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Huckabee on Gabbard saying impeachment will ’embolden’ Trump in 2020


  1. Leah Brown
    Leah Brown January 2, 2020

    Gabbard says she a patriot she honors the flag she fought in Afghanistan etc. then why the hell didn't she vote not to impeach her Commander In Chief instead she didn't vote. As far as I'm concerned she betrayed her President.

    WOLF BLADE January 2, 2020

    The dems with There fake made up evidence there just mad thare not getting thare way.
    We don’t need the dems to run the White House we can do it with out them all thay do is lie we don’t need liers in the White House

  3. Tiger Huey
    Tiger Huey January 2, 2020

    Is Tulsi being deployed?

  4. jennifer stewart
    jennifer stewart January 2, 2020

    Tulsi is a wolf in sheeps clothes

  5. tim miller
    tim miller January 2, 2020

    If trump told North Korea our deepest secrets it wouldnt be a crime. So is that ok? No…there are acts only the president can do and since you cant indict him that's why there is no law against what hes doing…..but it doesnt make it ok….trump abused his powers and has sold American values to any foreign power willing to help him against his political opponents

  6. Steven Blue
    Steven Blue January 2, 2020

    Who owns the Federal Reserve Bank(s)? Who owns all the top movie studios? Who owns the six international/national largest media holding companies and the largest publishing companies? You might want to look that up. Up to you!

  7. Brand Gadfly
    Brand Gadfly January 2, 2020

    New York is a victim of unsustainable progressive policies. Much like California. The further left you go the more third world your state will look

  8. Patricia Lester
    Patricia Lester January 2, 2020

    Because their God's children.

  9. N R
    N R January 2, 2020

    Ilhan Omar and Rashida tlaib don't help the situation any.

  10. Patricia Lester
    Patricia Lester January 2, 2020

    I thank they all talk about president Trump because they don't have any thing better to talk about !!!!

  11. R Smith
    R Smith January 2, 2020

    Have a feeling Dems hope to take senate in 2020 then hand over Impeachment to senate. Even if Trump wins , dems can find him guilty and then remove Trump. I think civil war could break. Is that their goal?

  12. Pen or Sword which is greater
    Pen or Sword which is greater January 2, 2020

    TRUMP 2020
    America First!

  13. Jay freshman
    Jay freshman January 2, 2020

    Dems are corrupt…

  14. Pen or Sword which is greater
    Pen or Sword which is greater January 2, 2020

    Democrats are Nazis.
    Their anti-Semitism is being exposed more and more each day.
    Disgusting fascists Nazis!

  15. ahbalone
    ahbalone January 2, 2020

    Since the Clinton Crime Family hates Gabbard, she must be good for America.

  16. Barry Smith
    Barry Smith January 2, 2020

    This is why off world human beings hide from us. open contact forbidden. We haven't grown up spiritually. we are still primitive, savage, and dangerous.

  17. Ahmad fari
    Ahmad fari January 2, 2020

    republicans should vote Tulsi in primary

  18. alex jonas brother
    alex jonas brother January 2, 2020

    stabbed by a machete ?

  19. smokeythehobo
    smokeythehobo January 2, 2020


  20. Michael Brown
    Michael Brown January 2, 2020

    Perhaps there are god damned good reasons the Joo's are targeted, not all bad of course, but disproportionately represented in hollywood, banking, news media, and the federal government. These are the same reasons they have been thrown out of HUNDREDS of countries throughout the centuries. We know huckabeen is pro-joo. Ask why.?
    Of course Trump will win….look at the dems?! Pathetic

  21. Willy Grimm
    Willy Grimm January 2, 2020

    Impeachment is an eleven letter word….I rest my case Your Honor.
    Captain Willy Grimm

  22. SpotOnArm
    SpotOnArm January 2, 2020

    I reject those who weaponize hatred, hatred as phoney as anything else they're made of. This fake hatred was cooked-up and has spread nationwide as if saying you are uncontrollable now that you are infused with the running hate gag. Good try, you fake bastards ……enjoy the so-called media while we let it do its job exposing you. Once you've crawled out of the woodwork, you can't go back, because it's now all pine.

  23. DN N
    DN N January 2, 2020


  24. DN N
    DN N January 2, 2020


  25. DN N
    DN N January 2, 2020


  26. movenglish
    movenglish January 2, 2020


  27. Bluewren Reilly
    Bluewren Reilly January 2, 2020

    I thought Gabbard was intelligent enough to get out of the Leftist Democrats clutches.I hope she will have an Epiphany

  28. Rob Roy
    Rob Roy January 2, 2020

    Who cares what that Phony Christian says.

  29. Tereasa Carty
    Tereasa Carty January 2, 2020

    Tulsi needs to come on over and be a republican she is not a Democrat

  30. bigblocklawyer
    bigblocklawyer January 2, 2020

    Wow. The msm game is strong with these shills. Fox is as bad as cnn. Fake news.

  31. Suzan Svatek
    Suzan Svatek January 2, 2020

    Tlhib, AOC, Omar, Presley openly anti semantics. The faces of the New Democratic Socialist philosophy. The REAL voices of hatred.

  32. Epicvoid
    Epicvoid January 2, 2020

    "Antisemitism or any other hate will not be tolerated…" …but mostly just antisemitism.

  33. Chuck Johnson
    Chuck Johnson January 2, 2020

    Trump is going to jail that's it🤷🏿‍♂️

  34. Jason Adank
    Jason Adank January 2, 2020

    Its the Black Hewbrew Israelites cult movement

  35. J R
    J R January 2, 2020

    Nice, generous people? Maybe, but isn't that group identity tactics the left use. Lets not talk like the left Mike.

  36. Robert Rocconella
    Robert Rocconella January 2, 2020

    They talk getting things done if the GOP takes back the House. They had the majority and did not get everything done, mainly because of opinion differencess on policy. What I have seen during the impeachment was a seemingly stronger GOP.They finally started fighting back. The Dems stck together like lemmings and try to brainwash people… like the impeachment BS…Hopefully America will wake up and vote R. The message I have for the GOP , if they get back the House and keep the Senate is: Power is fleeting – DO WHAT YOU SAY YOU WILL – NO EXCUSES!. It will be taken away if you mess up again and lose the confidence of the people with meaningless egotistical in-fighting.

  37. sy-fy SEF
    sy-fy SEF January 2, 2020

    I cant wait to vote this year freedom of speech is one of the most important rights we have I will never pay a fine for something I said period

  38. dawn rivera
    dawn rivera January 2, 2020

    Except your congresswoman

  39. Merlinshabbit
    Merlinshabbit January 2, 2020

    I hate the phrase " hate crime" . Isn't all crime from hate ? They need to change this and have more of a mind set of valuing all and not giving more importance a certain people.

  40. Kitty Perez
    Kitty Perez January 2, 2020

    Investigate the BDS movement and Ilhan , Tleib, AOC and the demonrats also they need to investigate Obama and Soros on these attacks

  41. Tony G
    Tony G January 2, 2020

    This is why your Second Amendment rights are important. Wack job with a machete..shoot em. Case closed

  42. alistrandy
    alistrandy January 2, 2020

    The BDS movement? Yeah a convenient thing to blame but I think most of us are seeing patterns here that have very little to do with BDS. Speak the truth please! I’m sick of living in a world framed by BS narratives ad nauseam

  43. Joe Corcoran
    Joe Corcoran January 2, 2020

    God bless you and your family trump USA God bless trump USA God bless trump USA God bless trump

  44. Bitcoin Brotherhood
    Bitcoin Brotherhood January 2, 2020

    Leftist hate

  45. Osborn C
    Osborn C January 2, 2020

    Israel has had wealthy control freak egotists with powerful families that have been subverting the self rule of dozens of races, cultures, and countries for hundreds of years now, just like all religions and wealthy families on this planet have been attacking each other and convincing the poor to do their bidding, and spreading their propaganda just like this report on an apparently sick easily manipulated person that no one will ever know if he was compelled or acted independently from just being alone and blaming anyone for the pain he indured from the loneliness, like they say it's one big crap shute and the wealthy live longer.

  46. Inthahoodie.2k
    Inthahoodie.2k January 2, 2020

    Oh nahh dont try and tie BDS into this , BDS is trying to take on Isreals Far right government.

  47. Virginia Olguin
    Virginia Olguin January 2, 2020

    They are being supported by the corrupt.

  48. The Young Gent’s Guild
    The Young Gent’s Guild January 2, 2020

    I think anyone running for President should not be allowed to vote for Impeachment

  49. Mike Sawyer
    Mike Sawyer January 2, 2020

    Donna brazile should never have a speaking platform on fox news or on any conservative station. She is a proven lier and campaign cheat. Remove her from fox news or fox will suffer consequences. Vote trump 2020. KAG.

  50. ranae
    ranae January 2, 2020




  51. Mike Sawyer
    Mike Sawyer January 2, 2020

    Tulsi gabbards name should not even be mentioned on fox news. Fox feels bringing up issues about gabbard and her so called agreement with the conservative party will ultimately get her votes on election day. My point, she is very cleaver using fox news and a few other conservative formats to gain votes that will take votes from our great president Donald Trump. Vote trump 2020. KAG.

  52. Mr Pool Player
    Mr Pool Player January 2, 2020

    Tulsi has a pretty face, but that's it folks. Anyone with a brain, in this environment, wouldn't choose to be a DemonRAT & they wouldn't choose to start at the TOP. If Tulsi wants some recognition, let's thank her for sitting behind a desk, in an Army Medical Unit, overseas. Somebody had to do it, might as well have been Tulsi. The Dem's attack on our GREAT President will go down in History as the dumbest Political move, that has ever been attempted. It killed the DemonRAT Party….

  53. RM
    RM January 2, 2020

    Tell us about Huckabee’s son, hanging a dog.

  54. Enric Gonzalez
    Enric Gonzalez January 2, 2020

    Wake up people! The ones in power on the dems side prefer Trump to win before their "own" Bernie. Don't you get it? The impeachment will make sure this happens.

  55. Kalia Dizon
    Kalia Dizon January 2, 2020

    YES MAHALO NUI LOA TULSI & HUCKABEE No prediction it's TRUTH's TRUMP2020!! in not a TULSI supporter but she spoke clearly from her heart! REPUBLICANS IN DA HOUSE AGAIN!… A'hui'hou(until next time)!

  56. Dale M
    Dale M January 2, 2020

    And Tulsi Gabbard makes no sense to me…she KNOWS what the left is all about how they hate our military and for the most part they hate this country and what it stands for…she took a oath also to protect and defend the United States from enemies foreign and domestic and the left IS the enemy of this country….it’s not the republicans who wanted to fundamentally transform our country…

  57. Janice Smith
    Janice Smith January 2, 2020


    🇺🇸 TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸

  58. Robert BlackUK
    Robert BlackUK January 2, 2020

    Tulsi needs to go the GOP

  59. Jill O'Farrell
    Jill O'Farrell January 2, 2020

    YOU ONLY have to look at the squad ESPECIALLY ANTISEMETIC ILAN OMAR the four of them are the reason their followers are showing so much hate toward decent JEWISH people

  60. Michael Patkotak
    Michael Patkotak January 2, 2020

    The first place to look for these ant-semites are after hour parties held by liberal professors, where rhetoric against Jewish people really start, behind closed doors.

  61. Carole Ann Davis
    Carole Ann Davis January 2, 2020

    I as a Deplorable will be voting again for President Trump!! This impeachment is nothing but a BIG JOKE!!! Come on Republicans take over the House!!!!! Kick out all the demonrats!!!!

  62. John Almanza
    John Almanza January 2, 2020

    She's not corrupt. That's why Tulsi can't be controlled.

  63. Connie Sandel
    Connie Sandel January 2, 2020

    Tulsi Gabbard is a very smart woman, most likely the smartest among all the current Democrats in Congress right now. I think she has very good knowldege of our warfare policy. But she has a lot of basic anti-America values of traditions and family. I won't be surprised that she is against the 2nd Amendment!

  64. 1one2twoeyesonyou
    1one2twoeyesonyou January 2, 2020

    That particular community is a very odd and extreme sect of Judaism called Hasidic. In that county of New York they are in large numbers and do not interact with the wider community very much. They are extremely insular and congregate taking over large swaths of neighborhoods and towns. One example of angst against them is that they are seen as less than honestly scurting from paying local taxes as their homes are claimed to also be houses of worship. However outside of this one off attack and the possible complexities behid it, it will be simplified and used as both opportunistically as an identity politics tool in the competition for power and a means to divide and conquer our citizens further.

  65. Tony Arcieri
    Tony Arcieri January 2, 2020

    Gee I wonder why the Nosebergs are so hated

  66. Darron Moore
    Darron Moore January 3, 2020

    Sandra is a beautiful woman…

  67. Blalack77
    Blalack77 January 3, 2020

    I hadn't voted since 2004 and this impeachment nonsense prompted me to get re-registered. I'll be voting for Trump in 2020 unless some kind of real evidence of something more serious comes out against him which I highly doubt it will. If Biden can do all of that and Trump gets impeached for asking the Ukrainians to look into it, that should tell all criminals that they can break the law, run against the president as the other party, and you can't be prosecuted because apparently you can't investigate a criminal if they're from the other political party.

  68. Hope Sorrowgrave, The Outcast
    Hope Sorrowgrave, The Outcast January 3, 2020

    And liberals think that has to do with white supremacy even though the man was black.

  69. Hope Sorrowgrave, The Outcast
    Hope Sorrowgrave, The Outcast January 3, 2020

    Well at least she is admitting the truth.

  70. Cindy Pollard
    Cindy Pollard January 3, 2020

    I love Mike Huckabee. He's one of the best commentaries on FOX.

  71. 7zania
    7zania January 3, 2020

    Why did Gabberd say “unfortunately Trump will win reelection and the house and the senate????? “

    I do not know where she stands.

  72. Gail Atkinson
    Gail Atkinson January 3, 2020

    Gabbard is a socialist don't be fooled!!

  73. A1blkman KAG
    A1blkman KAG January 3, 2020

    Call a Spade a Spade, we know who are triggered abut President Trump and his support for Israel? Not Conservative, and Not Republicans, who is LEFTist? Starts with Libr… and ends with … mocrat.

  74. Matthew Lastrapes
    Matthew Lastrapes January 3, 2020

    Trump 2020 it will back fire on Democrats I am sorry to say

  75. Bill Sanderson
    Bill Sanderson January 3, 2020

    Huckabee is a twat.

  76. Mushroomstamp
    Mushroomstamp January 3, 2020

    Something is driving anti semitism how about 7000 years of history … it’s sad yes but to act like this is out of thin air is somewhat false .

  77. Vickie Garri
    Vickie Garri January 3, 2020

    They have done everything to hurt Trump, thus Trump voters since day 1. Dems are coming to the Republican party faster & faster

  78. Mike Corleone
    Mike Corleone January 3, 2020

    They leave out the machete in other reporting.

  79. Steve Olson
    Steve Olson January 3, 2020

    This woman on Fox said that the people were stabbed with a machete.clearly she doesn't understand how a machete is used.I have all the sunlight for the poor people who were attacked by this psycho.and that's what he is,a psycho……..

  80. Lars of Mars
    Lars of Mars January 3, 2020

    This is why women and their estrogen besotted brains should stay out of politics. Trump doesn't need to be "emboldened," like he can't be cowed. Trump is Trump. I doubt he's changed much since his balls dropped. The problem with most politicians, they sell their balls to get into office and can't get them back ever after. Fortunately, Trump is not one of that sort. My only worry is, who are we gonna get in 2024?

  81. Jason Dixon
    Jason Dixon January 3, 2020

    Tulsi is a real threat to Democrats more than she isnto Republicans.

    This is why the DNC wont support her.

  82. Mike Hannon
    Mike Hannon January 3, 2020

    If Tulsi would change parties she would be the first female president.

  83. Wurlian Music
    Wurlian Music January 3, 2020

    same thing everyone is fallowing there leaders both party separating the country

  84. Dust Bunny
    Dust Bunny January 3, 2020

    Mike Huckabee, bigotry and homophobia. Immediately discredited

  85. Rusty Nail 5 by 5
    Rusty Nail 5 by 5 January 3, 2020

    Vote for Republicans the Democrats are doing this

  86. Rusty Nail 5 by 5
    Rusty Nail 5 by 5 January 3, 2020

    I don't agree with any of her policies at all not one policy and I believe she is not presidential material but what I do agree on she is a good American thank you for your service and your honesty

  87. pablo gonzalez balli
    pablo gonzalez balli January 3, 2020

    Stop acting "good" media…you are a big part of the problem.

  88. Kindo Bahala
    Kindo Bahala January 3, 2020

    We need to come together and ban all knives only then can we feel safe and stop these attacks!

  89. Derek Hoggett
    Derek Hoggett January 3, 2020

    What if Trump appointed Tulsi Gabbard as Secretary of State? What a beautiful – peaceful – world this could be.

  90. TRichmond1964
    TRichmond1964 January 3, 2020

    New York State is a source of rascist politics! Maybe, huckabee, you should ask the international bankers, who enslave the world to interest and huge manipulation, if they might have sonething to do with this issue!

  91. roy borrill
    roy borrill January 3, 2020

    Why is anti-Semitism so rife in America? Probably for the same reason it's been going on for thousands of years. Like the saying goes, "there's no smoke without 🔥"

  92. Darrlyn Dolan
    Darrlyn Dolan January 3, 2020

    Omar did it.

  93. show bread
    show bread January 3, 2020

    Gabbard is still a socialist who hides behind her uniform !

  94. Yo Crazey
    Yo Crazey January 3, 2020

    Nobody should be killing nobody when will black people put our own people first.

    GREG ALLEN January 3, 2020

    His impeachment makes me run to the booth and give more money

  96. Jane Simons
    Jane Simons January 3, 2020

    Maybe because Trump is divisive and preaching hatred.

  97. Bauxness
    Bauxness January 4, 2020

    Tulsi 2020 !

  98. jopageri1964
    jopageri1964 January 5, 2020

    Why do you think Tulsi won't be seeking reelection? She knows that the Swamp is real and the Devilcrats are neck-deep in it. I hope they all lose in November and the president runs roughshod over all of the anti-American globalist anarchists that are the Devilcrat Party.


    1:50 🔥🔥
    👇 👇💘

  100. David HTC
    David HTC January 6, 2020

    Maybe they have reasons to hate israel

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