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House Democrats Demand 6 Years Of Trump Tax Returns

we ought to be able to know as a society as a people whether the president's private interests influence his public decision-making and we cannot know that when he is so unwilling to be transparent with the American people congressman Kildee who serves on the Ways and Means Committee explaining why his panel is asking the IRS to provide six years of dollars from tax returns they're looking for his personal returns and also some from his business now of course the president says he's not inclined to cooperate shocker the push for the tax returns all part of the new offensive from House Democrats that are ramping up probes and they're sending out subpoenas will join me now to discuss that and more ABC News political director recline all right Rick let's take a look at the different players in the hill right now and trying to take us behind the scenes starting with the Democrats clearly they're not waiting and they're moving ahead here with a bunch of subpoenas and a bunch of probes are they worried in the rank-and-file that some may be moving too fast and have different agendas than the party as a whole in 2020 or is a party firmly behind this kind of strategy yeah it was a remarkable confluence of events that had a couple of different committees pressing for a different disclosure really all in the same couple a couple of hours and I think the push for the tax returns the push for the model report it all adds up to increased scrutiny on this White House and it sets up some pretty big political battles and I think in all those battles Richard you're right to point out there's a danger there for overreach to the Democrats push a little too far beyond where the public wants to go beyond where the facts are likely to lead them that is undeniably a danger for them but it's the speaker on board with all this fully or is this being driven by the left portion of the party well I think the speaker actually has shown some some pretty good discretion and hesitancy and kind of Reinier members in there were some people that wanted to ask for the tax returns like three months ago wanted to start subpoenaing Muller in Holland before the hill already so I think she has actually done her best to hold things that bay a little bit the impeachment talk really has died down almost entirely there's no realistic talk of that anymore but I do think she has allowed her committees to start doing their work that means digging in that means pick your battles and that means in some areas asking for documents asking for testimony that the White House is not prepared to give now we go to the other side of the aisle and I think we need a neck brace for Republicans when it relates to shutting down the border making health care an issue this year what have you heard as to the genesis do they even know the president was gonna go there saying if it he wanted to repeal Obamacare because it seemed the McConnell was like fine then you do it here because I don't know where you're coming from that we have a replacement plan nor do we want to litigate this before as we get ready for 2020 no this was not part of a grand Republican plan they're not comfortable with it they didn't want it they continue to urge the President to reconsider it and I think that's why McConnell said right afterward hey you know if Pelosi and Trump want to come up with something I'm glad to take a look at it that means not on my watch I am NOT dealing with it and I think that has been the prevailing Republican view they feel like health care in particular asked and answered not an issue the president has made clear he wants to make that squarely an issue in 2020 actually he's saying you'll see the plan after the election so you better vote for Republicans I don't know that's tenable and I do know for a fact that's not how Republicans want to fight the Congressional or the presidential race next year the president clearly thinks that immigration is a big reason why he was elected and he thinks it's a winning a political issue Republicans did not like the idea or at least a lot of them didn't of shutting the whole border down for all the economic consequences so the president backs off with this imaginary that Mexico gave me everything I wanted here so now we don't have a problem at the border and now he says he's gonna give them one year just a little bit ago does the party know what the president really wants and do they think he'll really follow through it's getting to the point where it's like the boy who cried wolf well I think so many Republicans have said something similar at least to me focus on what he does and not what he says they recognized that he is going to ramble and and and contradict and circumvent and in short circuit a whole lot of very careful political calculations they focus on what's actually being done in this case a lot of saber rattling but it's almost expected at this point the president says I'm shutting down the border it's actually not happening you got a dial that back and recognize what it means so it doesn't appear that's gonna happen we'll see he'll be at the border I'll later in the week does he does he pull the trigger on something bigger do they dial it back he's being told by a lot of you in his party this is a potential economic disaster that they want to avoid finally I'm curious your take on the story both the times in the Washington Post broke in terms of that the Muller team is not too happy with mr. Barr and his version of their report people inside on the on the hill you would think given the the discipline and the messaging discipline or lack thereof that Muller and team have had here for the better part of a year that this this story would go out the way it was with reportedly multiple prosecutors in their team saying the same thing where do Democrats and Republicans feel now because Robbins have gone on a limb to protect the president conversely Democrats have bitten their tongue because they said the report wasn't what they thought how do you think this plays out in the next 48-72 hours but we have to see the report and we're going to see most of it at some point but this is the first suggestion we've seen at least emerging publicly that the bar summary of the report is not the full story we always knew was gonna be more complicated but if there's a lot more in there it may change perceptions of the report you know week and a half ago when bars summary came out everyone immediately was saying well this this backs up the president seems to exonerate him he is he is off scot-free if there's a much more nuanced take away if there's a lot more credit Chris criticism in it if they've got more details more facts about potentially obstruction of justice in it that does change the perceptions but I don't know that anything can really cement around at Richard until we see the file the final report and finally Rick I'm gonna start asking us every week what is this story that we didn't cover enough with all the fire hose of all the craziness whether it was the 25 people who shouldn't have gotten clearances reportedly who did or whatever what story do you think in a normal world which I know we don't live in anymore would have been you know front-page headlines for days that now is an afterthought this week I think the security breach at mar-a-lago is a massive story potentially because it sets up this unique circumstance where the president goes to his private business there's all of these overlapping security officials and the ease with which this woman for whatever reason was able to get into the compound with multiple cell phones multiple passports and we're told some software that included malware what her intention where I think could potentially be an enormous part of the story but even more broadly what it says about the security bubble or lack thereof around the president Ric as always I certainly appreciate the time thank you so much thanks Richard coming up next a look at the numbers we're gonna give you a snapshot of where voters today stand on pressing Trump the Muller report and the 2020 race will have that after this

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