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Jamaican Politician shooting bottles from man head and hands (Video Gone Viral)

I find the story funny as hell check this out Jamaica Labour Party candidate in the 2016 general election Trevor Webb is currently under probe after a video of him shooting a battle shooting battles in a man's outstretched hands and one bottle of a man head has gone viral so if you can imagine you're some big politician and you have your gun right and you have a month's teleport there is a hole on the back row so I don't mind hole of the button like this and then has one in his head and you shoot pow pow fire a hole through the bottle off the man's head and up through his hands this video has gone viral them said a video went viral I have not seen the video the police have turned the video over to the firearm licensing authority or the Fla which is probing if webs action is contrary to the terms and conditions of him having granted a license we're looking into it Shane darlings chief executive officer of the Fla said we have identified the licensed firearm holder and steps are being taken to carry a firearm holder in along with the firearm and all ammunitions for the appropriate action to be taken I find this very funny in the video web and other persons at the scene can be heard celebrating that all three bullets have gone clean through the centre of the bottles including the one that was on the man's head when asked if Webb actions are believed to have endangered the life of the man holding the target darlin said that that was a question for the police darlings is supposed to be his chief executive officer after Fla and if you ask him if having someone holding bottles out and putting one in their head and you firing holes through them is endangering someone's life you're saying he'd his answer is that's a question for the police to answer they protect their own anyway Webb later told Lina that he made himself available for questioning even wasn't running from anybody he'll answer all the questions if Elia questioned me about it and I am waiting to see what will come up with he said Webb who contended the st. Andrew Western constituency and last general election lost by three thousand six hundred and eighteen votes to the People's National Party Anthony Hilton all right the bullets weren't real is what he said this is his car he's saying the bullets weren't real if the bullets weren't real I don't know how the bullets went straight through the middle of all three bottles the man would have had to be mad to hold the back of the bottles and I would have had to be mad as well to be trying to shoot bottles out of the man hands and after mines head there are two other similar videos circulating on social media one showing persons of arraign at a range shooting at targets while others behind them are also firing at the same targets the other shows a man that is dressed in blue denim with what appears to be the Jamaican Constabulary forces logo on his t-shirt talking on a cell phone while another man fires a shot which passes centimetres from his head hitting a target behind him Darling said that in light of the troubling videos the Fla will be embarking on a public education campaign to remind persons that among other things the first rule of engagement is that the firearm is never empty so whether the wrongs are alive or not or the gun is empty you are never to point a firearm at someone unless you intend to do them harm all right so big kudos to them no amount of spend taxpayers money to go embark on some national something to teach people that firearms are always loaded and they're dangerous una no cigar dangerous already answer the question honestly do you think that your crony actions and dangerous someone's life having on my whole to bottles out like and putting one on his head and him firing gunshots through the bottle on my head and through his to ones in his hands was that endangering a human beings life and your answer was that's for the police to answer yeah it's awful TV man you already know this one go already those who are protected are protected we have two laws one for them over that song one for we obey ah so what more can I say you don't try that dog right big trouble Webb will be just fine he is one of the protected all right top of a colored section I talk up in the comment section let me hear what you got to say about this one I think it's personally I think it's crazy as hell but this might even speak to something bigger though because that whole scene might have been all when I'm calling no edit it might have been edited because I can't see anybody when it was in their right mind standing there with a bottle on their head and allowing someone else to shoot the bottle off of their head or holding bottles out in their arms like this and allowing someone to shoot those bottles out of my hat McHale see somebody with sense actually doing that and I can't see someone with sense actually attempting to do that well neither the shootie or the one where the shooter are the one that's holding the bottles to mud people so this could very well be just like Trevor saying cuz his thing is the bullets weren't real so I guess the bullets are some block bullets which still saw on pow so like the gun went off and then they edited they do it in movies all the time and nowadays it's not even that hard you don't need a movie editor or not a movie editor but you don't need a professional to actually make it look like you just fired bullets into something alright you see it in low-budget movies are not so black comment share subscribe leave your coming in the comment section below let me know what you gotta say about this one it might just be a spoof about peace


  1. Free Cable!
    Free Cable! July 18, 2019

    Hes ready for "JAMAICAS GOT TALENT!"

  2. Angel Fearon
    Angel Fearon July 18, 2019

    Big politician and have no sense why you doing that crap and make it worst video it. Dumb ass that's the best thing that he could use his brain for smh

  3. Edison Joseph
    Edison Joseph July 18, 2019

    That was a joke.

  4. lloyd oconnor
    lloyd oconnor July 18, 2019

    William Tell to di world.

  5. super star
    super star July 18, 2019

    if this man get shot and kill they would come up with a waiver stating that the man allow it to proceed in any circumstances.these politicians aint stupid.

  6. super star
    super star July 18, 2019

    He should be charge for attempted murder.this had to be a joke only in Jamaica this stupidity is going Ann maybe they were filming a movie because only movie I ever see that shit unuh see a who a kill of the people them in Jamaica.these politicians don't have any love for a human.politicians are heartless.

  7. Tdot Yardman
    Tdot Yardman July 18, 2019

    I wonder if they are going to release the officer like how they did to that officer that was deejaying at a local community dance few years ago

  8. NakisUltimate
    NakisUltimate July 18, 2019

    Shameful. This is some slavery days shit when them used to shoot at our ancestors as a game. Shameful

  9. Gaza Genahsyde
    Gaza Genahsyde July 18, 2019

    Yow ah weh kind ah fuckry dis ? Dem ah gwan fool smh

  10. Maggie Edwards
    Maggie Edwards July 18, 2019

    Bless up souflotv, yes lot of madness In the world, but where you are in the states, Texas is the backbone to many countries negative mindset, 20 killed in church and 30 injured whilst worshipping, Jamaica has plenty to do to stop the murder rate, however think the land you occupy should be under more scrutiny than ja bless

  11. Mark Mannings
    Mark Mannings July 18, 2019

    If some one ask me to hold a bottle for them to shoot, I would as long as you let me shoot off your head first. FYI I have no aim

  12. Chadwin Headlam
    Chadwin Headlam July 18, 2019

    Well, as Confuscius says, there's a THIN LINE between bravery and stupidity enuh… And he was telling the truth!

  13. Chadwin Headlam
    Chadwin Headlam July 18, 2019

    Hey SouFloTV, me fi tell yuh! I don't know whe Jamaica a go to yah now but, that man was fucking DARING!!!!!

  14. hit wonda
    hit wonda July 18, 2019

    Him could a try wat with me

  15. hit wonda
    hit wonda July 18, 2019

    I saw the video I could not believe it

  16. natty dread
    natty dread July 18, 2019

    Hmmmmmm, question is, if he is that good wit de steel 🔫🔫🔫, how many badman or innocent ppl him done slap way, remember all the unsolved murders in Jamaica.
    Secondly the so called participants could have been drinking/drunk. I have seen some drunk soldiers do some crazy shit, I was one of them, lol

  17. Lando M GazaNation
    Lando M GazaNation July 18, 2019

    Wonder if dem a guh blame Vybz Kartel now

  18. Dane J
    Dane J July 18, 2019

    I know dat it his personal life but he is a public figure so he shouldn't be doin dat on video

  19. 1donGazaGenasyde spartaBoss
    1donGazaGenasyde spartaBoss July 18, 2019

    this is not an insane act, actually its practice by special operators around the world for precision marksman ship.#nb it should be only be done by trained professionals

  20. Laffayette Haughton
    Laffayette Haughton July 18, 2019

    Could you post the link next time please.

  21. carkings repair
    carkings repair July 18, 2019

    Question can you get a gun with your ccw American gun license in jamaica

  22. M Bubb
    M Bubb July 18, 2019

    I think it was a stunt. It was inappropriate however for a minister to participate in such a stunt and take picture of it.

  23. L G
    L G July 18, 2019

    Some could be callous and call this what it’s is: Gene Pool Cleansing 101. Not me though I’m just here to support the channel, #ROFLMAO

  24. shocker thedan
    shocker thedan July 18, 2019

    Man is a fool

  25. Jay SK
    Jay SK July 18, 2019

    😂 that's for the police to answer

  26. Ramakan
    Ramakan July 18, 2019

    You would expect better judgement from a politician…..he did not foresee the optics of his actions…..unbelievable.

  27. GazaMiz
    GazaMiz July 18, 2019


  28. kelly germs
    kelly germs July 18, 2019

    My Lord, good point about the video, it certainly looks real to me still. If it is real, in my opinion , he should lose his permit to carry. cuz he most definitely a mad man and he is highly negligence when it comes to being a holder of a firearms.

  29. Super CM
    Super CM July 18, 2019

    That guy was way too calm for it to be real. Anyway nice fi si yu safe. Mi think yu mek Brains drag yu gone ah church today. RIP to those worshipers, smh.

  30. GazaMiz
    GazaMiz July 18, 2019

    The Jamaican circus is in town ….

  31. Gorgon Don
    Gorgon Don July 18, 2019

    The man holding the bottles needs a 👋 in his eediut 😐

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