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John McAfee on Government and Blockchain – Malta 2018

is a powerful dream do we still have that dream are you here today to learn how to make more money within the system that we are trying to escape or are you here to learn how you can be free as individuals that's the question I fear that most of you are here to learn how to use the blockchain and cryptocurrency to enrich your pockets and there's nothing wrong with that I'm the last man in the world who would say don't make money however if we choose to make money by being absorbed into that system which we allegedly are trying to escape then what's the point what is the point we might as well accept the existing system and forget cryptocurrency the stock exchange is down you can invest in stocks at the bottom and make some money let's look at the truth of where we are what distinguishes cryptocurrency from fiat number one it is a peer-to-peer of transaction it is trust less and far more important it is permission less now if you truly examine your lives today where we are you will have to admit that we are subservient to a power structure that we have willingly allowed to grow and take control over our lives governments how many Americans are here enough right do you think the founding fathers in the 1700s actually believed that what the we had created there were they had created would turn into the monster that exists today where each of us work four months out of the year to support a government that does not serve us the people and America is not unique almost every democracy in the world suffers from this same problem why there is a principle that I know is true and I think you all believe it in your hearts and that is that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely can you trust a corrupt system no I don't think so so what are we doing today here in Malta out of the goodness of the Maltese government's hearts they are creating a crypto community which is accepted by promoted by and permitted by the government I am thankful for that for one reason it will allow our community to grow because it will have some degree of respectability and hopefully other governments will do the same but you must understand something this movement into acceptance by governments banks and those in control can only be temporary because what is cryptocurrency number one permission and we are begging governments to permit us to use a permissionless system see the contradiction people it is a trust less system because of the beauty of the mathematics that underlies and powers the system and yet you want to trust an untrustworthy entity to permit you to use a trustless permissionless system this would be the definition of insanity if you were in a psychologists office so sir your problem is you um you want to have trust less permissionless system but you want someone that you cannot trust to permit you to use this history you'd be committed now why did I say this is temporary because all the permissions in the world all the regulations and laws and legislations were involving cryptocurrency will be totally meaningless as soon as distributed exchanges that are fully functional are available to all of us now why is that so important because legislation only works if it can be enforced not looking around this film I got one or two of you have smoked marijuana and probably we have smoked it at some time in a location where you were not permitted to do so your home if you're in the United States half almost all of the states you are not permitted to smoke weed it is against the law as it stopped anybody know it's not you you waste your hands no I didn't think so so so why why do you continue to do it because it cannot be enforced therefore we just do it how are we being forced now to accept regulations exchanges are centralized and located somewhere I spoke in China actually in Hong Kong last year was supposed to speak in Beijing but just before we were due to have the conference China outlawed cryptocurrency and shut down every exchange now that didn't stop for Phil garner Zi in fact there's more cryptocurrency trading in China today than before the law was passed nevertheless they did shut down in China those exchanges if all governments acted unilaterally and shut down all exchanges it would shut down us why cause they can a centralized exchange has an office a set of servers it is located somewhere and manned by specific people find them pull the plug on the electricity arrest all the people break the machines with axes or set fire to the building and we're down the what is a distributed exchange it's in exchange that runs on tens of millions of devices your smart phones or laptops or desktops it has no geographic location it does not ways the flag saying I am part of an exchange no it is fluid ever-changing and ever moving mathematically technologically physically it cannot be shut down meaning one make one of regulations you like you may only use my cryptocurrency which is generated by the American government of the Chinese government or you must report all transactions and yet you're using more narrow and who they all is gonna find out no how do you enforce it laws that cannot be enforced are meaningless so what is happening here in Malta and at other countries with the quote acceptance of cryptocurrency which is basically the regulation of cryptocurrency for the purposes of making us more real less frightening more available which is perfect in five years will mean nothing you must understand this those of you who say we must have regulations to protect those poor fools who fall for scams or can't read an entire white paper or can't Google a name to find out whether this person is real or not and you want to protect them well good luck with that because you can't we cannot protect people from themselves you must accept this because whether you like it or not the mob will rule in the end and the mob will say ok make what rules you want I will buy what I damn well please and sell when I damn well please and say nothing to anybody but no matter what law you make because I can and if you can you will those of you who believe that we are fundamentally and if I got overtime I have them overtime no those should you believe that people are funding be honest and we'll do the right thing you've been living in a closet or something because that is not people people will break the laws that they choose if they know that they can do so with absolute freedom wherever they choose and you know this for a fact we are loving gracious generous hopeful full of Dreams compassion we're also jealous envious angry therefore we cheat sometimes and we lie that is who we are and that's who the mob is and that is what will happen we will do as we damn well please if we are able to do so so keep in mind the road that we are heading down which is a the epitome is here in Malta and thank you Maltese government because this will help grow the crypto community dramatically and this by the way is one of the largest conferences our keynote it it's indicative of something that we are in fact growing so this road that we are heading down those who say we need regulations we need some controls well bless your sweethearts we may have some for a while but we will not in the end and you must accept this or get out of crypto because you will have no control once control from above is severed because if that control is severed then so is yours so is everybody's we are free equal people in this world that bow to no one this has been the dream of humanity since the dawn of time look at what you have in your friggin hands people the gift of fire one of the greatest gifts you'd want to call it a gift change civilization but that gift will pale compared to the gift of the blockchain consider this one of the blockchain that had existed since the beginning of human civilization that had been used forget the impossibilities I would just imagine what is history now it is a composition of tales told by conquerors totally of missing Oh with the total omission of the tales told by the subjection by the conquered good god what kind of history is that it's a kind of history that happened in Mexico when Cortez quote conquered Mexico and burned hundreds of thousands of Mayan books leaving only four which are amuse Ian's now leaving us totally in the dark of that history and leaving us only the self-aggrandizing words of the conquerors we came we did this these people were bad now they're good however had the block changed in there we would know exactly what happened and we would have a deeper understanding of history and the deeper understanding of ourselves in relation to an argument history that's the power of the blockchain it is immutable and it frees us from the age-old problems of deception subversion modification of events in the end as it's applied to all of you you will have to change and hopefully not in our lifetimes that ultimately you won't be able to lie anymore I'm sorry you have an affair on your spouse did you know or he's gonna know the moment you come home I'm sorry deal with it learn to tell the truth I do it works so this is where we're headed and please God get behind it because what is life without freedom and do you have freedom now or are we mere puppets and sheep of those few in this power structure who rule the world through the manipulation of economies and currencies and financial transactions see the power that they have they don't really need militaries the military is because of this power-hungry person wants more than this power-hungry person so I'm gonna kick your ass barring that to control us did they need armies when's the last time the 5th division invaded your home no we don't need them for us they need only the control of our currency for the first time in human history we have the key to unlock our adora for full control of a lot we deserve to have I don't mean to be cynical about human nature nor about the goodwill of Nations like Malta nor about any of your reasons for being here I'm a practical man we all want stuff get stuff but in the world of cryptocurrency what you get I do not care how much you collect you will still have no power over me you'll have power over your stuff well good you should have but the rest of us we could give a about what you want because you will have no power no well maybe if you invite me on your yacht and I want to go on that y'all say ok yes good man I hope do watch your life but no no one has power over anyone can you see where that would lead the ideal civilization that we have dreamed of for millennium where we live through the heart and the mind connected together where all we need is the ability to do over thank you [Applause]


  1. Daniel Briano
    Daniel Briano June 11, 2019

    That sounds so nice … but inform yourself to what extent "the system" and the big players are already invested in Bitcoin enterprises. Then have a look for the article in the website of Chainalisys regarding FATF regulation. IMO it's illusional to think that they will allow Bitcoin to take away their power.

  2. Salty Cracker
    Salty Cracker June 11, 2019

    Here is what I don't understand. Everything!

  3. Nischie Okata
    Nischie Okata June 11, 2019

    ok i watch a lot of his content and that clip is scary why you may ask ? well … are you folks remember the movie batman the dark knight JOHN MCAFEE is the real live joker him ass a presedent ? would you vote for him ??? ((( just lisen to his voice and his body language 2:00 fits perfectly to the joker )))

  4. Simon Liu
    Simon Liu June 11, 2019

    Lol this is a man who puts bath salts up his ass and has to keep his house guests from having sex with his dogs.

  5. steve buckner
    steve buckner June 11, 2019

    I for one love and believe in you!!

  6. meshell younge
    meshell younge June 11, 2019

    thank you so much. can't wait for the entire word to start using cripto currencies

  7. Gary Gagnon
    Gary Gagnon June 11, 2019

    OUIoui DREAM free as individual I created science sustains I was attacked chemical agent was USED LOOK 👀 fell free LOOK 👀 15 opo 48 proves a chemical attack proves TRUST goverment to POWER who cook control to BLOCK my BRAIN attemteted FBI mail sent Dates proves OSHA cover UP 100% I have power Knowledge I have that no one who can take from me I changed MFG I will change USA 🇺🇸 exresize expand my science Freedom no TAX wealth end set up attackes Like I have Endord .Legalation slow due to fact money control and with OUT IT proves more will get DONE I am Neglected RIGHTS violated Due to FACT I HAVE incredible BRAIN that can will CHANGE FREE US WE THE PEOPLE .

  8. Godofredo Golfredo
    Godofredo Golfredo June 11, 2019

    how much do we owe to this guy?¿ hands up all of them that have ever used his software.. The most famous antivirus ever seen! i also follow his advices on cryptocurrencies.. I remember las time he adviced to buy XVG and skyrocketed to 0,3$… Now he joined @Beatzcoin and i know already where i will put some money 😉

  9. 2Fast 4You
    2Fast 4You June 11, 2019

    You can say everything on this man but you can not deny he knows about crypto! I’m now looking at his recent support to Vibravid platform. Anyone has looked into it already?

  10. Mirko Radakovic
    Mirko Radakovic June 11, 2019

    Eat your cut-off balls bitch!!!

  11. :Robert-Francis : Sullivan.
    :Robert-Francis : Sullivan. June 11, 2019

    “It cannot be shut down”
    “Laws that cannot be enforced are meaningless”

  12. Dontay Cole
    Dontay Cole June 11, 2019


  13. spaceshipearth999
    spaceshipearth999 June 11, 2019

  14. Lord Cromwell
    Lord Cromwell June 11, 2019

    1:45 dips the coke straw.

  15. Anarchy, For Your Average Joe
    Anarchy, For Your Average Joe June 11, 2019

    The ability to do……..

  16. Golden Independence
    Golden Independence June 11, 2019


  17. Greg Stachurski
    Greg Stachurski June 11, 2019

    Put your fucking phones down and listen.

  18. Johnny V
    Johnny V June 11, 2019

    100% right

  19. simple man
    simple man June 11, 2019

    The drop of bitcoin isn´t much (6:1) If you look at the increase of 100$ to 20.000$ (1:200)

  20. daydreams4rock
    daydreams4rock June 11, 2019

    BTC will hit a new high this year and around $150000 by mid 2020

  21. J. Adams
    J. Adams June 11, 2019

    He's too optimistic and even little naive in thinking that blockchain will rain in the 'monster' that governments grow into over time. And here is why: If you think that by eliminating income tax you'll solve the problem of big government; you're naive to say the least. Let me ask: How many of you drive without having a drives license or a car registration? How many of you own a home without paying property taxes? Yes, at one point in time it was our right to travel; now it is a privilege given to us by our government and licensed! The loss of income tax revenue will be replace by other taxes and fees. It is true that some form of taxation is more equitable than other forms; however, people are corrupt in their nature/heart so don't expect a heaven on earth, period! Just being realistic. Unfortunately, at the end, it will be misused by the government.

  22. Nazareno SilvaNeto
    Nazareno SilvaNeto June 11, 2019

    This is a beautiful speech, so sober, so intelligent. Thank you my Lord, I’ve the opportunity to illuminate my mind through your words. May the Universe bless you.

  23. Lamptree
    Lamptree June 11, 2019

    Sue the SEC, please. McAfee will be in the 2020 presidential. This guy speaks total logic.

  24. WISDOM vs knowledge
    WISDOM vs knowledge June 11, 2019

    No red light 🔴warning!

    F$#@ed up the Close.

  25. Aminlv
    Aminlv June 11, 2019

    just wondering why crypto heavily on bear market for this long

  26. Di Gu
    Di Gu June 11, 2019

    So unprofessional that McAfee was asked to end the speech abruptly

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