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Head of U S Special Ops says that America’s government is in “unbelievable turmoil”

Head of U.S. Special Ops says that America�s
government is in �unbelievable turmoil� Army Gen. Raymond �Tony� Thomas, the head
of US Special Operations Command, bemoaned the �unbelievable turmoil� racking the
United States government during a symposium in Maryland on Tuesday. �Our government continues to be in unbelievable
turmoil. I hope they sort it out soon because we�re
a nation at war,� Thomas said in his speech, according to CNN. Although he didn�t specify what �turmoil�
he was referring to, he clarified when later asked about his comments, saying, �As a
commander, I�m concerned our government be as stable as possible.� The Special Operations troops include Navy
SEALs and the Army Green Berets, both of which have become increasingly prominent in military
operations since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks and which are equally prominent in
our national folklore. While it is unclear what Thomas was referring
to, it is quite possible that he was discussing the war that has been ongoing between the
so-called �deep state� and the Trump administration. Critics have accused America�s intelligence
agencies of trying to promote an anti-Russian agenda and punishing both President Trump
and various administration advisers with targeted leaks intended to discredit them. There are also reports that members of intelligence
communities, convinced that the Trump administration has been compromised by the Russian government,
has withheld information from the president in order to avoid having it leaked out. Naturally, the most recent manifestation of
the poor relationship between Trump and the intelligence community were the events leading
up the resignation of former national security adviser Michael Flynn. Although Flynn initially claimed that he had
not spoken with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak about President Barack Obama�s sanctions,
intelligence leaks later revealed that he had in fact done so, prompting his resignation.


  1. Charles Smith
    Charles Smith February 17, 2017

    go trump find your traitors making us unstable.

  2. Mikel Kiparski
    Mikel Kiparski February 17, 2017


  3. Chris Vandergriff
    Chris Vandergriff February 17, 2017

    Sounds like the swamp needs more draining

  4. Barney Fife
    Barney Fife February 17, 2017

    It wouldn't be in turmoil if those who are employed would do as the President tells them to do. They work for the American people not the fake Jews! They need to stop their wrong ways and do what is right. God knows everything they do, say and think and they will pay dearly when their flesh body dies if they don't stop their wickedness.

  5. mreddieotis
    mreddieotis February 17, 2017

    CNN, fake news…

  6. John Bernardoni
    John Bernardoni February 17, 2017

    Sinkhole the swamp

  7. Jason Kings
    Jason Kings February 18, 2017

    TRUMP needs to start a SEEK AND DESRTOY mission against political traitors and FAST

  8. Daniel Rotenberg
    Daniel Rotenberg February 18, 2017

    I'm really hoping this isn't true!!! Im really hoping this is fake… Mr President there's jobs you need to deliver on. There's a whole country looking for you to lead…

  9. Lyn R
    Lyn R February 18, 2017

    Hopefully the new Head of NSA can get to the bottom of this. Obama must be made to pay for treason, along with all the other charges that can be laid against him and Michelle/Michael. It is disgraceful that this couple have been allowed to run unchecked, destroying the basic fabric of America. Everyone knows who is behind this attack on Trump. If anyone ever needed removing, permanently,, it is Obama.

  10. Regina M
    Regina M February 19, 2017

    cnn fake news

  11. J A
    J A February 19, 2017

    Fake news

  12. ToFester
    ToFester February 19, 2017

    Of course it's in turmoil you people but a mentally unstable child like man in the White House.

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