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Impeachment is broken. Impeach Trump, anyway.

In 1788, three founding fathers made the case
for the US constitution in a series of essays called “The Federalist Papers”. And if you want
to understand why impeachment is broken today, it’s worth starting there. With what they thought it would look like if it worked. In Federalist 65, Alexander
Hamilton makes the case for the way the Framers designed the impeachment power. The House brings impeachment, but it’s the Senate that decides whether to convict and remove. Not the Supreme Court, or some other independent tribunal. A bunch of politicians.
Why? Why give them that power? Here’s the argument Hamilton makes: Impeachment, he says, poses a special problem.
It’s meant for offenses that are “POLITICAL” — he writes “political” in all caps, for emphasis — “as they relate chiefly to injuries done immediately to the society itself.” Stop for a moment on what Hamilton means there. Impeachment isn’t just for crimes. Perfectly legal acts can injure a society. James Madison said a president
could be impeached for “the wanton removal of meritorious officers” — that is to say,
the President can be impeached for firing good people for no reason. Not a crime, but it is impeachable. You can see this
in the first impeachment in American history. It was a Federal Judge, John Pickering, in
1803. Pickering was an alcoholic and a bully, and historians think he was probably suffering from early-stage dementia. Among the charges brought against him were “loose morals and intemperate habits.”
Is that really… a crime? No, it’s not a crime. But he was impeached, convicted by the Senate, and removed from office, anyway. It was an injury to the society he was serving The way he acted on the bench to the House and the Senate was not acceptable. In some ways, it would be easier if impeachment were just for crimes. And that was considered. Crimes have definitions.
At least in theory they have definitions. Political offenses are harder to define and the problem
with political offenses, as Hamilton said, is They get politicized. One man’s political offense is another man’s bold act to defend his party and country. That’s the problem, Hamilton said. Political offenses “agitate the
passions of the whole community” they “divide it into parties.” Once that happens,
the danger is that impeachment will be decided “more by the comparative strength
of parties, than by the real demonstrations of innocence or guilt.” And if that happened,
it would lose credibility. Everything about impeachment rests on the independence and authority and legitimacy of the body charged with the role. You needed
a body in touch with the people, but above the petty considerations of parties, and factions,
and fad. You needed a body the public could trust. trust. Hamilton admitted there was no perfect
answer. But the Senate, with its six-year terms and staggered elections, the Senate
came closest. Hamilton argued that no “other body would be likely to feel CONFIDENCE ENOUGH
IN ITS OWN SITUATION, to preserve, unawed and uninfluenced, the necessary impartiality between
an INDIVIDUAL accused, and the REPRESENTATIVES OF THE PEOPLE.” He was wrong. “This week the president has admitted to
asking the president of Ukraine to take actions which would benefit him politically …” President Donald Trump faces possible impeachment
after repeatedly asking the president of Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden. He did all this a week after Trump froze military aid to Ukraine. When Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky brought up the aid, Trump responded in a call record
his own White House released: “I would like you to do us a favor though” and then he turned the conversation back to investigating Joe Biden. All of this, again, confirmed in a call record released by
Trump’s own White House. “This is about abuse of power by an overreaching
executive. Something the founding fathers feared.” Using the power of the Presidency to pressure
a foreign government to investigate your domestic political rivals.  I would say that’s somewhat worse
than the wanton of removal of meritorious officers. But even if that goes to full impeachment,
the President will be tried in the Senate. And he would not be tried in the Senate
as Hamilton imagined it: the impartial Senate Hamilton hoped we’d have. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell already said,
“If this is the ‘launching point’ for House Democrats’ impeachment process, they’ve
already overplayed their hand.” “From my point of view, to impeach any president
over a phone call like this would be insane.” Alexander Hamilton wrote in defense of a political system he thought would resist organized political parties. The
modern Senate, like the House, is controlled by political parties. And it is a political party
Donald Trump leads. We’ve gone from having impeachment as a political remedy for political offenses
to a partisan remedy for political offenses. So let’s be honest. It is very, very unlikely,
no matter what Trump has done, that he will be removed from office by the Senate. He is
being tried not before the unawed, uninfluenced body Hamilton imagined, but by his co-partisans,
whose fortunes are tied together with his. They will protect him at all costs because
protecting him is protecting them. So rather than just looking at what impeachment
can’t do, I want to look at what it can do. Because even a broken impeachment process isn’t
useless. Impeachment can act as a sanction to Trump. It can unearth information voters will need when deciding whether to reelect the President, and it
will provide a warning to foreign countries that would seek influence over our politics. I’m Liliana Mason. I’m a professor of government and politics at the University of Maryland. Lilliana Mason studies partisan polarization and how it’s warping the American political system. The most of what I do is actually looking at the ways that the public understands and
interprets what’s happening. And in an interview she made this great point to me: Voters are so overwhelmed with
information all the time that it’s hard to sort of have a focusing event for them where
they get to really pay attention to what’s happening and learn some new things. And that’s
one thing that these hearings would do. We have to think of it as more than just removal. Impeachment is a form of public disgrace.
To be one of only four Presidents in American history, even if you are not convicted
by the Senate, is to know an asterisk will be forever attached to your presidency. It
will make just about every single person now in the country seriously consider whether or
not you did something wrong. That’s not as strong a punishment as removal
from office, but it might lead to removal from office. In impeachment, yes, it is the House’s role is to bring the case and it is the Senate’s role to judge the accused. In an era of of partisanship like we have now,
it’s very very difficult for it to work properly. The problem facing the country right now is that
Senate leadership would almost certainly not convict the accused,
no matter what the accused did. But the Senate is not the only possible
judge of President Donald Trump. Public opinion is ultimately, I think, the jury that Democrats in the House are playing to. Look, in the previous two modern impeachments, you could see the effects on public opinion. Well, for Nixon, as the public learned more about what had happened, approval of both the impeachment
process and removal increased. For Clinton, his approval went up. As citizens
learned more about the details of Clinton’s crime, I think the approval went up because they sort of found
that there wasn’t a whole lot that he had done. It was gross, but it didn’t, maybe, seem like the
Constitution required that he be removed. But both of those impeachments
began in the president’s second term. They weren’t going to face the voters again. The difference, this time, is the impeachment process
began before Trump has won reelection. And, make no mistake, Trump’s offense
here was all about the 2020 election. It is about what is proper for the President to do
when running for reelection. It is about whether he can use his office, the most powerful office we gift upon someone, that we entrust him with, to enlist foreign governments
as allies in shaping American elections This one- THIS one, was about us.
What we would see, what we would know. What we would be made to believe.
So maybe we, the voters, are actually the right jury here. Trump wanted to run for reelection atop a
booming economy: “Make America great again!” Now he is going to run as a candidate arguing that
when he said, “I need you to do me a favor, though” of the Ukrainian President, it didn’t quite
rise to the level of quid pro quo. I’m not a political consultant, but,
“I’m not quite a crook” isn’t a great bumper sticker. In his farewell address, President George
Washington spoke against “the common and continual mischiefs of the spirit of party.”
In particular, he warned that partisan infighting, it “opens the door to foreign influence and
corruption.” In 2016, Russia reached deep into the US presidential election to help elect
Donald Trump and their investment paid off in spades. Trump has defended and praised Putin,
he’s undermined NATO, he’s made American politics more fractious and polarized and chaotic than ever. But it paid off for Trump.
He’s President, and the Mueller report, it carried no direct consequence for him.
That’s the context in which he asked Ukraine to help him in 2020. After all, it worked
the first time. Partisanship, opening the country to this kind of foreign influence, and then
protecting the foreigners who influenced it after they do, that is exactly what Washington and Hamilton
feared the system they designed couldn’t handle. The question for a foreign country, facing an opportunity or potentially a presidential request to intervene in America’s election, is what they may gain and what they may lose. For Ukraine, the possible gains were clear:
military aid they desperately needed and anything else that might flow
from nurturing Trump’s goodwill. But the spotlight of impeachment
makes the costs clearer, too. A foreign country asked to intervene in an
American election may see its activities exposed, much to the fury of the other political party.
Much to the fury even of the public. Ukraine may have wanted Trump’s goodwill, but it doesn’t want the Democrats’ ill will. It doesn’t want the distraction or infamy
of this investigation. Impeachment, in this case, acts
as a message to other countries too: You don’t want to be part of our circus. Even so,
we do live now in the world Washington feared. Republicans are falling in line behind Trump,
they are placing their loyalty to him, to each other, above any sense of public accountability. And in doing, they have opened American politics to foreign influence To foreign corruption. Partisanship like this, it
creates eras in which corruption of all kinds flourishes. Because so long as that corruption is to the benefit
of the party in power, that American politics has no true answer for official wrongdoing in periods of unified party government, it’s chilling. It’s not that the impeachment process itself isn’t working because I do think it has some benefits even without conviction. I think the frightening thing about it is that it’s impossible for it to be used if
there isn’t divided government. Look, Hamilton wasn’t, in the end,
just the author of Federalist 65. He was also the author of much of Washington’s farewell address. Sadly, it’s his pessimism about what would happen to an America driven by party, rather than his optimism about the Senate, that rings true today. And yet, even a broken impeachment
process has its uses. The House can focus the public’s attention. It can send a message to the world. It can create a record for the future. Maybe that’s not sufficient. Maybe it’s not as much as impeachment was initially designed to do. But it’s something. And it’s going to have to be enough.


  1. Vox
    Vox October 4, 2019

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  2. Matt Lawler
    Matt Lawler October 7, 2019

    Republican or Democrat, this current political climate is a joke. It's embarrassing. This is all games. No one is really doing their job.
    We need term limits, we also need to return to political office not being a career, but a service…like it used to be.
    What we have now are rats clinging to crumbs and doing all they can to hold onto their job rather than represent their constituents.

  3. JSG1138
    JSG1138 October 7, 2019

    If you really think impeaching Donald Trump and plunging this country into chaos is going to be good, I wouldn't trust you to make yourself a slice of toast.
    Impeaching Donald Trump in today's political climate will plunge this country into a war.
    The country will completely unravel

  4. Luis Angel Santos
    Luis Angel Santos October 7, 2019

    “You don’t even have to be convicted of a crime to lose your job in this constitutional republic… Impeachment is not about punishment. Impeachment is about cleansing the office. Impeachment is about restoring honor and integrity to the office.” ~ Lindsay Graham, 1999

  5. cronikproductions
    cronikproductions October 7, 2019

    Ok the president is trying to work with Ukraine to win influence over the next election. How is that any different than anyone else trying to win influence? You guys realize that they are only upset because they are political opponents.

  6. Phlegethon
    Phlegethon October 7, 2019

    Tell other countries not to mess in US politics….so who’s telling the US not to mess in their politics?

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    Donald Trump will not only not be impeached but he will be reelected. What will the DNC do then?

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  11. Nerd
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    I don't care for Trump, but I honestly don't know what the big deal was. He asked someone to do an investigation. Who cares what country does in investigation? Either way who ever does the investigation is either going to dig information up, or not find anything.

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    Both parties are not lawlessly partisan.

  21. Draconis The Wyvern
    Draconis The Wyvern October 8, 2019

    Lie 1: he asked Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden.

    This is a blatant and provable lie. Read the transcript. An even than the call happened well before running for reelection.

    Lie 2: Russia helped Trump.

    Russia admitted to making ads for both sides and explicitly stated they were doing it with the intention of causing chaos.

    But you dont wanna talk about Russia "helping" Clinton or the UK helping Clinton. Or Saudi Arabia.

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  28. Eric
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    Blue Macaw October 8, 2019

    The quid quo pro happened when Trump asked the Ukraine to investigate Biden and he withheld money to the Ukraine. Trump's people even texted about doing all of this.

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    When all Democrats wanna do is kick the one president that had actually done anything decent in the past 20 years 😂

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    I think OJ Simpson is a great example of how getting away with crimes emboldens one.
    Trump thought he was done from Mueller but got off he now thinks he can do anything.
    Also he doesn't know what he is doing no experience in government and is very smart in the first place along with some mental problems he will break the camel's back despite others trying to help him.
    The Mueller Report shows that if not for others he would have already been dismissed.

  41. Yasira Osiris
    Yasira Osiris October 8, 2019

    The main media are a bunch of liers and cover up corruption – how they can be talking of a crime that the president HAS NOT COMMITED – My question is why are you barking lies in your news too???? You are bunch of liers – you are not news – you are part of the corrupt stablishment- part of the deep state

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    Benjamin Brooks October 8, 2019

    If the Democrats hadn't been talking about impeachment from day 1 of this presidency, then they might have a case. We know that they have been looking for any reason to impeach him. I don't think they really believe that Trump did anything bad with this Ukraine situation, but it's merely a good enough excuse to get what they have wanted all along.
    Democrats want to impeach the President solely because of party politics. They can't handle losing.

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    adam latham October 8, 2019

    Federalist papers have yet to be given any respect with any court case. It's just opinions, n isnt what everyone back then she'd on, nor does it dictate America in the future

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    If you told the original founding fathers that there was an impeachment investigation going on because we elected someone like Trump they would be like "….you did what? You actually elected a completely incompetent individual as commander in chief?"

  49. K. D.
    K. D. October 8, 2019

    When I look at this through bipartisan lens I ask myself, " Do we want a Democratic President doing what it is alleged Trump is doing?"

    Of course not. The impeachment process should continue. Trump may not be impeached but because of the allegations, this process must continue.

  50. rob2508
    rob2508 October 8, 2019

    Laws from 250 years ago, very out of date….

  51. Keith Cooke
    Keith Cooke October 8, 2019

    We are the only nation permitted to interfere in foreign politics that is the job of the C I A

  52. sifridbassoon
    sifridbassoon October 8, 2019

    1. I seriously doubt that Trump will lose any sleep over whether his administration goes into the history books with an asterisk next to his name. We already know that he cannot be shamed.
    2. If I'm the head of a corrupt government (in, say, northern Eurasia), and I see that a US president is NOT removed from office for cutting a sweetheart deal with a foreign government, that could be a BIG deciding factor about whether I try to get a similar deal.

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    The Founding Fathers also envisioned a world where "A small number of persons, selected by their fellow-citizens from the general mass, will be most likely to possess the information and discernment requisite to such complicated [tasks]"

    That's called a Republic. This whole "we're a democracy and we need to abolish the electoral college" campaign is against the very idea of the Constitution. 

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  84. Lily Fenster
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  96. Ahsim Nreiziev
    Ahsim Nreiziev October 9, 2019

    It's an uncomfortable subject to bring up, but another fundamental change happened between when Hamilton wrote about Impeachment and Removal, and today. And given that Hamilton did in fact write about the threat of Partisanship, it stands to reason that that wasn't the problem he (and the other Founding Fathers) didn't foresee. Maybe the point I am about to raise is the one he failed to anticipate..

    Another thing that fundamentally changed the Senate, and thus fundamentally changed the process of Impeachment and Removal, is the passing of the 17th Amendment to the United States Constitution in 1913.

    Like I said, not a comfortable subject to bring up. But it being a valid topic of discussion here is something which I think cannot be denied.

    CAROGOPRI October 9, 2019

    Ezra Kleeeiiinnn! Just bring me flowers 💐 and I will give you cake! 🍩💁‍♂️

  98. alejandro ojeda
    alejandro ojeda October 9, 2019

    Hamilton: predicting the failures of a system he designed two centuries ago….😲
    the rest: in the meantime they did nothing to address it 😑

    JULIUS BLITZARZ October 9, 2019


  100. OopsNoName Found
    OopsNoName Found October 9, 2019

    I'm not a trump supporter but if joe Biden did do this to get his son out of trouble isnt that also an obstruction of justice, when he was working for someone who was laundering money on a mass scale?

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