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How Great Leaders Inspire Action

– I just came back from
a digital marketing conference where we had over 20 of my core team members going and attending
the conference with me. And we were traveling in pack during the conference back and forth. And a lot of the other
entrepreneurs, even very successful entrepreneurs,
they see what we do and they are very, very
curious, asking me, “Well, Dan, how do you
build such a great team “and what is your leadership secret?” And today I wanna share with you how great leaders inspire action. (upbeat music) Now maybe you’ve seen
the Simon Sinek video. He talks about that people
don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. I think the difference
is, as an entrepreneur, you know how when we are
just getting started, right? Back then when I was getting started that I was simply wanting to make enough money to provide for my
mom, to pay the bills, to take care of my family. And then later on I set
the goal to make enough money so I could retire, right, so that I don’t have to
work, that I could be sitting on the beach and that’s it and
that would be my retirement, to retire at an early age. But to be a great leader,
to inspire other people here’s what I believe in, that you must have something that is
bigger than yourself in order to inspire
people, in order to enroll people into your vision. Example, if you talk to your employee, you talk to your team member, and you say, “Hey, you know what, this
is why we’re doing this “so that I could make enough money “so that I could retire
or so that I could build “this business so that
I could be the living, “the 10-hour week or 12-hour week, “to be a lifestyle entrepreneur.” See, that doesn’t inspire anybody because it’s all about me, me, me, me, me. So to be a great leader,
to inspire other people, you gotta have a vision that is so big, that is so compelling, that other people want to be part of that, right? It’s like imagine you are the captain of this ship and you’re saying, “Hey, “this is where we’re going. “We’re going to this island
and it’s gonna be great. “And we are going to have
all these great things “when we get there.” And that’s like, “Wow,”
you know, people look at that, say, “Yeah, I
want to be part of that. “I wanna join this journey, I wanna join “alongside it and be alongside with you. “And maybe there’s some obstacles. “There will always be challenges. “There will be waves in the ocean. “But that’s okay. “I want to join you and
help you to fight along “and be alongside with you
going through this journey.” So I believe very much that leader needs to think about what is
your mission, right, because what you do is
simply, it’s a reflection of what you believe in. So what do you believe in? ‘Cause a lot of leaders, they’re actually not leaders, they are just boss, right? A boss tells people, “Hey,
you do this, you go,” right? But a great leader says,
“Let’s go, let’s go together. “Let’s grow together.” It’s a very, very different concept. So when your team is aware of your values, your mission, why you do
what you do, what drives you. Instead of you telling
them, “Hey, you should “do this and you shouldn’t do that,” and you are being a control
freak, you are trying to be all-controlling,
you are not empowering your team, you are not
empowering your leaders, you are not empowering your employees. That’s not a great leader and
that doesn’t inspire action. It’s not telling them to act. It’s inspiring them to act. And the only way to do
that is it has to come from them, come from within. Every single team member
on my team, they know why we do what we do,
why we go the extra mile, who are we impacting. The millions of people
who consume our content, the millions of fans around the world. So we have that responsibility, and they know why we do it,
and that’s the difference. So by the way if you have not heard of my new book, Unlock
It, make sure you click a link here or here, I’ll put a link. In my book, Unlock It,
I go much more in depth about how leadership works. And also I share with you some of the over the years, I’ve written 13 books but this is a very, very special book. This I share with you,
up until this point, some of my most profound
insights when it comes to success, when it comes to wealth. So make sure you order a copy. Click the link and order a copy. You will love the book.


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    Comment below, and I might make a
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    O'SSÉIN - Master Your Mind With Me March 14, 2019

    Great leadership is about showing the way and doing that by being first, in action. Leaders always take initiative to show that there is nothing to be afraid and that action breeds success. Not being a boss and instead showing a genuine friendship by guiding the way.

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