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Internet Governance Forum – The Pulse on JoyNews (11-7-19)

now a tool that almost all people use daily is put under the microscope to highlight new ways of creating and developing find out what has what one what one organization has been looking at both innovation and the thought process of the youth intern reporter sharon Dunkwa has more details on this right here not that we don't have Internet governance and structure is a subject often overlooked that is until a new idea or a new way to profit is revealed but the Ghana Internet Governance forum wants to open the eyes of the people to realize the increasing level of importance of governance internet education and avoiding misuse all kinds of routine jobs have become automated in the past few years this year's forum is targeting the inspiration and education of the younger generation with speakers like Professor nee Qin or who is known as the father of the Internet well you cannot do anything without the youth and Internet is for all and the youth happen to be the majority of people in existence and therefore if you have a very special place and in particular for the Internet the youth are somewhat more active speakers also discuss pushing the youth to see that there are far more beneficial ways to use the Internet to create and innovate than to cause harm most of the youth engage in cyber fraud and all those kind of things in this program is to open our minds as they used to do more of their advantages of IT we can develop softwares so many kinds of things that will help we Africans organization officials say they chose to focus on the youth to better the future of Internet use the rules and regulations and for that we need to know them so that we are not exploited and they create snotty made an example that the father you drive a car doesn't make you an engineer in Auto mobile so the same way you use the internet for your everyday life does not make you an expert in the internet if you don't know members of the targeted youth attended the event in hopes of helping create a change to help the youth to be more innovative and come up with other things especially their gun in the Ghana Internet Governance forum will be holding the second half of their program on Thursday July 11th reporting for joy news I'm Sharon ganghwa that we are to some extent the engine for the future development of the country

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