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GradeAUnderA's Reactionary Politics

I'm going to get this out of the way right in the fucking beginning okay because I only need to say this once this channel and its humor make me cringe out of my fucking skull they actually make me want to die and I this video came out at the beginning of this year seven months ago now and when I first began streaming this was one of the first videos I wanted to do because I think it is a perfect example of all of the ways reactionary right-wing thought seep into comedy particularly comedy ain't aimed at like a young or center leaning audience and videos like this are kind of analogous to like the ben shapiro totally wrecks epic femme mode lib tard with massive cock busts load of logic straight down throat like it's kind of analogous to that this video got I mean it's 3.4 million views so it's certainly relevant but I think the contents of this video are in a way much more seditious than the contents of a video that is very explicitly political like a like a Ben Shapiro video or a steven crowder video for a sargon of akkad video so please join me all right join me as I come off looking essentially like a humorless twat pausing a comedy video after every joke to explain why the joke is actually bad in more ways than one okay right off the bat we have the three feminists there are there are there are only a few feminists he's actually edited big red in the back here to have angry or eyebrows so that's kind of the level we're on right now I thought this was a 2019 political correctness manual not a fucking 2014 one but okay you know there's not rule on the internet that says if it exists there is porn of it right but I want to make a new rule for 2018 which is whatever you do so much so they will be offended by you yeah no yeah I know his I know the voice is really bad yeah guys guys kids like this stuff yeah no yeah no I completely understand I agree it's subhuman but but but let's calm down whatever you do someone somewhere will be offended by it um yes I mean yeah so what that's the case with everything every time I have sex with my girlfriend I'm probably offending like the no premarital sex crowd right there are like millions of people who think that premarital sex is like really fucking bad for your soul it's probably conceptually offensive to them everything at some of course they're going to be people offended by everything but that's not really what this video is saying this is this is a motte-and-bailey kind of or at least it's the first step of a mountain Bailey a mountain Bailey is when you propose an argument that is indefensible and when people attack that argument you retreat to a similar-sounding much stronger argument so this is like the first stage of that and if this was and if he was doing this in a debate format I would accuse him of this fallacy so here's the mountain Bailey okay the I actually forget which one's the Mont and which one's the Bailey the monthy the indefensible one or is the Bailey the indefensible one chat let me know anyway the end of the defensible argument here is the one that's being presented which is someone somewhere will be offended by like anything you do but the the Mont is the bigger one – Bailey is the stronghold okay so the Bailey here is that someone somewhere will be offended by anything you do but the Mon is the idea that there are people out there who are actively politically organizing to fuck you over for doing things that offend them and in some cases that's true now my life isn't really affected by the no premarital sex crowd but I can say that the lives of many like discriminated groups are affected by the offence of white nationalists racist sexist homophobic have you but that's not what this video is about it's not about bigots targeting marginalized groups so let's see where he sort of takes this and it's true isn't it listen try being politically correct used to be easy as fuck but in 2018 right a few extra things have been added to that list hmm no spreading your legs or public transport now I have two things to talk about here for one the manspreading thing was always half serious there were like a couple of articles that got written on it if you've ever used public transportation in your life you've seen there probably are some dudes who spread their fucking legs out now there are also like bitches who put their person the seat next to them and kids who stretch out and like fucking foreigners who will lay down on the fucking like long benches there's like a bunch of people being inconsiderate but the manspreading thing was just one small thing it was never a big deal or like a big issue in like the feminist community it however became a massive deal in the anti feminist community which is constantly looking for little bits of information that they can hyper belies into an excuse to feel like a victim so bringing up man spreading an ironically as a component of political correctness is fucking hysterical because nobody cares about this and not only you couldn't just show like a dude confidently spreading his legs or whatever you have to photoshop like the two feminists you know there are like five feminists in the head of a reactionary and they're all women with likes with like you know short haircuts who look rather peeved so it wasn't enough to dredge this up you know which is entirely irrelevant outside of the reactionary sphere and let alone the fact that this is from like 2015 like when did the manspreading thing even become a thing this is not like a recent development if you're on the internet like this isn't this is a lifetime ago when this became a thing but moreover I don't know what manspreading has to do with political correctness I take up a lot of space in public transportation because I've just a guys listen I'm packing okay so I need to spread my legs out at a 180 degree angle it's basically like a split both my knees are facing opposite directions I take up a preposterous amount of space it's the only way to give it fair clearance you know and I have never been accused of being a bad feminist or bad lefty for this so it must not be that big of a deal no wearing clothes from other cultures no expert oh boy okay all right we're gonna have no no we're close okay so you're actually missing out on some text here I'm actually gonna move myself up here because he seems to keep doing this so cultural appropriation this the red dress thing cool this was like one instance of people freaking the fuck out over something that didn't probably need to be an issue this is and down here listen I'm okay I had a dream but cultural appropriation is literally the nightmare I had night after I fuck this shit how is not retarded PC please so several points here throwing MLK into a discussion on like racial politics to give him like confused eyebrows and saying that this is everything he hated the actually he would hate the sjw's to is a little bit tactless the broader point that I'm going here with in this video and it's one that I'm going to have to keep making over and over and over again is that this is a reactionary video because it dramatizes a very small very specific very irrelevant set of like political positions to a point where it seems as though our society is buckling under the weight of political correctness so no cultural appropriation is not as a concept harming the lives of P well it's hardly the lives of marginalized people to an extent but the people policing political or sorry cultural appropriation are not going into your homes yelling at you for what you wear they're really not harassing you at all are they over like anything I would be willing to bet that the vast majority of the people who watched this video maybe even almost all of them like 99.9% have never in their life been personally confronted by anyone giving them shit over cultural appropriation this is just something they see an internet post that get big or tweets that get really popular but this is not a real issue monocultures no explaining things no explaining things because women know everything and never need anything explained to them prime example oh boy and I have to keep moving my shit aren't I maybe I'll just make my cam smaller so mansplaining as a concept does not mean you can never explain things to women if you've watched this channel you will know that I am at often very patronizing and how I explain things to members of marginalized groups because I don't believe that somebody is intrinsically more correct just because they happen to be part of a marginalized group whereas manspreading as a mansplaining I'm sorry as a concept refers not to the act of explaining something to a woman as a man but the patronizing condescension and the assumption of ignorance with which many men do so to take a look at this and then say ha you don't want anyone to explain anything to women ever because they are always right is flagrantly dishonest to the woman I need to switch tactics here because I'm going to keep repeating the same point every single time this video is absolutely fucking packed with bad faith arguments in favor of the reactionary right so what what the fuck is this image the gender wage gap is real and then you have a bunch of exclamation points to denote like the the the frivolity of the statement and then God forbid you have a penis and make more money than a woman I have no idea what what this is supposed to mean does he does does the person who made this video think that like feminists go about finding men who make more most women and giving them shit for making that as men I have no idea I am I I've absolutely no idea and I don't think he has an idea to I don't think this is relevant to him I think what was relevant to him was finding something that most of his young mostly ignorant audience would have heard about the gender wage gap and then blowing it up into something that they can extrapolate victimization from sure I'll turn the volume of the video down a bit no be dois fuckin no being white allowed um it's a little bit funny don't you think how the reactionary rights very stupid take that people like are getting shit on just for being white is identical to the neo-nazi to theory that white people through sort of cultural degeneracy and immigration are being you know bred out of society and made a cultural stigma I really don't think that's a coincidence at all neo-nazi groups are really good at astroturfing and spreading their opinions amongst non Nazis and one of the best ways and Nazi can do that is by convincing a general population that there's a group of hyper PC frivolous authoritarian s Jews who are running around just shitting on people for being white that gets reactionaries upset because reactionaries think they're for a Galit arianism and this is an indication of a Galit arianism having gone too far and the Nazis get what they want because now you've got people who are being openly critical of progressive movements on the basis that they're not being good enough towards white people so it really does serve a mutual interest this is why Nazis and reactionary zko habilitated it's why sargon of akkad chief reactionary went from being an anti Anita sarkeesian channel who couldn't define feminism after years talking about it to essentially a fascist it's the same reason why James Olsen a Nazi his most popular video is on is on like the the sjw's and feminism and stuff not on Nazi topics there's a great deal of collaboration between these concepts largely because the reactionaries are too stupid to understand that through their ignorance they're being pulled right by active disinfo agents and and i don't know if the person who made this video did so deliberately or if they're an idiot I have no idea but we live with the consequences no it's not you can't brush your teeth anymore without someone seeing it a sexist um how'd you know I mean not only can you not do any of these things I fuck someone seen in a sexist of how do you know I mean I really really do hate the style of videos were between frames you put a little thing that you can only read if you pause this sure is going to make this video annoying everyone wants their teeth to be white and not black that's not sexist busting your teeth is racist not do any of these things so what can't we do fuck me man spreading No so these are things you can't do apparently man spreading everyone's going to do it nobody cares about this mansplaining yeah I mean sure try not to you can still explain things to women cultural appropriation is a complicated topic that's above the purview of this video nobody is being shit on for earning more than women nobody is being shit on just for making jokes nobody is being shit on for enjoying life hurt someone's feelings 52018 right shit has hit the fan so hard yeah that we've got to a point where even shared the word man card anymore now I actually know about this because I'm plugged into the fucking anti PC drama 24/7 it is the heroin I pour into my veins screaming and kicking and dying so watch for several minutes as this video maker pretends that one person using the term human kind rather than mankind once means that all people are now prohibited from saying mankind can you imagine the frivolity of one's thoughts to make this assumption can you imagine the ease with which one it's offended imagine how sensitive you have to be to extrapolate this from the clip we're about to watch we like to say people kind not necessarily mankind that was a three second clip of Justin Trudeau saying people kind rather than mankind now watch in amazement as this person who is very sincerely against people being overly offended rambles about this for several minutes and acts as though there are actual political correctness Gestapo members running around watching for people to use the term mankind everyone uses the term mankind this is like an ironically hearing someone say I don't like history I like her story and then he makes a five minute video on how on how pretty soon white men are going to be even able to refer to their own gender without getting shot in the back of the head by like fucking feminazis all right let's do it you'll also be selling your dick right in my face if you don't do that shit that's outrageous that's so offensive and God forbid then you will get offended in 2008 this video is a product of offense dude I mean fuck me mate I'd rather get murdered and raped than get offended right snuff him Buster being offended isn't so I don't know where there getting this from Trudeau is still a pandering neoliberal dipshit though yeah of course obviously so this is like the picture-perfect idealization of a bad faith argument so here is what happened this guy has heard about through just cultural osmosis I imagine something tells me this guy doesn't do political research about some things that feminists are angry about that seem frivolous and he thought wow they're so mad over this they must be so mad they think that being mad is worse than being raped or murdered or the Holocaust happening I mean I can I could do this too what's the name of this guy gray day under a yeah okay so great a under a doesn't make videos very often and he is apparently so enamored by this subject that he made a seven-minute 46 second video absolutely packed the fucking brim with bitch baby whining just from end to end and his offense so sincere I must come to the conclusion that grade a under a actually would have preferred to have been raped to death by a horse then to make then to have been exposed to the contents of this video that so deep was his offense that if he had the chance going back in time unlearning all of this stuff about man spreading of what have you and being brutally raped to death that would have been preferable to him and I know this factually because of and because I know this factually it would be perfectly acceptable for me to make a video reaching millions of young people telling them essentially that all social justice concerns are 100% frivolous and that anyone who expresses any concern about any injustice is a PC police feminazi who is so triggered that they would literally actually rather be raped then then experienced the offense this is I mean this is a reactionary right video like that's what this is this is reactionary and it's deeply upsetting to me that probably thousands or tens of thousands of kids who watch this had their views on politics literally permanently shaped by this isn't that a little bit scary think of how many thirteen or fourteen or 12 year olds are whatever watched this video and this is their first real exposure to any kind of authority figure you know big youtuber talking about these issues and because of this these people are now going to be reactionaries at least for some length of time they're going to believe that that equality has gone too far they're going to believe that any concern you know expressed by a left-leaning person is completely frivolous some of these people probably just statistically are going to end up being fascists because this is great early morning fascist juice this is a good old fuckin cup of fascist Joe that you can get right in the morning it hits all of the same pointers so to make sure you don't do the watering imaginable and offend someone hello there I'm gonna make a few little Prophet Mohammed right there cute I was telling you all how to be politically correct in 2018 starting with today's lesson shit you can't say okay so the word mankind is off-limits cuz the word mind might be offensive to some people right well it's not peeps are saying the video was too loud it's to drive home the irritation of listening to this person's voice there are some phrases why is this guy so fucking mad um nobody is banning the term man any words containing the word man or any phrases which include the word man need to be bowed to the following to make sure we don't vegans and PR the phrase killing two birds with one stone we can probably skip this part cuz they're offensive the word monk still man I went to my doctor for depose me off parse leave our new car – access to misogynistic write that the opposite of sadness is code our penis ha penis hoo you try to say now you can't be up you unless you got a penis joke you're suffocating me right if you ask me now I have a point to make here everything that is being said in this video is a joke and in spite of the fact that it's a joke it is still nonetheless bigotry allow me to explain with a handy graphic because they know a lot of people get hung up on this okay watch watch in amazement okay paint stream yeah yeah alright listen the fuck up let's get a darker red huh beautiful alright listen the fuck up okay so I'm gonna explain to all of you why jokes can also be harmful and carry political messages so a political message or a political statement isn't really a statement it's actually a thought that exists inside your head it's a little concept look it's your brain right there it an idea like I don't think gay people are as good as straight people or I don't think trans women are real women okay it's a little thought bubble that exists up here it's entirely in your head it doesn't even need to be expressed in language hypothetically a person who had never learned like language could still understand this as a concept it would be more of an intuition driven assumption like gay people worse than straight people but it's conceptually possible at least hypothetically now we have to in order to make this statement this thought take form we have to process it through some form of communication there are many ways to do this you can draw a picture with no text I'm not going to draw a picture with no text I am using some short form here but you can draw a picture you can you can make a statement you can do can I draw Squidward come on Squidward you can do an interpretive dance or you can tell a joke see the point of the statement is not necessarily the medium in which it is made because we know this there is propaganda which expresses a point without uttering a single word it's very obvious that speech can be a political statement even in the case of interpretive dance and I'm being a little bit hyperbolic here but if you want to look at the world of performative art I promise you it is a political space and we got jokes a lot of people like to say jokes can't be political because it's just jokes haha but research has shown and really anyone would know this if they weren't a fucking idiot everyone should know this intuitively the fact that this has to be demonstrated through research is pathetic that the kind of jokes you listen to affect your opinions of things thus because they influence your thought process because it is a form of communication which can carry a message and affect the mind state of others it is a political medium comedians have been political for centuries stand-up comedians like louis c.k and george carlin one of the most legendary stand-up comedians in history bill fucking burr these people are legendary stand-up comedians do you think they would like him if you walked up to them in the afterlife and said hey I loved your jokes especially how they were non-political I loved how you told stories but they weren't political because they were just jokes do you think they would appreciate that they wouldn't they were very explicitly political agents and they wanted their work to be interpreted that way and their work influenced the minds of many this is very well studied even before modern stand-up comedy comedy as we recognize it today jesters were known both in real life and also in you know the tales the epics of being truth tellers because through humor they could convey messages critical of the monarchy that others could not now I don't know if that's a real thing or if that's just something they told in stories but the fact that that was a concept reinforces the broader point that humor is a way of delivering political messages you know and if you say humor isn't political you're spitting on humor as an art form it's like saying videogames aren't political art is political and if you want humor to be art and I certainly think it is you need to recognize that like every single other form of communication it has the potential to carry political messaging in fact it always does I can't imagine a joke that doesn't in some way rely upon a political presupposition even if they're foundational ones so with that being said yeah everything is political but people need to be reminded of this so with that being said jokes can still be political where are we at with this well what's the joke here I mean there are a lot of jokes that that have a pretty clear like setup and punchline so the joke here the one we most recently heard was a lady being offended because a doctor said that something like happiness and she was like why happiness that has the word penis in it delightful so what's the joke there well it's an obvious set up of of unmet expectation I mean that's what all humor is right the joke being uh how you know you would expect someone to be okay with being happy but so frivolous so perpetually triggered is this feminist that the term happiness because it includes the pronunciation penis offense er right very fun joke haha but what is the message here cuz that's the joke but what's the message of that joke and of every other joke in this fucking video the message here is that any attempt to point out in a justice alleged or otherwise in society means you are a perpetually offended no fun having authoritarian who is trying to systemic ly destroy fun and men and white people in society that any concern is not only at once completely 100 percent irrelevant but also so desperately important in the minds of the people who are pushing for justice in that respect that they are willing to go to any lengths to silence people who disagree with them this is the politics of the reactionary right the idea that moves towards further equality or frivolous unnecessary and often perpetuated by bigots and authoritarians because we have already reached equality it's this very I mean this is very boilerplate stuff but because it's framed through this okay I'm gonna do it one more time incredibly cringy comedy a lot of people think this is like a non political video or that this is just him like hey does this with everything well no no that's not a that's not an excuse it doesn't matter what the shtick is it doesn't matter what the plan of attack is the messaging is the messaging and the messaging of this video is distinctly reactionary and this isn't like a shock to the people watching this right now because I know you're all leftists and you understand what I'm saying but if anyone stumbles across this video who doesn't understand that like comedy carries political messaging and that the political messaging here is distinctly reactionary maybe turn them around on this I tried to get hunter when I talk to him let's do enough retards including the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau seriously think now fuck him mankind is offensive to say he never said mankind's offensive to say he just said person kind one time or people kind or whatever literally no one has said that the term mankind is offensive just cuz as the word Marigny and suggesting people card instead right then I'm sure that he'll follow through and his morals or do the RAF in yeah and tell the leaders of Japanese ROH people young and old people that they need to change their offensive and triggering names as well yeah good on you Justin you let those countries know me burn candles they praise pinky rose and it's not just these three Americans such a male priviledge country nowadays right that the only way to fix that would be to change its name from America to I'm Erica I'm gonna skip ahead a little bit more of this he's still on the fucking mankind thing still on the mankind thing yep yep still on the mankind thing nice let's get the conclusion all the way to African American to killing to see smart men the one stone so let me set the record somewhere on the sexuality spectrum political correctness is the way forward right it should be seen as correct to want to be politically correct instead of just overall correct so we can cap this off I think right politically correct instead of just overall correct so about half of this video is just him being insanely fucking trigger that Justin Trudeau used the term people kind it's some sort of what was he speaking to students it looked like he was at a university I would love I would adore I would just cherish an opportunity to hear this guy explained to me what element of what he calls political correctness flies in the face of act empirical reality fuck me this video is a waste of time and so my for covering it you should just all unsubscribe for me on YouTube right now fucking hell Jesus Christ


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    A dissection:
    1] Trying to walk back the backlash against manspreading by strawmanning Grade's argument is disingenuous. The argument was made, often, therefore is worthy of discourse. A majority of your arguments are your application of your personal opinion as some kind of unarguable dictum on the state of your chosen cultural banner.
    2] Cultural appropriation, as you're presenting it, is not damaging. If I choose to wear Thai hill tribe garments (part of my common, daily wear, mind you) I am not in any way damaging Thai culture. Instead, if I'm having any effect, I'm promoting it. I find the style and the culture appealing to such a degree I'm willing to defend my appropriating it for my personal use against bigots that would argue otherwise on that selfsame daily basis.
    3] I have been accused of mansplaining because I truly did know more on the subject at hand, and a hearty majority of the public, live "IRL" forum agreed to the chagrin of the accuser. I agree with you that no one person should ever be given positional advantage in a conversation because of their race, religion, sex, or other tribal orientation, actually, but there have in fact been cases in just mine own life that people have attempted to attack my character as being misogynistic because of such.
    4] There is no consensus on wage gap or its "frivolity". There are indeed cases of wage discrepancy, male to female, but also male to male and female to female in similar or identical positions, so can we allow it to die? Grade made a bad joke. You're just further polarizing the conversation with your own bad faith take on his bad faith argument.
    5] Where are your sources for decrying Grade's point of anti-white rhetoric? I'll leave a few sources for, in fact, the a case for truth on the matter: – the CURRENT Afrofuture festival debacle; and – the all-too-famous Evergreen State Debacle. Whether or not the Evergreen situation worked out in favor of the racist anti-white student body that was protesting, it still shows a large, and vocal, organization of racists attacking the right of white students and faculty to operate, and whether or not Afrofuture Fest's "heart was in the right place" it's a discriminatory practice against a protected class.
    6] Carl Benjamin's a big bit of a room-temperature radish, you're correct. However, he is not, in fact, a fascist. Define for me "fascism", please – "a system of government defined by oppressive and authoritarian policies" as it was in the 2001 Merriam Webster's Dictionary (the newest copy I own a hardcover of). He, like Count Dankula and crew, were standing on the grounds of fair and open discourse, not the shutting-down of free speech (a direct opposition to fascistic views, and definitely not Nazi-like in the least). He just got swept up in his lack of composure and failed to maintain decorum as he got the floor wiped with his bad decision-making coming to haunt him. Calling everything you don't like "fascist" or "nazi" or "racist" or "right-wing" is stupid and pointless. Denying others the right to voice an opinion, no matter how bad, is far more fascistic and authoritarian and worthy of denouncing than Grade's dumb video here.
    7] Again, you make an absurd generalization. I hear this term, "nobody", quite a bit. In my personal research, there are often many articles on these subjects, and if you argue they are all facetious again this is a generalization. The most concise response to generalizations is typically "all generalizations are false" for a reason. Your claiming ignorance to people actually making these arguments is not productive.
    8] The mankind/peoplekind thing, again, was just a very poorly organized joke. Grade's content really did fall off. I agree again with you. Poor taste and I didn't laugh the first time I saw it, and I see this claim rarely enough it should be relegated to the purview of bad jokes, like it is.
    9] See bulletpoint #8. Hyperbole, and bad jokes. I agree again. HOWEVER, that does not excuse your glossing-over of the severity with which even these frivolous claims by "ultra-PC" individuals might also affect "the young people" watching or reading this content, further polarizing and dividing an already deeply fractured community.
    10] And your complaining about the video isn't reactionary in the same measure? I'm baffled at the moral dishonesty. If you're going to attack a concept, make sure yours is on strong foundation first.
    11] Yes, define for us in loose and confounding detail the idea of bigotry. Ron White, George Carlin, Dave Chappelle, Bill Burr and company are especially offensive to drive home the requirement to communicate these ideas as laughable, not to naturalize or normalize them. Those who take offense, or become offended by, language and attempt to decry its use are restrictive, dishonest, and authoritative in thought and in application. If nobody talks about issues the issues don't disappear, they merely fester. Festering ideas breed echo-chamber radicalization. Open discourse about ideas, not criminalizing or making taboo those ideas, are required to understand them and ultimately defeat them. Is not, in essence, this whole video propaganda against the idea of that kind of humor (no matter how badly Grade represented his points)?
    12] The message of art, if you are to argue that his comedy is art, is up to the viewer of said art. This is why you can ask any English Literature teacher or professor for a review of the message of a novel and get that many different opinions on the underlying intent of said novel. I hope you can agree that to the eye of the beholder even color may shift its meaning. Some art (see this video by Grade) is just bad.
    13] Political correctness is exactly that – politically charged recategorization of a taboo concept to sidestep conflict for better personal standing in a public eye. It serves no purpose except to refrain from offense, and often the most offensive topics are such because they require the greatest amount of care and presence in our minds to properly determine how to handle them. PC culture is simply the act of sweeping diversity and potential adversity to our ideas under the rug, pretending the stigma attached to the concept will just be forgotten and go away – instead having the opposite effect, further reinforcing the underlying message and cementing the very idea the politically-correct rephrasing is, in ideal terms, designed to skirt. Having to gear-shift from saying "black" or "Asian" or "straight" to "person of color" or "minority" or "cis" to pander to soft sensibilities requires pointless heuristic gymnastics and conscious effort to rebrand the concept for purposes of communicating that concept. We should instead concentrate as much meaning into each syllable, each sound we make with our faces, as possible to express the most information at the highest rate possible because otherwise we are wasting everyone's time in attempting to do so.

  43. SoyCheese, a degenerate
    SoyCheese, a degenerate July 12, 2019

    Yikes. Imagine thinking the manspreading was a relevant political issue in 2014, much less 2019. Like yeah, ok. Pop-feminism is sometimes kinda dumb. What insight! This is pretty much the least-dumb thing that reactionaries believe, and they still fuck it up by acting like it's some sort of hot-take, versus nearly universally agreed on by everyone but a certain subset of liberal, and proceeding to strawman the rest of feminism with it.

  44. USERZ123
    USERZ123 July 12, 2019

    wow is this 2016? i miss leafy 🙁

  45. Galaxia9
    Galaxia9 July 12, 2019

    Me: * sees GradeAUnderA as the video topic *

    Me: Oh no…

    Me: * hears Vaush rip on him *


    Seriously tho. I loved his channel.

  46. Elise M
    Elise M July 12, 2019

    Justin Trudeau was making a joke, how retarded does someone have to be to not get it.

  47. Elise M
    Elise M July 12, 2019

    More like grade A living under A rock

  48. eartianfizz
    eartianfizz July 12, 2019

    I hate to say it but I think that Grade A is funny…when he covers random topics.

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