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  1. Mic Doronzo
    Mic Doronzo May 24, 2019

    When this man does the backstroke, people yell shark

  2. La Gambino
    La Gambino May 24, 2019

    This interview is so stupid I lost brain cells. He claims to be libertarian. Libertarians are fiscally conservative. They would NEVER expand gov to pay for stuff like universal basic income or socialized medicine. Rogan is for gay rights and for big government. he is 100% a liberal lol. Everything he said made sense but he just decided to label himself completely the opposite.

  3. SuperDuty Zack
    SuperDuty Zack May 24, 2019

    People>State>Federal Gov

  4. augiedogie88
    augiedogie88 May 24, 2019

    Joe, your an inspiration but stay away from politics. "Government" is my money also. The nations debt is out of control. Giving people more free thing "money" not the answer work creates pride, accomplishment. Work = pride and fulfillment. Iv'e worked early mornings late nites and weekend. Show me anyone that does that and they'll have some money. The people with no money are lazy, and or losers. Get off your ass do something stop crying. O and biggest thing don't have kid if you can't take care of them.

  5. mary jane
    mary jane May 24, 2019

    Dammit Joe!! You change your stance way too much!! What do you NOT understand about ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS!!! Do you NOT LOVE your COUNTRY???

  6. jose sanchez
    jose sanchez May 24, 2019

    Joe "Gay Army Hat" Rogan.

  7. plasticuproject
    plasticuproject May 24, 2019

    Joe "Joe Rogan " Rogan

  8. Alexander Charlanow
    Alexander Charlanow May 24, 2019

    I enjoy listening to Joe, but when he tries to get deep, he sounds like a moron. If everyone gets universal income of 12k per year. 12k becomes the new floor. If rent was 1000.00 per month, it now becomes 2000. Anyone with a brain should know that.

  9. ACLA Social
    ACLA Social May 24, 2019

    take the world's smallest political quiz Joe

  10. art kid
    art kid May 24, 2019

    nice camo hat joe

  11. rasadeva rasadev
    rasadeva rasadev May 24, 2019

    Joe Rogan , rich angry white male killing animals with razor arrows and very very very high powered bows. LIKE A 13 YEAR OLD CHILD. IDIOT.

  12. Majestros
    Majestros May 24, 2019

    Fuck that's a huge snorter

  13. Bryan Smith
    Bryan Smith May 24, 2019

    "Universal basic income"? I instantly lost ALL respect for Joe's intelligence. Permanently. He's part of the problem.

  14. Prov Zório
    Prov Zório May 24, 2019

    Is that linguini from ratatouille?

  15. Jonathan Ospa
    Jonathan Ospa May 24, 2019

    Joe Rogan Explains Almost Everyone's Private Political Views (When We Don't Have to Virtue Signal)

  16. filip hendrickx
    filip hendrickx May 24, 2019

    Is there a political party for people with his views in the US? Nope. Poor America, always has to choose between 2 evils…

  17. GeneralSPatton Games
    GeneralSPatton Games May 24, 2019

    UBI is stupid

  18. Cole MacFarlane
    Cole MacFarlane May 24, 2019

    Actually the universal income is possible all we got to do is cut our military budget in half we would still have the biggest military budget in the world but we would be able two help every needy poor struggling homeless America American in America once we do that we fix our infrastructure or roads we can do that with all the money from half of cutting that budget and half stop the wars

  19. Stormer1092
    Stormer1092 May 24, 2019

    One thing i see wrong with the uiversal income is that it waters down/dilutes the people who already have those skills.

  20. CaptainYesz
    CaptainYesz May 24, 2019

    Instead of government being an overlord we should have more say in it… Sounds like… Local government! Well whoop de doo, I'd rather be outraged at extremes and grandstanding in federal levels of non-legislative branches, feeding the media clicks while nothing changes… And knowing politics about stuff that doesn't affect me!

    States rights herp derp that's for losers

  21. mad-macedonian
    mad-macedonian May 24, 2019

    I would have never guessed nigel thornberry is a libertarian.

  22. Facts aren't racist
    Facts aren't racist May 24, 2019

    Joe is a socialist period.

  23. Anderson Dalmeus
    Anderson Dalmeus May 24, 2019

    "I'll basically agree with who ever is sitting in front of me to keep my mass appeal"

  24. Grant Martinez
    Grant Martinez May 24, 2019

    Rebublican vs Democrat is ridiculous it just divides people. Not a good way to unite all people to common ground. If we are the UNITED states then how is having a two party system suppost to unit us? Even the Engish launguge is tainted. Most dont know what the words in government mean. Govern = to control, & ment = mind or mentally, put together you get Government

  25. Ripdog007
    Ripdog007 May 24, 2019

    Cause he stands up for what he believes in.

  26. codee comah
    codee comah May 24, 2019

    Holy Moses that shnozzer!!!

  27. Lito’s Way
    Lito’s Way May 24, 2019

    He's libertarian but his nose is alt right

  28. ghy76764
    ghy76764 May 24, 2019

    I keep waiting for Joe to take his lunch money

  29. Time Fourty
    Time Fourty May 24, 2019

    Suffering gives people opportunity. Gives people to do the right thing. If you give power to government power over your control to make choices.

    Rogan it seems that in some ways your indecisive. The thing I like about your program is you are open to truth.

    The concept of work is way off the range. When you define work. What does that mean to you? To children when sent to school go to work? If so why do they not get paid? Is working for a company work? Then why do people who play for a living get paid for having fun? Is having fun work?

    The 2 major problems in the United States is socialism and banks. Socialism created corporatism. Banks take free money and makes money off of free money given then charging high rates for narrowing from the free money given to them. The take land due to loans. Loans that banks provide destroy the family in many ways. Due to lack of failure and sincencerity to be willing to help. Liberals want government to force moral values which dulls people's ability to act on what is morally right thing to do. Do you give to the homeless? For example? What is it that a homeless person really needs? Money? Roof over head? Family? Forgiveness? Gratitude? Love? Instead liberals push government to take control over morals. Getting rid of self accountability. Do you know how much people are paid to clean up after homeless people in San Francisco? Do you know how much people are paid in major "non-profit" organizations?

    When you go to a restaurant and order food to do you like to negotiate what goes on your food? At least the ability to chose not to eat that food after learning its ingredients? You have that freedom. Once you take away individual freedom and holding individuals accountable for there actions then you create the problems in which you see today due to the left movement. If you take away money from the argument of the left. You have no arguments. Unless you want to defend slavery or some form of forced service. That requires military force. Left is self defeating

    I think Joe Rogan once all aspects of forcing people to do the right thimgs are looked at and seen from a differemt point of view on ypur end. Not letting pride cloud ypur thoughts then clarity will come. Until soberness of mind reaches you this will never happen I am affriad until you can see it's harmful effects.

    Joe still it is great to see you try to understand other views. It separates you from the followers of the world.

  30. Resident Racoon
    Resident Racoon May 24, 2019

    You know the guest sucks when Joe has to do the majority of the talking

  31. Travis Mason
    Travis Mason May 24, 2019

    joe has never sounded like anything except a libertarian… if he sounds conservative it's just because he dislikes laziness and people that are unmotivated. The world would be a way better place for humanity if we all had these political views… live and let live! Get rid of stupid laws and corrupt politicians. Pay for your own shit! And mind your own buisness! End prohibition of drugs, and let the feds focus on catching sex traffickers, child molesters, serial rapist and people who are abusive to animals.

  32. Bob Dunkin
    Bob Dunkin May 24, 2019

    His nose is so big that if he was in an elevator with someone, the other person would die from lack of oxygen

  33. avery dillman
    avery dillman May 24, 2019

    universal basic income would never work. It would cost hundreds of billions nearly a trillion yearly for a large nation such as the united states.for smaller nations it might be possible but here in the states it would cause more problems then it would solve. Lets say we gave every adult 250 dollars a month (not near enough to live but would help a little.) that would cost the usa taxpayers more then 750 billion. The usa needs to spend money on things like education defense and the overall welfare of the nation. They would either have to cut those things heavy or raise taxes to a astronomical rate.and since many things the gov spends money on is kinda needed they would raise taxes. Taking more money away from people who earned it. Higher taxes means higher costs and that means we have less spending power. so our economy would go on a downhill quick. our money would eventually be worthless. And who would that hurt? the people a basic income would be trying to help. we already spend so much on welfare programs. in total more then the military actually. WHat we need to do is lower taxes cut regulations and encourage the free market to grow. remember when the gov gives free money out someone is paying for it. it always comes full circle.

  34. Kurtis Engle
    Kurtis Engle May 24, 2019

    7 and three quarters minutes I am pleased to have spent. Thanks Joe.

    3:09 – 3:14 Maybe the argument should be that the government should be part of our community…

    4:10 Universal basic income? Yeah, robots are a blue collar threat. But for now, Hell. I'd settle for universal basic health care. That would be SO much better than just letting people die. And it is a prerequisite to independence, so a facet of a post blue collar paradigm, whatever the particulars.

    One piece at a time.

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