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Innovation, leadership and participatory governance for health and wellbeing. Furio Honsell

Music so shall we shall we start the session
we’re already a little bit behind schedule so this is wannabe really an terrific session i was attending a conference as Marcus Graham mention
Delia last two weeks ago on game changer is. How the how is supposed to
change the game in order to actually be more effective and here we have three
cities that have been doing this consistently and so will we will see
what they are going to tell us but before then that i have to sort of
introduce this panel and essentially the the program will be all goes well run as
follows so first i will speak for quarter of an
hour then I with each of the three cities will get half an hour and then we
will have a quarter of an hour session but of course if you have a very very
sharp and urgent point to raise please do so because that might stimulate and make it
very very lively I’m not gonna have any exercises as Marcus Graham has but i do
have I did bring look some more not audible not audible not audible not audible I did one to bring a puzzle to strict so
no so these are two these are two just two
symmetric bricks and you have to build a pyramid for that so if you sort of get
this get I wouldn’t say bored because it’s going
to be a very exciting session but if you want to try you’re a lot of i would consider locking
your skills at this and then I want to have also a volunteer we wearing a jacket please just because
it’s a playful city ok can I have the yeah you are
responsible for not audible and you you have essentially to take it no no you have you have to take it out
yeah right now yeah not getting fearing the talks home
to change the game but first now let’s go to more serious things so I
am the mayor I have been mayor for the past eight years mayor’s in Italy are
elected by the people they stay in office for five years and can be
reelected only once so i have 22 months to go and you can as you can see it’s
actually quite tough before that I was a rector of the
university and i decided to do run as a mayor precisely because i want to do to sort
of run some kind of the MPS democracy not and technocracy but I wanted to
bring science at the foreground but in fact it is quite quite difficult and
other I really would like to thank the
organizers to congratulate again with Barcelona I really would like to thank to thank a
Kong ste Audrey azolla is a gear who whom I met it and I that’s not
irrelevant to this conference I met her in Brussels last December during the
launch of the Covenant for demographic change the end is really what to the
Covenant for the graphic change is an example of a kind of triple helix we will hear more about
that it is a an association that brings together local authorities a for-profit
nonprofit people from business of course it brings also associations
like the Association age platform which represents something like 40 million
european citizens are over 50 and what we try to do is that we tried to define
policies for enhancing the quality of life of our elderly because in fact we
are witnessing a the demographic change it has been mentioned the the issue of
elderly people but look if you take just about any indicator and you sort of
considered the next 50 years or you consider a 15-year span and this last
century you will see that all age-related
indicators will double in 50 years in fact there are three cities in the
world that by the year twenty twenty will have more than one foot more than
twenty-five percent of the population aged over 65 one of them is already there it’s Japan
and the other two are well one is Italy the old age index in my city is 216
meaning that every 100 under-14 we have 216 over 65 so that this is a quite a
bit of course being a mathematician and or in the statistician I don’t really
look at just one indicator I look at the time serious and see what
really happens but the third country is another European country a country I
leave it to you as an exercise which is the country will say that at the very
end so i am the president of this covenant and
let me see if I still have the time nor really respond for 10 minutes so that’s what I call middle out
approach it has been mentioned before the new paradigm shift in policy is
really not the top down where the authority decides what to do it’s not the bottom up we’re just
citizens are free to to run around it’s really what used to be called in in
the eighties when I used to work in artificial intelligence the middle out
approach in theorem proving so it it has also other words it is called enabling
but the local authority is a facilitator but really there are other words
for denoting this one of them at of course, is intermediating or even social
brokerage: you become social brokers and this is the way to achieve the
highest impact. Oh by the way, my last question to
the fantastic presentation of the Barcelona people when i asked about
indicators don’t take me in don’t misunderstand please, this I didn’t
want to have a proof of the impact. The impact indicator is just the last
indicator, there are many more so-called intermediate process indicators that
are very very important and essentially and next week i will i will be in
Brisbane where the Kobe wh 0 Kobe an officer will have a very important
conference on a in this case if we r is h friendliness indicators but the
general pattern is the following you have input indicators then you have output indicators but
that’s just half of the story then you have outcome indicators and only at the
very end you have impact indicators so you have all these process indicators
that it is important to measure. And for instance just to give you an example: the first input indicator is how much
for instance political commitment you have that is indeed an indicator to
measure and of course it doesn’t really make sense to say well it does it have
an impact or not but still it is very very important. So. these are examples of
the middle out a very successful initiatives i have done this is on a
contrasting cognitive decline oh by the way here it’s fantastic
because here use you are all multilingual, you know that very recent
findings on alzheimer’s and dementia prove that multilingual communities are much more
resilient and the reason even people after stroke are more have a
remote a faster recovery and you know why because in a multilingual context you are more trained to compensate and
there have been really extraordinary As medical evidence, you know they have
taken groups of people with the having having the same cognitive capacities and
then they have scanned to their brains with that three test them no machine in order to see how the the
the they’re sort of the that’s causing the
disease the degeneration was progressing and they found that the multilingual
world’s had their brain not all of them had the equa,l so they
were all dementia, at the better they had sort of equal performance and they found
the multilingual had their brain much more devastated by the disease than the
monolingual and so this is actually the proof that multilingualism is is
actually very very important to pursue. This is another example a and it’s
called a note to the solid who denies the city hundred hundred fifty thousand
people and this is we have a lot of voluntary associations and what we did
here is just a call center. Call center for a illness people trying to match
needs to suppliers and so it’s a typical example this is our word game say this i
did in honor of of would freak that is so they told me the center of the play
the game industry gaming industry in Utrecht know there is this very very
interesting example in wh 0 i believe it’s from somewhere in the Netherlands
so it could be Utrecht but this was a very nice story at wh 0 you know the idea is to make the healthy
way the easy way so out to force people to
use the stairs? and there was this beautiful example where each step actually when you pressed it every
produced a note a piano yeah that this was a new tricked or
don’t i don’t know it was in the ambulance and so people just use the
stairs because of this playful trick and this is a typical example if we want to teach healthy lifestyles we have to make
them the the easy way we have to make them the fun way it can’t be don’t stop stop eating those
things and rather eat boring stuff no you have to make it
interesting Now and this is the energy I have
signed in 2009 that the Covenant of Mayors to reduce the i have four minutes
to go to reduce the it’s very difficult to to actually chair yourself that
something which doesn’t doesn’t work So. I signed the commitment of Mayors to reduce co2 emissions from fossil fuels so this is extremely interesting even as
an exercise just to measure not the impact of your action but just to
measure how much co2 you produce and of course you have to do to do a lot of
promotion and so we have an energy day where we try to promote a sustainable
life science since we have many waterways in our city who we have used
these turbines that are just parking meters inverted pump this is the power of course you have
to promote mathematics or so the years by day which is on the fourteenth of
March a little after 1500 hours it’s a pie day and then this other
example called the readers night I think we know Buenos Aires is the city which has the highest a concentration of lot of bookstores
per inhabitant but ordinary is among the first five so I wonder your cities
how do they place themselves so this is an indicator I don’t know if
it will measure the impact or wherever this is a good indicator of co-creation
the classical example in wh 0 of creation is that is walk to school you
you instead of having it there you sort of a help children who want to
go to school not using the family’s a private vehicle but just walk so you’d
this has many many many beneficial effects like doing intergenerational activity oh by the way
this is also very interesting thing that often people don’t consider. We are
living in an inn for the first time in history of mankind we live in a time when there are four or
even where it is very common that there are four or five generations like a
person who is 60 it has to deal with his grandchildren and also with his parents
four layers when when classroom so from the primary school visit me at the Town
Hall your our often enjoy asking them so now how many of you have a great to
grandfather and a few hands are risen but I say no I meant also a great to
grandmother and then lots of hands in all rise because they know they take my
questions always very seriously but in the end you see there are many ok public-private partnerships so a very important thing in reducing
co2 was to build a district heating system with cogeneration because I don’t
know here in Spain but in Italy from the electricity from the mains has an
efficiency of thirty-five percent from the primary energy source it’s not the case in Northern Europe
it’s it’s it’s better but this is because of their other reasons but so
you see cogeneration is very important and i will I could go on and on but my
time is running out so the last thing that I want to mention is how I brought
the broadband fiber in my city I did that right now it is all of it is
not a hundred percent with 50 megabyte per second and instead of really digging
new pipes I used the street lighting pipes and i
made an agreement with the telephone company and allowing them to use you know what my sewage pipes and this
is really i think one of the most innovative and a eight ideas but of
course you have to negotiate with the companies to make sure that actually
they are willing to put their own cables in in your own pipes and so this I think
it’s quite an intriguing combination because you have the most prosaic thing
which is efficiency which and the most to a few futuristic infrastructure that
is a fiber the the fiber cable there the optic fiber this is about it some ideas on this
paradigm shift and on how to actually a go about in changing the game and now
the first speaker is Sandro Petruzzi from Torino Torino is a very very important city in
Italy that has about a million citizens so that is currently undergoing a huge
or reorganization setting because they are building what is called the
metropolitan area and so we will I think hear from him how the issues of health and energy
error addressed in this huge governance change that is the making of a of them the Metropolitan there

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