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How Trump's Policies Will End Up Sending GOLD & SILVER Higher!

hey what is up everybody it is the stacking 3% er today is Tuesday June 11th 2019 thank you for tuning in guys hope everybody had a good weekend I had a few days off so getting back into the swing of things here but not too terribly much going on you know the market has been performing pretty well here for the past week or so found this article very interesting just a bit of a recap you know of a lot of things that we've been talking about here recently getting more attention in the media overall I'm not going to read through this in its entirety but let's see what we got going on here today guys if you are new to the channel please consider hitting subscribe it helps me a lot Trump's policies adding lustre to gold at dollars expense let's get into this here central banks in emerging countries are hoarding the precious metal at the fastest pace in decades the weaponization of the dollar quote webinars ation of the dollar by President Trump is making countries increasingly wary of the greenback 20 years after central banks in the West had dumped gold and what many saw as the end of the metals role in the global monetary system their counterparts and emerging in emerging countries are hoarding gold at rates not seen in over 50 years goes into talking about several statistics as far as how much central banks and nation states have actually been buying we're not going to get into the statistics because I have plenty of videos on those subjects the central bank's stepped up gold buying following the 2008-2009 global financial crisis as they looked to diversify their foreign exchange reserves and reduce their exposure to developments in the US the pace of purchases has picked up over the last 18 months amid sluggish growth in global uncertainty caused by trade tensions of course all this geopolitical economic uncertainty and we know many nations and central banks have been buying crap loads of gold you guys the president Donald Trump has weaponization of economic tools in pursuit of foreign policy breakthrough is also prompting countries to look for alternatives to the dollar the preferred repository for world savings and you guys you know you can take that for what it for what it's worth it is a little bit of a hit piece here against the president a lot of people don't you know agree with sort of his weaponization of tariffs and trade war tactics but and you know there's been there's been quote-unquote trade Wars throughout history I mean almost you know many disagreements and sometimes even military war is is based on trade and things of that nature so you can see here gold purchases by central banks obviously a stiff increase in 2019 that is according to the World Gold Council Russia the biggest purchaser of gold during the first quarter followed by Turkey and China the three have seen their ties with Washington Frey over the past few years as we all know although only Russia has so far publicly stated that it's buying gold to shield itself from Western sanctions and I know recently Iran has also said similar things as well Russia's growing appetite for gold we all kind of know about this several videos I have made about this they've been aggressively hoarding gold in response to Western sanctions in 2014 over Moscow's actions in the Ukraine the country's central bank has bought more than 200 gold two hundred tons of gold every year since then while drastically cutting down on its US treasury holdings amid tensions with the US and the likelihood of further sanctions so again one can speculate that Russia China Iran Turkey several other countries are buying gold to pursue a monetary system based around gold and not US dollars as the world reserve currency the way it should be in my opinion and perhaps you know at the end of the day maybe it is all part of this big plan to to introduce the global economic reset – you know wipe away all the digits and turn turn it back into a gold standard based system worldwide while that's a bit of a stretch one can hope we can see down here a little chart quarterly gold reserves official gold reserves from 2006 to 2009 and you can see the respective countries there Russia China India Kazakhstan Turkey Mexico all increasing over the past 15 years or so and obviously for Russia China and India more so quite substantially political statement last year Hungary and Poland also joined in on the gold buying spree becoming the only European countries since 2009 to significantly boost their reserves major European countries such as Germany Italy and France which holds some of the biggest reserves in the world have not added to the reserves in decades the National Bank of Poland boosted its gold reserves by 13.7 tons to one hundred and sixteen point seven tons in the third quarter of last year Hungary also adding to their reserves and you can see of course the countries with the largest gold holdings tons and percent of reserves the United States at the top of that list with over 8,000 tons of gold almost 75% of allocated reserves which of course nobody knows if this is true or not followed by Germany Italy France Russia China Switzerland Japan India in an effort and then Netherlands and of course hard to say how accurate this is but of course the source is the World Gold Council and the dollar continues to retain its charm despite central bank's increasingly deep dollar izing the reserves the dollars decline and reported reserves has hardly been significant so far it remains the world's a dominant reserve currency interestingly enough so like I said a bit of a rehab recap here today you guys thank you for tuning in be sure to LIKE the video leave a comment start a conversation so subscribe if you are new to the channel let me know you guys think let me know what you want to see and as always keep on stacking thanks


  1. Scientific Methodology
    Scientific Methodology June 11, 2019

    If you have time constraints on the money you’re investing you are screwed!

  2. Scientific Methodology
    Scientific Methodology June 11, 2019

    Cost averaging while you can is the smart play. JP Morgan has around 645 million oz by taking deliveries on futures contracts. 1) Be greedy when others are fearful. 2) The trend is your friend until the bend at the end- when your equity in investment improves. 3) Don’t forget to take profits

  3. J F
    J F June 11, 2019

    I bet theres is more gold under the Vatican theb all the listed countries combined..! Is it not where they have allegedly storing gold,treasure , crowns etc from history, wars, invasions and such?

  4. Stuart Ogilvie
    Stuart Ogilvie June 11, 2019

    Thank you, Very informative Brother,, Only one way to go! 🚀Catch You on the Next one, Keep stacking 3pc

  5. Michael Phillippi
    Michael Phillippi June 11, 2019

    Our President is just trying to level the playing field regarding trade.

  6. L.R. Quimson
    L.R. Quimson June 11, 2019


  7. Venus Rise
    Venus Rise June 11, 2019

    We hate government monetary manipulation, but LOVE Trump trade manipulation which affects the currency. Yay.

  8. J Parker Silver Stacker
    J Parker Silver Stacker June 11, 2019

    Thanks for the info my friend! Thanks for sharing

  9. Kevin Belcher
    Kevin Belcher June 11, 2019

    Just keep stacking. Prepare for the final melt-up.

  10. eg08aau
    eg08aau June 11, 2019


  11. BobPDXz
    BobPDXz June 11, 2019

    29th of this month a big deal????

  12. DragonBallForLife
    DragonBallForLife June 11, 2019

    Thanks bro!

  13. DragonBallForLife
    DragonBallForLife June 11, 2019


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