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Imran Khan's Journey from Cricketing Playboy to Politician

in the mountains of Kashmir they're clamoring to greet Pakistan's favorite son 14 years ago he won the World Cup for these fanatical cricket lovers given the further you'd think it had only just happened Imran Khan still strides forth as the country's most recognized man after all the affection and goodwill he's haunted by the specter of personal and professional failure I had everything I mean I still have everything I think I'm one of the most fortunate people who whatever he wanted in life he God I would like to see him Ron as the moral conscience of Pakistan I think you could do involves the story of life after cricket for Imran Khan is a saga of ambition set in a SubPop pakistan's far north a spectacular landscape of jagged mountains and deep balance last october saw a huge natural disaster an earthquake that killed more than 75,000 people the epicenter bala Kok town was reduced to rubble also badly damaged was the reputation of the military Pakistan's most pervasive national institution it receives as much as one-third of the national budget and yet failed to act quickly during a time of crisis it was total chaos there was no direction you know there was no central what the government should have actually done was to direct this relief effort Imran Khan was a high-profile face of Pakistan's civilian response his charity organization raised millions of dollars worldwide to provide shelter and clothing to victims left stranded by the state Vic we live which in another Rai might almost like we deal with that eternal out that under another odd this is as far as the government goes this darkness there's nothing to look forward to since we don't know as a moment what will happen a year a lot once I get into power that could be a while these people had their lives turned upside down by catastrophe but on this day they're honoring Imran Khan with a cricket match whether he likes it or not I have left cricket way behind you know for me it's part of my past and I never looked back in my past it's a sort of character trade when I left school I never wanted to go back I left University never wanted to go back when I stopped playing cricket I never wanted to go play cricket again the feeling was a lot smoother than the pitch fireworks and a crowd invasion signaled the end of the match and the start of wild celebrations three-run carne cricket is both a blessing and a burden it brought him Fame and recognition but he wants to be known for much more when I became the cricket captain I couldn't speak to the team directly I was so shy I had to tell the manager I said listen can you talk to that this is what I want to convey to the team I mean early team meetings I used to be so shy and embarrassed I couldn't talk to the team and Herriman now I stand in front of thousands of people and I make speeches and so I changed my character to suit my mission man-up quit vodka Nakata his mission is politics Imran Khan launched his self-styled justice movement ten years ago many up were you not oh yeah Pakistan he was elected as its sole parliamentarian in 2002 but he's never found a way to convert the public's adoration into votes that would put his party in a political big lead well um I bet the whole ambience at that in a country that's been ruled by a succession of dictators and corrupt feudal dynasties there's very little room for political Outsiders especially champions of radical change youngish a lot better well well John Musker did the doctor just that I caught told you they're Husni Mubarak miss Irma better wear either by our diet potato egg hamid karzai better wear couple now – yeah Jap Muslim on yoga perestroika Brooklyn Batiatus we want a sovereign Pakistan we do not want a president to be a poodle of George Bush's we want him to you know lead this country and give us pride and self-respect and dignity number two we won't rule of law in Pakistan we do not want the ruling elite to be above law at the moment there's only one issue to get rid of military dictatorship Emraan wasn't always so concerned about democracy he was vocal in support of general pervez musharraf who deposed an elected leader nearly seven years ago people were seeing darkness all along we have now shown them light the main thing was that he wanted to finish sham democracy quote on board and bring in genuine democracy to Pakistan so here we were thinking her as his a hero you know wants to bring the hill democracy in Pakistan we all supported him Emraan claims he was offered a plum job Musharraf Prime Minister why did you turn it down because I asked myself a very simple question we'll all these call the Coalition of crooks will they ever allow a judiciary to be independent would Musharraf allow a judiciary to be independent the answer is no and what does he do about accountability of corrupt politicians he aligns himself with the biggest crooks in this country I mean these are not just crooks they're icons of corruption the perception is largely true that if Musharraf and Musharraf cease bar if Musharraf had offered him the prime ministership of this country he would have taken it Weimer account says he did he did what offering the prime ministership well you have to ask Musharraf whether he did or not so you can't really take his word for it Musharraf certainly says this that he's angry with me because I didn't give him what he wants her say of the host government Pakistan's political system may not be all the counts against Imran Khan according to one of the nation's most respected political commentators some difficult people in his own party who worked with him and then left him say he's autocratic he doesn't listen and he has a clique of people around him were chums and buddies he listens to them but he doesn't really interact with his only party members just get in your constant a lot of the Imran Khan's story is about backtracking on a lot of things he said earlier which is why this doesn't inspire people okay lost ball lost ball and then Salama goand doesn't this is the private domain of Imran Khan's family his marriage to Jemima goldsmith ended two years ago she now lives in Britain these days Sons calcium and Suleiman only come to Dad's house in Pakistan during holidays it's only been a year since they've got any had any interest in cricket otherwise if I on television if I was we were sitting in you know in front of the TV and if cricket came along I would have a chorus either side not boring cricket again so I just flick the channel again these days the world's greatest all-rounder only plays the backyard game they love it her open spaces and London it's not really it's not the best place for children to grow up in the sense that it's not a very outdoor life and here's a you know it's a it's perfect for them Khan says he faced a dilemma and made a brutal choice career ambition / marriage in the sense that I was dawn you know trying to make my marriage work and and and you know trying to give time to politics and and that it got divided certainly if I wasn't married I would have been able to give much more time to politics you have we education commoning amariah gong Kundera duel is nowadays this is a typical day at the office he's come to remote rural Pakistan to meet his constituents these men are complaining to em Ron about television recipients but their local member has his eye on the bigger picture most Pakistanis resent President Musharraf for supporting America's so-called war on terror not far from this community Pakistan's military has been strike hard against suspected al-qaeda and Taliban hideouts but you vitally met the campaign is causing a backlash a shift in the national mood from secularism to religious conviction by those who believe the war on terror is a war on Islam and Imran Khan is one of them because of this war on Islam and the siege mentality coming in the sphere that the United States is about to destroy our way of life which is sweeping across everywhere and the bombing of Afghanistan had a big impact of understand it very close from it so it had a big fallout here that has led to most people going to mosques more reverting back to you know so as so as to speak closing ranks but the worst thing is that it is radicalizing our societies there's a radicalism going on in reaction to what has happened it's a bizarre transformation a one-time heartthrob setting himself up as a defender of the faith and the madrasa system of religious schools Iran claims it fills a void left by a crumbling state education system Pakistan spends less than 2% of its national budget on public schooling so you know for the poorest of the poor and and let me say that almost 40% of the population is below the poverty line so for them this is the only way to have at least the children read and write Imran Khan is not afraid to keep company with people labeled as radicals and he's sympathetic to the resurgent Taliban movement in neighboring Afghanistan it's made him a political target the reason why they gotta be fundamentalist Oh anything because they don't know my religious views so it's clearly not on what I believe in it's on my political views and my political views of a nationalist I do not believe your country should be bootlicking some superpower I believe in self-respect and dignity and what does that got to do with fundamentalism oh so on you have extremists it's like concentrating in the United States on the Klu Klux Klan and saying all Americans are like that it's exactly what's happening in the Muslim world they concentrate on the fanatics and then bran who hold 1.3 billion people with the same brush the Playboy – Puritan Utah left many people scratching their heads in wonder Emraan credits a spiritual reawakening towards the end of his cricketing career that popular perception which is probably about to make you cringe about being the Playboy will you like that before you went through this process you know I mean that was a bachelor I was playing cricket I loved life I still loved life what it does is that it sort of gives you something incredible it gives you inner peace contentment which I actually never had before it might be military run but there's still plenty of free expression in Pakistan sprouting anti-government rhetoric isn't hard but most people think their president is doing the wrong thing siding with the u.s. who isn't trying to be anti Musharraf in this country it isn't uh so you know it isn't an old idea he's still happy sitting with the religious parties because they think they're ant America but he won't share the platform with the mainstream moderate parties because he thinks that they were corrupt so you know it's his right isn't it I asked her ah sorry they are corrupt everybody is corrupt even the religious parties are corrupt even the military is corrupt who isn't corrupt in politics politics is all about corruption to a greater or lesser extent some is more transparent some is less but at the end of the day all power is corrupting so now if Imran Khan is going to get into politics that he's got to learn to live with the fact that there is a trickle-down corruption effect everywhere Imran Khan may have missed his mark in politics so far but this is where he's truly at home we come to the hospital that Imran built in a desperately poor nation short on quality medical care got so done today in a country of 166 million people it's Pakistan's only facility devoted to cancer treatment they've come from far away and the world tests most of the people here are poor and will be treated free of charge I don't know you how do you it takes 15 minutes just to get in the front door always like this yes you know the thing that you can only take about every there's seven new patients there about 30-40 new patients which arrive every day and all those cases outside all overwhelming compelling cases well we have to take a decision that which are the patient's we take so we take only patients which are from the first stages of cancer you know who we can who we have a better chance of curing sure Imran travelled the country on a fundraising campaign to build the hospital driven by an experience that changed his life well my mother died of cancer we're back in 1985 and it's then that I discovered you know when she was ill that there was no cancer hospital in this country so whereas people like us could afford to take our relatives abroad for treatment for people like this there was nowhere to go the hospital has an international reputation as a Cancer Research Center another is planned for Pakistan's biggest city Karachi but this is a good problem so yes yeah actually most of the children are we think we think we think they will all survive yeah that's it that is the good news it's not actually that depressing because in children return you know you have very good results here Pakistanis may embrace Imran Khan the charity worker and sporting hero but they've shown a reluctance to support his political ambition in cricket one of the things that you were known for was your discipline and and knowing when to quit if politics isn't working for you when is the time to walk away when do you decide that you can quit there's no question of quitting this is a struggle for life I mean when I came into politics I had decided that I would go to achieve my goals whatever it took and I have no fears you know I have no fear of dying of failure of anything so that means that for my opponents I'm very dangerous but the danger for Imran Khan is that in a country dominated by patronage politics and the military it's likely he'll never be more than a celebrity outsider you


  1. Qalbe Hassan
    Qalbe Hassan June 29, 2019

    alhamdulillah he is PM of great nation Pakistan🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰

  2. Omair Sheikh
    Omair Sheikh June 29, 2019

    Oh hey look it's Najam Shady

  3. Tarek Bania
    Tarek Bania June 29, 2019

    ''i have no fear of dying or failure or anything so that means that for my opponents i'm very dangerous'' Prime Minister.

  4. Abdul Khan
    Abdul Khan June 29, 2019

    Imran khan is the best ever thing happened to Pakistan "A living legend"

  5. Rana Ali Akhtar Alam Khan
    Rana Ali Akhtar Alam Khan June 29, 2019

    Today he is Pakistans Prime Minister.

  6. Scorpion
    Scorpion June 29, 2019

    Najam Sethi is a realist so he limits his thinking and believes reality cannot change. Everyone is corrupt so we have to deal with it.

    Imran Khan is a rare more special breed of human. He is a visionary. He believes the world should change for the better. Politicians should not be corrupt we need to change that.

    Life is easy for the realist and hard for the visionary.

    The realist adapts to life and changes his morals to fit the world he lives in.

    The visionary is a lone wolf. He rather be alone and right than be popular and wrong.

    You have one life you can either choose to be a Najam Sethi or an Imran Khan.

  7. Abdullah Azim Shah
    Abdullah Azim Shah June 29, 2019

    He's now our popular elected PM ♥ He's IK our proud our passion !

  8. Sharp Shooter
    Sharp Shooter June 29, 2019

    Here we are today… and he is the Prime Minister of Pakistan!

  9. Zeeshan Arshad
    Zeeshan Arshad June 29, 2019

    Celebrity outsider… Today he's Prime Minister ✌️🇵🇰❤️

  10. Talha Ejaz
    Talha Ejaz June 29, 2019

    Robot personality no ineraction with common man

  11. Uzair Arshad Sohail
    Uzair Arshad Sohail June 29, 2019

    Really very dangerous for opponents

  12. Uzair Arshad Sohail
    Uzair Arshad Sohail June 29, 2019


  13. Basharat Ali
    Basharat Ali June 29, 2019

    It's amazing to see this vedio has only 52k veiwa

  14. Class One
    Class One June 29, 2019

    hope of Pakistan

  15. arslan rasheed
    arslan rasheed June 29, 2019

    look najam sethi 😀

  16. Karandeep Singh
    Karandeep Singh June 29, 2019


  17. Shafiullah Shirazi
    Shafiullah Shirazi June 29, 2019

    Even a dumb will understand the hidden grudges of this bias man "Saiti". Spitting on moon results in spitting on ones own face. Show me a single man around the globe who has or can build a cancer hospital, where seventy percent patients get free treatment? Leave his other achievements aside…… I am not a PTI member or a voter, sitting thousands of miles away from Pakistan. History will remember him as one of the noblest man ever born in recent centuries. He is a gift to Pakistan by Almighty Allah. Maligning or ignoring him will not be his bad luck rather a historic and horrific blunder of the nation and the rest of world. I hardly can find words which can justify the qualities of great Imran Khan.

  18. The Knowledge HUB international
    The Knowledge HUB international June 29, 2019

    Love Khan

  19. Critic224
    Critic224 June 29, 2019

    Imran Khan has gone through a transformation as all of us humans do.
    But the difference is that his transformation is quite public and to his credit he doesn't hide it.
    And he doesn't shy away from showing his good or bad and accepting his mistakes.

  20. Ali Butt
    Ali Butt June 29, 2019

    what a man..

  21. Israrkhan Israrkhan
    Israrkhan Israrkhan June 29, 2019

    love for Jamima ,please comeback to Pakistan and start sleeping with him we all Pakistani want you the wife of a next priminester of Pakistan

  22. Omair Paracha
    Omair Paracha June 29, 2019

    look where he is now. you dumb reporters

  23. Umair Khan
    Umair Khan June 29, 2019

    This was made in 2006. 11 years later Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (Imran Khan's party) becomes world's second most popular party, only topped by Democratic Party in America; BBC Report.

  24. Umair Khan
    Umair Khan June 29, 2019


  25. Kashif Iqbal
    Kashif Iqbal June 29, 2019

    najam sethi is such a basttered who will even not reluctant to use his own daughter for Imran khan 's character assesination
    Najam sethi nation knows you are a raw agent who doesn't miss a single chance to demage and defame Pakistan but remember your end will not be different from Mir sadaq and Mir jafar

  26. zak
    zak June 29, 2019

    as per sethi ,,,coruption is must
    verybad najam sethi

  27. Ahmed Talpur
    Ahmed Talpur June 29, 2019

    My Inspiration Is Imran Khan 😍😍😍

  28. Zain Ismail
    Zain Ismail June 29, 2019

    The great Imran Khan.

  29. Zain Ismail
    Zain Ismail June 29, 2019

    Najam Sethi is an asshole.

  30. Jaz Dhesi
    Jaz Dhesi June 29, 2019

    What A Man, What A Vision!

  31. doc qasim
    doc qasim June 29, 2019

    my inspiration . love you imran khan

  32. Rostam Sunny
    Rostam Sunny June 29, 2019

    "hell never be anything more than a celebrity outsider"… Here we are 10 years later and Khan has the largest political party in Pakistan by membership, a whole province under him and the second largest political party by vote count. And the best thing about Khans philosophy…. Its contagious! #watchout

  33. Rostam Sunny
    Rostam Sunny June 29, 2019

    Imran Khan, the true representative of Pakistan. Go Khan!!

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