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Is Cuba a democracy? Havana’s “multi-party” political system

The nonexistence of multiple political parties of
the government in Cuba today impedes the construction
of a true democracy. This reality lacerates society
and promotes dissatisfaction among citizens who look for paths
to construct a better nation. This report comes
to us from Desde Adentro. The existence of various
political parties in a country has always indicated
the path to democracy. There has only been one party since 1959 and
the Cuba dictatorship of the Castro brothers. The new generations, born from the triumph
of the revolution, have never known what it is like to live with multiple cuba political parties. The multi-party system is the
existence of various parties which make up the
political system of a society. In Cuba politics consists of
only one party. Cuba is only one country.
It has only one party. I think that with various parties,
we have the option to make different choices about
the development of the country. I do not know. We could advance and
and have various options. Here, only one party exists, but that party is a
party that does whatever it feels like doing. If various political parties were to exist in
Cuba, it would be a true democracy. Part of the meaning of democracy is
the existence of a multi-party system. Generally, the people are the regulators
of this factor. That is how it is practiced in the majority of the countries in the
world, although the followers of the regime: I would always depend on the existence of
a one-party system. When elections in Cuba have a bipartisanship, a
multi-party system or multi-partisanship; when resources are placed
at the disposition of electoral campaigns, it greatly diminishes the
power of spending for the people. Havana has an official policy
to reduce the probability of various parties. In fact, it prohibits them. In a referendum
celebrated in the Summer of 2002, it imposed socialism as irrevocable
on the Island. This denies all form of existing party activities,
which are persecuted and repressed. I think it takes more than one person
to solve the 12 million economic problems on the Island.
Each inhabitant of this Island has a different problem.
People should be able to debate all of the economic problems,
so that one by one, a solution and an exit could be found for all of the
problems in Cuban society.

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  1. Javier Vargas
    Javier Vargas August 20, 2015

    You fail to mention that Cuba is non party system when it comes to elections…. People are elected on merit and not what party they belong to… You can run whether you belong to the communist party or not… THE USA and the exiles are trying to push multi parties in Cuba for one reason and one reason only… They reason is so they can finance what they would consider is an opposing party as they do in most countries around the world…. If you really study Cuba's government system in detail, you will find that it has many democratic features that are absent in the the rest of the so called democracies of the world….

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