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  1. guitarhaus
    guitarhaus July 2, 2019

    Has anyone noticed there is no American Flags anywhere on stage, there are a couple Banners but no Flags, even when Trump met Kim Jong Un in North Korea there were American and North Korean Flags in the background. the Democratic party has become the party of Socialism/Communism. <—– How in the Hell can people in this Country support these ass-clowns….

  2. East Awesome
    East Awesome July 2, 2019

    "Beto… do your homework" I can't stand Robert O'Rourke Colombus🙄

  3. Dawson Hendrix
    Dawson Hendrix July 2, 2019

    This has got to be a joke lol I can’t wait till the republicans start their debate that will actually be something to watch

  4. Holly McGrath
    Holly McGrath July 2, 2019

    This is funnier than a stand up comedy show Trump 2020

  5. Glowbal Sage
    Glowbal Sage July 2, 2019

    Biden Jr.
    De Blasio

    2020 CLOWNS

  6. Tallacus
    Tallacus July 2, 2019

    Clown World

  7. Andrew  Cook
    Andrew Cook July 2, 2019

    Taco Bell. What a joke.

  8. Bkat 2d11
    Bkat 2d11 July 2, 2019

    Here it is survival of the fittest with honor with dignity while putting your hooks into something or someone for their survival,

    98% of them live with out a concise reason for living or a reason for there demise…the journey to it…. They don't get it

    Get a civilian job Democrats before you go for the easy 20 jobs as lifers

  9. Carlos Valdez
    Carlos Valdez July 2, 2019

    All I seen was nothing but pandering

  10. God Father
    God Father July 2, 2019

    Democrats idea. Take whats yours and sell it back to you.

  11. Kill democrats
    Kill democrats July 2, 2019

    Trump won the democratic debate

  12. Mr mEiSteR
    Mr mEiSteR July 2, 2019

    Bad… it went bad🤣 doing their part in trump's reelection

  13. Emperor Charlemagne
    Emperor Charlemagne July 2, 2019

    These people are insane

  14. huckle berry
    huckle berry July 2, 2019

    Wow. Just terrible. No American values or original ideas. They all serve 1 master. Its obvious we are fighting for a much bigger picture than just whos President.

  15. David Holcomb
    David Holcomb July 2, 2019

    It's funny too watch Mexico's national democratic debate!

  16. Zx 1oo
    Zx 1oo July 2, 2019


  17. Zx 1oo
    Zx 1oo July 2, 2019


  18. Zx 1oo
    Zx 1oo July 2, 2019

    How did that RUsSian CoLUsion go you liars?

  19. Ducati M
    Ducati M July 2, 2019

    It’s a race to see how far left crazy they can all get to the finish line !

  20. bulldog Brown
    bulldog Brown July 2, 2019

    Heres how it went: Tax, tax, tax.  Spend, spend, spend.   Kill babies but pay for a MANS right for abortion.  Illegals not illegal.  2nd amendment bad, criminals good. Tax, spend, free, fart.  Free everything for everybody!

  21. KiTT FOXXE
    KiTT FOXXE July 2, 2019

    Rachel Maddow is a man

  22. tip pullthemnow
    tip pullthemnow July 2, 2019

    Finally!!! Well educated brilliant candidates debating the future !!! No lying trump and his chanting , howling toothless hillbillies!!!

  23. John Bush
    John Bush July 2, 2019

    The village IDIOTS.

  24. Michael Lujan
    Michael Lujan July 2, 2019

    Most of these candidates aren't known at all they're a bunch of fools literally.

  25. unleashtheflavor
    unleashtheflavor July 2, 2019

    … and how many democrats dies it take to change a lightbulb?

    All of them.

  26. D W
    D W July 2, 2019

    I can sum it up in 3 words:

    MAGA twenty twenty

  27. D W
    D W July 2, 2019

    I can sum it up in 3 words:

    MAGA twenty twenty

  28. mountopian 1
    mountopian 1 July 2, 2019

    wheres ISIS when you need them.

  29. baron hyatt
    baron hyatt July 2, 2019

    All I see is a stage full of buffoons liars and losers

  30. Uncle Nuts
    Uncle Nuts July 2, 2019

    And the winner is Trump

  31. Dash Riprock
    Dash Riprock July 2, 2019

    Give me free stuff, I still won't vote for your dumb ass

  32. Goku Lee
    Goku Lee July 2, 2019

    vote democraps so ww3 and agenda 21 comes sooner.trump 2020 reply obey me do as i say obey

  33. Captain America
    Captain America July 2, 2019

    Boring……… Democrats are for the dummy's free stuff and your taxes are going through the roof. Nothing free Democrats…… socialist will never win because their ideas fail everytime just look at history. Its sad the Democrats don't have a candidate that could help America.

  34. Hallands Menved
    Hallands Menved July 2, 2019

    Quick summary: The convention went very well – for president Trump! 😉😂 What a collection of god awful losers… 🙄

  35. peter naing11
    peter naing11 July 2, 2019

    First debate Yang mic cut off !!! Yang won 2020 !!!

  36. Ahenkel36
    Ahenkel36 July 2, 2019

    No American Flag anywhere, great message of truth..!!!

  37. Samson and Goliath
    Samson and Goliath July 2, 2019

  38. Troy Synoga
    Troy Synoga July 2, 2019

    Im sorry but do a DNA test on the father/daughter drowning victims… Bet they dont match

  39. Lord Trump
    Lord Trump July 2, 2019

    Pieces of shit

  40. James Ingram
    James Ingram July 2, 2019

    How can that many politicians be so disconnected from the American people….no message, no clue, we just hate Trump….sheep…actually, stupid sheep…

  41. not effected
    not effected July 2, 2019

    Men standing in there ivory towers, playing games on us by the hour.
    If our leaders did what they say they'd do we'd all be eating rainbow stew, eating with a silver spoon.

  42. Mayweather Manny
    Mayweather Manny July 2, 2019

    Sorry is this a debate for the presidential election of Mexico or the US?

  43. Johnny Rotten
    Johnny Rotten July 2, 2019

    What a shit show!😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  44. rodshooter
    rodshooter July 2, 2019

    Well this democrat will vote for Donald Trump! I am so DISGUSTED with these candidates!

  45. Nancy Badten
    Nancy Badten July 2, 2019

    This debate is the highest concentration of stupid that I've ever seen in my life. Really. These policies would lead to horrible results for our country.

  46. alex black
    alex black July 2, 2019

    Trump will be the president forever.

  47. Mike Godette Music
    Mike Godette Music July 2, 2019

    Listen to Andrew Yang on Joe Rogans podcast if you wanna hear more of him. Everyone keep spreading the word about Yang because the media clearly wants him to speak as little as possible.

  48. camaro rider
    camaro rider July 2, 2019

    Yo hablo tu hablas- Robert

  49. Quincy McBride IV
    Quincy McBride IV July 2, 2019

    Im African-American and I'm sorry but black folks you are on your own now! Lol

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