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Hispanic Republican Heckled to ‘Learn English’ at Tea Party Rally

this is a really really really funny
buzzfeed did a story about immigration reform ok and in that story the buzzfeed uh… article outlines how
steve came this congressman from iowa who we’ve talked about many times he’s
an immigration hardliner he did a press conference and it kind of
turned into a rally and um… it was basically a it was an
immigration bill protest they don’t want immigration reform moving forward they believe that there is not are are they just don’t their entirely any kind of amnesty any kind of pakistan
is insured you kind of the program of course here so of course is a tea party rally in a sense steve
king has a lot of tea party support there’s different speakers one of those
speakers who supports conservative ideology could support tea
party ideology disguise on their side ladies and gentlemen his name is
congressman mario de as ballard he’s a florida
republican he spoke briefly he got up there and
he’d he gave a little speech and during that he spoke some spanish and he starts
getting heckled by the tea party protesters who start yet going over to
him and yelling learn english learn english they don’t want him speaking spanish there never member this is a tea party rally this is a guy
who agrees with them don’t you want some hispanic members of congress on your
side to gotta make it seem like your motivations are just enough of it anti hispanic anti-immigration don’t you
remember when you realize there’s a party that
you need the hispanic vote because of changing demographics and you just not
going to be able to win with the white vote you finally get the hispanic
republican who who what likes what you’re doing and you start yelling at him to speak
english and happily back let’s be honest in this is not going to
be a wake-up call for the racist asu tackling someone who was on a side right
there should be a wake-up call for mister diaz ballard brighter days on the wrong what i’d do
it when i do we know who he react and i’m supporting this and and on dry
inside a political group of political parties
spent years trying to appeal to a punch of people who basically hates
someone right a lot of the a lot of the appeal conservative this kind of uh… you know
the tight knot all republicans but this kind of tea party like conservative a
lot of the appeal is we are different we wanna play identity politics and dislike
those who are different it may be hispanics it may be moslems it whatever
the case may be use ten years basically appealing to them you end up getting a group of people that just
basically hate each other right you have this uh… di as ballard guy and he
presumably wants to did it must be some groupies na particularly thrilled with
but people don’t like him because of this kind of identity game that’s going
on there this is not going to help republicans appeal to hispanics not at
all with really funny is in the midst of
this glenn back said hey you know what i actually see the tea party as a civil rights movement and again in
the midst of a hispanic tea party or getting shouted
down i’d find it very very funny what glenn beck had to say take a look at
this this is a civil rights movement and you may not understand it now but
believe me will i was quite as david barton to really
watch especially the pastors behind me because the pastors behind me we had
talked before we went on and they were chore about that but also writes rhetoric they had not
heard my speech it will now and for the very convinced the tea party a civil rights movement more like an
anti civil rights movement exactly one-half that’s exactly what it is
unbelievable started are speaking he’s correct he said he threatened in the
sense that we are addressing issues of civil rights in just in the way that was
more reminiscent of those against the the nineteen sixty
four civil rights bill there uh… on today’s bonus show excellent
excellent bonus show today there’s a bar in california which has high heel only policy for women we’re gonna talk about the details will
talk about whether it’s misogynistic or just a costume type of thing uh… i i predict it will be interesting
we will also talk about kim jong on distributing hitler’s book mine comp to his top associates and saying we need
to learn a lot of what’s in here and a lot more stuff louis hosts the
bonus show don’t miss the bonus show also i got flipped off on the way to work
today by-sa byron of motorists is that the writer my fellow motorist
air a fellow motorist uh… put me off of raising his middle finger at me i will tell the entire story on today’s
bonus shut david pacman dot com slash membership sign up not only dec louis
host not only do you hear the story for me about the angry motorists but you support nine corporate media and
uh… we need a we absolutely need that will be back after this plenty more david bragg michelle mandated pacman dot com


  1. pep
    pep June 23, 2013

    We noticed that you are an idiot. WE LOVE IT!

  2. June 23, 2013

    We? The many people living in your head?

  3. pep
    pep June 23, 2013

    Where's the video of this accusation? This story is total BS, plus have him do the same at any rally with non-Hispanics and see how welcoming any crowd is that doesn't speak the language. Especially, go speak some Espanol in front of a predominately black audience and you'll get more than heckled. This report is so dishonest, but fortunately, it plays to the far-left loony choir.

  4. June 23, 2013

    You're just another mad conservative. Go steam to your delusional christian friends…

  5. pep
    pep June 23, 2013

    No, the clear thinking people here on Youtube.

  6. June 23, 2013

    Really? Are you the imaginary leader of the clear thinking youtube society?

  7. whyamimrpink78
    whyamimrpink78 June 23, 2013

    When you research this accusation you find an article in a newspaper from Tampa Bay I think and that is about it, oh, and this video on Democratic Underground. Point being is that no one else is talking about it because it isn't anything at all. This is just Pakman fishing for anything to find a way to rip on Republicans when really if anything it was Tea Party members (not republicans) preaching their discontent with the republican party like they do with the democrat party.

  8. hastious
    hastious June 23, 2013

    You mexicans think you are white too !!

    I see it all the time.

  9. AmsterdamHeavy
    AmsterdamHeavy June 23, 2013

    "Hispanic Republicans" "Gay Catholics" – Im always amazed at people who consider themselves a part of groups that despise them.

    Can you list any others?

  10. micahgee
    micahgee June 23, 2013

    David Barton LOL hes the guy who wrote a review about the movie "Lincoln" but admitted he never saw it XD

  11. grendal1136
    grendal1136 June 23, 2013

    these two are idiots.

  12. Patrick Molina
    Patrick Molina June 24, 2013

    Look, you racist pig, the reason why Cubans vote Republican isn't because they think they're white, it's because they are from a Communist country and they don't want what happened over there to happen over here. You're racist for thinking that Cubans want to be white and that only white people can be Republicans. I'm of Mexican heritage and too many other Mexican-Americans just want things given to them. I live it and I see it. Quit drinking the kool-aid and learn some stuff.

  13. The Federal Farmer
    The Federal Farmer June 24, 2013

    The only reason Miami Cubans vote Republican is because Reagan went down there and and said "Castro No!" and from then on…But Cubans want Communism for America. Once a Communist, always a Communist.

  14. The Federal Farmer
    The Federal Farmer June 24, 2013

    From the "evidence" in this video, I'd say nobody yelled anything.

  15. pep
    pep June 24, 2013

    With all the spoken screw ups of Obama and Biden which you don't mention, but you do throw in some unnamed Republicans? That sounds like clear thinking to you?

  16. pep
    pep June 24, 2013

    Thank you as that was my feelings as well. Yes, there will always be someone who wrongly associates the Spanish language with illegal aliens, but like you said, hardly a large number.

  17. picklesnorf101
    picklesnorf101 June 24, 2013

    The Republican party only cares about wealthy white men and serving business interests.

  18. Llopis Blair
    Llopis Blair June 24, 2013

    You're very ignorant. There is no "hispanic race" and some Cubans are as White or Whiter than many Americans. Why don't you study a bit of history before you make a fool of yourself?

  19. A'Doris A
    A'Doris A June 24, 2013

    I really wish for some sort of I'm

  20. A'Doris A
    A'Doris A June 24, 2013


  21. A'Doris A
    A'Doris A June 24, 2013

    I want immigration reform , I'm tired of feeling like an immigrant in my own country. Why are Hispanics being allowed to take over our country? I'm surprised white people are allowing this to take place !

  22. pyroblast3000
    pyroblast3000 June 24, 2013

    Black Klansman lol

  23. pyroblast3000
    pyroblast3000 June 24, 2013

    Hey thay have those for real!! I saw it on a documentary on transexuals

  24. Gwane Martin
    Gwane Martin June 24, 2013

    so are you saying that Liberals love everybody?

  25. Gwane Martin
    Gwane Martin June 24, 2013

    you can say the same thing about the Democrat Party. They only thing liberals care about is control and power. And don't think for one second that Liberals aren't racist!

  26. Gwane Martin
    Gwane Martin June 24, 2013

    David Packman is wrong about most of what he says! I can't believe that some of you people actually believe him!

  27. ysonyou
    ysonyou June 24, 2013

    If he had spoken French or German then I guess it wouldn't be racist. Right? In other countries people have it out about languages all the time – there are no utopian linguistic paradises. Only in America do we associate language with race – politically correct stupidity. Pretty soon speed limit signs will somehow manage to be racist.

  28. JuggalotusHeat
    JuggalotusHeat June 24, 2013

    Apparently this guy still believes that Republican and Democrats are two parties and care about the citizens. Sounds pretty sheepish to me…

  29. Ben Lepard
    Ben Lepard June 24, 2013


  30. max gowan
    max gowan June 24, 2013


  31. max gowan
    max gowan June 24, 2013

    Usually when you are trying to not sound uninformed, you should spell names right

  32. gajda1984
    gajda1984 June 25, 2013

    old white republicans have to federal investigate something.

  33. Keith Crabtree
    Keith Crabtree June 25, 2013

    These tea bagger twats are twisted fux!

  34. Mbokam Nhekem
    Mbokam Nhekem June 25, 2013

    I was checking out the English and the (automatic caption). I noticed, when I pull down the drop arrow and when whites are doing their commentaries, their words are being properly dictated and out-lined under proper "English. When black people do their commentaries it is dictated under improper English, "automatic captions". Witch mean, what was said, has been written wrong and distorted. I'am talking about Google's You-tube black people mocking crap.

  35. My cat watches creepypastas
    My cat watches creepypastas June 25, 2013

    uhh this is a country of immigrants so you're not going much sympathy there. Maybe you want people to come here legally as opposed to illegally. Yes?

  36. picklesnorf101
    picklesnorf101 June 25, 2013

    Insults in place of logic. Shameful.

  37. circusmaximus10
    circusmaximus10 June 25, 2013

    Anyone in the US should speak english…period…

  38. Gwane Martin
    Gwane Martin June 25, 2013

    Usually when you make an accusation such as this, there is actual proof of the accusation. I did not hear anyone being heckled at all. I have heard the narrative before that Republicans are racist. But does that mean that Democrats are not racist? Are we just supposed to believe David Pakman because he said it was so?

  39. Ricardo Reyes
    Ricardo Reyes June 25, 2013

    You're right Gwane. Reports are that it was one person who yelled out "learn English", but I have yet to find any actual video to either affirm or debunk that.
    Regardless, here you have Pakman stating quite confidently "TEA Partiers" not only heckled him, but walked over to Mario Diaz-Balart.

    Anywho, carry on

  40. HNK222
    HNK222 June 25, 2013

    Between 2001-2009 we had a Republican president with such a tenuous grasp of the English language that he could legitimately be considered illiterate.

    Ask a rightwinger what the GOP's opposition party is and they will say, "The Democrat Party". Not Democratic, because that would require an understanding of the English language.

    Until rightwingers (ie. people who get their "news" from Australian Rupert Murdoch's foreign-owned FOX) learn to speak English, they need to shut the fuck up.

  41. muzaffar khan
    muzaffar khan June 25, 2013

    simply great. i wanna do again so that i can get one more ipad :P. i am telling you, never forget to fill with your mail id and ph number. rush it here ->

  42. blackcatmusic
    blackcatmusic June 26, 2013

    White Gangsters

  43. blackcatmusic
    blackcatmusic June 26, 2013

    Not gonna happen. When your done harassing Mexicans it'll be Asians and so on. There are are just people that feel they are more entitled to this country than others which spawn hate groups. It's not all one race,but you can tell who has the leverage.

  44. picklesnorf101
    picklesnorf101 June 26, 2013

    Why? There are lots of countries that have two or three main languages and they do very well. With as large as the Spanish speaking community is here in the US, (not to mention a lot of this country was originally Mexico's) there is no reason that we can't have perhaps two official languages. Also I think teaching our children two languages could be very beneficial in the long run.

  45. kcornsilk
    kcornsilk June 26, 2013

    Thank You.I have tried to post a Tea Party video But apparently you can not post anything that speaks against this clown? I am suprised that you made it ..

  46. Gwane Martin
    Gwane Martin June 26, 2013

    I don't see what is wrong about being a black conservative. Most Blacks in America live conservative lives and have conservative values. We just don't vote that way

  47. DrPommels
    DrPommels June 26, 2013

    I have 1…. Americans who believe in the Constitution who belong to the Tea Party……

  48. DrPommels
    DrPommels June 26, 2013

    wait wait…. a much smaller and more elite group…. people with an IQ over 80 who belong to the Tea Party!

  49. DrPommels
    DrPommels June 26, 2013

    there you go with that crazy talk again…. dont you understand that making the entire world speak English makes us more…… not sure what it makes us….
    why should we have our kids speaking 2-3-4 languages the way every Swede, Fin, German, etc. can??? What advantage could that possibly give them in a global economy???????

  50. SupaStar4u1
    SupaStar4u1 June 26, 2013

    no Dumb A hole..they screamed that becuase they could not understand him.. What a idiot left wing propaganda video full of mislead lies to demean a better party then yours.

  51. straydogg13
    straydogg13 June 26, 2013

    the only reason mexico had any kind of claim to what is now the u.s was because of Spain.

  52. straydogg13
    straydogg13 June 26, 2013

    All white countries…you are such a racist.

  53. straydogg13
    straydogg13 June 26, 2013

    haha republicans dont despise hispanics…..but i know plenty of hispanics that hate gays though….

  54. DrPommels
    DrPommels June 26, 2013

    yeah, it really sucks when someone isnt exactly like you……..

  55. Juan Federico
    Juan Federico June 27, 2013

    I'm not a democrat but to pretend that the "both sides do it" argument is valid is complete BS. All politicians care about control and power. Very true. But you know that the GOP tends to be much more racist, homophobic, xenophobic, anti-science and generally anti-progress. If that floats your boat, then so be it.

  56. BillyCisco Musician
    BillyCisco Musician June 27, 2013

    Pakman you are a clown and I think your lame ass show has become even more lame. I agree with straydog13. It sucked back when and it still sucks and it is your fault. You are a couple of curtsies' with no spine and a propensity to try to be worthwhile and you are not. Either come out and act like a couple of pansy ass democrats or some shaky leaf Repubs but really you are definitely not Constitutionalists. Therefore you are irrelevant.

  57. circusmaximus10
    circusmaximus10 June 27, 2013

    You are in this country…speak English. Its likely you are here illegally also…

  58. gajda1984
    gajda1984 June 27, 2013

    I think I am being federal investigated.

  59. Scott Anderson
    Scott Anderson June 27, 2013

    T Party people are out to lunch

  60. Harley Stahl
    Harley Stahl June 27, 2013

    yeah we should have Hispanic people on the republican side but no matter what this is America and everyone should speak English and so im glad he got heckled

  61. Harley Stahl
    Harley Stahl June 27, 2013

    I am with u on that sir u r totally correct about this dumbass

  62. gajda1984
    gajda1984 June 27, 2013

    Yeah, I came here illegally, we're taking over and sending all you federal investigators out.

  63. gajda1984
    gajda1984 June 27, 2013

    Does your sister work at Tee Jayes?

  64. Miguel O. Lopez
    Miguel O. Lopez June 28, 2013

    This guys suck a big Hot Jalapeno on the stick. I believe this two will be getting married soon. More like David Packs a man. I don't agree with the heckling. So if the Tea Party wants me as a member they better get their Caca together. TED CRUZ For President. Viva La Tea Party!

  65. AXESMI
    AXESMI June 30, 2013

    The heckler was probably from MSNBC as they send trolls in to make Conservative groups looks bad.

  66. Jason Warsong
    Jason Warsong July 1, 2013

    The Tea Party is just a diluted version of KKK

  67. MrSquidlow
    MrSquidlow July 1, 2013

    1964 civil rights bill vote tally:
    The original House version:
    Democratic Party: 152–96 (61–39%)
    Republican Party: 138–34 (80–20%)
    Cloture in the Senate:
    Democratic Party: 44–23 (66–34%)
    Republican Party: 27–6 (82–18%)
    The Senate version:
    Democratic Party: 46–21 (69–31%)
    Republican Party: 27–6 (82–18%)
    The Senate version, voted on by the House:
    Democratic Party: 153–91 (63–37%)
    Republican Party: 136–35 (80–20%)
    please, stop trying to rewrite history.

  68. Karl Marx
    Karl Marx July 4, 2013

    I would say that you're incorrect, good sir. I have only met a few black people who were conservative, and I have lived my whole life around black people.

  69. Ceasy
    Ceasy July 4, 2013

    Post your proof, that the entire group of people who consider themselves conservative, hates black people.

  70. Me112233
    Me112233 July 5, 2013

    I'm happy that there are some black conservatives. However, your assertion that "most" (more than 50%) live conservative lives is simply wrong. 74% of children born to black women are born out of wedlock. Abortion is more rampant among blacks than any other race. (those are VERY liberal things) Ninety percent of black people consistently vote for the most liberal candidate on the ballot — even when a black conservative is running against a white lib, blacks vote for the liberal.

  71. Me112233
    Me112233 July 5, 2013

    Hey now, don't upset black people with the facts. Three times more Democrats (than Republicans) in congress voted AGAINST the Civil Rights Act. But black people want to think it was the Democrats who did it for them.

    In fact, three famous democrats, Al Gore Sr.. William Fulbright (the scholarship is named after him), and Robert KKK Byrd, led an 83-day filibuster in an attempt to keep it from being voted on.

  72. Gwane Martin
    Gwane Martin July 5, 2013

    It's real simple to me. Black people in America do not vote according to their values. Go to any black owned barber shop or beauty salon in America. Look at the polling of African Americans. 70% will tell you that they are for Traditional Marriage against abortion and for the right to bear arms but consistently vote for politicians who are on the other side of those issues. Why? because Republicans have an unfair racist tag and that trumps everything in Black America

  73. john handcock
    john handcock July 6, 2013

    A) Many are racist. They most certainly deserve that tag.
    B) There are other issues, far more important issues to be dealt with. This is the BS issues the republicans use the distract you from the real issues.
    C) Stop being a sheep.

  74. Splivitzz
    Splivitzz July 9, 2013

    David Pakman is a race baiter. Here he is baiting again. When he realizes that Obama is a liar and a muslim and wants shariah in the US if he could. You Mr Pakman are misguided and will one day realize that you yourself are on the wrong side. The U.S. was a strong capitalist democracy and then came Obama. Now we are a weak punk of a nation with bad policy all around destroying business and world strength Yet, this idiot wants more ?~?~? IDIOT….you are the worse kind of idiot Mr Pakman.

  75. Splivitzz
    Splivitzz July 9, 2013

    Organization of thought is not strong point….sheople are Black Democrats who can not think for themselves and know it. Democrats are using distraction techniques not Republicans who are employing obstruction techniques to stop Obama from ruining our country.

  76. Splivitzz
    Splivitzz July 9, 2013

    Yes , Yes, Yes …any man ,black or white that thinks accurately, is going to agree with Gwane.

  77. The Federal Farmer
    The Federal Farmer July 11, 2013

    What "we" built? What are you, 200 years old?

  78. The Federal Farmer
    The Federal Farmer July 11, 2013

    Oh and because they hate Democrats because JFK was a Democrat and didn't help them with the Bay of Pigs because Cuba has nukes pointed at the USA. The Cubans didn't care if America was nuked.

  79. The Federal Farmer
    The Federal Farmer July 11, 2013

    Not everywhere in America. Check Miami sometime. You must speak Spanish there to get a decent job.

  80. Kendrick Latimore
    Kendrick Latimore July 18, 2013

    I'm pro gay marriage. I'm pro-abortion. How am I not voting for I want.

  81. bordy217
    bordy217 July 25, 2013

    Just proves they are just blatant racists.

  82. max gowan
    max gowan July 26, 2013

    Am I supposed to believe you because you said it was so? Are you starting to see how that line can work on anyone?

  83. Sun Conscious
    Sun Conscious July 26, 2013

    & there it is, proof positive the tea party members are insane, racist, confused sociopaths.

  84. Sun Conscious
    Sun Conscious July 26, 2013

    you didn't even watch the video did you?…& "black democrats?" what? vs "white or 'other' democrats?" wow, you so easily give your racist self away…smh.

  85. Darrylizer1
    Darrylizer1 August 4, 2013

    The derp is strong with these ones.

  86. adano78
    adano78 August 22, 2013

    Republicans have earned the racist tag. I mean who are they hating this week? Gays, blacks, latinos or women? Type in "tea party racist" on you tube. Watch and learn. A gay, female, person of colour that's a republican needs serious "shrink help" you HATE yourself.

  87. adano78
    adano78 August 22, 2013

    Newsflash, republicans destroyed this country 2000-08. Blacks do think for themselves, get off your judgemental republican high horse, nothing like a racist trying to politically profile a race. Get rid of the teabaggers, aryan brotherhood, NRA, and other hate groups and just maybe there will be some coulour in the republican party.

  88. adano78
    adano78 August 22, 2013

    Well said……..

  89. Daniel Phillips
    Daniel Phillips October 20, 2013

    The GOP "Big Tent" is looking like a hanky being held up by an old tooth brush. If a bi-lingual, bi-cultural Cuban-American Republican is not seen as a savior amongst the Republicans, they deserve to go down in the flaming ball of BS that they are. I feel bad for any Republican that is capable of having two brain cells firing simultaneously.

  90. adano78
    adano78 October 28, 2013

    As a former republican, it is well earned.

  91. adano78
    adano78 October 28, 2013

    Gee, you are right I forgot all about those 5 guys, yeah they make a lot of noise! They almost shutdown the government every 6 months, they march in droves with confederate flags, racists signs, and they get ALL that positive coverage from FAUX NEWS. How could we forget these WHACKOS!!?????? Good point skate.

  92. adano78
    adano78 October 28, 2013

    "Tea party racist" via YOUTUBE. I have a problem with any person of colour, or female, that ignores this, fails to address it, and allows themselves to be used as Proof of DIVERSITY. You know the one or two HN, on these GOP's shows, that are Okay with this, like there's NO problem with it! Like You DON'T SEE THAT?????

  93. adano78
    adano78 October 28, 2013


  94. The Notorious Ewen McGregor
    The Notorious Ewen McGregor October 30, 2013

    @adano78 does it bother me? No not really its the misinformed journalism he is spewing that bothers me he took something and twisted it and that is typical liberal media,the bottom line the tea party is not racist there ways are for all Americans and if any lathing democrats accuse! Answer me does it bother u that democrats insult ur intelligence with these ridiculous accusations ?

  95. topgamelord
    topgamelord November 26, 2013

    Pakman, you fucking idiot.  It doesn't surprise me to see another story revolving around Critical Theory (identical to The Young Turks).   Once again, this is NOT a valid news story. But, I'll call you out.   Please come to New York.   None of these migrants speak English.  They all speak their own native language.  So, what's the purpose behind mass immigration in the first place?  The Zionists are TRYING to ruin this country.  It's not coincidental.   Their whole goal is to ruin this country, and to eventually rule over these migrants. 

  96. Jimena M
    Jimena M January 19, 2014

    Ha ha ha very narrow minded UNILINGUAL donkeys !
    Even some parrots are bilingual or trilingual

    ILIANA CURRA January 24, 2014

    El cadáver de la ejecutada “Cuba Prostíbulo” comenzó a descomponerse rápidamente generando una serie de gusanos que brotaban día a día de sus descompuestas entrañas. Estos que hoy son gusanos, fueron previamente los PARÁSITOS que se alimentaban depredando sin pudor a esta hermosa isla. Durante décadas han seguido saliendo gusanos de ese inmundo cadáver sin sepultura (pues ni eso merecía) y tomaron estos gusanos diversos rumbos por el mundo, pero en especial para Miami en la Florida, EE.UU.

    ILIANA CURRA January 24, 2014

    Cuando Fulgencio Batista huyó de Cuba en 1.959 dejó tras de sí un lugar deprimente. Cuba fue durante su dictadura tiránica EL PRÓSTIBULO DEL CARIBE para los Norteamericanos. Esa Cuba era un ser que murió, ejecutada como merecía, por un grupo de jóvenes con ideas muy firmes encabezados por Fidel Castro.

  99. sierracuban
    sierracuban June 15, 2014

    All Cuban-born Americans like myself should now vote against the GOP……I have been voting for Republican presidential candidates since Gerald Rudolph Ford in 1976, but I voted for President Obama in 2012, and felt good when I did……I will keep my Republican voting card, but will vote against MOST Republicans in 2014 and in 2016……If Hillary runs I will vote for her…..Enough with the testosterone of these asses…….Sierra Cuban, Miami, Florida, Estados Unidos de América

  100. Kerry F.
    Kerry F. July 21, 2014

    Nice how he tries to say it was a TEA party but it really wasn't… but don't let the facts bog you down.

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