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‘Foreign Policy is in Shambles’: Colin Powell Unloads on Trump and the Republican Party


  1. kw kimbugwe
    kw kimbugwe October 6, 2019

    We the people not me the president.. succinct and couldn't have said by a more qualified person. Thanks Powell

  2. Larry Stolle
    Larry Stolle October 6, 2019

    I really wish Gen. Powell would run for President. I trust him to always put the USA before his own interest. A gentleman and a proven leader.

  3. Motersickle Bum
    Motersickle Bum October 7, 2019

    Collin Powell should have been executed by firing squad for his role in 9/11.

  4. Johnny Blaze
    Johnny Blaze October 7, 2019

    Thank you Sir!!!!! The GOP needs to wake up!

  5. courgargold
    courgargold October 7, 2019

    A reasonable Republican… What happened to these kinds of people in the GOP? They’re all crazy cult followers now.

  6. Zap Rowsdower
    Zap Rowsdower October 7, 2019

    F off Powell you war mongering 9/11 conspirator. Your place in hell is already secure.

  7. Michael G
    Michael G October 7, 2019

    Foreign policy IS in shambles. If we can't launch an illegal war based on lies (including a fake anthrax vial that you proudly displayed) and displace and kill millions of innocent people in the process,
    Get real, you g.d. fraud and piece of utter rat sh1t

  8. Joe Jackson
    Joe Jackson October 8, 2019

    The one time in my life I was ready to vote for a Republican was when it was rumored that he would run. I was proud of his speech at the RNC following his dispelling of that rumor.

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