that is an approach to whenever corporation tax is cut it yields more money we should be cutting business taxes now we should be stimulating growth stimulating the economy we should also be doing things as I said just now to take them other burdens off business and if businesses are obliged to send as I say plastic ice pillows through the post when they they used to send a kipper before and then and suddenly their profit margins are destroyed there are things that we will be able to do when we come out of the EU that we weren't able to do before but the most important thing to do is to use fiscal measures to stimulate economic growth and champion business and that is what we will do and don't forget just to come back to my crucial point the reason our mission here today is so important is that there is another political party that has a diametrically opposite philosophy and thinks that they can continue to pluck actually I put it pluck the feathers of the of the if you imagine the UK economy as have a beautiful – winged bird right but most beautiful birds have two weeks if if if this if this bird one is the is the is the free market slightly come the other is great public services and infrastructure you know both you need both to propel the other but labor with a huge agenda of Taxation would pluck so many feathers from the wealth-creating side of the economy from that wing that we would go into a kind of death spiral and that is what we have to avoid that is that is that that is the danger and develop and it's not just it's not just it's not just it's not just Jeremy Corbyn it's john mcdonald table goal is so left-wing he automatron is certainly he was actually sacked by ken Livingstone for for forging for forging a budget in 1984 I mean this guy he's you know he is a crypto well I may be careful I say we actually imbue he's not a he's a he's a he's a Marxist basically and he would do two colossal damage these announces just talking first budget Jeremy hunter said he would can't corporation tax to twelve and a half percent in his first budget is that something you would commit to I be very care I will cut corporation tax I'm in actually my spare I forgot to say my spending commitment so far in this election campaign have been extremely modest by comparison with the remaining other candidate that's what I just putting that point out that may be very very fiscally prudent but they will do great things they will do great things with that spending on infrastructure or education but and on policing another another another more than a billion pounds will put into the twenty thousand tweets will you cut corporation tax to twelve and a half I'm not gonna give a figure but we'll certainly calculating taxes will make it very good right gentlemen know the lady over there I do apologize and then the gentleman at the back with the turban hi hello everyone my name is phaser Howell you hear me yes we live in a world of instant gratification sense of entitlement hashtag instant outrage how are you going to champion a return to common sense and civil debate thank you so much well I do agree I look we have we have in this country and it's absolutely vital that we do we have very important laws against hate speech against xenophobia against discrimination and and racial prejudice of all kinds and it's right that we should enshrine those protections in law we can be very very proud of what we have achieved but we also have a tradition of robust debate and free speech and if I may say so I think sometimes we need to be we need to be prepared to be to say things that we think without necessarily getting our heads bitten off by absolutely everybody and say I'm sorry [Applause] but-but-but-but without inciting any of the of the prejudices and hatreds that I described and they can be done do you think Donald Trump should do that do what well just tone it down a little bit well I think I said something the other night that that made clear that if you if you're talking about what he um yes I think it was to look I mean I'll repeat it in case you missed it I think it's totally unacceptable for the leader of a great multicultural multiracial society to start using the language of sending people back home because I mean that that went out a long time ago I I'm incredibly proud I'm incredibly proud of of you know having cunningly stationed my ancestors around the world before I became foreign secretary the the people that I was proud to be mayor of is the most diverse the most diverse city on earth that we could be incredibly proud of that because it it shows what an amazing magnet we are for talent and very for 300 languages spoken on the streets of London so so yeah of course I I do pretend of language but if you use that kind of language and talk about sending people home that is racist language why won't you or Jeremy Hunt call it out for what it is I think I I think I've made my position clear use the word I think I've made my position clear on that and I think that the President of the United States use language it was unacceptable and that is my view right wrench them fair and then the want person waving right at the back there thank you please allow me to begin with the sink reading why would you cut us our vigor ji ki Fateh I've got a very serious question Boris it's regarding the British citizens which I detained and tortured abroad so British citizen Joe tossing Joel he's in India yes 621 days yes and we got nothing yes she's in Iran at the moment so what's your commitment when did you become prime minister to relief them go and bring them back to UK thank you so much and thank you I thought I heard as you know as you know I have lobbied on behalf of both those individuals and and if I'm lucky enough to be elected I will continue to lobby on behalf of them but I I think I would want to pay tribute to the amazing work that is done by our foreign office around the world we have a huge number of really tragic consular cases around the world and the Foreign Office do an amazing and unsung job of helping those people in their services and helping many of them to get home right the gentleman at the back waving again have you got the microphone sir I hope you have and then we'll go to the gentleman there he's doing an unfortunate salute I bet he I bet it was wholly accidental it was accidental I know good evening everyone I hope hi Boris evening is right at the back sir I just want to ask how were you ensure the government's housing policies don't lend themselves in creating ethnic otto's inadvertently so I tell you what you do it's very very simple you build fantastic housing in the right place and you put in superb transport infrastructure so that you can create mixed communities where there are high quality jobs and and if you look at the disasters of planning in the 60s and 70s where monocultural estates were built it was because there simply wasn't the transport infrastructure look around London and look at the estates outside now you can see exactly what went wrong so what we should do is we should immediately get rid of the current useless Mayor of London Sadiq Khan [Applause] we should he's not a patch on the old guy look we should get rid of him we forget he's doing ABS he's completely invertebrate we should we should get rid of him and we should we should get on with fantastic projects like extending the Bakerloo line put it which we allow you to do loads of new homes down though okay down in southeast London do cross rail – fantastic scheme cross rail to would would liberate brownfield sites brownfield site sites in North East London enabling you to deliver about 200,000 high-quality homes within reach within reach of the central activity zone of London all the the dynamism of the metropolis you get mixed communities there you get of course you get huge numbers of affordable homes huge numbers of homes for people on low incomes but you get all types of people to be there that is what you need to do fantastic transport infrastructure liberating brownfield sites that's what we're going to do that's why I made such an emphasis in my my speech earlier on about what I want to do with high-quality mass transit it is the great liberator and equalizer of society if people are modest incomes can get to their place of work then you will eat cheaply and conveniently you will transform their lives and the problem with those estates in the in the 60s and 70s were there was no easy way to get to the jobs that's what we got to do right we have we have three minutes left so we can put two more questions in chorus if you can keep your answers relatively short on these two right the gentleman over there Jeff a microphone can we have a microphone over there please and then say it seeing as your point is so nicely why not thank you very much if I ask my question if I may poorest I'm okay no no no sir it's that that gentleman there sorry no you yeah can we come to the other chat next a fridge no we're coming down here now oh sorry hello good evening Boris and everyone my name is asif EU I'm a former Conservative councillor when you become rpm how would you enhance and develop positive relationship of conservative parties with British Muslims living in UK as large majority of them don't vote for our party although their values and principles are closer closely aligned to our Conservative Party it could be crucial for our next general election as Muslim board bank can swing over 72 parliamentary constituencies thank you absolutely right and and we must and if I'm lucky enough to be elected I will of course be leading an immediate programme of engagement not just with the Muslim community but with all the communities that make up our incredible society I will get into it I will get into the mosques I will do all everything that you would expect me to do I will remind them in the tedious repetitive way that I always do that I'm the only reason I'm here is because my Muslim great-grandfather came in 1912 to Wimbledon of all places in fear of his life and there you go like without which and if it hadn't been for the generosity and openness of our society even in 1912 he would not have come to London into the into the into the UK so what I want is a country is a country that that breathes that spirit of generosity to everybody who lives here that is what I want I want a spirit of generosity and inclusion to absolutely everybody right [Applause] our final question comes to I think a youngest questioner the whole hustings [Applause] when you are Prime Minister how will you stop climate change thank you well I just like it's it's there all everybody heard the question I salute Theresa May and much of what she's done in many ways but particularly in setting the carbon neutral target by 2050 it sounds ambitious it sounds crazy it sounds like we're chucking the ball too far down the pitch but we can do it we could we can we can we can reduce climate change causing gases and pollution of all kinds that we do it with new technology that's what we do and as I was saying earlier on this is the country that is pioneering revolutionary battery technology revolutionary wind turbines it's our technological that I see nigel has didn't put important point point that out to me a while back it is it is revolutionary battery technology that is enabling this country and and all sorts of green technology that is enabled in this country to take the lead in tackling climate change well I was mayor of this amazing city the population increased by about 200,000 in eight years no absolutely didn't anybody did they get and what what happens at the same time of course was that GDP went up massively economic growth was phenomenal just look around look what the building and construction that's going on in the city and yet in that period we cut co2 by four co2 emissions by 14 percent and we cut NOx by think by about 20 percent and particulates by about 16 percent and that was because we used fantastic new technology we improved boilers across the city we did elementary things to reduce co2 emissions so you should be very good so everybody I know you're very you you you're very young quite a fantastic to see you here but be optimistic the future of our country because we can and of the planet but as we can do it there at the other there are the technological changes that we can make and this country is in the lead and as for everybody else I also be optimistic about not just about our country but also about our party and I think that you probably want me to leave the stage at this stage we're kind of getting there yeah Boris Johnson thank you very much thank you [Applause] ladies and gentlemen it's now time to meet our second candidate Jeremy Hunt to introduce the man whose very blood seats with entrepreneurial spirit it's my pleasure to introduce Elena Bunbury [Applause] thank you on the 20th of June 2019 it was announced that the final two candidates would include Boris and the man who I'm proud to support after hours of debating endless interviews and touring up and down our fantastic country is come down to this the final Hosting's the final chance to appeal for your vote I started off this campaign backing Boris I believed initially being a lever it made me a natural Boris supporter but as the campaign played out plans were published and personalities shown and I came to realize I could not do that with a clear conscience so I made the move that people up and down the country and United Kingdom have been doing and switched to hunt I stand here today committed and proudly supporting Jeremy the man who was taken social media by storm with his SAS witty personality and infamous pizza' photo sharing a genuine truthful side to him which has resonated across the country it's been said time and time again that we are facing turbulent challenges our union is under threat there is uncertainty around brexit and support for our party is sadly dwindling in times like these we need someone who the public can trust and invest in someone who respects the sovereignty of the Union and also respects the Democratic mandate of Brac sir most importantly someone who will not only re-establish our party as the party of business also the party's hope an opportunity [Applause] as I am sure everyone here is aware Jeremy is an entrepreneur so who better to make the case to the EU than an experienced negotiator from his own business to cabinet-level someone who will bring business back to Britain and fight to keep our union together as he said with every drop of blood in his veins the public service reformer who will scrap scrap illiteracy with his NHS background transform social care for the elderly not forgetting the foreign secretary who has the expertise relationships and respect that we will need to rely on post practice we are facing a battle not only to unite our party but to keep Jeremy Corbyn out of number 10 the next election we face will not be easy and we need a strong prime minister who will lead from the front let's not forget that Jeremy will be the first Prime Minister to have taken a lift a marginal seat that is campaign experience which cannot be overlooked I want our next prime minister as I'm sure you all do as well to know what it's actually like to fight tough battlegrounds alongside activists like all of us here so I'm gonna leave you now with a quote by Sir Raymond Priestley exploring geologists that seems very fitting to welcome the son of a naval officer to scientific discovery give me Scott for speed and efficiency of travel give me our Mundson but when disaster strikes and all hope is gone get down on your knees and pray for Shackleton Jeremy is the modern-day Shackleton that our country is desperately crying out for so I hope you will all join me in welcoming the man who will stir our through turbulent water to a prosperous future our next prime minister Jeremy Hunt [Applause] you offense oh well done the same way great job race rate don't go for it thank you thank you thank you what an introduction and ladies and gentlemen Eleanor is just 21 years old she has given a speech she's given a speech to nearly 5,000 people in the Excel center I'm humbled by what she said and also proud that she wants to be a Conservative MP and are we lucky and I want her to know that she has been here done that and got the t-shirts here you are and while we're talking about t-shirts and slogans I want to thank the genius in my campaign team who came up with a slogan has to be hunt because with a surname like mine when you think what it rhymes with coming up with a slogan is a very very important thing to get right and we had some great suggestions from the internet we had hashtag take a punt on hunt we had hashtag jezus the bezu and then when I'm not quite so keen on hashtag hunting muck hunt face just be very careful how you say that one at home because we are the party of the family later gentlemen what a fantastic contest we've had as it draws to a close and I'm standing here with the privilege of telling you the things I want to change as Prime Minister in our amazing country and to govern is to choose and I have chosen four priorities I'm going to tell you all of those priorities but we can't deliver any of them until we saw brexit and I want to answer a question that may be on some people's minds how can you trust someone who voted romaine to deliver brexit and I want to answer that question very directly as foreign secretary I go around the world and the most striking thing when I'm representing our country is that wherever you go other countries have a whole lot more respect for us then we sometimes seem to have for ourselves [Applause] [Applause] and the reason is because we are one of the oldest and greatest democracies in the world we have done more to fight for our freedom and the freedom of other people and other peoples democracies there nearly anyone else and it's not just World War two it's the Barons of Magna Carta the great Reform Act the suffragettes and the reason that I am going to deliver brexit for our country as Prime Minister is because I want to send a message to people at home and people abroad that we are still that great democracy that does what the people tell us to do no matter the obstacles Parliament may put in our way the hurdles our European colleagues may throw in front of us this is a country where people like me do what people like you the people tell us to do because democracy is in our DNA and you cannot put a price on it [Applause] [Applause] and there's something else that's incredible about our country which is at crucial moments in our history we have been bold Ralph Waldo Emerson the American writer once said do not go where the path may lead go instead where there's no path and leave a trail and that's what we've always done the boldness of abolishing the slave trade the boldness of banning children from going up chimneys and making them go to school the boldness of the suffragette movement the boldness of setting up the NHS which contrary to popular myth was a conservative Minister in 1944 let's hear it for Sir Henry Willig [Applause] but we haven't just been bold we've been smart we've thought with our heads as well as believing with our hearts and that's what we have to do with brexit because if we do this in a gung-ho way if we go about it the wrong way the Europeans will block any changes to the deal Parliament will block No Deal and we'll get to a general election long before we get to October the 31st and we are going to overcome those hurdles by telling the Europeans politely but firmly that if we don't get a deal that can get through Parliament there won't be a deal but we're still leaving and we will tell Parliament that just like them we will leave no stone unturned to find a deal because the quickest way to leave the European Union is to send a prime minister to Brussels who can negotiate a deal that will get through Parliament that's what I'm going to do as foreign secretary as an entrepreneur that's why penny Morden's and Liam Fox and other brexit ears are supporting me because I will deliver that for Britain [Applause] now did I just mention that I was an entrepreneur have you have you heard that one before here I'm glad you've been paying attention I want to do something that I have done it every hustings just because it says something about our incredible party I want you to put up your hand if you've started your own business to just just look around would you find this at a labor party gathering would you find it with the Lib Dems we are the party of wealth creators and let's send a message now from the Conservative Party to every entrepreneur in the country thank you for the brilliant things you do for our country [Applause] and this is the first of my four priorities I want to do what I did when I was in my twenties I want to help other people do the same thing I want to fire up our economy to be the most Pro Enterprise Pro business greenest high tech economy in Europe and our big opportunity with the top universities in the world in our country more tech entrepreneurs more medicines being developed our big opportunity is to be the world's next Silicon Valley and I'm going to take a giant step towards that by the most radical cuts in business taxation we've ever seen cutting corporation tax to twelve and a half percent Irish levels 90% of High Street businesses out of business rates which is a curse for all of them [Applause] and other tax cuts too because I want to land an economic jumbo jet there's one up there now I want to land perfect timing it has to be hunt I want to I want to land an economic an economic jumbo jet on Europe's doorstep so when it comes to those trade negotiations they need us every bit as much as we need them and that's my first objective the second I am the Foreign Secretary who wants our great country to walk tall in the world and hasn't our Navy been brilliant in the last week protecting British shipping [Applause] and I'm going to increase the proportion of our GDP that we spend on defense to two and a half percent and I'm going to do it because the threats are rising in the Gulf and with Russia but I'm going to do it for another reason which is at the point or brexit I want the world to see that Britain that country that has always fought for democratic values Britain is here but is back our voice is strong in the world and we will fight for the things we believe in and then as conservatives we have to have a social mission people know that we are wealth creators but they don't always know about our compassionate conservative values I ran the NHS for nearly six years I was so proud to do that but I want our social mission to be in education because in our great country in this great city sadly still nearly a quarter of primary school leavers don't end up being able to read properly and you know we are the party that believes in opportunities for everyone we want to put a ladder of opportunity in front of every single young person and whether they climb that ladder is up to them but the first rung on that ladder is to be able to read properly so I want us to be the Conservative government that abolish is the scourge of illiteracy in our society and that is what I'm going to do [Applause] [Applause] and then finally I want to make you a political promise to my friends in the Conservative Party I promise you that I will not take us into a general election until we have got more young people voting conservative [Applause] we cannot be the party of aspiration if the most aspirational people in our country aren't supporting us so I will deal with the unfairness of six percent interest rates on student loans just as Margaret Thatcher put one and a half million council tenants on the housing ladder I'm going to put one and a half million young people on the housing ladder I'm gonna I'm gonna tackle climate change because I want pollution free cities in our country within ten years but I'm gonna do all of this for another reason which was the heart of Corbin success at the last election was his ability to attract young people with fake and bogus promises we want them back and we are not going to ignore a Labor Party under Corbin which is the most ruthless dangerous anti British anti Western anti-semitic hard left cabal we've ever had in British political history [Applause] get this wrong and there will be no Conservative government no brexit maybe even no Conservative Party but get this right get this right and we will deliver brexit unite our party unleash the potential of our great country and send Corbin packing and one final thing ladies and gentlemen I've I noticed the odd back Boris poster around give yourselves a chair I've noticed an awful lot of has to be hunts give yourself a cheer now bruce forsyth once said remember only half the audience are ever going to like you don't worry about the other half the bastards but but when it comes to the Conservative Party brucey it was wrong because after this contest we are going to unite the back Boris's and there has to be hunts we're going to come together because that's what our party wants and that's what our country deserves thank you very much [Applause] Jeremie this time next week either you'll Boris will be about to spend your first night in Downing Street if you don't win if do you want to keep your current job if I don't win it would be a huge honor to serve Boris in a way that unites our party and our country [Applause] and I know Boris would say the same um I don't quite know it I think I know it I hope it if you do win when would you have a queen speech ah there's a very good question and I think perhaps this is not the moment to make that announcement if you'll forgive me and I pride myself on answering the question very directly but I've said that I won't Parag Parliament to force through unloading or brexit [Applause] I don't think you can do that in a parliamentary democracy yeah but this Parliament has been going on for two and a half years now it's the longest Parliament I at remember and there is precedent and tradition that before you have a Queen's Speech you do pro Parliament for a couple of weeks and it is also traditional to have a Queen's Speech in the first week of November go figure yes well the first week of November is of course a very significant week because it happens to be the week of my birthday but look we will need to have a Queen's speech soon if you listen to the things I was talking about in that speech there's a lot of things there that need legislation we will need to have a budget very quickly and by the way the thing I will commit to tonight is that we will have a budget with the preparations for a No Deal brexit and those big business tax cuts in the first week of September [Applause] and and then we'll have the Queen speech at the the earliest available and sense but if you can give me a date for a budget why can't you give me a date for a Queen's speech because much as I love you in and we've got to know each other over the last you may be like I'm gonna lose all over that do you I I think there are some things that we don't need to talk about okay in the public arena so the withdrawal agreement is it dead as it is now yes we have to be I wanted to get a deal and so we have got to make some profound changes to that withdrawal agreement that doesn't mean ripping up the whole thing but it does mean that the backstop has to go go entirely or be amended well the reason why our Parliament did not accept the backstop is because it traps us in the EU customs union terrace until such time as the EU gives us permission not to follow EU tariffs and that is not acceptable it won't get through Parliament and that is what has to go if you're saying that we will remove any guarantees over not having hard border infrastructure on the island of Ireland then no I think there is agreement in our party that we can never go back to a hard border on the island of Ireland Priti Patel is nodding so I'm feeling safe saying this one but I think it's clear I think it's absolutely clear that whoever takes over as Prime Minister will be absolutely committed to the Belfast Good Friday Agreement one of the greatest achievements of british diplomacy at the last 30 years [Applause] but I often get calls from my LBC listeners saying well the difference between Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson is that we can trust Boris Johnson because we know he feels brexit in his gut whereas Jeremy Hunt doesn't because he voted remained now you did address that in your speech I completely get that but how do you I feel democracy in my gut and that is why I'm going to deliver brexit [Applause] why do you think though that you can deliver a deal in the way that Boris Johnson couldn't well Boris can speak for himself but what I would say is that my experience as foreign secretary my background as a negotiator before I came into business and my ability to say tough things which I've had to say incidentally to the Chinese government over Hong Kong a couple of weeks ago to President Trump last week you know with some very difficult disputes when I was running the NHS the ability to say tough things that need to be said whilst maintaining relationships and having negotiations is an important quality that I've demonstrated throughout my life but what I won't say as someone who's seen a lot of deals over the years is that this is going to be easy but nor is it going to be impossible and we have overcome bigger challenges in the past and we can overcome this one as well you mentioned Donald Trump there and you rightly I think called him out for his tweets this week about the four congresswomen but neither you nor your opponent actually used the word racist why not because I am the country's diplomatic in chief and I have responsibility for our relationship with our most important ally and that relationship by the way is the foundation of the peace and prosperity that we've had in the world for the last 75 years and I have to recognize but the words I use needs to be calibrated in a way that doesn't do lasting damage to that relationship but I think I made my feelings very clear I think I said in that son debate that I've got three half Chinese children born on the NHS with British passports I would be utterly appalled horrified it would be totally unacceptable to me or my wife if anyone ever told them to go back to China and I hope no politician in this country ever would are you a feminist I like to think so yes what does it mean well of course it means equality between men and women but it also means being prepared to smash the glass ceilings that have existed for centuries that stop women reaching their full potential it means backing more women MPs and we've made great progress in the Conservative Party but not in all only 20% exactly I've been a big supporter of Ann Jenkins work with women to win it means me it means more female cabinet ministers it means doing everything possible to do what we conservatives believe in which is no matter who you are your background your sexuality or your sex we are the party of meritocracy and everyone should be allowed to flourish and prosper and David Cameron had the a-list which helps a lot of women gets elected and elected in 2010 would you propose something similar would you be in favor for all very short list in some seats I'm not in favor of all women short lists because because we are a meritocracy and I think the risk is that that devalues the achievement that a woman makes when she achieves a job if she thinks she got it because of our sex but that doesn't mean there aren't a thousand other things we can do to help people reach their potential and I think that's what we're all about um now I did ask Boris Johnson if he dyed his hair can I ask you the same question just out of balance no sorry to disappoint I've got a few gray ones mind you might have to start I'll tell you what you'll have a few more if you get this job says he okay final question from me if you could steal something from your opponent's personality what would it be well I worked with Boris on the London Olympics and he was mayor and I was culture secretary in fact a number of events were held here in the Excel center and we used to meet you know every few weeks and it didn't matter how serious or difficult the topics were that we were discussing we always left those meetings with a smile on our face I think it's a great quality okay [Applause] let's start the question and answer session and we'll start right over there lady waving there in these green cardigan and then there was somebody here you thank you at Virginia Crosby director of women to win like Thank You Jeremy the number of women are voting in the 2017 general election for the Conservatives declined dramatically how are you going to get women to vote conservative again Thank You Virginia well I think the polling evidence is that one of the reasons that the number of women voting for us declined by the way we can't win unless we get the majority of women voting for us which is why this issue matters to us so much but the reason is because that was an election where most of the discussion in one way or another was about brexit and that's why we've got to get brexit done delivered behind us and then talk about a broader canvas of issues such as public services particularly education we were on the backfoot on education and school funding in the last election that's why it's essential that we sort that out and by the way I would do this in the way that I I did it with the NHS I would put more money on the table but I'd say I want a ten-year plan that's going to show me how we're going to make sure that young people who don't go to university get properly rigorous technical qualifications so we know they can get a decently pay job I wanted to see how we're going to abolish illiteracy and if you can show me how you're going to do that I'll put more money on the table and I think talking about those other issues is how will succeed Virginia right you sir then we'll go over here in the green mister I would like to probe you further on a point that you made previously about the about getting youth back into conservatism now we all know that the education system is massively towards the left there was a far greater representation of the left than of those right and conservatism what I want to know from you sir I want to know how you are going to bring conservatives and back into the education system how you are going to free the education system from the grips of socialism thank you I love the socialist clenched fist there Bruce right I've spotted the next William Hague fantastic look I'll tell you what we've got to do we've got to make sure that we have properly we are properly defending free speech on our campuses and we cannot have a situation we cannot have a situation where people are harassed or intimidated or feel threatened because they do something as bold as to say they are a conservative and as up to my knowledge there is only one vice-chancellor in the whole country who openly says that he supports the Conservatives and I think we need a bit of honesty from the Vice Chancellors in this country that what has made this country great is free debate enlightenment values getting rid of the Spanish Inquisition and the great things that happen in our universities before they happened anywhere else and we need to stay true to those principles today as we always have done why why why should university Vice Chancellors declare their political allegiance they shouldn't declare it but I'm just may they don't have as everyone can decide if they want to do that or not but I'm just making the point that of our 300 universities the fact that there is only one that feels able to declare that is an indication of just how difficult it is to support the Conservatives in academia and that isn't right right lady there and then gentleman in the front row of the second section there waving his hand in the blue jacket thank you very much mr. Jeremy and that was a good speech my name is Shane okay my question at the last election actually student to become a counselor in that word and in tonight to my friend I was not as a Conservative candidate they were shocked because I'm from the ethnic minority right what are we doing to actually change the perception of people that we are actually diverse and inclusive but we are not just a party for the white the blood the way I am the mail like everybody says that we are actually inclusive because the perception is everything everybody perceives the one you are standing especially from the ethnic minority you have your actual standing for labour what is your plan well shim okay let me say first of all [Applause] thank you for standing up for your beliefs because we are proud to have you as a conservative [Applause] I noticed the back Boris patch but I've got it has to be hung one to give you in a minute and and the answer to your question is this who are the most socially diverse colorblind group of people in our society it's young people they are the people who really don't notice if someone has a different color to their skin and so the way we are going to increase the diversity in our own party is by getting more young people involved and that's why I want them to know as a businessman the most powerful thing that you can say to a customer is that you're hungry for their business and I want every young person in this country to know that we the Conservatives are hungry for their votes because we offer them the brightest and best future we're going for it and we can prove that with the policies that we're going to announce there then the guy right by the wall who's doing this Jeremy the social care system in this country is broken as a former Secretary of State for Health and Social Care how will you fix it thank you [Applause] and a great question because we are the party that believes in fairness between the generations and there is no conservative in this hall that doesn't want every single older person in our country to be treated with dignity and respect and very frankly sir if I was going to talk about the austerity cuts that I had to bring in as part of David Cameron's cabinet in 2010 I think there were two areas where with the benefit of hindsight and it's easy to say these things they went too far and one of them was police numbers and one of them as the social care system so how do we solve it I think we've got to do two things first of all local councils do need more money to deliver a basic standard of care in social care and I want a ten-year plan for the social care system just as I delivered a 10-year plan for the NHS that was actually my next job but secondly it is also about personal responsibility and we need to encourage more younger people to save for those costs in the very last few months of their lives earlier just as they save for their pensions and in this country after the wall we set up a very strong pension system which made it the norm and under our Conservative government we made it even stronger by introducing auto-enroll and I would like to have a similar system of auto-enroll so that people are automatically putting aside a little bit more for their social costs to what social care cost towards the end of our life their lives so that gradually we move to a society in which people are saving enough it'll take time but I think it's the right thing to do just to just to follow up on that I remember Andy Burnham Andrew Lansley a normal and got together I think it's in 2009 to talk about the future of Social Care 10 years ago you were health secretary for six years I take the point about austerity but you don't think it was a failure on your part not to prioritize social care during your period as health secretary well I'm I was formerly responsible for it for my last six months and the job but I was very concerned about the social care system because I could see our a and E's filling up around the country because hospitals couldn't find care packages in the community and I became absolutely convinced that you can't solve the problems the NHS without addressing the problems in the social care system at the same time so I do think this is something that we need to do now right have we got the guy at the in the corner by the wall are you ready right we're going to go to you and then we will go to you sir good evening mister my name is Ashley Massey and wave your hands so I can see you sorry well uh thank you sir madam s gonna see sorry sorry it is a long way away hello hello yes far away good evening mr. hood my name is Ashley Massey and I'm a Deputy Chair of diverse communities for the Conservative Party in Coventry my question to you miss I I've met you in Coventry of the energy UHA you CHW hospital yeah I hope you remember me and then we met at the host in here we go on whether question please right okay my question is with the ever-increasing rise of the Christians being persecuted both nationally and internationally partially Christians losing their jobs free expression their faith what course of action will you take in order to deal or bring about change mr. hood when you become the president [Applause] when I become Prime Minister thank you thank you look it's a very very important question because 80% of the people around the world were persecuted for their faith are Christians and we sometimes think of Christians as as white Western affluent people but actually these are some of the poorest people in the world for whom the simple act of going to church is taking a risk with your safety or even your life and I think we've had a blind spot in British foreign policy maybe for reasons of political correctness because of the Empire or our embarrassment about talking about religion we haven't done as much as we should so I commissioned the bishop of Truro to do an independent report into what more we can do he published that the week before last it's an excellent report and as Prime Minister I will implement all of his recommendations [Applause] come on can we get the microphone my name is Neil no no no here and then we will go to the lady there as I missed you out last time thank you very much I'm a British Bangladeshi councillor from Salisbury one of the criticism I often get is we our party don't have a British Bangladeshi MP where other opposition head if you become the Prime Minister would you able to fill the gap and give us a safe seat rather than well I think we've found our next British Bangladeshi MP so make sure you get on the candidates list and it will be an honor to have you in Parliament with us right ladies they're followed by a gentleman over there waving the newspaper I have Mr Hunt and you have said that you support the people of Hong Kong and so how far are you prepared to go to show your support for the 2.5 million British nationalism overseas in Hong Kong will you give them the new blue British passports after bricks it thank you well thank you for asking that question and I want you to know that the people of this country stand Foursquare behind the people of Hong Kong we have a long historic relationship we are so proud of what Hong Kong has achieved both during British rule and after British rule and part of that responsibility has been to say difficult things about the need for China to respect the 1984 joint declaration and we are prepared to use our political capital with China to defend what was agreed in that 1984 agreement I understand your concerns about passports that is obviously a much bigger issue but what I want you to know is that we will be there for you and we will defend the agreements that we've made with other countries that affect Hong Kong that are legally binding and everyone needs to remember that right Jen coming over there and then the lady there in the group in the blue jacket thank you for the opportunity of asking a question my name is matthew dolts I'm here okay he's over there yeah Matthew hi I just want preamble and says all stubborn I'm extremely comforted that both major candidates have committed themselves to no border down the Irish Sea but my point really is Mack taxation and two bits of it one is you mentioned entrepreneurship a lot of people set up service companies they were encouraged by their advisers they had feedback from HMRC that this was perfectly legitimate they are now being persecuted some of them to suicide the first question is whether you will sort out this mess of retrospective nurse because that is something that no entrepreneur can take as retrospectives second thing is a lot of people aren't entrepreneurs they work and the taxation system unfortunately under a Conservative government despite Nigel Lawson's prizes boast and he got rid of a major tax every budget has got more complex the tapering of pension relief the fact that people pay over a hundred percent tax rates effectively at certain levels of income is a national disgrace and I want to hear your plan to sort that out [Applause] [Applause] well Matthew first of all when it comes to entrepreneurs we have to do everything we possibly can to bear down on red tape and I think that taxation matters a lot and I I certainly remember when I set up my business that the worst taxes are the taxes you have to pay before you have earned a penny of profit and that's why I'm particularly worried about high street businesses that are suffering because of the internet revolution and is why I've said I will take 90% of high street businesses out of business rates which I think will make a big difference but in terms of the overall complexity of the tax system I actually agree with you and we should be a party that simplifies the tax system because of all the perverse incentives you get and I think the most ridiculous thing that's going on at the moment is the number of doctors retiring from the NHS because they maxed out on their pension pots they retire and then they sell themselves back to the NHS as locums and we end up paying both their pension and their salary and that is completely ridiculous and that is definitely something I want to sort out what about what about his point about ir35 and the lone charge are you going to sign the lone charge pledge 200 of your colleagues have done so um I will look at it I will look at it with sympathy but I'm not going to give an answer as to what directly I would do because I do need to get a proper advice and understand what is actually happening but I am someone who understands what it's like to be at the wrong end of these kinds of regular the principle of the of HMRC trying to back tax people 20 years ago surely has to be wrong well I look I understand that but we also have to have a fair tax system so I'm not going to lose the votes of everyone in this room by defending everything that HMRC says and I said I will look at it with sympathy but I I need to see the facts before I make a decision right the lady that I point to that lady there and then let's go right up to the back there and the lady in these know the blade it's just turned a head round yet you Jackie Atkinson chairman of the kids liquids UK you said earlier that you want to get all our children reading oh if you become Prime Minister will you stop closing our public libraries and bring the make sure that our primary schools all have a lively for the children to use Thank You Jackie great great question and here's why public libraries matter because if you look at this rather shocking statistic that nearly a quarter of our primary school leavers unable to read to the required standards the issue is on the whole with families where sadly parents don't read to their children and you can spot that very early on even at the age of four before they've been formally taught to read you can spot the children who are at risk of that so we do need if we're going to solve this problem to put in strategies very early on when children are young and access to books both in their school and outside their school is a very important part of that [Applause] the person who I pointed to isn't standing up over there yes you are yes you can write you and then we'll go over there the gentleman there in about the eighth row with his hand yep you and good evening and good to see you Jeremy Hunt you my neighboring MP and my question is children's mentor half is in crisis a court of Bernardo's and that Matthew Hancock was at a speech a couple of days ago talking about this not only that by 2030 is give me the first world disability is the NHS prepared for this crisis in the UK that is such an important question and you know the one of the things that I discovered when I was health secretary is that half of all mental health conditions become established before the age of 14 and the great tragedy is if you don't catch them early then these conditions depression and anxiety can become so entrenched that they they're stuck with people for life and we actually have very good mental health treatment in the NHS but not enough of it we have probably more provision than any other major European country but we have waiting lists that are far too long so when I was health secretary I launched a children and young people's mental health planned we will become the first country in Europe to have mental health provision in every secondary school to do that we need to hire an extra 9,000 people that takes time and so we're only going to get to about a quarter of secondary schools by the time of the next election but the pilots have started I think it's the right way to go and I want us to be a party that ends the scar of mental health problems that really can be prevented if you catch them young enough it was actually it was actually you that I meant to ask that question I think have you got a microphone can we get a microphone to the lady there and then the final question will come from the gentleman over there just like that sorry could you give me away ah hello hi so you said you feel democracy in your guards so what I want to know is what do you think of your parliamentary colleagues who have resigned their whip and are now sitting as independence do you think they should be forced to have by-elections under a more radical recall program well [Applause] that of course is what douglas Carswell did when he left the Conservative Party and went to UK in the last Parliament every MP has to make their own choice in this matter but what I would say is that all of us as MPs need to remember that people are sending us to Parliament not primarily because of our sterling personal qualities although we may sometimes like to think that they're sending us to Parliament because we are conservatives and they are expecting us to behave as conservatives and unite to deliver the brexit that was in our manifesto at the last election every single one of them for dinner right brief question brief answer please okay I'll try and summarize as sweet as possible but speak Thai hi speaking is next on Kara for young carers are full times more likely shinobi able to go to university 60 bullied at school 26% of tho that are because they are young carers okay it's not glamorous it's not the principle issue today but what would you do as Prime Minister to help people that situation well I I'll tell you exactly what I would do I want to first of all the the young carers do an incredible job and if we are going to support you thank you for what you do [Applause] if there is a member of your family a mum or a dad or a grandparent who has dementia or a mental health condition or a terminal illness or whatever it is we have to put in place whole family support and if we do that that will help you pursue your studies get to work do the things that you need to do it'll also reduce costs for the NHS and the social care system if we get it right and I think it's great that we're having these questions at a conservative hustings because that shows are compassionate values and as this is my very last answer to the very last question in the whole of this series I hope you'll forgive me if I do something else we just say a very big thank you to Ian Dale for what he has done [Applause] and I actually have a little present for in and this is the the Union Jack that I've been wearing on my lapel badge because I got a few more of them so in thank you very much indeed [Applause] [Applause] well I'm actually rather sad to be saying for the last time please thank Jeremy hunt [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] while ladies and gentlemen you did me proud you are some brilliant questions and wasn't it interesting that both of Boris and Jeremy hardly a question you've had I'm not sure there were any questions on brexit which we're told the Conservative Party is obsessed by if you want more conservative leadership chat join me at ten o'clock on LBC I'm getting a limo bike back to Leicester Square right now thank you very much indeed [Applause]


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