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I Think "The Left" Is Dead Or Dying, The Democrats Might As Well Be Two Different Parties

I've been going through a lot of the news following the White House summit with Donald Trump the social media summit and it's all pretty insane like seriously insane they're saying it was a meeting of like far-right extremists and trolls and it was a roomful of 250 people which included moderate conservatives some individuals with left-wing views like myself and many of these like basically all of these stories call me right-wing I started thinking about it like what about me makes me right-wing my criticism of the far left and the failures of the Democrats so if anyone dare call it their site they must be the other side I don't necessarily care what you call me you can call me Susan if it makes you happy but it got me thinking about if someone like myself can't vote for someone who's pro-choice Pro progressive tax Pro public health care pro environmentalism like because if people to exist or because they're their identitarian and so I call this out that makes me right-wing even though I've publicly supported Tulsi Gabbard and made I kid you not in the past couple weeks especially following the debates I'm in a ton of videos talking about why Tulsi Gabbard is great and I made a video specifically dedicated to just that why I like Tulsi Gabbard but I'm right-wing in fact Vox called Tulsi Gabbard conservative on war and it got me thinking there's no left anymore now think about it if you say your right-wing people will make an assumption about what you are if you say your left-wing no one has any idea what the hell you're talking about it's it's very simple actually people on the left are so actually let's do this let's go to these tweets and let me try and bring these thoughts together and have a couple stories to show to explain why I think you know the way I do I say on Twitter I think it's fair to say there is no left in the US anymore the views of progressives and Democrats are fractured and disparate while you can point to leftist pockets that exist their views are so different they may as well be different parties rampant Democrat infighting plagues the news Antti woke dirtbag left is currently being dragged by the woke left and moderate leftists are now right-wing people like me I'm to the left of Obama I don't think he did enough on the public health care debate and eventually just cave to massive corporations so I've never been his biggest fan especially with his foreign policy I'm very anti war but now Barack Obama is more right wing than I am in fact I'm probably to the left of Nancy Pelosi and frequently share her criticism of the far left Democrats in fact I've made numerous videos defending her doing just that but the media says Tim Poole is right wing again you can call me whatever the hell you want I don't care I'm gonna hold my opinion I'm gonna do my things and I don't care about your tribe I don't care what you think interestingly in the Vox Vox was talking about the Andino incident where he was beaten by anti-fog and they actually frame it as left versus the center and the right in this framing the left being pro violence like I know seriously saying that it's it's wrong that anti fighting do anything wrong or that you can't throw the baby out with the bathwater well there was no concrete or that is a fringe hoax ands like the police put that out so here I find myself moderate leftist right being called right-wing for calling out the fringe elements of the far left because as someone who would prefer a Democrat politician in terms of everything I outlined in the beginning actually I think I go through it we'll go through it again I don't have anyone to vote for I disagree with Tulsi Gabbard on a few issues but for the most part I think she's spot-on she recently put out a tweet talking about ending war ending mass government surveillance profe Reese peach anti big tech monopolies and I'm like there we go there we go and she did an interview with Michael Tracy journalist where she said that identity politics is divisive it's dividing us and I'm like well here we are here we are someone with principle who stepped down from the DNC I can't vote but she's conservative I kid you not they call her the alt-right Democrat I don't care again call me whatever you want but the point is if we are people who are looking for Democrats to vote for if we are people who are looking at Tulsi saying that's that's the person I would want to be president and you look at both me and Tulsi and say conservative they are excising us from the left and we are no longer a part of it so here's what I here's what I've Outland rampant Democrat infighting plagues the news Nancy Pelosi and AOC in the in the price of Democrats do not agree on anything for the most part hey-oh seein and her impressive may as well be a different political party they won't vote in line with Democrats they insult the Democrats okazu Cortes insinuated that Nancy Pelosi was racist and then said that she knows she's sending us death threats by doing this Ocasio Cortez has voted closer to how Republicans vote when it comes to the track record simply but not not the same reasons when it came to voting in favor of funding the government okazu Cortez voted no when the Democrats voting YES she voted no because she wants to get rid of ice she's called CBP a rogue agency and has even now entertained getting rid of the DHS entirely this is completely at odds with the Democratic Party now of course it's a ton of people fighting I mentioned saying the Democrats were never the left but there's actually a really really great tweet that I'm gonna jump to real quick Christopher Forstner excellent tweet by the way said the exposure of the American left to the European left on social media has completely thrown them into disarray I think that's the root cause of all of this I'm not sure what if anything will fix the divide now and so I have some things I'll move on and we'll show some more it's a really good point they're saying the Democrats were never left yeah from a European standard but Plymouth seriously there was a left-wing party in a right-wing party and they and they grabbed together the majority of their two sides the Republicans weren't you know the Republicans would take everyone from the right the Democrats would take everyone from the left and they were both rather moderate and we have the graphs to show this today actually so let's move on we'll jump to this graph right now to exemplify my point take a look at this graph I've shown this many times the right wing is coalescing while the left is dispersing so the point is the right still takes in everyone from the right and there is a centralized ideology a centralized narrative I am NOT THERE look at this graph I'd probably fall right here to the center left but look how there's no one there anymore so when the bulk of the people are now left up now closer to the far left they look to me on the center-left and say right wing and the same with tulsi gabbard even though she supports increasing the minimum wage and she I believe she may be she's for reparations and a lot of a lot of her supporters upset about that but they view everyone like past this line as a conservative and the Conservatives are doing everything in their power to you recruit this and expand their base and I think it's gonna work especially when the left is in a rush it seems to excise people like me from what you would consider to be left-wing politics if you are going to get rid of the people who would agree with you on an abortion on taxes on the environment what are you left with because I'll tell you this for me I looked at Tulsi Gabbard but I assure you there gonna be a lot of people who will never they were not they will not support identitarian politics I mean it's true for me too they're not gonna get in line behind Warren they're not gonna get in the get in line behind people who are banning the the pledge of allegiance at committee meetings people who are standing on the debate stage raising their hand saying give government healthcare to illegal immigrants we can barely afford government health care for everybody as it is and Social Security's in a crisis and they're talking about giving away us resources to other people that's not a right wing position but check this out the conservative base right here in the center of the right is always going to support their conservative positions but that's where most conservatives are the people who would once have supported a Democrat who are now being excised will never I will never be pro-life it's it's just not it's not like look I have strong moral and ethical and philosophical views on why I choose the things I do I'm absolutely loved to discuss them but it puts me at odds with conservatives who do I vote for well I'm politically homeless like many other people who used to be moderate leftists center-left but I assure you many of these people who have been excised from the left will vote for Trump in spite even though they might disagree with policy there's a difference between the fractured and disparate failing left and a can a centralized pro-america conservative base the point I was making before about there not being a left is is it's easily exemplified in this when you look to the conservative side you see this big this big wave right in the mail this bell curve showing most conservatives agree you can point to someone and say that's what a conservative beliefs look at the left can you tell me the left believes honestly you can't the chapo trap house one of the biggest podcasts in I don't but the robot on patreon they are anti woke they claim they are dirtbags they believe in socialism but not woken us okay so if I point someone on the left are they gonna be woke or anti woke no idea chapo is huge but on Twitter everybody's woke what about the Democrats like Pelosi is Pelosi right-wing she's certainly not woke although they're not starting to embrace a lot of this stuff the point is you look to Republicans and you'll find differing opinions here and there but for the most part we can see people have rallied behind Trump even though he kind of changed things and changed the party people eventually got in line and now they're mostly in agreement and they're voting in line with each other on the Left they're not the Democrats are fighting like crazy they're insulting each other they're slamming each other Pelosi responds to AOC slam saying caucus has her back for condemning chief of staff's offensive tweet this is just part of the ongoing spat with the New York lawmaker they say they've been fighting endlessly look at this they call her set mix a set Segrest Democrats I'm sorry sit Segrest centrist it says asked about her ongoing spat with the new york lawmaker pelosi acknowledged how she recently addressed at the request of my members an offensive tweet that came out of one of the members offices that compared centrist Democrats to segregationists that twit was authored and then deleted by psychic Chakrabarti the point is more and more examples of Ocasio cortes views being completely different from that from north of the democrats the democrats don't have a unifying message anymore and it seems like everything is just broken on the left I'll tell you this I'd love for there to be a unified left unified opposition to Trump but here's the thing let's go back to this to this point earlier back in the day look at the 80s with the overlap between liberal and conservative Democrat Republican even into the 2000s there was an opportunity today it's just it makes no sense anymore the left has been falling apart and just fracturing I don't know why but I think it's really important to point out that the exposure to the European Left it's a really great point conservatives hold their but when all of these Europeans flood Twitter and Facebook with very left-wing political positions relative to Europe American leftist just got in line and started parrying that cuz their collectivists and now they've fractured themselves so here's what I said for someone who is pro-choice Pro progressive tax Pro social programs but agrees with Obama on border security who do you vote for you are not the left anymore unless you embrace leftist identitarian ISM even the anti-war left has been smeared by the Southern Poverty Law Center and Glenn Greenwald is routinely insulted as alt right even Bill Maher is called alt right there is no left if Glenn Greenwald is being smeared and attacked by the Twitterati left if Bill Maher is called alt right if Obama's policies are now right-wing I'm gonna say there's no left it's not there because Bill Maher is high profile he's famous Glenn Greenwald high profile famous yet they're not both the left they disagree completely on where they are at look there are people on the right who have crazy views there are fringe right-wing extremists there are moderates who don't agree with the conservative base but the Conservatives don't entertain them and when it comes to major conservative personalities ben shapiro steven crowder tucker carlson you can be sure they will mostly agree but take bill maher Rachel Maddow and Glenn Greenwald Don Lemon Anderson Cooper let's remove Anderson Cooper but Don Lemon what do they agree on are they the left they're completely different from each other add chopped out to the mix add some high profile left in personalities at the Young Turks The Young Turks high profile leftists you compare them to Bill Maher and there's completely different there's no left there are pockets of different leftist ideology but they are fractured I don't see them winning I said if you agreed with Obama or even to his left by a fair degree there is no longer a tribe for you even Vox described the Andino incident as left versus center / right so what that was that the pro violence versus everybody else so if you oppose an tyfa and say they're violent you're not left anymore you have to get behind their extremism it's insane all of these hit pieces that came out called me a right-wing college hater that insult me they didn't denigrate me disparage me they said Tim Poole is a right-wing commentator wherever call me whatever you want I'm not my politics are literally left-of-centre I'm in favor of social liberalism social programs and reform but call me whatever you want you're in a bubble and the left is falling apart I find by saying if you were the rare Center leftists you have almost nothing in common with the entirety of the left it's been so spread out that even the Democrats right now seem to be two different parties and there we are so I'm gonna do a bigger a bigger update later talking about the media and and the social media summit that'll be four four pm on the main channel those in the podcast it came first but you know what tell me I'm wrong say what say what you want but we can look at what they're doing and they're trying to you know manipulate moderate Democrats into embracing socialism that's what we're seeking out the green new deal I'll do it I'll do a video on this next a segment on this story next for those like on the podcast it says a OCS chief of staff admits green new deal about implementing socialism we have a little pushback on that but but it is an important point to be make cuz that's been one of my positions so you can be a social liberal and think overt socialism is bad you can agree with a mixed economy leaning towards socialism and still think socialism is bad I think a mixed economy is the way to go that puts me center-left yet they'll call me right-wing some people think it's a conspiracy they want me to be the right wing so that everyone else looks crazy and that's what they've done with the press in reality I think they're going to end themselves will Chamberlain they call him a Jeff guests on Twitter a conservative called him as extremists vanilla yogurt because will is just kind of like and I mean it's with all due respect a boring conservative I don't mean he's boring like I'm not calling him boring I mean just like when you hear his opinions you're like oh yeah that's like a moderate conservative guy with my tea like you could you you you he's got great insight on legal matters I I consider him a friend but he's just kind of like a regular guy he's not got any radical views he doesn't want a radical change he's kind of just like an American guy who leans right they called me in him extremists what do you think regular people will think when they watch my content or his they're like what that vanilla no good guy he's not an extremist you're nuts this is in my opinion the left lighting itself on fire the smears won't work the way they will where they think they will but I'll leave it there thanks for hang out stick around next segment we'll be coming up at 1:00 p.m. and I will see you all there you


  1. Doug L
    Doug L July 12, 2019

    I literally can't take it anymore, Tim pool may very well BB dumbest human being to have ever walked the face of the planet. He is literally right on the edge of figuring it out, but his unfathomable lack of intelligence prevents him from taking that final step. Politics today are no longer about any of your little issues. It's about removing a group of people who are hell-bent on destroying this country and taking away all of our freedoms. Wake up mr. Pool.

  2. Order of the Eternal Doom
    Order of the Eternal Doom July 12, 2019

    Vote for Trump, you cuck

  3. Eoghan Walsh
    Eoghan Walsh July 12, 2019

    And the only folks who win anything in this social/political shit storm are those who are looking to benefit from the divide and conquer agenda….

  4. Robert B
    Robert B July 12, 2019

    I'll repeat what I've said in the past about being called right wing.

    We didn't cross the line.

    The line crossed us.

  5. Neonman 1230
    Neonman 1230 July 12, 2019

    If you don’t care what I call you I’ll call you Dave the white male

  6. underthesun841
    underthesun841 July 12, 2019

    I think the real difference is in geographic and racial pockets. There is a huge difference in the way a millennial urban democrat versus a boomer rural democrat. Urban black or Hispanic, versus a white urban democrat. These disparities can be found in the reasons WHY these people vote blue and WHAT politicians offer them to get them to vote blue. Ironically, these issues are causing a deep divide.

  7. urahara64360
    urahara64360 July 12, 2019

    I've known that party was going to split a long time ago. I knew it as soon as they embraced identity politics. Since each individual identity overrides the the common shared identity as Americans.

  8. LRulesTheWorld
    LRulesTheWorld July 12, 2019

    >Trump does everything tim pool likes
    >disagrees with Trump on a few key issues
    >Still wont vote for Trump, but considers voting for socialists and communists.

    GG, tim. If you throw your hat anywhere near the democratic candidates, im out. Im tired of you flip flopping instead rallying behind the 1 single person that has been fixing the entire mess left behind by the dems. Either you're with us, and want to vote for continued success, or you can dawn your riot gear and go join the queers at antifa. There is no more centralism. The days of gary johnson running for president are over. Pick a side, and stay there.

  9. Ember Cole
    Ember Cole July 12, 2019

    I'm filling out new voter registration and I'm stumped on the first question. I dunno what to choose anymore, whether I'm Dem or Rep or what? I can't really identify wholly as anything anymore. As I come to a person of my own I am encouraged to disagree with things that I have always did not really believe with my Conservative family. (The separation isn't as far as it used to be. Even my Dad's once right-leaning views have drifted more to the middle.) I'm not just splattering out for attention. I REALLY don't know what to choose, any advice?

  10. Zachary Chatham
    Zachary Chatham July 12, 2019

    Always a bummer to hear you support killing innocent babies, Tim.

  11. tak178
    tak178 July 12, 2019

    If you want a reason why the Left is fractured? Marxism destroys everything it touches. Now that the European Marxist ideology is steering the DNC, you will see violence and mayhem on a scale never seen in American political discourse. This is now considered acceptable in the eyes of the young people, who have been indoctrinated since Kindergarten to believe in Marxist theory. This won't end well.

    As for your "moral reasons" for supporting abortion, that's also a logical fallacy. When is it ever "moral" to kill a child for convenience? This is why you're questioning your beliefs in Democrat dogma. There is no morality to it. The Left is ALWAYS about the acquisition of power, just like Nazi Germany and Maoist China.

  12. Maria Schick
    Maria Schick July 12, 2019

    IDK I'm voting blue for my free stuff, free health care, free housing, free money Ubi, free food and millions of new friends from all over the world who will flock here for the free stuff. Just pay your taxes you American capitalist dogs

  13. Callum Goodall
    Callum Goodall July 12, 2019

    I feel like all the puppets on the left are trying to make the left more and more ridiculous so that everyone swings right and gives power to the right and restart nasis

  14. Main 1
    Main 1 July 12, 2019

    Media are Authoritarian Commies, that's why you're Right wing

  15. Tyler Tripp
    Tyler Tripp July 12, 2019

    Tulsi is great on war, but she is bad in my opinion on what to do with the money used for war. Give it back to the people not back to the government.

  16. November Papa Charlie
    November Papa Charlie July 12, 2019

    We've been saying this for the past 6 months. The consciousness of the left is dying. People are becoming sick of the identity, race baiting, extremist idiocy

  17. Sushiboi14
    Sushiboi14 July 12, 2019

    You're against killing hardened, violent criminals , but for killing innocent children ?? You call that moral?? I will never understand leftist logic…you can throw the baby out with the bath water, cant you Tim? You'r okay with that…

  18. Mr Hands
    Mr Hands July 12, 2019

    Almost dropped that F bomb lol

  19. crazy10bears
    crazy10bears July 12, 2019

    You're just straight up wrong on abortion, Tim. I hope you come to realize that some day.

  20. CO Jones
    CO Jones July 12, 2019

    According to your own graph, there is no "Fringe Left", they are the mainstream left now and they're insane totalitarians.

  21. Ghost_Soul167
    Ghost_Soul167 July 12, 2019

    Susan Pool has a better flow than Tim Pool…..

  22. euphoriiick
    euphoriiick July 12, 2019

    Democraps blow hard

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