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Joe: A ‘Confederacy Of Dunces’ Defends President Donald Trump | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Kenya N. MBA
    Kenya N. MBA January 30, 2020

    This is pretty much how his legal team whined in succession, one after another.

  2. Koala Bear
    Koala Bear January 30, 2020

    Of all people to say that Ken Starr 😂 🤣

  3. big Cahuna
    big Cahuna January 30, 2020

    Who cares what media whores like "Morning Joe" and his gal pal Mika Brzezinski, ( daughter of New World Order Zbigniew Brzezinski ) say about one frigging thing ?????? TULSI GABBARD FOR PRESIDENT. BERNIE FOR V.P.

  4. Terri Mabrey
    Terri Mabrey January 30, 2020

    What had 4 times! Samn Hilarious!😂😆😂😆😂😁

  5. Alberta Moore
    Alberta Moore January 30, 2020

    The president don't even read the article we have not seen his taxes he have not been Fair since he been in office he called people out their names he don't have no respect for whites or blacks this man is bad for business and he's his partners and need be out of our race and out of the seat of the president

  6. Jesse Jackson
    Jesse Jackson January 30, 2020

    That was pretty good from Joe S

  7. John Wheaton
    John Wheaton January 30, 2020

    The Cover Up is almost over 🇺🇸

  8. Alberta Moore
    Alberta Moore January 30, 2020

    Free the Republican for president Donald Trump and the world will be better, make America good again

  9. Alberta Moore
    Alberta Moore January 30, 2020

    Free the Republicans from Donald Trump and make America great and good again

  10. DRSmetal
    DRSmetal January 30, 2020

    I don't care what John Bolton, the guy's a warmonger and I will never like him.

  11. Rush P.
    Rush P. January 30, 2020

    They need to call John Barron and John Miller to testify.

  12. Tango Bango
    Tango Bango January 30, 2020

    Well done Coffee Joe! Jay Suck-U-Low is such a terrific lawyer. 🥴

  13. Chandre
    Chandre January 30, 2020

    #Trump's Defense #Lawyers looking like #Dunces on #NationalTV #EMBARRASSING #SHAMEFUL & #IDIOTIC #ArticlesOfImpeachment Trial #Jan2020 #USA

  14. rod sims
    rod sims January 30, 2020

    It really is hard not to find the tragic humor here ..

  15. Mark Miller
    Mark Miller January 30, 2020

    Putin has taken the Russian government private and now he is buying the US government through the Republicans.

  16. Rob T
    Rob T January 30, 2020

    Actually they need to call Admiral Rogers to testify…

  17. KM Berg
    KM Berg January 31, 2020

    More lies and distraction out of the fake news. Sad MSN is reduced to drama scripts rather than reporting the news.

  18. Shadow Knight
    Shadow Knight January 31, 2020

    "A Confederacy of Dunces" — ah, yes. The great novel by John Kennedy Toole – submitted to the publisher by his mother after his death. It is great stuff.

  19. Gwen Davlin
    Gwen Davlin January 31, 2020

    And they just got more ridicules today.

  20. Chris Milton
    Chris Milton January 31, 2020

    Joe!!! Your corpse reference should be made into a political cartoon and put on the front page of the N.Y. Times. Simply Magnificent to say the least. P.S. I've rewinded it 3 times and somehow I still want more! Great reporting. (Plus hearing the fact that you freed yourself from the bondages of the now completely disfunctional Republican Party, in my book, your credibility is through the roof. -Much respect from a new fan of your work; keep pushin 'cause in the midst of all the deception We The People need someone to "tell it like it is!"

  21. Kelly Gray
    Kelly Gray January 31, 2020

    You people are rediculous ……..msnbc…….your a bunch of retsrds

  22. Kelly Gray
    Kelly Gray January 31, 2020

    Msnbc. ……..telivision for nincompoops

    CRICKET MICKEY January 31, 2020

    Jesus Christ— Its hard to believe these nasty evil liars. That's despicable Scarborough for you.

    And this stupid woman married him.

    Joe is dangerous.

  24. Mad love Rush
    Mad love Rush January 31, 2020


  25. Lynda Mackrous
    Lynda Mackrous January 31, 2020

    But democrats have been trying to take down the president of USA. Since January 2017. .
    The coup has started , impeachment to follow. How did they know in 2027 that they would impeach right before the election
    You all forget Clinton had committed 11 felonies , beside the blue dress.

  26. Lynda Mackrous
    Lynda Mackrous January 31, 2020

    OMG when Fox laugh, their laughs are real, yours are fake
    If Biden was corrupted surely there are others

  27. Lynda Mackrous
    Lynda Mackrous January 31, 2020

    I feel so sorry for you ALL. Get over your loss

  28. Lynda Mackrous
    Lynda Mackrous January 31, 2020

    Democrats clan forget the people on trumps side. Networks aren’t

  29. Deplorable Trumper
    Deplorable Trumper January 31, 2020

    If msnbc and thier talking head joe keep threatening my family I will take action.

  30. Sarah McCoy
    Sarah McCoy January 31, 2020

    Confederation of Dunces…well put, Joe Scarborough!
    Donald’s Dullards!

  31. Donny Brasco
    Donny Brasco January 31, 2020

    Shame on Alan – shame on the Trump Defense Team – shame on Republican Senators – shame on the Republican Party – shame on the Republican voters – shame on America. Trump is an embarrassment – but he’s not a surprise. Shame: that’s the Republican legacy.

  32. JupiterLounge
    JupiterLounge January 31, 2020

    You literally have AMERICAN POLITICIANS protecting a man that was encouraging espionage against a citizen IN A COUNTRY HES IN CHARGE OF. This needs to be settled with FANGS out. This situation is ABSOLUTELY pathetic! If I were president, I would just tell the CIA or the FBI. But no, this double agent in the white house calls his handlers before using any domestic resource…and to me that alone is incriminating. You could ask ALL the republican cocksuckers if they would ask foreign countries to investigate domestic citizens and theyd all say OF COURSE NOT but theyre willing to die at the feet of a weaker man. We truly are back to the days of a mongoloid monarch.

  33. Tim Long
    Tim Long January 31, 2020


  34. James Ruscheinski
    James Ruscheinski January 31, 2020

    Witnesses and documents might help determine if abuse of power and / or obstruction of Congress is impeachable or not

  35. Tt Hh
    Tt Hh January 31, 2020

    After reading comments from MSNBC videos and Fox videos it is apparent that we Americans are on 2 entirely different planes of reality. Time will tell which side was on the right side of history. Until then we should be examples to our children and be adults.

  36. quietman356 123455
    quietman356 123455 February 1, 2020

    You lost. Enjoy your weekend Joe.

  37. Len Ovo
    Len Ovo February 1, 2020

    Time to bust out the exhonneration pens !!! Don't worry Nancy, we'll save one for you, since you like pens so much. Can't wait to see the expression on your skeletal face !!

  38. tysonthegoat08
    tysonthegoat08 February 1, 2020

    It is sicking to watch the leader of this country totally ignore the truth the end is hear and because the we people of this nation let happen we deserve what is coming way worse than Bush Chaney

  39. Durty May
    Durty May February 1, 2020

    Joe is correct about the Trump lawyers. But, the problem is that the President has 40% of the U.S. population that accepts him.

  40. Jerry Keller
    Jerry Keller February 1, 2020

    Giuliani's father went to prison for being an enforcer for an organized crime syndicate. That should tell you a lot about him and the people who hire, believe, or use his work for testimony.

  41. James Holbrook
    James Holbrook February 1, 2020

    The Republicans will forever more be known as the Traitors of 2020! Banana Republicans All of Them!

    All elected after the citizens United decision, making it possible for super PACs to get unrestricted, unlimited amounts of cash from anyone, especially the elitist CEOs and money grubbers of corporate America. they even get their money from foreign governments (since they do not have to disclose their donors anymore – just like how the NRA got tens of millions of dollars from Russia in the last presidential election) so you can pretty much imagine who they’re really working for!

    They know how their bread is buttered, so they serve their masters rather than America. Time to eliminate the Traitors of 2020!

    Vote blue no matter who!

  42. Da'Chief
    Da'Chief February 1, 2020

    That really cracked up the 13 people who watch MSNBC !

  43. James Powers
    James Powers February 1, 2020

    Look it’s another campaign add for Trump

  44. James Powers
    James Powers February 1, 2020

    Keep laughing idiots

  45. Bill Brown
    Bill Brown February 1, 2020

    Schiff said in Impeach testimony Mika's dad testified. For what purpose? Mika isn't saying; but then again, the deep state is politically incestuous.

  46. Donald Grow
    Donald Grow February 1, 2020

    Go watch the video of joe Biden your not getting the money don’t believe me call barrack, and then say it’s debunked ?? Fake news Clinton news network wannabe

  47. Jerry Duricko
    Jerry Duricko February 2, 2020

    I can't believe this show full of rhetoric and twisted facts. The acquitted DJT ratings from gallop poll are on the rise. Yinz just don't acknowledge facts and have been out touch with Americans of all ages. John Bolton, grasping for straws. You laugh at your own annoying JOKE, PITIFUL !

  48. AR boss m4
    AR boss m4 February 2, 2020

    fake news brainless

  49. Beatriz Fernandez
    Beatriz Fernandez February 2, 2020

    Joe you make my day great ! It was ridiculous to watch the defense of Trump were is the the honesty and the truth? ??? We are not stupid ! Shameful!,

  50. Christopher Glanz
    Christopher Glanz February 2, 2020

    That Was funny.

  51. Ric Ellingson
    Ric Ellingson February 2, 2020

    Hey MSMBC. It's SO obvious that Chris Matthews is on someone's payroll to badmouth Bernie. What a clown. I used to watch you … sometimes Chris. I'm dead to you now Chris. You're a dinosaur fool. At least Joe is a voice of reason … at times.

  52. Swaggy [GD]
    Swaggy [GD] February 3, 2020

    We actually needed to hear the evidence. All these “dunces” did was defend the president and block important facts. What a dumb decision 🤦‍♂️

  53. Swaggy [GD]
    Swaggy [GD] February 3, 2020

    2:17 you’re welcome

  54. A
    A February 3, 2020

    MSNBC for dummies!

  55. kirkplane
    kirkplane February 3, 2020

    You all may get your day in the sun as well. There is plenty of opportunity to bring a lot more witnesses in on these political crimes.

  56. Black Ninja
    Black Ninja February 3, 2020

    Still Winning… Trump 2020

    DERVISH OTTOMAN February 3, 2020

    Bolton is all news , sorry folks

  58. al jbug
    al jbug February 3, 2020

    Great insults . What happened to Russia the boogeyman ? Now fake Ukraine ?

  59. al jbug
    al jbug February 3, 2020

    Trump was the whistleblower on CREEPY Joe Biden corruption . Democrats are not outraged about CREEPY Joe Biden expanding CLIMATE CHANGE IN UKRAINE WITH TAXPAYER MONEY ? PLUS HUNTER BIDENS KICKBACKS OF TAXPAYER MONEY ?

  60. al jbug
    al jbug February 3, 2020

    Wow ! Morning Joe viewers =gullible turds

  61. George Thompson
    George Thompson February 3, 2020


  62. Jake MacHine
    Jake MacHine February 3, 2020

    When will the msm ask about and investigate the Biden's?
    Why are they protecting them so much ? –

  63. j thacker
    j thacker February 3, 2020

    What is the Trump lawyer saying”no single witness…” no witnesses because you lawyer S and GOP didn’t allow witnesses to come forward. This is why majority of parents are stopping their children from being lawyers because they are educated liars. Though there are some lawyers who believe in God and are doing their jobs in a truthful manner. Lawyer S is not one of them.

  64. Dawn-Marie Langlois
    Dawn-Marie Langlois February 4, 2020

    Great job Joe, love your parity

  65. Ejb954
    Ejb954 February 4, 2020

    Trump sill wins despite the dunces . These guest look like to who's who of the anti Trump hatchet men

  66. Carla Costa
    Carla Costa February 4, 2020

    Why do we have the same old hairdressers later??? The same old crooks. You know Lev Parnas is Rudy Giuliani kids godfather. That is how close they are connected. You are killing me Joe! LMAO!. It is funny but not funny.

  67. Carla Costa
    Carla Costa February 4, 2020

    I am dying here. Can I get a witness. You know Rush limpdick was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. In both lungs. I can't help it. All that nasty finally caught up with him

  68. Eleata Shepherd
    Eleata Shepherd February 4, 2020

    😃😃😄😄😅😅🤣🤣🤣😂🤣 oh my I can't BREATHHHHHHH

  69. jaxsun72
    jaxsun72 February 4, 2020

    More than a handful of dunces at MSNBC.

  70. unknown unknown
    unknown unknown February 4, 2020

    This isn't funny. I don't know why you are laughing at all. Trump will be re-elected and you are laughing. SMH!

  71. Marthy Hall-Cooper
    Marthy Hall-Cooper February 4, 2020

    Dunces, well I won't tell you what you are. Wouldn't be stupid enough to watch or listen to you. The ignorant watch you, bet your glad that there are a few left.

  72. golfdude2007
    golfdude2007 February 4, 2020

    those that spoke to Protect this Criminal President….will no longer bring Credibility to the table

  73. David Eby
    David Eby February 4, 2020

    Confederacy of dunces,basket of deplorables,You people never learn. You can't argue against the results of Pres.Trumps successes,so you name call! Liberals seem to be rather simple minded folks.

  74. Henry McGill
    Henry McGill February 4, 2020

    This was worth the 15sec ad 😄

  75. Alberta Moore
    Alberta Moore February 5, 2020

    Bill Cosby said he did it a trump said he did it that is corruption why bill got to go to jail and Trump still in office

  76. Supermarket Creeper
    Supermarket Creeper February 5, 2020

    The KKK are at it again.. I'm sorry the liberals are at it again
    Remember folks
    Control Censer Cancel

  77. greythefox
    greythefox February 5, 2020

    Joe Biden is going to Gitmo !!!

  78. Tim Brady
    Tim Brady February 5, 2020

    A confederacy of dunces, yup ,that’s the path to a united country. Keep it going, KILLER . How many people have had a coworker wind up dead in their office ? I know of a few , they’re in prison.

  79. El Mac
    El Mac February 5, 2020

    #trump2020 #walkaway #blacksfortrump
    #maga Trump is simly crusing it at every level.
    The democrats are just do nothings, they have been like a dog chasing its tail, like trying to impeach Trump since his first day in office, which means the impeachment came before a crime was committed. when Trump didn't commit crimes the Democrats just made them up.

  80. gbrsjones11
    gbrsjones11 February 5, 2020


  81. Brent Mahan
    Brent Mahan February 5, 2020

    Dorky losers. Get ready for four more years! Pathetic

  82. sol azteca
    sol azteca February 5, 2020

    So-called "progressives" is a mental illness. Unfortunately, my Democratic Party of FDR, JFK, Mike Dukakis, Tip O'Neil, and even Bill Clinton, as well the so-called mainstream media have succumbed to the the same malady.
    Trump in 2020!

  83. sol azteca
    sol azteca February 5, 2020

    As for Joe…well, he's always been a putz

  84. Joanna Pop
    Joanna Pop February 5, 2020

    Joe you’re disgusting and a pathological liar 🤥!!! You and that nasty Mika 🤮🤮🤮

  85. David Eisler
    David Eisler February 6, 2020

    Some people never learn.

  86. Safety First
    Safety First February 6, 2020

    And what party invented Billy Beer ??????

  87. Carole
    Carole February 7, 2020

    It is amazing how Mika and Joe can attack President Trump and his supporters with every nasty name in the book but President Trump is called out for saying anything against you and the Democrats.

  88. Matthew Rice
    Matthew Rice February 8, 2020

    bolten was never called as a witness

  89. Matthew Rice
    Matthew Rice February 8, 2020

    so if they are dunces, than for sure trump is not guilty, because he was acquitted. i have watched MSNBC for the last three years and you promised trump would be removed from office and you lied. i will never watch your channel ever again

  90. Len Ovo
    Len Ovo February 12, 2020

    Mourning Joe…SMH, he's mourning the loss of his Impeachmas present, the pending loss in 2020, the pending loss of quid pro corrupt af Joe, and basically his loss in the battle against Trump Derangement Syndrome !! LOL !!

  91. Robby science
    Robby science February 13, 2020

    Joe is an enemy of the people.

  92. Amo 4.0
    Amo 4.0 February 13, 2020

    Joe😱 You, Bird 🐦 brain 🧠 Dr. Do Little Look pigeon 👁 eyes Punk.

    Gayle n Snoop Are Family, N 🛑🛑using
    that but Al Sharpton Guy🤢

  93. Kaylor Paniagua
    Kaylor Paniagua February 13, 2020

    Latino voter here voting for Donald.
    Fake and biased news such as this is what has pushed me to the other side.
    Guess what? I have persuaded a few dozen Latinos and spreading the word of your BS, therefore creating more Red voters. Tenga un buen dia Joe!

  94. J Johnstone
    J Johnstone February 17, 2020

    It's hard to take Joe seriously. Seems like he has some personal issues. If you cry Wolf everyday it starts to lose all value. Start acting less like a shill for the democratics and more like a balanced journalist. Luckily most people are tuning out these fake news outlets and looking at the reality of the unquestionable improvement in their lives. The common sense revolution is officially underway.

  95. Heather11268
    Heather11268 February 17, 2020


  96. Judy0007
    Judy0007 February 18, 2020

    Joe Scarborough – when are you going to be prosecuted for murdering that intern? Remember, her body was found in your office.

  97. Edmund Singleton
    Edmund Singleton February 18, 2020

    When ever a female journalist appears on television her worth is immediately established before she utters a single word, and it begins with her appearance, hair dye treatment and greasy lips. Don’t believe me, look for yourself…I’ll be patiently waiting here for your congratulatory confirmation of my observation.

  98. Roger Thomson
    Roger Thomson February 18, 2020

    No dead interns in Trumps office. Demonrat, gun grabbing, baby killers.

  99. Franz Ludwig
    Franz Ludwig February 20, 2020

    The GOP of today pride themselves in being ATL BRAINED. (ATL=AboveTheLaw)

  100. Ronald Moore
    Ronald Moore February 24, 2020

    Do you clowns ever really hear the crap that comes out of your mouth. Fake, yes the fakest of fake news, MSNBC

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