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GOP Donor Gets $400 Million Sweetheart Deal | All In | MSNBC


  1. Jay Gibson
    Jay Gibson December 4, 2019

    The wall is going up.

  2. Chrissyce
    Chrissyce December 4, 2019

    Trump, Pence and their entire criminal administration is why we have the second amendment. It is the fail safe for when our government stops following the constitution.

  3. Jeremiah Jeremecht
    Jeremiah Jeremecht December 4, 2019

    That's exactly how Trump ran his businesses – like a Mafia. Pay homage to the "Don" and you will be well taken care of.

  4. Darrin Jones
    Darrin Jones December 4, 2019

    In what world is it wrong to award contracts to donors? Your only argument is if they are somehow not qualified or competitive. There will always be dissent among some varied individual's interests.

  5. CB BC
    CB BC December 4, 2019

    Oh, more MAGA crime?
    Imagine that…

  6. Andrew Hall
    Andrew Hall December 4, 2019

    Trumpistan Banana Republic

  7. John Kurtz
    John Kurtz December 4, 2019

    LIE CHEAT STEAL trumps family motto. kickback…

  8. Conscientious
    Conscientious December 4, 2019

    And he says it's not Quid Pro Quo?

  9. Electoral College Enslaved Gradurate
    Electoral College Enslaved Gradurate December 4, 2019

    Come on the only thing that's new anymore is the current movement to accept the name for it. FASCISM. Look it up, it means the blending of government and corporations, and that folks is what America has been for a long time.

  10. 4c1dr3fl3x
    4c1dr3fl3x December 4, 2019

    $130k to Stormy
    $130 Million in Rusky corruption money funneled through the NRA
    $400 Million tax payer dollars used to 'convince' zelensky to put out some propaganda on Biden
    $400 Million in dirty Border Wall contracts (which we all saw coming)
    What is their obsession with the numbers 130 and 400??

  11. David Beattie
    David Beattie December 4, 2019

    Send in the corporate Lawyers. Let those fine people tie this deal up in knots until Trump is disposed of and then allow the FBI and DOJ to do their jobs without interference from A.G. Bill "bootlick" Barr.

  12. Mark G.
    Mark G. December 4, 2019

    I'm sure that guy is qualified to build a wall, just like Trump is qualified to be president.

  13. Stifled Voice
    Stifled Voice December 4, 2019

    trump-niks like russian-level corruption, but the corny old decent people of the US are going to reject turning the US into Americastan

  14. BigWasabi
    BigWasabi December 4, 2019

    Let’s just refresh Board boy here who is dressed as if he attending a funeral that you have a presidential candidate that even if he is barely awake tried to blackmail an EU population with ONE BILLION ( straight out of Austin powers ) DOLLARS ( that’s US tax payer money ) and tried to manipulate an EU democratic countries government using MIRAGE and fantasized money and making the embarrassing treat WHILE DRUNK and ranting

  15. Francis Fulloffrenchpeople
    Francis Fulloffrenchpeople December 4, 2019

    Another republican boondoggle. I remember when Bush the dumber gave Boeing a $billion taxpayer dollars for a 'virtual fence' only to have it deemed unfeasable. I'm not surprised at all.

  16. Florida Crypto R
    Florida Crypto R December 4, 2019

    Is Tommy Fisher Mexican being hired by the Mexican president being paid with Mexican money? Curious Minds want to know. Somebody please check if he is a legal migrant please.

  17. Legal Man
    Legal Man December 4, 2019

    Every one knew that from the beginning!! Trump willing to collect under the table 20% from each contract.
    Trump is governing the wrong country he would be happy and like a fish in the water governing Mexico.

  18. Charles T.
    Charles T. December 4, 2019

    Trump’s tried to do the same for himself to with the G Summit at his own resort 😳

  19. Tseleng Botlhole
    Tseleng Botlhole December 4, 2019

    Now I am beginning to think the whole country is rotten
    What compels an army official to allow themselves to be pressured by the president over contracts???!!

  20. MatchstalkMan
    MatchstalkMan December 4, 2019

    “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”

    With trump, it’s through his wallet…

  21. MatchstalkMan
    MatchstalkMan December 4, 2019

    The same trump voters who condemned political corruption and dirty deals done behind closed doors, support trump’s political corruption and dirty deals done behind closed doors.

  22. V Ng
    V Ng December 4, 2019

    Banana republic.

  23. Eugene Ax
    Eugene Ax December 4, 2019


  24. Gabriel Sauceda
    Gabriel Sauceda December 4, 2019

    Haha! That’s almost more than Hunter got. Oh wait it’s not!

  25. Nevyn of OZ 1973
    Nevyn of OZ 1973 December 4, 2019

    No bid contract for the wall. who is surprised.

  26. wooster
    wooster December 4, 2019

    Honestly i am surprised that this kind of corruption scandals didn’t pop up before. The next step will be to discover that Fisher gave back some of this money to tRump.

  27. slurmy scott
    slurmy scott December 4, 2019

    Chicago and Mayor Daley, both parties do it. Politicians go in as middle class and come out multi-millionaires thats just the way it is. Trump is just playing the game. But his treatment of the Kurds, and Ukraine have weakened our security. He must go. Victory to the Resistance!!

  28. Paul Rochner
    Paul Rochner December 4, 2019

    Same as always , A lot of " Butthurt". 😂

  29. Andy Ramirez
    Andy Ramirez December 4, 2019

    Gets?? You mean steals millions!???

  30. Drew Goodman
    Drew Goodman December 4, 2019

  31. Private Private
    Private Private December 4, 2019

    Sigh… so tired of this evil administration. Why can't Republicans wake up.

  32. Colin Connelly
    Colin Connelly December 4, 2019

    What's the matter MSNBC, didn't the sweetheart deal go to the guy you wanted. This all started because you won't tell people the truth.

  33. Off The Starboard Hull
    Off The Starboard Hull December 4, 2019

    It’s only 400 million, GET OVER IT!!

  34. Oscar Araque
    Oscar Araque December 4, 2019

    Corruption is running deep in U.S. Forget Ukraine, we need help in dealing with corruption

  35. Mars Falcon
    Mars Falcon December 4, 2019

    How are we going to pay for it? Nigh half a billion for a few dozens miles of 'wall'? Need to begin asking where this money is coming from. Everyone poos their wee pants over how to pay for food/housing assistance, medicaid, or anything remotely aimed at helping a human being. Where is the green gonna come from Trumpists? How are we going to pay for this bit of corruption?

  36. r dh
    r dh December 4, 2019

    America is no better than third world country!

  37. Eastern Woods
    Eastern Woods December 4, 2019

    Trump thinks the US treasury id his personal piggy bank

  38. rajan lad
    rajan lad December 4, 2019

    But we can't pay for Meals on Wheels and pay for student lunches.

  39. Steve Gruenwald
    Steve Gruenwald December 4, 2019

    Trump skims then stiffs Fisher. Mexico, your account is past due.

  40. dee abbott
    dee abbott December 4, 2019

    Jesus Christ… Trump is making America more corrupt than Ukraine. Putin is truly a skilled man. Smh.

  41. Rety Fuller
    Rety Fuller December 4, 2019

    In your face America! Trump's WH does NOT care!

  42. Fair Dinkum
    Fair Dinkum December 4, 2019

    Fisher is a stupid businessman! By the time he he starts "building " that wall, he'll have to deal with a President Bernie sanders administration!
    I bet he'll spend jail time for this!

  43. MrArchangel73521
    MrArchangel73521 December 4, 2019

    I said it 2 years ago…Trump was going to this…I knew it !!!

  44. MrArchangel73521
    MrArchangel73521 December 4, 2019

    Another…abuse of power play by the Fool !!!

  45. Astrobrant2
    Astrobrant2 December 4, 2019

    I've been expecting exactly this for over a year, now. Trump, as genius as he considers himself, will think he can engineer a "perfect" kickback scheme, now. I hope he gets caught. I'm dying to see how Republican Congressmen react to it and what Barr has done about it. Of course, just what Chris has mentioned in this report should be enough for an investigation, but Barr will slow-walk or secretly squash it — if he hasn't already.

  46. Felix Carpio
    Felix Carpio December 4, 2019

    Mexico was forced to sell cheap to Kushner the rights for exploiting some oil wells, Kushner is reselling the contract with a big profit . Mexico is waiting for the orange wacko be kicked of the WH to annul the deal on the grounds of extortion.

  47. George Clowney
    George Clowney December 4, 2019

    That s what is terribly wrong with campaign financing laws. The US is asking for corruption like this….

  48. dan112020
    dan112020 December 4, 2019

    This is OUTRAGEOUS, who is going to do something about all these CORRUPTION, I cannot believe these CROOKS are getting away with this. This is money laundering by any other name. the federal government is paying this CROOKED firm to build the wall and the CROOKED firm is donating 400 MILLION to the GOP, is nothing but MONEY LAUNDERING.

  49. Ganiscol
    Ganiscol December 4, 2019

    What a "surprise"…

    Last week, when it came out that kushner was going to "oversee" the fabled wall, I predicted that these things will happen – or have happened. And to top it off, I'll say that down the road we'll learn about kickbacks to trump from this guy and others. To them, the presidency is nothing but a five-finger-discount opportunity.

  50. Marc Emson
    Marc Emson December 4, 2019

    And Trump is going to dump the bill on the american tax payers without any wall to show for it.

  51. Andy Galbiati
    Andy Galbiati December 4, 2019

    This is NOT NORMAL!

  52. JVS 3
    JVS 3 December 4, 2019

    Every government transaction involving money you can bet it goes to the bidder willing to give trump a kickback, every policy signed you can bet he required to be paid for it. The entire White House into trump family enterprise sales center

  53. netzoned
    netzoned December 4, 2019

    It's a HOAX!

  54. dansvideos99
    dansvideos99 December 4, 2019

    Boss said concrete shoes for Schiff. extra heavy. and Laura, i'm here to tell you for sure, no doubt, we make the best concrete shoes for all the people Boss don't like, Laura. youknowatImean? Just like Tom Brady, we go in and don't come out till shoes are fitted and Boss is happy

  55. Aj Meyers
    Aj Meyers December 4, 2019

    Trump, spending other people's money (American taxpayers as it turns out this time) on substandard garbage over the objection of the contracting professionals in the military. Sounds like just another Tuesday in America at this point.

    Can the damage Donnie has done to the military, democratic institutions, norms and the rule of law ever be undone?

    I'm beginning to doubt…

  56. toll
    toll December 4, 2019

    Toast – on setting 7. It will be a rough awakening for Trump supporters once they realize they have been conned.

  57. Клюев Сергей
    Клюев Сергей December 4, 2019

    Trump copycats Putin !!!
    I bet he is using his direct “advice” on how to co-opt the GOP!!!

  58. Starsurfer74
    Starsurfer74 December 4, 2019

    What happened to draining the swamp??
    According to the orange ape-in-chief everybody in his government is fighting corruption… Hmm, could he be LYING???

  59. metaldogsg
    metaldogsg December 4, 2019

    Looks like ANOTHER quid pro quo right there. 😒

  60. mary hershelman
    mary hershelman December 4, 2019

    Like Tom Brady…no scandals there.

  61. greg hill
    greg hill December 4, 2019

    Good to know Trump is still out there, continuing to fight corruption in all its guises.

  62. Kareem Ajibola-Kameel
    Kareem Ajibola-Kameel December 4, 2019

    but wait trump is a corruption fighter

  63. Richie Rich
    Richie Rich December 4, 2019

    This is the world you have created, greed and corruption is the norm!

  64. Matthew Selby
    Matthew Selby December 4, 2019

    I'm glad he's sorted the swamp. Please just don't shout he's emptied the swamp he filled .

  65. Suomy Nona
    Suomy Nona December 4, 2019

    I'm sure Don the Con gets a piece of the action. By the time he leaves office he might have grifted his way to the fantasy $10B he claimed he had.

  66. Pati Pena
    Pati Pena December 4, 2019

    Bernie sanders for president and reform of our government.

  67. Radwulf Eboraci
    Radwulf Eboraci December 4, 2019

    What's the finder's fee on $400 million (you can see this ballooning to a BILLION) 5% 10% ?? You get the picture.

  68. Bernie Cruz
    Bernie Cruz December 4, 2019

    How about that contract awarded to the company in Montana which only has 2 employees who were awarded the contract to rebuild Puerto Rico's electrical system after the hurricane strike? A 2 man company, awarded a job that would actually take hundreds of manpower to rebuild the entire country's infrastructure? AND GUESS WHAT? PR still doesn't have their electrical infrastructure back up and running to this day! I wonder why????
    It's because that company took the money, bailed on doing the work and you KNOW Trump got his hands on some of that money through other connections which were discovered ties from the company to Trump.
    NOW Trump is just doing it again. Trump just took some of the money he STOLE from the American tax payers, through that bogus "national emergency fund" scam; and applied it to only a small area of the border wall, then he's now taking the rest of the money and pulling the same scam he did with the PR electrical company scam and siphoning money from that contract as well!!
    All these Republicans are doing is robing the American public BLIND!!! They are the biggest thieves in American history!!!
    Remember, while the Republicans are ripping off the the American tax payers, the American tax payers in the middle class are the ones who are suffering for it by being stuck with the bill and debt!!!

  69. Ima Farmer
    Ima Farmer December 4, 2019

    Paying 400,000,000 for 31 miles of steel wall is absolutely ridiculous . The cost of the steel and the labour would be less than half. If a fraction of that money was spent on the betterment of the countries from which these ppl come from, they would not come in the first place. The wall can be conquered many ways, as simply as a knotted rope.

  70. Marc St.james
    Marc St.james December 4, 2019

    Sick of it all… the republican party is now akin to the Nazis… I know i know but seriously the USA is in a precarious spot especially those americans who aren't wealthy enough to afford the massive inflation and depression coming our way. It will take a Democratic administration to once again dig us out of right wing conservative political messes. And the fox (murdoch et al) will spin it so that all the 40% stupid or evil americans will forget that it was what it is now…. not looking good….

  71. kd gc
    kd gc December 4, 2019

    Where is the charge? It's buried in the rest of the manure pile.

  72. John Coloe
    John Coloe December 4, 2019

    This stinks to high heaven! Fisher Industries is a private, family-held company with reported annual revenues in the $100M range. Fisher Industries/Fisher Sand and Gravel is an aggregate producer (sand, gravel, etc.). They also fabricate equipment for the aggregate and mining industries. They have no expertise in or experience with barrier construction. I predict massive cost overruns should FS&G maintain this contract.

    Moreover, dig into this company's history and you'll find that it's paid $1,812,620 in tax, environmental, employment, and workplace safety or health violations since 2000 ( Family members who own the company also have very checkered pasts, including:
    • Child pornography conviction and 10-year prison sentence in 2005 (David Fisher).
    • Tax evasion and fraud conviction, and 37-month prison sentence in 2011 (Michael Fisher). Current company president, Tommy Fisher, was implicated in, but not tried for, the crimes.

    The President of the United States has no business interjecting himself in the Army Corps of Engineers' contracting process.

  73. atomicmozart
    atomicmozart December 4, 2019

    I'm voting for President Trump in 2020. I don't believe anything this guy & MSNBC says.

  74. atomicmozart
    atomicmozart December 4, 2019

  75. atomicmozart
    atomicmozart December 4, 2019

    Biden saying "Fire son (Hunter Biden) Ukranian prosecutor or you won't get $1 billion in aide" You hypocrits! Biden is done! John Kerry's son is a partner with Hunter Biden.

  76. Edward MacLennan
    Edward MacLennan December 4, 2019

    Didn't the guy who took the bullet for trump's mistress getting knocked up, Elliot (David Dennison) Broidy, also get huge multi-million dollar contracts?

  77. Impeach all Putin-Appointees
    Impeach all Putin-Appointees December 4, 2019

    Republican corruption looms at every corner and taxpayers are paying every cent. Republicans love Trump bc he allows them to be corrupt. In fact Trump insists corruption.
    Bernie 2020 USA 🇺🇸

  78. Pancho Villa
    Pancho Villa December 4, 2019

    Same company was awarded a contract in Texas, where the US Army Corps said no fence was actually needed, due to the rough terrain…. but Fisher got the contract anyway.And its NOT a wall, it's steel fence, same as before.  Trump was looking to build a concrete wall, so he could pay off his buddies, but Congress saw thru that BS.  Not an inch of WALL has been authorized or built under Trump….  The fence is more than adequate, but Trump is lying (What a shock) when he says he's building a wall.

  79. Vessy Amola
    Vessy Amola December 4, 2019

    Hey Mexico is paying for the Wall!!! They will reimburse us, in like 100 years or so, Get your Facts straight!

  80. nailbiter
    nailbiter December 4, 2019

    No, we won't accept it & they will pay for it.

  81. Richard B
    Richard B December 4, 2019

    Funny he said Donors last..I am sure his BOSS did not like that..
    Never talk about Donors and Campaign Finance

  82. Miter Sangeeta
    Miter Sangeeta December 4, 2019

    Laura Ingraham, Tucker, Hannity, etc are all repeating Russian propaganda talking points and touting themselves as the biggest American patriots is strangely unpatriotic and even treasonous… what do we do with these people???

  83. Stewart MacLean
    Stewart MacLean December 4, 2019

    Don't care…. wall goin up…..Trump 2020

  84. Sacshell Polk
    Sacshell Polk December 5, 2019

    Why hide it, Trump's got it all wrapped up. No one on the Republican's side, will ever stand up for our country. This is why we need term limits.

  85. Mob Rules
    Mob Rules December 5, 2019

    GOOD! As long as they are not Democrats. Keep up the good work!

  86. Puttentane Same
    Puttentane Same December 5, 2019

    Wonder what Trump's kickback share is ?

  87. belen bravo
    belen bravo December 5, 2019

    it is out there because America lets him

  88. W B
    W B December 5, 2019

    I've been drinking vodka and eating carrots for two weeks straight, and the huge bloody dump that I just took doesn't stink HALF as bad as the corruption coming from the orange @sshole administration.

  89. Gwen30
    Gwen30 December 5, 2019

    Tired of this open lawlessness!!!!

  90. Audry Wise
    Audry Wise December 5, 2019

    Got to get money out of politics! This is corruption 101!

  91. alotto cash
    alotto cash December 5, 2019

    “REPROBATE MINDS”Donald trump and GOP have reprobate minds, marked by immorality and deviating from what is considered right or proper or good.

  92. Fausta Castaneda
    Fausta Castaneda December 5, 2019

    And what can we, the people, do about it?!

  93. Corporal Punishment
    Corporal Punishment December 5, 2019

    Lessons for a future generation. This is how corruption works case and study.

  94. janie camacho
    janie camacho December 5, 2019

    Is it 'full face corruption' or 'in our face corruption'? What's the right term for what traitor-trump is doing????

  95. gladys
    gladys December 5, 2019

    Is this what Trump called draining the swamp?

  96. Old Hippie
    Old Hippie December 5, 2019

    Welcome to the new normal.

  97. KCs Funhouse
    KCs Funhouse December 5, 2019

    That dude is no Tom Brady… especially if he wouldn’t have even made the pool of contractors.

  98. Rose Marie Homeyer Bente
    Rose Marie Homeyer Bente December 5, 2019

    Great report Chris.

  99. Liv3 Ent
    Liv3 Ent December 5, 2019

    In the end: it's all about the money 🎤 and the protection of the donor 🎤 and the receivers 🎤😂

  100. David Druckman
    David Druckman December 5, 2019

    Fill that swamp! Fill that swamp!

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