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How China Is Framing the Hong Kong Protests | NYT News

Foreign influence, terrorism, possible intervention. This is how China is trying
to shape the story of what’s happening
in Hong Kong. For weeks,
antigovernment protests have gripped
Hong Kong, with anger rising over
China’s growing influence. The Chinese have
responded by trying to control the narrative. Here’s how. This is Junius Ho,
a lawmaker in Hong Kong with strong ties to Beijing. At this press conference,
he shows off pictures of foreigners
seen at the protest. It’s an attempt to tie
them to some kind of outside influence. Foreign influence and
antigovernment sentiment are also common
themes in posts by CGTN, China’s international
media outlet. This post shows a tweet from
former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who is
voicing support for the Hong Kong protests. The tweet is used
as proof that the U.S. is interfering in Hong Kong. Clinton’s tweets were
also part of a music video that CGTN published featuring
Chinese mainland rappers. “And Mrs Clinton, you know
nothing about Chinese citizens. Now I got some words
from your president.” “Something is probably
happening with Hong Kong.” “Somebody wanna split
Hong Kong from us.” One story in the
People’s Daily, the official paper of
China’s Communist Party, was blunt in its reporting on foreign influence. “There is no question
that the United States has its hand in what’s
going on in Hong Kong, though to what extent
is hard to measure.” Chinese officials
are increasingly framing the protests as
threats to national security. There’s also a
pattern of focusing on protesters being violent. The media labels these demonstrations
as organized by a small group
of rogue actors. Video of simulated military
exercises carried out by police in mainland China
show the protesters as dangerous rioters. And when protests at Hong
Kong’s International Airport escalated, CGTN
emphasized an incident in which a reporter
from the mainland was tied up and beaten
by protesters. The next day, many
demonstrators apologized for their actions
at the airport. CGTN did not report this. Chinese media put out this video about its
police in Shenzhen. It shows the People’s
Armed Police Force stationed in a city
that borders Hong Kong. The video says the
People’s Armed Police Force “shall participate in
handling riots, disturbances, severe violent crimes,
terrorist attacks, and other incidents
disturbing social peace.” China also released this video
of antiprotestor drills being carried out by the
Hong Kong Garrison of the People’s
Liberation Army. Satellite images and video confirm China’s show
of force in the region. It’s unclear if China’s
uniformed police will actually be deployed
in Hong Kong. And the People’s
Liberation Army already has a troop presence there. Instead, these videos are more
likely a show of nationalism to prevent the movement from
spreading to mainland China. They also act as a reminder
that military intervention in Hong Kong
remains an option. But what’s noticeably absent
from Chinese reports on Hong Kong? People are kept in the
dark about the real reasons for the protests.


  1. Raza Khan
    Raza Khan August 27, 2019

    NYT is talking about bias by CGTN? NYT is the example of propaganda and bias. US media criticize trump for everything but when it comes to foreign policy, they all become the mouthpiece of any US regime.

  2. Raza Khan
    Raza Khan August 27, 2019

    You want to talk about bias? Where is NYT reporting on protest leaders meeting with US politicians? Where is US media reporting on protester violence, beating police, waving US flags and UK flags? NYT just showed US flags but they never bothered to report and ask WHY are there imperial US and colonial UK flags. US media is 100 times more bias than CGTN. US media is a joke, a propaganda machine.

  3. Benjamin Zhu
    Benjamin Zhu August 27, 2019

    If NYT is not stupid, then definitely mean! I start to feel sorry for the Americans, the situation is no better than North Korea.

  4. Zhi jie Huang
    Zhi jie Huang August 27, 2019


  5. Terminus Coagule
    Terminus Coagule August 27, 2019

    What is the truth of the matter? what is America's stake in this? It's obvious what is at stake for China and Hong Kong citizens, in fact i do not believe ordinary protestors would behave so violently, what is at stake? what is the truth? will peace return? who is pushing for such violence? when everyone knows such violence will not lead to a peaceful solution for anyone, would you want your family and friends to get hur? there are some bad actors involved, who are these bad actors? who is funding the protestors? Why are they using antifa tactics? whonare training them in these tactics? who are these black journalist? qui bono?

  6. Kusai Km
    Kusai Km August 27, 2019

    When will people realize the US involvement in any country turns into mass destruction and a war zone biggest example the Middle East Iraq Libya Syria Yemen any country the United States gets involved in becomes destroyed If the United States really needs democracy and freedom they should start with the Palestinian the one that being slaughtered by Israel Zionist government

  7. NED The last Stark
    NED The last Stark August 27, 2019

    Lybia version 2.0😄 the world needs more democracy

  8. Matthew Li
    Matthew Li August 27, 2019

    Everyone dislike
    They are using he protest for leverage on trade war
    Always happens in us

  9. Catherine Koenig
    Catherine Koenig August 28, 2019

    The West media have enough wrong commentary about the reality. Why shouldn’t we common people listen to the other side of
    real story? Enough is enough. The West, particularly USA stirred and instigated the Color Revolution in Middle East, and as a result,
    you see so many refugees are coming from Middle East.

  10. Luis Serna
    Luis Serna August 28, 2019

    China want's more control of Hong Kong too early and is breaking a treaty that is NOT meant to be broken till a later period… so the people are rising against China's Control…. How could the Chinese Gov blame any outside influence or blame US involvement when there are MILLIONS of Hong Kong's citizens protesting? From LOW to HIGH Income the people are rising from all walks of life. Chinese government is ready to deploy it's troops because it WORKS in THEIR favor. Full Government Control… Stand for the PEOPLE… History will repeat itself…. They just want Independence from China, To form their own way of life.. We The People.

  11. Thant Zaw Win
    Thant Zaw Win August 28, 2019

    Try this in USA and they will all be shot. The New York Times is flaming in HK….what a shame.

  12. sddsvn xingyu
    sddsvn xingyu August 28, 2019


  13. sddsvn xingyu
    sddsvn xingyu August 28, 2019


  14. Shiba Inu
    Shiba Inu August 28, 2019

    Lol. Let's download and save this video so we can use it as proof that the Western media is lying.

    SMAKS EM SILLIFIED August 28, 2019

    SMAKS EM SILLIFIED August 28, 2019

    Should be alright with the NYT, They are ok with censorship.
    As long as it's agreeing with them of course. 😉

  17. 何学斌
    何学斌 August 29, 2019

    If those folks doing this kind of protest, I'm pretty sure some of them are already being shot dead twice by the Boston PD. lol

  18. Ping Chu
    Ping Chu August 29, 2019

    New York times is part of US effort to disrupt Hong Kong under China's control…..Easy said than done….Even US pouring tnes of $Millions in their subversive activities in Hong Kong !!!

  19. Francis Lee
    Francis Lee August 29, 2019

    Just what do you expect from New York Times? The Yankees have been funding the Hong Kong riots all these time. The title should read: "How American media are framing the Hong Kong & China governments".

  20. Splinter- Memes
    Splinter- Memes August 29, 2019

    When a bystander was being beaten up by protestors, NYT did not report this.
    When groups of protestors stoned a policeman (like literally stoned, not throwing stones), NYT did not report this.
    When a protestor used corrosive chemicals at police, NYT did not report this.
    When protestors have started leaking out personal information about police (address, phone number), NYT did not report this.
    When protestors threw a brick at police and started begging police not to shoot, NYT created a false narrative.
    When protestors tied up a journalist for supporting the minority, NYT reported this lightly and in a biased manner.

    Yes, police have done many lethal acts. But on the same line as CGTN, protestors aren't some holy freedom loving gods being tear-gassed by rats. The protestors have done many bad things as well.

  21. Jorge Morales
    Jorge Morales August 29, 2019

  22. Allen Young
    Allen Young August 29, 2019

    fellows, children are dying for gunshots, American citizens should all stand up and breaking in the white house, cut off trump's head! 美国抗议人群能不能涨点志气,砍了川普老头的脑袋啊!

  23. Very Funny
    Very Funny August 29, 2019

    Actually, this "news" shows how NYT is framing China.

  24. Bored Panda
    Bored Panda August 30, 2019

    NYT you and the rest of Western media are also misleading the world into thinking HK protests are peaceful with the reasonable demand for democracy. What you did not tell the viewers are these protesters are violent lawless individuals, well funded and organized for their destruction of HK economy and eventual goal to undermine HK and China governments. Before the first protest, HK people enjoyed the same freedom as your Americans and even now these rioters are acting above all laws. Their demands are unreasonable and one failed, they create another unreasonable demand to keep the riots going. The extradition bill that started the first rally has since been withdrawn and the protestors are continued to use other tactics to drag the unrest. If the same happened in USA, your police and national guards would be deployed and you call the police action justified. However, you and the rest of biased media would call HK Police acting violently against rioters. You and the American government truly have biased agenda.

  25. Velvetblue
    Velvetblue August 30, 2019

    Xi, Jinping is EVIL. Land grabber of other nations territory. Chinese steals and abuse marine resources of other countries. Chinese fishermen just sail on other nations territory . They stole giant clams that were planted by our marine biologist in the Philippines. They went to Palawan Island and started stealing giant sea turtles in our waters, killed the endangered turtles to be used as their STUPID MEDICINAL ingredients. CHINESE & THEIR GOV'T. ARE SOOOOOO GREEDY!!!!!

  26. Vii bunny
    Vii bunny August 30, 2019

    Its not framing when its true tho

  27. Siting Chen
    Siting Chen August 30, 2019

    this is how us media is faming how china is faming hk protests, which says us is intervening. 🤔very interesting , and a very debatable philosophical situation.

  28. Wind Neo
    Wind Neo August 30, 2019

    Freedom of Speech… Let Edward Snowden speak

  29. matchbox555
    matchbox555 August 30, 2019

    NOT INTERESTED in teenage tools of the CIA rioting for no good reason. How on earth are they being "oppressed"? I have yet to see a rioter over the age of 25.

  30. HOO WOO
    HOO WOO August 30, 2019

    Crazy NYT, You lies without blinking your eyes! you are misleading the WOM in favor of your own interests. Dean Baquet told you so?

  31. lai chi long
    lai chi long August 31, 2019

    I think all these comments want know how to solve this hk problem quickly and make sure that the westerners don’t care about hk

  32. lai chi long
    lai chi long August 31, 2019

    All I see is the so call loyalists betrayed the central government watching fake and garbage news like New York Times and criticizing the central government news as real news and creating instability to damage China international outlook and give the weapon to the us and the international society to suppress the rights of China to be the no. one strongest country rule the world, death to traitors, death to fake patriots, I am sure you will be in jail tomorrow you traitors to the chinese dreams over optimism traitors, shame on you, you shame president Xi, you make him look bad you all should be re-educated.

  33. L龜龜
    L龜龜 August 31, 2019


  34. Chris Lin
    Chris Lin August 31, 2019

    Communist China really has no Legitmacy in Hong Kong other then what the British gave them. The current Communist Government of China did not sign the 100 years treaty with Britain. It was the Qing Dynasty that did it. The British Stupid enough honored the agreement between a different government.

  35. kwongfu yan
    kwongfu yan September 1, 2019


  36. kwokkeung chau
    kwokkeung chau September 1, 2019

    趕-衰 詞: 2019-8-31 三方搶港

    凝看港路向,只盼找到新方向,欠了找不清的賬,以致苦戀的下場,誰說港硬朗,不怕歷盡大風浪,跑過多少個山頭,雖說不可以翱翔,無奈咬實牙關最後,爭不上,花光氣力追也沒法,衰到江 習本土 的趁墟,哭乾了眼淚,不管抱著誰,只想愛能平凡像清水,只懂拼命衰也沒法,衰到令港實在有點累,即使錢極動人像香港,可惜三方各有些顧慮,如若話下去,三方各自碎,而港已累了,不夠支撐多一秒,港已不懂得呼叫,跌進苦海的浪潮,捱過拼命過,不過並沒大幫助,照樣一般雨滂沱,霜雪紛飛也奈何,還是寄望餘生追得上別個,花光氣力追也沒法,衰到江 習本土 的趁墟,哭乾了眼淚,不管抱著誰,只想愛能平凡像清水,只懂拼命追也沒法,衰到令港實在有點累,即使愛極動人像香水,可惜三方各有些顧慮,如若捱下去,三方各自碎,港與你像賊捉兵般追與趕,這麼衰,看多一眼也沒看,港及誰人強悍,但也早早厭惡了衰港,花光氣力追也沒法,衰到江 習本土 的趁墟,哭乾了眼淚,不管抱著誰,只想愛能平凡像清水,三方拼命爭也沒法,衰到你令港實在有點累,即使愛極動人像香水,可惜三方拒絕捱下去,比錢各自流尿,三方各自碎,無法好下場,都要獨自地安睡,各自覓尋豬肉,不必爭下去 !

    花生友: 香港現在有三大派在決戰, 江派, 習派和本土, 大家鬥過你死我活, 修訂逃犯條例只是個開戰借口, 大家都以為嬴到了的香港仍然是能養活800萬人的香港; 所以一手樓的銷情没有影響, 內地仍然不斷滲沙子,但現實是貿易對手只會撤資和橋, 到某方取得香港控制權時, 香港己經只能養活400萬人或更少的香港,明日大嶼和大彎區計劃都己經玩完 ;大家食老本吧! 89-64 因官僚和貪腐引起, 送中風波是因官商鄉黑引起…..1997-2019年, 22 年來, 內地人口增長2.2億, 平均每年剩淨長1000萬人口, 由12.25 億增加至14.25億, 人口做成了壓力, 平均十年多出了一個菲律賓國的人口, 人口做大了是不會做強的, 因為科技才是富強之本. 西方在科技上主導了地位, 內地和全世界的神童或天才在早年很快就會知道要離開祖國到西方追求他們的夢想, 所以永遠中國的科技都是落後於西方! 所以在人口上貴精不貴多, 因為資源有限! 道理就如商品的平靚正一樣, 平價貨就不可能品質上優越和設計上美觀。

    結論: 三大派在決戰爭香港是個悲劇,苦了市民,而 內地和香港, 流氓政府以官商鄉黑, 貪得無厭, 管治國家與特區是落後的藝術品!

    花生友之老貓燒鬚2019-8-31: [在香港有可能200萬人是本土派, 200萬是江派, 200 萬是習派, 咁就可以亂餐懵! 每日捉20-30個示威者 , 對於200萬來說相對是0, 就算是個大數目, 但己亂了3個月, 再捉下去, 捉與被捉變作麻木!] 現時在香港的示威, 真假難分, 黑衣人可以是黑警, 武警, 黑社會, 白衣人, 學生, 流民….打暴亂也可能是一場大戲, 真正的示威者可能只是遊行開始時出現, 其餘的時間就像做戲一樣, 亂下去是為了爭取時間給多邊會談, 可能是中美會談, 中歐會談, 江習會談, 本土與江派會談, 本土與習派會談, ….會談; 江, 習, 本土展開了一埸政治鬥爭是利益之爭, 送中結果變為送香港自己的終, 爭回來的只能是個爛蘋果, 還要倒貼養活800萬港人; 如林鄭嬴了並展開萬億倒錢落海, 倒完之後會有地出現嗎? 當然無! 咁醒就唔會有條醜死鬼沙中線! 可憐江習兩隻野竟信她的所謂能力! 真係老貓燒鬚! 只要見到佢身邊個隻若話伉儷搵到盤滿鉢滿, 縮骨縮到隠形就知道那道'剛閘'係透明, 無料到! 香江百年道行一朝喪, 回頭己是百年身! 黑警, 武警, 黑社會, 白衣人, 連解放軍都出埋, 就衰上加衰, 毫無藝術之可言! 談不上管治的水平, 美國用了流氓兩字來形容! 西方表面上還會客客氣氣說要中方恪守基本法和中英聯合声明, 暗裡真是雞飛狗走又或這笑說老人痴呆症就讓她病下去吧! 內裡當然有一個合理的原因, 說起來實在好簡單: 貪腐!

    9 月當然是不會推出和實施緊急法? 如果真的推出, 現在中國的管治己經倒退至流氓級數, 和金仔差不多, 推出便給世人笑到連金仔都不如, 早知如些, 就把香港和北韓結拜成姐弟城, 香港就不用行1.0資本奴隸主義, 金仔十月不用訪北京, 訪港上任, 大陸富人更不用在港置業, 在北韓可投資房地產, 華為可進軍北韓建設5G, 高鉄可由平讓開到首爾, 世界一時間和平很多, 但錢從裡來? 劏左隻生金旦鵝便搞惦!

  37. Xtreme Tacos
    Xtreme Tacos September 1, 2019

    They are fighting for freedom, and you're fighting to frame the narrative in order to restrict it. Interesting how times have changed.

  38. Goku Wick Stark 47
    Goku Wick Stark 47 September 1, 2019

    Failer of #BritishEmpire began with the arrest of #Gandhi.

  39. Jie He
    Jie He September 1, 2019

    Totalitarian government always came
    to power throw violence. After they are in power they use violence to suppress its people. People in Hong Kong does not have universal suffrage, they have no way to protect their rights.

  40. dndleung
    dndleung September 1, 2019

    Hong Kong people are standing against Red China face to face; once failed, the rest of the world will need to confront Red China directly someday. Every bit of help from the international community will be useful for Hong Kong.

  41. Abigael Kawase
    Abigael Kawase September 1, 2019

    China just give the freedom to Hong Kong people . I always watch news about China but some people's are no manners .

  42. tux tam
    tux tam September 1, 2019

    Here's how NYT is framing Hong Kong RIOTS and TERRORISM:

    1. Pretending the U.S. is not behind them: ignoring VP Pence meeting with traitor Lai, owner of CIA-subsidised HK tabloid, Pelosi' beautiful landscape remark, U.S. diplomat meeting with riot-organizers, Trump's tweet linking situation in HK with trade war, etc

    2. Portraying riots-terrorism as "protests", when rioters-terrorists in HK clearly and in fact targeted not only police and government facility and properties, but ordinary citizens and private properties as well !!! NYT also doesn't report that the rioters-terrorists used extremely deadly weapons, like gasoline bombs, corrosive liquids, slings, long and thick metal and bamboo rods, knives, knives mounted umbrellas, axes, grenade launchers, high power laser pointers targeting the eyes of police and ordinary citizens, etc, etc.

    3. Not mentioning some U.S. law-makers proposed to pass a HK human rights law, flagrantly interfering with China's policy !!!

    4. Deleting comments that expose its lies !!!

  43. Lutz M
    Lutz M September 1, 2019

    But the protesters aren't even the original chinese inhabitants of Hong Kong but vietnamese refugees being used by America to overthrow the legitimately elected government of Hong Kong using CIA tactics of molitov cocktails bombing buildings and throwing police with these bombs just like the CIA and Guido done in Venezuela. These vietnamese refugees are trying to install a Hoa government in Hong Kong through a soft coup using protest and violence by domestic Hoa terrorist just like Joshua Wong.

  44. Frank Hong
    Frank Hong September 1, 2019

    Just explain why they raised the US flag? Shame on NYT. Bunch of liars!!!

  45. Yazheng Li
    Yazheng Li September 1, 2019

    New york times………….

  46. Prabindra Maharjan
    Prabindra Maharjan September 1, 2019

    NYT dont u think it is the threat to national security wow…
    HK is part of china and thus PLA is the legitimate army to be there not the US army
    ur views are different from mine regarding current hk issue…
    waiting to see how ur govt. acts similar hooliganism at ur soil n how u guys make up the stories…
    these protesters already lost their so called democracy fight…
    remember karma

  47. Arcana Imperii
    Arcana Imperii September 1, 2019

    Look at the American flags the protesters are flying. It'll be clear to you who's behind this.

  48. xin van
    xin van September 1, 2019

    NYT :Hongkong police is attack ing violent protesters with water gun, that is not humane!
    HKP:How will you do ?
    NYT :We will shoot them to dead with all the bullets run out.

  49. eino debmiel
    eino debmiel September 2, 2019

    shut your dirty mouth off

  50. Fe jardin Francisco
    Fe jardin Francisco September 2, 2019

    dont Blame on USA hong kong only wants freedom BLAME CHINA!!!

  51. pakchoho
    pakchoho September 2, 2019

    autocracy vs democracy. Smart people will choose the right side unless you are the dictators

  52. Han wei
    Han wei September 2, 2019

    Hk protestor using the name of freedom to do violent n destroy property.

  53. Joy Lean
    Joy Lean September 2, 2019

    Total rubbish reporting.

  54. Jack L
    Jack L September 2, 2019

    Chinese bots are all over comments. They give each other likes.

  55. NickotBG
    NickotBG September 2, 2019

    The 50cent brigade is invading the commentary section.

    The truth hurts, doesn't it you CCP trolls.

  56. NickotBG
    NickotBG September 2, 2019

    How can the people who have Mao Zedong on their money and put 1Mln Uighurs in prison speak against the people in Hong Kong who fight for their freedom

    You are scum, you CCP supporters. You are all scum

    Liu Xiabo died for you

  57. MXMX
    MXMX September 2, 2019

    How US is losing the trade war? (And losing the throne of the king of the earth)

  58. Avagina Bulava
    Avagina Bulava September 2, 2019

    And you expect us to believe you, seriously, you’re showing a video that proves to us us that those rioters should be dealt with a heavy hand, like you do in America.

  59. JustARandomUser2001
    JustARandomUser2001 September 2, 2019

    Lotsa CCP shills in these comments…

  60. 劣等香港猪吃屎的
    劣等香港猪吃屎的 September 3, 2019

    Hope the same thing will happen in US as well, blocking ATL, JFK, LAX for 2 days.

    Also they should try to march to white house as well.

  61. 时代精神
    时代精神 September 3, 2019

    Western media is a threat to the world's peace. People need to diversify their source of information.

  62. Don ta
    Don ta September 3, 2019

    All protesters.. all pro democracy wannabe are china commies’ enemies.. all would be framed as rioters ..

  63. Firefly
    Firefly September 3, 2019

    Nathan Rich brought me here

  64. Firefly
    Firefly September 3, 2019

    What did you mean people are kept from the real reasons of the protests? You mentioned that but did not elaborate what the reason is. Maybe you wanted to keep people from knowing the real reason?

  65. Sojib wajed
    Sojib wajed September 3, 2019

    I have a question.. Why the New York Times take the logo of Our Muslim Arabis word "JIM". Just to know.

  66. Keith Lee
    Keith Lee September 3, 2019

    NED is foreign intervention.

  67. opinionvoice
    opinionvoice September 3, 2019

    Kong Kong is China territory, 2 system does not mean 2 country got that, any intervention from the mainland is justified for national security concern, what is the big deal?

  68. Peter Almeida
    Peter Almeida September 3, 2019

    It takes one fake media to recognize other fake media.

  69. yl yxdlzy
    yl yxdlzy September 4, 2019

    Odessa shooting is a Beautiful scenery! Support democracy and freedom! Americans must pursue democracy like Hong Kong. The United States needs more such beautiful scenery.

  70. Nafets
    Nafets September 4, 2019

    The only fact is – How Western media is framing China in hongkong protest.

  71. Victor
    Victor September 4, 2019

    Very Good reporting New York Times, sad to see Chinese bots take over YouTube.

  72. S N
    S N September 4, 2019

    the hypocritical issue is how is the NYT framing the rioting people in Hong Kong…..? One wonders what the NYT called people of Ferguson ? Food for thought while you watch this propaganda goebellian reporting

  73. S. Gillespie
    S. Gillespie September 4, 2019

    Did Hillary say as much about the gun violence in America or the american nationalists who attack brown and black people, muslims, Jews against an apartheid Palestine, etc….? No! So she needs to keep her nose out of China's business and see if she can be brave or courageous enough to improve things in America and not just for her corporate croonies!

  74. Kenny Choo
    Kenny Choo September 4, 2019

    This is just the pot calling the kettle black. It is clear both sides are biased. To get the truth these days, I think one needs to read news from all sides.

  75. Fox Ino
    Fox Ino September 5, 2019

    Meh watch NYT and believe the exact opposite.

  76. Simon Y
    Simon Y September 5, 2019

    Please stop lying the world is not as stupid as you are.

  77. Abigail Ng
    Abigail Ng September 5, 2019

    HK Hermit好撚無辜😂

  78. Simon Y
    Simon Y September 5, 2019

    Please be considerate to the rights and universal suffrage of the HK policemen and their intimidated families. Stop your lies Now before God strikes you

  79. Jones Jones
    Jones Jones September 5, 2019


  80. Origins686720
    Origins686720 September 5, 2019

    Doesnt this Army have families!? I'm sure they have some as the protesters, who's the "people" then if not!?

  81. MJ Chen
    MJ Chen September 5, 2019

    1:39 Why just show an irrelevant sentence?The original video show a lot of conclusive evidences!!

    Just take a look!

  82. Cecil
    Cecil September 6, 2019

    you use an umbrella? TERRORIST!!!

  83. Tony
    Tony September 7, 2019

  84. Alex Gong
    Alex Gong September 7, 2019

    so NYT supports IRA, FLQ, and ETA? right?

  85. Joseph White
    Joseph White September 7, 2019

    People in Chinese are actually brainwashed. They don't have access to the real internet, all they know is state controlled propaganda. I see dozens of videos on the NYT channel criticizing the US government, why don't you show me one video on the CGTN youtube channel criticizing the Chinese government? Oh that's right, if you say anything bad about the Chinese government in China you are imprisoned. China is a joke, one day the entire country will collapse because it's a house of cards being held together with fear like the Soviet Union was.

  86. Minseok K
    Minseok K September 7, 2019

    So you’re not gonna cover the fact that protestors leaked people’s information and signed them up for organ donations just because they don’t agree with what the rioters did? You’re not gonna point out how Hong Kong is “fighting” for freedom of speech but any opinion against them is automatically “paid by the CCP”? mkay hypocrites

  87. Breezy Breezy
    Breezy Breezy September 8, 2019

    New York Time, you once had an article on how the CIA ran global propaganda campaign, now the CIA is running one against China and you are a shill.

  88. Saint Louis
    Saint Louis September 8, 2019


  89. gudang kelapa
    gudang kelapa September 8, 2019

    This is bullsh*t

  90. Hunting Bunny
    Hunting Bunny September 9, 2019

    No matter what I support hongkongers on their quest for freedom and hope they retain their freedom even after 2047.

  91. green sea
    green sea September 9, 2019

    Hk super

  92. 6packter
    6packter September 9, 2019

    Nyt is garbage

  93. Love HK
    Love HK September 9, 2019

    Here is the response from Nathan Rich on how New York Time is framing China through propaganda on Hong Kong Protests.
    New York Times, stop propaganda. Pls do REAL report work.

  94. arc arcon
    arc arcon September 10, 2019

    So many chinese bots

  95. Fanninda O
    Fanninda O September 10, 2019

    If China were to succeed in making HK a part of their country, this demonstration would be forgotten. Just like how they try to cover up the tragedy of Tian an men square

  96. Armchair warrior
    Armchair warrior September 10, 2019

    How would the US like it if China starts to support native american Independence or even better white nationalist?
    They are rioters and criminals not protesters.

  97. Bearheart Darkriver-Chen
    Bearheart Darkriver-Chen September 10, 2019

    Protests? Terroist acts more like it. Our government would not tolerate molotov cocktails being thrown at law enforcement, or the take over of airports…and people of darker complexion than light have plenty of reason to protest the prejudice of the judiciary and economic disparities facing them (and I recognize I was born twice privileged by virtue of my skin compexion and gender).

  98. Andy
    Andy September 10, 2019

    Chinese antifa. Just a bunch of unemployed people with too much time on their hands

  99. Codeman
    Codeman September 11, 2019

    NYT = Shamless liar

  100. zi sun
    zi sun September 11, 2019

    It is in their blood white foreign media from white western countries to twist facts
    Racism discriminations are in the blood of the white western countries and the reporters

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