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John McAfee: I Could Bring Down the US Government

My first question is actually about Libra. From Facebook. You tweeted today a little bit earlier today
that Libra is a grotesque distortion of the original intent of cryptocurrency economic
freedom. And I was just wondering if you could expand
a little more on that thought. Ok. If you read the white paper at the very end
the day the intent of the foundation is not so much the cryptocurrency but that the use
of the cryptocurrency on their specific blockchain is going to allow the holy grail of monitoring
people. That is a universal digital ID that’s going
to be rolled into the cryptocurrency meaning that everything that you do with that currency
can be monitored and traced back to you. Now I’m a firm believer in privacy and even
anonymity when it comes to our financial transactions. I believe they should be private. We each have the right to earn a living and
to do what we wish with the money that we earn. I mean if not then we are still under the
control of the financial system we are trying to escape from. I mean that is the purpose of digital currency
to give control of currency back to the people rather than to governments and institutions
that can control the currency that we use. And you need to understand how important currency
is to get that freedom. We have to have a decentralized system and
we have to have a system that provides a degree of privacy because without privacy then we
still are controlled. The reverse of privacy is a system where everything
that you do is known. That is you have a mark on your forehead your
I.D. your unique genetic stamp that identifies you so that wherever you go and whatever you
do is known. This is what Facebook has produced. Please God people we cannot we cannot tolerate
this. Now they can produce it but we do not have
to use it. Please understand that using Facebook is the
abdication of everything that we have worked for for almost 10 years. So understand what it is. Let them do what they want. But please God do not accept it as your standard
of currency. It will be the end of your freedom and the
end of your privacy. Can you explain your stance a little bit more
about income tax because it’s put you in this clearly unique position of living in different
places living in exile. I know you have a boat that you live on. Can you talk about why you consider why you
make that statement that you think income tax is illegal in the US. I’m talking about America which is my home
country. Our constitution states very clearly. Congress shall pass no laws to inhibit restrict
or in any way hinder an individual’s ability to earn a living. Now if you’re taking 25 percent of my money
from making me work for you the government for one quarter or one third of the year I
insist that is inhibiting my ability to make a living. And There are many people in America who believe
this. The Libertarian Party is based largely on
income tax is illegal. It’s illegal. They’re doing it. They’re taking my money. I finally said I’m going to stop talking about
it and do something. Eight years ago I stopped paying. Now they left me alone because the government
was poking me. It’s going to create some sort of backlash. When I started talking about cryptocurrency
and how privacy coins and distributed exchanges could alleviate a person’s need to pay taxes
because the government can never find out who you are what money you made and what you
did. It’s not possible. When I started speaking on the national and
international stage about that then they came after me because I am now a direct threat
to the system of government in America. Ok so you’ve already sort of touched on the
reasons why you chose to be in Cuba in particular but I just want to come back to that a little
bit. So you’re you’re running for president and
sort of the base of your campaign and your personal ideals is economic freedom as you’ve
been describing Cuba is actually very low on the international list of economic freedom
index. And I’m wondering if you see any contradiction
in that. Well not in the least because may I ask you. Who creates that index is Cuba asked about
it? Do people come to Cuba and actually study
what’s happening here? Let me tell you something. This is the most entrepreneurial society I
have ever been in. Yes the government does restrict absolutely
everything in terms of you’re making a living however there is an undercurrent sort of but
not even a dark part is just below that is an economic entrepreneurial system which I
have never seen before. And it’s the same thing in every country in
Russia. It was the same. So you know people are making twenty dollars
a month and yet they’re buying cars that cost sixty thousand dollars. Now how do you do that. Ask a simple question. All right. They’re doing it by being creative by adhering
to the laws of the government and at the same time managing to make a good living. So Jesus No this is the most entrepreneurial
place I’ve ever seen. Do not buy Americas garbage propaganda. Gotcha. And I want to ask a little bit more about
your plan to run for president of the US. I’m wondering how you see cryptocurrency in
particular fitting into your role potential role as president. No I could not possibly be president even
if I had a platform even if I wanted to even if I dressed in a business suit and didn’t
curse no matter what I did I can’t be president Jesus God. I’m John McAfee. However I can certainly run for president. So let’s talk about what I would do the first
day in office. Let’s talk about what I’m going to do while
running which is to raise awareness not just in the U.S. but around the world. Because believe me everybody in the world
is interested in U.S. politics. I want to educate people about how fiat currencies
are their prison and the means that governments use to make a society of slaves. And this is what I want to educate people
about how do we get out of that business. We take control first of our economy of our
currency of our ability to survive buy food clothes and shelter without the currency. You cannot do that. I want to talk a little bit more about your
relationship with the U.S. government. So you last month tweeted about having terabytes
of incriminating data on corruption in governments. plural. Yes. Could you go into little more detail about
what kind of data we’re talking about. How did you get the data. Can you share some of it or reveal some of
it. Let me give an example of the kind of data
now this in order to give a shot across the bow I was in the Bahamas. The US government had manufactured these charges
against me to get me extradited from the Bahamas so they could try me for or the IRS crimes. The people who who operated illegally with
the US government in the Bahamas or was the head of the police force and the head of the
armed forces in the Bahamas. So I outed those people. They both had secret bank accounts. I published the name of the bank the account
number of the secret accounts the deposits that came in to these accounts the dates the
amount and from who and the withdrawals in cash totaling many times their annual salary. And believe me I could bring down the US government. So if you have been harassed by the CIA for
example CIA is interacting with a local government but have you been personally harassed? You have stories of getting kind of calls
or e-mails or contact or something from the US? I’m watched everywhere I go I’m followed and
I have been for 15 years. Everywhere I go someone is following me my
security sees them all the time They put their alert meter cars following us. I get the license number and I have it checked
out. There is always always owned by some obscure
element of the US government. I haven’t released anything. However if anything happens to me. Absolutely. I’ve got dead man switches everywhere. within a day of my disappearance or untimely
death. There will be every newspaper in the world
pouring through more documents that they could that they could have 100 people or through
100 years. So no it will be chaos. But right now I just want to be able to live
happily. Try to make a better world for my children
and grandchildren and fish from time to time. You’ve openly spoken about promoting projects
and often on your Twitter you’ll do a video about a particular company. And I’m wondering if you talk a little bit
about your vetting process for these companies and projects specifically because as you know
our industry is kind of infamous for having a high scam rate of scams. Four are at least having companies that don’t
exactly deliver what they’ve promised. So in that environment given that environment
what’s the process you go through. I would say 90 percent of what’s happening
in crypto is a scam. The problem with that is since it is trolls
and others can point to anything and say that’s a scam and people will believe it it’s a very
complex and subtle interchange of energies. but first Are you real or you people will
have the people checked out. I was really trivial to here we’ve been in
jail have you ever run out on another company and left people hanging. It’s so simple. But before I even do that it has to be a project
which appeals to me and sometimes my job is promotion. So of course I charge people for promotion
but sometimes I don’t. Sometimes there are projects that really appeal
to my heart. What needs to happen for people to use cryptocurrency
on a mass scale. In your opinion. We have to have more friendly user interfaces. You’re not going to get the average plumber
and selling him my wallet or any wallet and say this one hundred and fifty digit number
is an address. That means something you must copy it somehow
or take a picture of this. No. Please God that scares people. OK. We need something that has a name. Frank Smith. OK. I will send Frank Smith 50 bitcoins or five
whatever and something that provides a common interface rather than having you know Binance
is one interface on Kucoin there’s another interface and suddenly no one exchange carries
all of the coins so you have to jump around.So we need the same thing in wallets. We need the same thing in every aspect of
crypto. Can you give a timeline prediction for how
many years you think that’s going to take when we’ll see a little bit more of what you’re
describing. Five years I think the majority of the people
on the road will be using crypto for the majority of their purchases. I think in two years time we’re going to see
a quadrupling of both the number of businesses that accept crypto and the number of people
who are using it not to trade but to actually buy and sell it. So as pointed out by crypto market analysts
Marty Greenspan there’s currently about an 86 percent chance that bitcoin will be worth
less than 50000 by 2020. Are you at all concerned about fulfilling
your promise. The growth of Bitcoin take the growth of Bitcoin
the number of users. The fact that it’s going to be three times
as large by the end of 2020. If it is not worth a million dollars on something
something’s wrong with Matt. I can’t lose this bet. Not possible. The market understand the market is an artificial
thing. As bitcoin gets more and more utility it will
be less artificial and more real. And it’s getting that way right now. So those who go now that’s impossible. Please go back to school Cointelegraph like
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  1. Colton Brummel
    Colton Brummel July 13, 2019

    Fantastic Interview.

  2. Floda Brin
    Floda Brin July 13, 2019

    I can't believe people still use FB

  3. tobo26
    tobo26 July 13, 2019

    So Privacy is a big issue but adoption will only take place when crypto addresses are simple like your name. Hmmm, nothing private about that. I agree with ridding all current government as they are corrupt, but which ever it is replaced with, will still be affected by the "Human Factor". So we will always be doomed.

  4. David Hartzfield
    David Hartzfield July 13, 2019

    2:00 this mark on the forehead he is talking about is spoken of in the Holy Bible. “Revelation 13:17…”

    The book of Revelation talks about a time where both the rich and poor, free and slave will not be able to buy or sell unless they receive the mark on the hand or forehead including a false image that everyone will be forced to serve.
    If Jesus rose from the dead then so shall such a day come! Considering this type of evil, I wonder how it will play out. Will evil entities within governments deploy some type of bug to destroy the bitcoin code?

    Will crypto’s still remain yet will not be able to function with newly set Parameters of such evil?

    Will they offer something so convincing and compelling that most will not be able to resist therefore cause the abandonment of bitcoin?

    Will there be some type of mass gathering of hundreds of millions of soldiers prepared to enforce such an evil plan?

    There already is a chip that can be implanted in the hand. Will they enforce this within 20 years?

    Will they fabricate some type of alien invasion then offer global peace? What ever the case, remember, it is better to die than to accept some forceful mark or to worship a false idol. One day will come when a choice must be made.
    Either choose God or Lucifer. I apologize for such a long response but it is out of love for you all.

  5. Alastair Carnegie
    Alastair Carnegie July 13, 2019

    Money was always the 'Medium of Crime'. Gold is soft and every coin was recognised by all sorts of methods. Slight variations in alloy count, changed to bounce.. blah! it is a long subject. Government are always interested in what criminals are up to. BUT The honest person who never cheats or lies etc. may be tempted to indulge in the sin of "Pride". …. We are all SLAVES to Darmaraj… The Lord of Death. NOBODY ESCAPES THE GRIM REAPER…!!!!… AND THE HOLE IN THE WAIST OF THE HOUR GLASS SEEMS TO GET WIDER AND WIDER AS THAT APPOINTMENT WITH THE GRIM REAPER APPROACHES! … Then at the last moment fools discover that shrouds have no pockets!

  6. Robert
    Robert July 13, 2019

    I love this man cause hes not afraid to call out his own country, nowadays you say anything bad and you are deemed "unamerican".
    Good on him still speaking truth and not afraid of the bullies

  7. Shelley Sharun
    Shelley Sharun July 13, 2019

    He's a LOON!

  8. Renny Zero
    Renny Zero July 13, 2019

    Zuckerberg is A Mole.

  9. Turn NburN
    Turn NburN July 13, 2019

    great interview, excellent questions

  10. neck dew
    neck dew July 13, 2019

    If goverment do not regulate crypto..also do not print new money..

    Then they realize what is real money.

  11. Bessie Cousin
    Bessie Cousin July 14, 2019

    Another pedophile.

  12. Bev Turner
    Bev Turner July 14, 2019

    John McAfee is a narsacist and pedophile!
    Look up DATELINE NBC from a few yrs ago.

  13. Rio World
    Rio World July 14, 2019

    Dead man switches everywhere = Boss

  14. a b
    a b July 14, 2019

    ah yah,John you're clueless about the khazarian mafia and the El cult. the Castros are murano Jews put in power by the CIA

  15. Blockchained
    Blockchained July 14, 2019

    John's Cuban "underground entrepreneurial spirit" argument is selection bias. He's running in those circles, yes, so that's how he see's it but he's equally not aware of the government oppression because he doesn't expose himself to that on his Yacht and in the circles he runs in.

    THE SOURCE July 14, 2019

    The new systems:

    Smart contract
    protected funds/resources
    (Locked and loaded.. secured by code)

    If/when you execute task,

    Funds/resources will auto-transfer to you

    Governments are not immune to, or above these Smart Laws/ Systems (Smart Contracts in which the Technology is the Governing Agent)

    Taxes will be void of any receipt until right action is taken by governing body,

    Until then, all funds/resources of the people will be locked in Smart Contracts

    Accountability is the only way forward

    Serve the people’s wants, needs, and desires..

    Or get off the pot

    THE SOURCE July 14, 2019

    Every American (& every global “citizen”) is awaiting
    “Paid in full”
    The returned collateral of our life’s projected earnings
    From our birth
    Returned to us
    In Dollars ($)
    Before the collapse
    So that we may invest our self-worth/tangible/Currency, in safe stores of value of our choosing.

    These receipts stand as settlements in the full/future value of our projected lifetime earnings

    This is why the USA needs to print all the money right now

    We are well overdue

    The USA is defunct

    The Collective Class Action Of The People Of the “USA”, the 300 Million+

    Has the full trust of the people of the Earth as jury,

    Holding for the execution of closure on these without consent operational tendencies, and full compensation/ including the great duress of all our lifetimes under harm’s leadership.

    THE SOURCE July 14, 2019

    The global network of World Banks / Federal Reserve etc is responsible for the transition to a multi-free-Currency world of free choice, in which all that we value as a human race, is funded and implemented.. and all that we do not value/ do not wish to see, is de-energized/ sold/ short sold to zero..

    As these energies are better utilized for better use.

    A unified human race has spoken

    All systems leaders are now tasked with ease and grace, smooth transition into future systems/ leadership

    By the people, for the people

    For life and Earth

    all old operating systems are unplugged,

    We are re-booting

    Highest technology/ upgrades available

    Here now

    THE SOURCE July 14, 2019

    Those who are being presidential in their life

    Taking right action,
    Speaking necessary truths

    Are receiving full power ups

    And upgrades to their operating systems

    Receiving full protection & support

    Receiving strong teams of leadership for their missions

    The infinite love and abundance of the universe is infusing all these great leaders here now

    For the next phase of the unfoldment

    Which is the flippening

    To a new global network of leaders

    An alliance of action

    Those whom are in their Godselves

    Are now the entrusted leaders of the Earth

    To take the actions being guided, speak the truth that is being called for

    Gaia, Higher Earth is breaking shackles

    Shaking loose any toxins

    All that does not serve is being released

    And she is receiving a full power up/ upgrade to her Goddess/ Force Of Nature Self

    Watch out!

    Get it right, or get out of the way!

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    if there would really be a people's money, the people control the money
    but it can also be public (and transparent) while being under the control… of the people (unless you're doing shady things and want to continue.)
    It also brings more trust to the system, if real people gives legitimacy to the currency and people who uses it.

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  32. Simon
    Simon July 17, 2019

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    Alen Mustlovski July 17, 2019

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    Irving Valle July 17, 2019

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    TERRABUSINESS July 18, 2019

    John McA is correct… With Libra it is just the GOVERNMENT using face book to a stronger and more elevated degree for surveillance… Libra will or already has failed…. The GOVERNMENT Will NOT succeed… Period… Boycott Facebook if you want to do something really positive for humans… Spend more time with your family than with your phone. SERIOUSLY

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    The Crypto_Sloth Francis James July 22, 2019

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    Then the lightning network with their custodial wallet is the same shit than libra

  93. Crypto Jack
    Crypto Jack August 3, 2019

    what's his junk eating deadline anyway?

  94. Daniel Smith
    Daniel Smith August 10, 2019

    If he could bring the gov't down with information, the "Useful Idiots" in america wouldn't believe it anyway. The proof that could bring the us inc. down already exists in the "illegitimate gov'ts" records, files documents and archives but you can't get americans to be interested or concerned enough to even research even one of them. They are too demoralized and brainwashed to doub't the False Narrative they receive from the "4th Column" jewish controlled 24/7 psy-ops and disinformantion and misiniformation platform called the american media and their "controlled" internet sites.

  95. pamela lynch
    pamela lynch August 10, 2019

    Can you out do Julian??? The only way crypto will work is by eliminating all that don't know how to use it. The masse don't. So the anti christ can take over because of that. I've heard yew say God and Jesus on ur te sponses. Where dew u stand on that? 4 or knot?

  96. Gonçalo Amaro
    Gonçalo Amaro August 11, 2019

    He is crazy as fuck but he is not stupid

  97. theoneandonlyworldruler
    theoneandonlyworldruler August 12, 2019

    is she number 11 ?

  98. Corey Chambers
    Corey Chambers August 21, 2019

    John McAfee for President and Prime Minister

  99. Everett James
    Everett James August 23, 2019

    Jeez heshe, get on TRT asap. Grow you a wanker and jack that hog off

  100. kramer dorcas
    kramer dorcas August 29, 2019

    I like John McAfee and some of the things he says but he is clearly a bit of a charlatan. There's no way he can bring down the government

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