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How to tame Trump: They are calling the US President- elect a pawn

China called Donald Trump’s policy towards Taiwan “immature” This is stated in the comments of The Global Times newspaper. This was how Beijing responded to Trump’s interview with Fox News Channel on Sunday. In the interview, he stated that he saw no reasons against establishing relations with Taiwan which mainland China considers a “renegade province.” Trump added that “no one can tell him what to do.” Meanwhile, US senators believe that Trump is dependent on and his acts are orchestrated by the Kremlin. Valentin Bogdanov reports from the USA. Claims by Trump as a candidate towards China were largely confined to the economy. Claims by Trump as an elected president extend much further. Since 1972, the USA has followed the one-China policy, recognizing Beijing and not recognizing Taiwan. It is a big question if this policy will remain the same. I fully understand the essence of the one-China policy but I do not see why we should be limited by it if we have no beneficial deals with China including trade ones. Judge for yourself but the PRC has caused great damage to our economy. They are imposing huge tariffs on the borders. December 3, Trump unexpectedly spoke by phone with the Taiwan leader Tsai Ing-wen. after which Beijing immediately made a diplomatic protest to Washington. In the interview with Fox TV channel. the billionaire made it clear that though it was an incoming call it was unlikely to be the last one. We ask the new US administration and its leader to pay as much attention as possible to a very serious problem in Taiwan and to continue to follow the one China policy so as not to harm Sino-US relations in the future. Chinese press was less diplomatic and more honest. Trump naively believes he can use the one China policy as a bargaining chip to secure economic benefits from the country. In response to Trump’s provocation Beijing can offer support and even military assistance to forces hostile to the United States. The newspaper called Trump a pawn in radical politics of Taiwan. Some people from the Capitol Hill also believe the billionaire is not an independent figure. According to four senators who are calling for an investigation of the cyber threat from Russia Trump is not managed from the Chinese island but from the Kremlin. Messages about Russian interference must worry each American. The fact that the CIA and FBI cannot agree show the necessity of an investigation to establish the true state of affairs. The investigation must be tough. Those who will conduct it must have access to all documents. Barack Obama gave an order to analyze the data about DNC servers hacking and prepare a separate report on whether Russian hackers could have affected the election. It should be done before the inauguration of Trump. The most outspoken are already asking to cancel the election results. But even if it does not happen the story of the cyber attacks can seriously limit Trump. Trumps’ Advisor Kellyanne Conway reported that before the end of this week her boss is likely to appoint the Secretary of State. The hawks in the Congress are most disturbed by Rex Tillerson. The head of the US oil giant Exxon Mobil has already been called Moscow’s and Trump’s friend on Capitol Hill. There will be an uphill battle for his candidacy. Valentin Bogdanov and Viktor Kozakov News from New-York.

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