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Ivanka Trump's AWKWARD Attempt To Talk To World Leaders

so Ivanka Trump was at the g20 summit with her dad and we have this glorious and awkward moment of her trying to butt into a conversation with world leaders that video was released by I believe the French government it was almost like a little bit of a of an eye roll a nudge oh come on what's going on here what are you doing listen I'm consistent on this issue if Hillary Clinton was president and you had Chelsea Clinton rubbing elbows with world leaders trying to bought her way into a conversation at an international conference I would be livid because it is just grotesque disgusting rank nepotism that's why she's in the room and that's exactly what it is with Ivanka Trump why are you there what are you doing what do you do what qualifications do you have to be there now I'm not one to normally even give a fuck about qualifications because what does that mean you know there's different bars or different levels of qualifications so you can be in that room if you're able to be in that room and it's not just a corrupt disgusting backwards backroom nepotistic deal which is the only reason why you're even in the administration you're the president's daughter that's it that's it and that's what's going on right now that's exactly what it is she didn't win an election her dad won an election now whether or not we like it the Donald Trump is president we all know he's president so as silly as it is when he's there he has every right to be there none of us would be looking at this video like what is Trump doing standing next to other world leaders know they'd be yeah these fucking president I states of course when is the president's daughter why the fuck is she there why is she there why she bought into a conversation with world leaders and you her I don't know if you heard the point that she made but she was trying to do the old like tee-hee-hee it's hard to be a woman and in public life isn't it and they're all looking at her bitch what why are you here what are you doing yeah it's really tough to be a woman you're the president's daughter that's the only reason why you're even in this room real talks real tough for you isn't it you got handed a position in the administration this is insane man this is crazy and we all know damn well that if it was you know Malia Obama or whatever if she was old enough at the time like if Obama just granted her position in the administration and had her in a room with world leaders Republicans would be melting down I'd be like what is this listen what this shows the world is obviously meritocracy is not a thing in the United States of America that's what it shows the world now we already knew that was the case because we're educated on that topic and meritocracy is a myth but this broadcasts of the world like the worst kind of corruption and nepotism is par for the course in the u.s. we're not even we're not even trying to put on a front we're not even trying to put on a veneer of respectability and seriousness I don't care president's daughter sure you got a position why the fuck not that's so embarrassing to watch man and honestly the fact that it was the French government that released this that was them like saying the exact same thing that I'm saying right now that's what that is that's them going look at these fucking idiots over here look at what's going on with the Americans really world leaders my ass cheeks world leaders somebody called her nepotism Barbie Ivanka listen at least you know your role dog know that you got that position simply because you're the president's daughter and you really don't deserve to be there understand that and act accordingly it's like you're trying it's like the worst kind of like trying to fit in to the popular kids club that we're watching right there fucking brown-nosing attempt to like weasel your way into I'm thinking of like Mean Girls the movie Mean Girls it's like your jet all you want is approval from these fucking world leaders I need a shower after watching that video go away you shouldn't even be in the administration it's embarrassing the year in the administration Donald Trump ran a campaign pretending like he was this outsider he was this anti-establishment character he doesn't believe in corruption and nepotism and then what does he do appoints his family to his cabinet and then hires Goldman Sachs alter at his administration the exact opposite of what he ran on so this is just sad I feel embarrassed when I watch stuff like this this is a national nightmare and we have to end it


  1. Rational Thinker
    Rational Thinker July 2, 2019

    She’s being groomed to be the next president Trump.

  2. Adil
    Adil July 2, 2019

    Ivanka trump is CRINGEEEEE

  3. Foaming Badger
    Foaming Badger July 2, 2019

    Kyle can you start covering news not shite like this.

  4. Vegtam
    Vegtam July 2, 2019

    Its not just world leaders though. Most europeans roll their eyes when an american opens their mouth.

  5. Nebula Jumper
    Nebula Jumper July 2, 2019

    I'm not pro Trump. But why does everyone ignore the part where Teresa is aknowledging what Ivanka says? She should not be there, but don't say everyone is ignoring her, you can clearly see Teresa nod in agreement.

  6. TheBeastOfTheHarlot
    TheBeastOfTheHarlot July 2, 2019

    Secretary of education Barron Trump

  7. Blubberbean
    Blubberbean July 2, 2019

    That wasnt awkward

  8. Johan Reistad
    Johan Reistad July 2, 2019

    Yael Kushner if U please… All the best from Denmark .Preparing for the Shia Persian invasion when the next war brakes out .. If You take all refugees created by the mustache and the volcano, that You put in charge then , go ahead ells stand down, please for Europe …

  9. Sam Friedberg
    Sam Friedberg July 2, 2019

    KYLE – the chelsea clinton analogy was a bit of false equivalency. I wouldnt want that nepotism but Chelsea has a PHD in political science. Not the same

  10. Daphlie Lampa
    Daphlie Lampa July 2, 2019

    1775: founding fathers declare independence from hereditary regime to form an early form of a republic.

    2019: Ivanka Trump pulls this s***.

    Founding fathers : Are we a joke to you?

  11. Dave La Violette
    Dave La Violette July 2, 2019

    I love it because this kind of exposure shows that the USA is like the "Emperor's New Clothes".

  12. Oskar Schindler
    Oskar Schindler July 2, 2019

    Looked like Ivanka was hanging around like a bad smell. Anyone noticed how Ivanka was ignored😄😉

  13. Bevis Butthead
    Bevis Butthead July 2, 2019

    Ivanka is also awkward when sleeping with her Dad.💩💩

  14. LeiLamb
    LeiLamb July 2, 2019

    That's straight up bullying. She caused no harm to anyone.

  15. munkiibytes23
    munkiibytes23 July 2, 2019


    World Leaders: She doesn’t even go here!

  16. Patrick Sullivan
    Patrick Sullivan July 2, 2019

    I can't wait for Trump to mope the floor with Bernie Sanders that commie says he's going to go after all the billionaires and millionaires the 1% yet he is one of them just a dirty dirty commie💩💩💩

  17. Always Watching.
    Always Watching. July 2, 2019

    She's a scum bag trying to get more deals made for her business.

  18. jason H
    jason H July 2, 2019

    They are all in the room due to nepotism! Its just the other guys due to generation after generation of nepotism look way more inbred looking!! But another argument will be she has so much plastic surgery done thats how she has covered up that i breeding-

    FIVOTHREEFOUR July 2, 2019

    The world leaders are old skanks too though…

  20. American Cupcake
    American Cupcake July 2, 2019

    KYLE where did u get that shirt

  21. nathan carney
    nathan carney July 2, 2019

    The definition of entitlement

  22. Zurround100
    Zurround100 July 2, 2019

    reminds me of when I was a kid in school wanting the cool kids to include me socially and I would talk to them and be ignored.

  23. V. A. Odin
    V. A. Odin July 2, 2019

    Holy shit, she's talking about something not even relevant to the conversation while world leaders are discussing social justice. The fact that Ivanka has her own company and has enough time to look like a fucking moron on the world stage also shows that she puts zero work into the success of her company as well.

  24. Chris Raw
    Chris Raw July 2, 2019

    I'm embarrassed for his supporters defending this.

  25. Christopher power
    Christopher power July 2, 2019

    Yo Trudeau is there cause of nepotism

  26. Henry Fester
    Henry Fester July 2, 2019

    I want Kyle to do a video similar to this:
    (Breakdown of how USA is becoming fascist).
    Thumbs up if you agree, maybe he'll see it.

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