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Jamaican Politicians | Can They Be Of Other Nationalities


  1. Donovan Lawrence
    Donovan Lawrence June 25, 2019

    Born jamaicans do bad things too dont?.

  2. Creative Pragmatic
    Creative Pragmatic June 25, 2019

    When you Google Edmund Bartlett, it shows his birthplace as Westmoreland, Tennessee, United States. That's probably incorrect. It looks like an autocomplete mistake that was never corrected. It seems statistically unlikely that a prominent Jamaican would have been born in a U.S. town with less than 2,000 people that coincidentally shares the same name as a Jamaican parish.

    Also, not long ago, a friend told me that he went to St. Elizabeth Technical High School with Mr. Bartlett so he's probably from St. Elizabeth or Westmoreland.

  3. Loraine Codrington
    Loraine Codrington June 25, 2019

    I think you should be born in the country and live there to feel the people and their needs. You can further your education abroad but return to learn more of the island and it's people/your people

  4. Roots Rock
    Roots Rock June 25, 2019

    Native BORN only.

  5. Adrian Walton
    Adrian Walton June 25, 2019

    No you shouldn't have to be a born Jamaican,… but you should be a national of Jamaica and NO one with dual citizenship should be allowed to hold public office….

  6. Stephen Johnson
    Stephen Johnson June 25, 2019

    😬😬😬thanks for the big up!

  7. Alia Johnson
    Alia Johnson June 25, 2019

    Great topic. I feel it is in the best interest of the Country and the people the politicians are born Jamacians. That there's no room for conspiracy and on the international level no room for conflict of interest. There issues are addressed with the perspective of the people living and experiencing it and knows the history of Jamaica.

  8. Sandra Bennett
    Sandra Bennett June 25, 2019

    And u are right

  9. Allanzo
    Allanzo June 25, 2019

    They should be born in Jamaica and be impacted by the culture

  10. Mark Murray
    Mark Murray June 25, 2019

    Must be born in Jamaica

  11. Michelle White
    Michelle White June 25, 2019

    Jamaica is under apartheid weather black people want to admit it or not black people are always afraid and ashamed to admit the worst about them self Jamaica is under apartheid by Foreign interest when I say foreign interest I'm talking about America to UK Australia China everybody but Jamaica is in power over Jamaicans

  12. Kyyte Xzel1
    Kyyte Xzel1 June 25, 2019

    Yes only Jamaican born and Jamaicans with lineage should be politics no more white jew bwoy from American (Seaga). ▪ Jamaica future needs to bright once again. No pale hands should benefit from it.

  13. Michelle White
    Michelle White June 25, 2019

    America and the synagogue of Satan send people to countries to infiltrate their government to controlled the country's economy and politics Edward siaga is a prime example of that for forty years Jamaica has been under America's control and outside interest Jamaica needs to do a better job in vetting it's politician no one should be elected to public office that's only been living in Jamaica calling themselves Jamaicans for a little while the higher the office the importance as to where they were born is relevant. right now China owns Jamaicans border and it has a Chinese as a minister of defense

  14. Carolyn Ryene
    Carolyn Ryene June 25, 2019

    They must be born in Jamaica and have spent at least their formative years on the Island. No Question!

  15. Bandit4true Love
    Bandit4true Love June 25, 2019

    No no

  16. ƝιƖєƲαƖƖєуƊяєαмѕ [LαƖιвєƖα ƝιƖє]
    ƝιƖєƲαƖƖєуƊяєαмѕ [LαƖιвєƖα ƝιƖє] June 25, 2019

    Exclusive Jamaican citizenship is a pre-requisite for all aspirant political office seekers—no to folks who have dual citizenship. It is immaterial how one arrives at his or her Jamaican citizenship.

  17. playablue
    playablue June 25, 2019

    The number one answer should be NOOOOOOOOOO!

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