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Jack Cafferty asks Ron Paul if the US Government is Broken (2-26-2010)

Coming up next, we’ll tell you about something
that isn’t broken in Washington, but you probably wished it was. Also the man who has been described
as an incumbent’s worst nightmare — the always outspoken Ron Paul is here, next. A lot of Americans think the way to fix our
broken government is to have less of it — less government. But, is big government necessarily
bad government? My next guest says it is, and I’m inclined to agree with him. Representative
Ron Paul won the representative straw poll at last week’s Conservative Political Action
Conference, CPAC, much to the dismay of Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin and Tim Pawlenty and
bunch of other mainstream Republican hopefuls. Ron Paul is a congressman from the 14th district
in Texas, he’s a former presidential candidate and he’s been warning a lot of us about all
of these issues for a long time. We’re delighted to welcome you to our program. Thank you for
coming. Thank you, Jack. Good to be with you. Let me bounce a few numbers off you. Recent
CNN polls, 86 percent of Americans think our government is broken, 75 percent of Americans
think government officials are dishonest. When you look to the future of this country,
what do you see? Well, what I see is a bankruptcy coming. Yes,
the government is broke and it doesn’t work, but it’s because we’re broke. And the people
now feel like they’ve been lied to, they call them dishonest and there is a lot to that.
Politicians tend to say things and they don’t follow through. Whether it’s in the category
of lying or not, but there is certainly a lot of untruths that are passed around out
there. But, I don’t see any easy way out, because
when a country or an individual is broke, they’re supposed to quit spending money, and
they’re supposed to pay off their bills. But the only thing that we’ve done here in Washington,
the admission that there is a crisis going on, is we’ve accelerated everything. We’ve
expanded government, expanded spending, expanded barring, and, of course, expanded the function
of the Federal Reserve and that is to create more money on credit to try to bail out the
problems they created. So yes, we’re in for a lot of trouble yet to come. Do, present company excepted, do your colleagues
in the nation’s capitol have any idea the increasing degree of contempt in which they
are held by the American public? Sometimes I don’t think so because they continue
to do the same things that have gotten them into trouble. So, no, I don’t think so. I
mean, the whole fact that, you know, I may do well at a CPAC poll just totally amazes
them. And I think… They actually booed when the results were
announced, they were booing, right? Yeah, and I think you’re aware that a lot
of young people, as a matter of fact, the people who came to CPAC were young people,
a lot of college people, and you would think that the leadership would say, well, what
is it that attracts the young people to what you’re saying? But, you know, I’ve never had
anybody in the Republican Party ask me anything like that. So, they don’t seem to be interested.
They want me to just disappear, and yet I think I’ve tapped onto something and at least
there’s a lot of people responding. But, I have no political clout here in Washington.
I don’t have any power, so… I don’t understand that, either. I can remember
during the primaries. I mean, I used to get e-mail from your supporters by the bushel
basketful almost every day. It was a astounding to me the organization and the depth of the
support you had. Why doesn’t it message resonate with the establishment in Washington? Well, it challenges the status quo. It challenges
what they’ve been saying for so many years. I don’t think they want to say, oh, we made
a mistake, we were at fault. Yes, we should have been more conscious about what we do
overseas. They do not want me to have anything to say about foreign policy. And I take an
older Republican position on this, the old right position and a constitutional position.
I think we should be cutting back, I don’t think we should be spending $1 trillion a
year on militarism around the world. And you know, it’s not only the Republicans, but the
Democrats want to do it, too. Let me ask you about something you said right
at the beginning of the segment, that there’s a bankruptcy. Our national debt is at $12
trillion. The expectation is that it will be $19 trillion at the end of the president’s
first term. That’s three years, a little less from now. We have probably 35 to $50 trillion
in unfunded liabilities for Medicare and Social Security, no clue where that money is going
to come from. How long before this company goes belly up, and what form will it take,
do you think, when we roll over? Well, that’s a good question, and if we don’t
clean up our act, it can be very bad, very dangerous and political chaos could ensue.
But, the fact that they don’t do anything is the annoying part. But I just think that,
you know, within two or three years. The country is technically bankrupt. If you
and I were in business and ran like this, we would have to declare bankruptcy. Governments
print money so they can get away with it. But, we are insolvent and the debt will never
be paid for. That’s a hard thing to accept. But, you can’t pay for this debt. But the
debt will be liquidated. The market always liquidates debt. And governments always liquidate
debt by destroying the currency. They pay off their debt with bad money and that’s what
we’re in the process of doing. We took the bad debt of those banks and we dumped it on
the American taxpayers deliberately. So, it’s a transfer of wealth, right now, that’s going
on. And ultimately it destroys everybody’s savings
and all of our assets, the work of all of our homes, businesses, et cetera. Congressman
Paul, thanks for that uplifting discussion. (LAUGHTER) It’s great to have you on the program. I wish
you’d run again and I wish the American public would start listening to you, But I guess,
you know, wishes are wishes, but anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts with us today. Well, in spite of it, I’m still an optimistic
because the young people are listening. Thank you. All right. Thanks very much. Congressman Ron
Paul from Texas.


  1. aguabo
    aguabo February 28, 2010

    Thanks for sharing this video with us. I've been following Ron Paul's words since he first competed for US President, he is the only politician I trust. It is hard because I want our Deaf community to understand better about economical issues but they are only interested in ASL, bilingual rights for children. umm/.

  2. Carol Martin
    Carol Martin March 2, 2010

    I just heard that Dr. Paul returned $100,000 to the Federal Government from his Congressional budget. The good doctor walks the walk.

    He has been warning for a long time that there is a day of reckoning coming. Sadly, most folks don't want to hear the truth.

  3. CaneFu
    CaneFu March 10, 2010

    Our government is only broken because our politicians want it to be as this gives them the excuse to cater to the large corporations that bought their whore asses.

  4. Jack Daniels
    Jack Daniels March 29, 2010

    Ron paul has a lot of strange ideas which are clearly not realistic! I am shocked Jack Cafferty takes him seriously I thought Mr Cafferty was a lot smarter! if Mr Cafferty thinks that big governemt is bad he is a fool. It is not whether government is big or small but whether it is working, that is what should concern people! size should not matter!

  5. kardentyrell
    kardentyrell May 11, 2010

    noticed where a small adjustment needed 4:28 , 'Well, that's a big question' instead of 'well, thats a good question'

  6. socalsir
    socalsir July 9, 2010

    We have a major problem with the way we elect a president. Corporations, special interest groups and lobbyists control the primaries in Iowa and New Hampshire that are easily manipulated. These small states decide who we get to vote for. When both parties are bought off, we get no choice! We need a national primary day where ALL Americans decide who we can vote for! Do you really think Obama and McCain were the choice of Americans? HELL NO!

  7. Leftovervictim1991
    Leftovervictim1991 September 24, 2010

    Ron Paul 2012
    The time has come to give peace a chance!!!

  8. rmccay88
    rmccay88 October 9, 2010

    A size of a government matters because a big one can't work unless you like forking over more of your hard earned money, freedom and civil liberties to them.

  9. bj0rn
    bj0rn December 11, 2010

    He's a wise man, but I don't understand why he critizises the gov spending during economic crisis. Isn't it a pretty common method for a government to lend money and spend during economic depressions since it creates jobs? At least it's a common method here in sweden.

    I'm not a pro in economics so I might have got this wrong. If so, please explain.

  10. centurion180ad
    centurion180ad January 5, 2011

    Ron Paul seems to assume that the debt is able to be paid down. In the system we are in now, the debt CAN NEVER BE REDUCED over any meaningful period of time. Any debt reduction under Federal Reserve System would propagate a collapse in currency supply.

  11. centurion180ad
    centurion180ad January 5, 2011

    There is no MONEY. Irredeemable debt currency sieved through a fractional reserve system is not money, it is a fraud. We compound ignorance & stupidity, by allowing sick-O inbreeds to charge compound interest to pay back, what arithmetically CAN NEVER BE PAID BACK.

  12. centurion180ad
    centurion180ad January 5, 2011

    Federal Reserve System is designed to perpetually increase the fraction of an economy enslaved to dollar denominated debt payments until that economy implodes, at which point the bankers seize everything.

  13. bj0rn
    bj0rn May 9, 2011

    @bobshenix Yes I definitely see a bubble that is about to burst. Whenever that happens the powerdistribution in the world will become unbalanced, and we'll probably experiance the most violent times since WW2.

  14. bj0rn
    bj0rn May 10, 2011

    @bobshenix The EU member nations still have independent immigration politics and choose to take immigrants voluntarily. Although this does not rule out the possibilities of indirect controls, I don't share your view that some powerful people with global governance in mind, are trying to destabilize europe through extreme multiculturalism . Don't take this the wrong way, but to me it seem just like the classic secret-puppetmasters conspiracy theories spiced up with islamophibia.

  15. bj0rn
    bj0rn May 11, 2011

    @bobshenix No, numbers don't lie. But in this case they don't back up your argument as you're referring to the cause for them, not the number itself. The drastic increase of refugees from middle east region can depend on many factors such as *caugh* the war on terrorism. Besides the raw casualties, the war is also causing additional friction between already pressured islamic political groups, and it's not like the future is looking any brighter. Of course we see emmigration from middle east.

  16. bj0rn
    bj0rn May 12, 2011

    @bobshenix I'm aware of the immigration problem. I just don't think the reason is some secret plan to crash europe, even if that might be the effect.

  17. Trey Trey McDubbins
    Trey Trey McDubbins June 10, 2011

    A+ for Cafferty

  18. bschou
    bschou June 16, 2011

    Jack Cafferty is an excellent journalist and his coverage of Paul puts the rest of the network media shills to shame

  19. Carl Rocco
    Carl Rocco August 17, 2011

    Jack Cafferty I salute you sir, you are the only journalist I can think of whom I have a great deal of respect for. Thank you for doing the right thing and reporting on Dr. Paul whether or not you agree with his views.

  20. dudev
    dudev September 8, 2011

    I hope Ron Paul's supporters have a good view from inside his ass. They talk about like he's a god.

  21. Phillip Mauafua
    Phillip Mauafua September 19, 2011

    The Tea partiers support Dr Paul. ( after all it was Ron Paul supporters who started the Tea party.)
    The Teabaggers support the status quo candidates.

  22. rammer561
    rammer561 September 21, 2011

    @dudev dudev whenever you heap praise on someone you have to think of it relative to what that persons competition is. So considering all Ron Pauls opponents and obama are war mongering corp, puppets, id say Yes compared to them and him being the only real patriot politition Ron Paul is God like to americans that want to save their country from the destructive policies that both parties have and still are endorsing.

  23. dudev
    dudev September 21, 2011


    "to americans that want to save their country"

    Paul has plenty of idealistic proposals but very few realistic solutions. How exactly is this rogue patriot, this "superman", going to save America single-handedly? Washington politics is about cooperation. And if congress is full of corporate puppets, how is Paul going to accomplish anything? And how is he going to save America when it's clear his own party isn't going to nominate him? Reality is a bitch, but we have to face her.

  24. rammer561
    rammer561 September 21, 2011

    @dudev You are right he most likely wont win the nomination.The main thing is his message of liberty is taking hold. But if he won that would mean his party is behind him and things could get done.He wants to start the process of reversing the huge gov that is ruining us. If he somehow was pres, and things got better after he brought most of the troops home and ended the fed polititions will follow. Its a sorry state that he most likely would be eliminated like JFK and RFK if he was pres.

  25. dudev
    dudev September 21, 2011


    JFK was a great politician. Ron Paul is a whiny child in comparison.

  26. rammer561
    rammer561 September 21, 2011

    @dudev JFK was and is considered a great pres. and he had basicly the same message Ron Paul has but he is marginalized.JFK was working to end the fed and refused to go to war for the corps in cuba and vietnam.Thats why they got rid of him. Ron Paul just seems whiney cuz he is getting old, but his mind is still sharp. I can see a big difference in his delivery just since 2008. If you watch some of his debates when he was alot younger there is a very big difference in his presence and delivery.

  27. dudev
    dudev September 21, 2011


    Admittedly, his 2012 campaign is more successful than 1988 campaign, so give him another 20 years to bake and he may get somewhere. If his ideas truly resonated with the American public and if he delivered them in a compelling manner, he'd make his mark. But it's clear he speaks to a fringe minority. Libertarians only make up about 15% of the electorate. They're loud but not very effective. I call them the Pie-In-The-Sky Party because libertarian ideas are mostly impractical.

  28. touber2011
    touber2011 September 21, 2011

    @dudev We have to try; Ron Paul is a hell of a lot better candidate/choice for President than any of the others. Yes, one man cannot change years of bad, big gov't gone wild, but no, corrupt, corporate-funded politicians running for president should not be elected! Ron Paul is worth your vote! Ron Paul will unite the congress and get a vast majority of the Wall Street lobbyists out of the White House! Ron Paul is changing the view of the people; we will rise and vote like we've never before!

  29. dudev
    dudev September 21, 2011


    "Ron Paul will unite the congress and get a vast majority of the Wall Street lobbyists out of the White House"

    First, most of the lobbyists' puppets are in congress. Second, how is Ron Paul going to unite the puppets? The puppets represent the people and businesses of their states and districts. It'd be political suicide to go against their wishes. Sorry, but I hear a lot of bold talk, but not much realism.

  30. dudev
    dudev September 21, 2011


    First, most of the lobbyists' puppets are in congress. Second, how is Ron Paul going to unite the puppets? The puppets represent the people and businesses of their states and districts. It'd be political suicide to go against their wishes. Sorry, but I hear a lot of bold talk, but not much realism. But feel free to try.

  31. touber2011
    touber2011 September 22, 2011

    @dudev I just think that with all of the 'new' congressmen who've recently been elected as well as the few who are already very similar to Ron Paul that he will be able to get important issues resolved, slowly, but surely. I also feel that many who might be bought and paid for will be reborn and inspired by the people electing this man; then of course, is the continuation of the people pressing their representatives on the issues, we will be watching, helping, calling, e-mailing to back up Paul

  32. touber2011
    touber2011 September 22, 2011


  33. touber2011
    touber2011 September 22, 2011


  34. dudev
    dudev September 22, 2011


    Idealistic fools make the worst politicians.

  35. dudev
    dudev September 22, 2011


    Just because congressmen disagree with Paul, doesn't make them bought-and-paid-for. Problems are geographic. Texans are more concerned about illegal immigration, than say Iowans. So strong disagreements are always inevitable.

  36. ser45her
    ser45her September 26, 2011

    Odd how the people in the audience boo or ignore ron. Those are probably the same people getting a slice of the govt pie. As long as they get their welfare and govt benefit, they will vote for whichever candidate leaves their pie untouched. the thing they don't realize is their pie is spoiled(money become more worthless by the day)

  37. Carl Rocco
    Carl Rocco October 2, 2011

    @sloofy44 He declined a pension from congress.

  38. spinaker7081
    spinaker7081 October 22, 2011

    Caption should read: 'honest journalist interviews honest politician'. I have a lot of time for Jack Cafferty, he's always been firm but fair in his analysis… as for Ron Paul… what can I say.. he's the kind of politician that comes around once in a lifetime if your lucky… I hope to God the American people dont pass up on the opportunity to put an honest man in the oval office. Listen to his message… the man is a visionary… Vote Ron Paul in 2012!!!

  39. pushed to a corner
    pushed to a corner November 27, 2011

    @MrSeriouslynot they didn't boo. Fox news played old footage, not the real up to date footage. part of the main stream medias plan to sell another candidate to the people (any other puppet is good) because Ron Paul will not be a puppet!!

  40. pushed to a corner
    pushed to a corner November 27, 2011

    @dudev most congressmen are paid for and they would disagree with him because he will cut off their cash cows and some may even find themselves in jail for their crimes and violations!

  41. dudev
    dudev November 28, 2011


    How would he cut off their cash cows? Lobbying and donations are legal, and congress writes the legislation. So how would Ron Paul change it, all by himself.

  42. mrearlygold
    mrearlygold December 13, 2011

    Ron Paul is the only candidate that has an unwavering record of defending our Constitution and addressing the problems that our country is facing. He had the foresight to predict and warn about the consequences throughout the years and the knowledge to put us back on the right track to restore our Constitutional Republic to be yet again a great nation.The rest do not have a record to stand that mirrors what they now say – Ron Paul does.

  43. RonPaul2012vote123
    RonPaul2012vote123 January 2, 2012

    Cafferty is such a refreshment. Some one who looks at facts and not what the "Boss" tells em.

  44. Renocasa
    Renocasa January 3, 2012

    Obama just needs more time, don't judge incomplete work.

  45. MrEmerye
    MrEmerye January 6, 2012

    Louisiana loves Ron Paul. Iowa sucks. We should of whipped up in Iowa… Where are the spines in Iowa. Ron Paul 2012

  46. Matt Snatinsky
    Matt Snatinsky January 7, 2012

    Good job for Cafferty

  47. Matt Snatinsky
    Matt Snatinsky January 7, 2012

    @Renocasa No, he should be executed

  48. Monkeylove718
    Monkeylove718 February 1, 2012

    @Renocasa what? so incomplete work is to put us in triple the amount of debt if Obama is elected again? He needs 8 years? so let me get this rite, Obama in the 3 years he has been president, doubled our debt so fast, but you say he can't fix it fast? If he could not solve the debt in 4 years, how the fuck would he solve it in another, and WIDER in debt? you make no sense at all.

  49. Eric Garcia
    Eric Garcia March 7, 2012

    @Renocasa Obama is a corporate criminal! And if you honestly believe he is trying to fix anything you are sadly mistaken. Obama agenda is that of Bush Jr. He is a corporate funnel for legislation and a power hungry piece of shit! … He has to go before he destroys everything you cherish and believe in!

    ШΛЯPΛТH April 16, 2012

    Everyone forgets that good old Jack has talked shit about Ron Paul.

  51. torylelandkirgiss
    torylelandkirgiss April 25, 2012

    Jack Cafferty I tip my hat to you!

  52. PG Plays Video Games
    PG Plays Video Games May 1, 2012

    my point is that regardless of who you vote for, you are bankrupt and there's nothing you can do about it.

    Fear and Tremble.

  53. Carl Moore
    Carl Moore October 13, 2012

    truthful video n time to get drunk.its good for pain.

  54. Canuck516
    Canuck516 January 1, 2013

    Two good and decent gentlemen!

  55. smjogiat
    smjogiat October 19, 2013

    He could have saved you all.

  56. Pike Mence
    Pike Mence July 1, 2017

    I never thought I'd see Jack wearing a jacket on CNN.

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