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Joe Rogan – Ted Nugent Rants About Politics

they're also this really loud voice in the culture war have to be you know you have to be I refuse to let lies go unchallenged I refuse to let anti logic go unchallenged anti logic like what like did you don't need secure borders really so the Democrats don't think we need to secure our borders right and the Democrats don't admit there's a difference between legal immigration and illegal immigration let me give you a little metaphor if you go to the bank and withdraw from your account you're a legal banker if you go to the bank and draw from someone else's account you're a bank robber there is a division there were four legal banking were not for illegal banking and this kind of anti logic is weaseled its way into policy and it's just tragic with a multi trillion dollar debt and unsecured borders and we're worried about separating families well we fail to say if you're going to come here come legally or we will send you back we sent on a message have at it just go ahead and swim across the damn River well do you personally have a problem when they separate families because well sure I'm a father and a grandfather yeah I fucked up but the real fuckup starts with the the the insane irresponsibility of daring to subject your children to that I don't think they have any choice of not dinner over there then living in because Mexico and Guatemala is one big gang infested government military law enforcement shithole yeah yeah if you call it a shithole I'm racist well if it wasn't a shithole they would stay it is a shithole you ever been there well some of Mexico some of Mexico hasn't been raped and pillaged yet but give them time they'll make it they're murdering and raping and in brutalizing people I mean it's just a hellhole there's definitely some bad things happen and a lot of it is because the drug war out of control yeah and a lot of people think that the remedy to that is legalizing drugs and taxing man yeah yeah we like it so they mean the same thing with prohibition the same thing that would happen in America would be really boosted organized crime and Al Capone and they got a stronghold because of the money they were making from illegal drugs I just alcohol at the time I think that right now that the spoiled brat epidemic in this country if you don't get everything you want you start shooting people or you cut people off and road rage if everything doesn't go just right everybody is so touchy and so pussified that when I was growing up sticks and stones may break your bones but words will never hurt me what do you think that's coming from the liberalisation of policy and the the horrible lie of the welfare dream that people who need a helping hand are always given a helping hand by neighbors and family and friends and if they have them yeah well the Catholic Church has eight trillion dollars just in jewelry they could probably provide some sandwiches and blankets so there's plenty of help available but when you get into a system and you you play on the people's emotions that we need a safety net these poor people are destitute they need help okay let's create a welfare where we can help these destitute people meanwhile it's infested with scammers and bloodsuckers and Liars who were able-bodied and they just don't want to stop it to help want a sign they want some of your income because you're stupid enough to get up early and work really hard and they don't want to that's pandemic so meanwhile the people who are truly needy they slip through the cracks we don't even get to know who they are and in the liberal policy of eliminating the heartbreak in the disrespect of Cuckoo's Nest we can't we can't call them mental health centers we might hurt some feelings so now what are they doing they're putting spikes and boards and attacking people walking their dog in LA yeah there's no place for them to go when I was growing up there's a place in Detroit called Eloise it was a nut house and that's the Cuckoo's Nest that's where if you were mentally ill and you needed help that there was a place for you to go to get you off the streets so you don't attack people with spikes and do by force what are you talking about the spikes and too much guy right here right down the street here one days ago yeah tacked some fashion photographer walking his dog and hit him in the head with a 2×4 with a spike and almost killed him in a and a citizen I didn't even hear mouths oh yeah awesome citizen jumped up in the air caught this guy with both feet right in the neck not beat the shit out of that's nice oh there's a rare occasion of Justice pro-wrestling come in handy but yes but that that incident is not rare where you go to San Francisco and the mental health institution isn't supposed to be the streets the mess is a good example of too much liberal policy you get people that are a little bit too progressive and tools now for the rest of that's regressive I don't know how did they ever utilize that term that's bastardized that's what progressive it gets so far that it becomes regressive when you're letting bums shit all over the streets but I think you I think that would be an indicator so like there's so the ideas that just like these poor people leave them alone you know they're fine they just you know they it's okay if they live on the streets but if you go to San Francisco they're very aggressive it's it's one of the weirder places I've ever been in terms of homeless people and one of the most part broad unquote progressive places in our country yeah it's one of the most progressive cities heartbreaking yeah we need more Cuckoo's Nest but even those institutions the corruption and the abuse of power that runs rampant a nurse cratchit I mean that that that that wasn't just a fantasy a script that that happens the irresponsibility and in in pharmaceutical problem and then they increase the mental problem with big farm yeah I mean I've had personal experiences with that with the dear friends of mine that we're having mental problems and they end up in an institution and then their mental problems are exasperated by chemical warfare upon them you know what I was growing up how old are you John fifty fifty just a boy when I was growing up there's this this mantra this colloquialism better living through chemistry yeah and in many ways it is I mean we saved tens of millions of lives in Africa with DDT by killing the tsetse fly and we saved tens of millions of people and then some environmentalists came in and the DDT is a dangerous chemical so they stopped it and we lost tens of millions of people it's better to kill a bunch of tsetse flies to save human lives than to ban the DDT that allows tsetse flies to flourish and kill people so now it's gone full circle and that's where the toxins have accumulated and the the horrific waste that I had texted Anthony just before he died congratulating him Han is hosting that brilliant documentary if you haven't seen it yet its waste waste exclamation point what we do to our foods in this country and the the self-inflicted scourge of toxification of our precious environment so there's not a lot of easy answers but here it is 28th of June 2018 and here you and I are at least discussing this stuff to millions of people I suspect and I see upgrade taking place I see upgrade in awareness not fast enough to make me happy but enough to indicate I mean an upgraded prognosis for people's awareness accountability responsibility where are you seeing this whether it's you know like the circles that you travel the circles certainly and we don't waste one of my biggest pet peeves is little fat kids that you know take a sip of $2 bottle of water and then they leave it there and then the thrown it away and that the waste is pandemic in this country and I see my kids are like like stormtroopers they're like drill sergeants with that we just don't want to waste and we've always recycled and the jury is still out whether that has any effect at all but the the the disconnect and unconscionable misbehavior of just tossing and throwing away everything you know what drives me fucking crazy cigarettes out the window oh people just went the people that smoke cigarettes for whatever reason did have a problem throwing it on the ground I'm probably wouldn't litter how about would drive me crazy there's somebody still stupid enough to buy cancer yeah you're here let me invest in the companies that want to kill me here here's a couple extra thousand dollars kill more of us you dumb do you MHz cool it makes the don't think so man what never so much


  1. Chris Tadych
    Chris Tadych July 1, 2019

    His party is the reason big pharm is so I'm power still conservative party's are in there pockets

  2. GetGoodGuitar365
    GetGoodGuitar365 July 1, 2019

    I fuckin love ted

  3. Fuzz Man
    Fuzz Man July 1, 2019

    If it looks like a shithole and smells like a shithole,its a shithole!

  4. MrKoch1995
    MrKoch1995 July 1, 2019

    I agree with Ted on a lot of stuff, but goddamn he's an obnoxious fellow

  5. Tony Ford
    Tony Ford July 1, 2019

    The world will be so much better off when this "Nugent's" generation are all gone. The majority of them live in bubbles, make broad brush statements typically built on a foundation of racism.

  6. Bill Joe
    Bill Joe July 1, 2019

    Hey joe….nothing like having to " toe the line "…every time Ted is on….U DA MAN!!

  7. Chris Garvey
    Chris Garvey July 1, 2019

    "The Catholic Church has $8 trillion dollars just in Jewelry, they can probably provide some sandwiches and blankets." Exactly! All untaxed at that!

  8. bigtizzy
    bigtizzy July 1, 2019

    I tell people that daily

    Sticks and stones mother suckers!!!!!

    Sticks and stones…

    Words will never hurt ya bud.


    Mostly snowflakes I tell that to

  9. crimsonmile
    crimsonmile July 1, 2019

    Uncle Ted is good people.

  10. James Alexander
    James Alexander July 1, 2019

    Ted 2024

  11. brennantg7
    brennantg7 July 1, 2019

    Ted is so spot on

  12. Vlasov581
    Vlasov581 July 1, 2019

    Just to note on Mexico being a shithole, in 2018 it had MORE THAN 115 POLITICIANS MURDERED. This now begs the question what the hell did the OTHER ones do to NOT get murdered? So yeah, it's a shithole.

  13. Gerald Sierveld
    Gerald Sierveld July 1, 2019

    It appears that had it not been for a lucky and well-timed album, Nugent would likely be in prison right now

  14. morris west
    morris west July 1, 2019

    DDT is unsafe in the long run it causes cancers. I heard you talk shit about monsato. Who made DDT? DuPont?

  15. leonardo mar
    leonardo mar July 1, 2019

    Lol I’m 100% Mexican and Mexico is a shit hole. And if you disagree go live there

  16. Masta Flex
    Masta Flex July 1, 2019

    Hes only half awake

  17. elvis316
    elvis316 July 1, 2019

    What about your pedophilia, Ted? Great song, Jailbait. You sing about what you know, that is what makes you so genuine.

  18. gerry kline
    gerry kline July 1, 2019

    hang on humans, just alittle longer….Robots are coming….Your problems will fade!

  19. ihatescreennames89
    ihatescreennames89 July 1, 2019

    Why are we letting people in for free? Demand to enter is high, so charge for entry. Even for tourists. Pay off the debt with tariffs on immigrants. And make it an annual fee. Stop paying you get kicked out. "You can't charge people to live here" – they'll say. What are taxes if not a fee to live here?

  20. John Smith
    John Smith July 1, 2019


  21. John Smith
    John Smith July 1, 2019

    When did democrats ever say they are for open borders, Ted? I guess TED and doesn't know that OBAMA was the deporter in Chief.

  22. N e v I l l e N I c o l
    N e v I l l e N I c o l July 1, 2019

    Well if Mexico is a shithole, is that not why people there want to come to America and Canada? I agree people should be vetted but migrants want a better life and not get killed by the drug cartels and the government there does fuck all because theyre corrupt

  23. Bill Bolser
    Bill Bolser July 1, 2019

    Liberal out dated failure of a Democratic party are responsible for all children kill in schools. Sick failed Democrats love to protect armored trucks full of their precious MONEY with armed guards. No armed guards to protect children little children that fake liberals don't really care about. The only children sick LIBERALS care about are the children that they have sex with.

  24. Shaboi_Mike
    Shaboi_Mike July 1, 2019

    Nugent is just another clueless anti American right wing piece of shit that needs to be euthanized

  25. seagull hoon birdpersonpilot
    seagull hoon birdpersonpilot July 1, 2019

    Ha ! U Look like a numpty when u smoke!

  26. Raymundo11
    Raymundo11 July 1, 2019

    Ted nugent is the GOAT

  27. Pancho Villa
    Pancho Villa July 1, 2019

    Two 💩 holes talking through their 💩 holes.

  28. steven sparkz
    steven sparkz July 1, 2019

    be nice to see ted get killed by his own guns… god willing

  29. rolandready
    rolandready July 1, 2019

    Wow! Tell it TED! Joe, sorry but you sound like a pussy!

  30. Fon Hollohan
    Fon Hollohan July 1, 2019

    Ted gots wisdom it's because he uses his brains due to critical thinking. He's a conservative through and through, most people who have God given sense by the time their 6o years of age understand what life all about and can see a bullshitter from a hundred miles away, that's what Teddy is all about!!

  31. Hammer Thor
    Hammer Thor July 1, 2019

    Ted for President.

  32. Juan Valdez
    Juan Valdez July 1, 2019

    FUCK YEA TED!!! The only non pro fighter to make JOE ROGAN shuthafukup for five minutes!👊😉🥃

  33. Komega
    Komega July 1, 2019

    ayyye my grandpa told me about Eloise shoutout from detroit

  34. Barristan Selmy
    Barristan Selmy July 1, 2019

    If Ted Nugent was any more up him self he'd be inside out.

  35. Rafael Palacio
    Rafael Palacio July 1, 2019

    Wtf is Ted Nugget smoking

  36. KD9BFQ
    KD9BFQ July 1, 2019

    Ted is right

  37. Brown Trout
    Brown Trout July 1, 2019

    Ted Nugent…I just wonder does he own more guns or guitars?

  38. Tayler Mullen
    Tayler Mullen July 1, 2019

    Holy fuck he’s retarded , nugent needs to be in a nut house

  39. Mark Powell
    Mark Powell July 1, 2019

    Ted is right aboriginal man speaking Ted Nugent for NJ governor

  40. DAV
    DAV July 1, 2019

    Leftest, liberals, called democRATS have destroyed our country. But they will not stop they want more.
    Disgusting, but according to their brain they are not.

  41. Philip Norwood
    Philip Norwood July 1, 2019

    ted is right on

  42. Curious Carpenter
    Curious Carpenter July 1, 2019


  43. Steven Del carlo
    Steven Del carlo July 1, 2019

    Gun control means not letting the government have control of your guns

  44. jamie Russell
    jamie Russell July 1, 2019

    Ted Nugent for POTUS 2024

  45. Aaron Davis
    Aaron Davis July 1, 2019

    Rogan is 100% right about cigarette out the window people….

  46. Steve Libby
    Steve Libby July 1, 2019

    If Ted didn't dodge the draft, Viet Nam would have ended in a week. He's a superman.

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