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Introduction to Leadership Principles

[MUSIC PLAYING] Great leaders know
that leadership is about service to others
and service to mission. When you are leading others,
motivation becomes a daily task that you have to cultivate with
every action that you make. When you’re in a team, it’s
really important for you to have the different
personalities play off of each other. Leadership is sometimes
misunderstood as a mystical quality that some people
embody, and others don’t. How do you take charge
in a new leadership role? What tools can help you
lead a team effectively? Leadership is all about
bringing out the best in others to get the work done. This online course
is all about the work it takes to enable others
to be their best selves and to deliver on key tasks. Through multi-media
cases, you’ll step into the shoes
of a range of leaders as they stand on the precipice
of decisions and actions that they must take. I really think that my
job is to clear the path and to support and
develop them in ways that make them exceptionally
good at their jobs. You will expand your leadership
toolkit in this course and learn how to set direction,
design teams, coach colleagues, deliver feedback, and build
robust working relationships. We’ll be asking you to
reflect deeply about yourself through our 360 degree
assessment, reflections, exercises, and feedback
from fellow learners, you’ll walk away
from this course with a better
understanding of yourself and your impact on others. This course will give you
a better understanding of your distinct
leadership imprint. In sum, learning
to use these tools constitutes the
work of leadership.

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