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Follow The Leader (Card Trick) ~ An In Depth Tutorial

I have two groups of cards a group of black cards and a group of red cards and there's exactly one two three four five six seven eight and nine black cards and we'll put one as the leader and there's exactly one two three four five six seven eight and nine red cards and once again we'll put one as the leader now all we have to do is switch the leaders and the rest of the cards follow you just switch and they follow you can put the black cards over here put the red cards over here it doesn't matter because they always follow the leader you just switch them and they follow you can do it face up or you can do it face down you just switch and they follow we'll take these last four cards and roll purposely mix them together and we'll put a red card and we'll put a black card you just give little nudge and they follow never read a black you put a red you put a black it doesn't matter because they always follow the leader I hope you enjoyed that this is a great trick to learn and I'm gonna show you how to do it and remember if you don't want to know the secrets then watch no further because once you do know you can't unknown we'll give a couple seconds for those who don't want to know okay here we go there are quite a few versions of the follow-the-leader card trick performed by different magicians over the years I didn't change a thing in this routine because I loved it so much but I did change the handling a little if you're not already familiar with the I'm gonna show you then keep in mind that some practice will be required these are the cards we're going to use you can remove them from any deck there's 9 black cards and 9 red cards remove the 4 tens the four nines the 4 eights the four 7s one of the black sixes and one of the red sixes the reason for using these cards is because they all need to look as similar to each other as possible and these particular cards do the trick divide the cards into two groups one group has 7 black cards and 2 red and the other group has 7 red cards and 2 black it doesn't matter what order they're in as long as it's set up like this with the two secret cards on the top now I'm going to show you the moves required to do this trick I'm not going to go through the routine so much so you can go back and watch the routine come back and learn the moves but the first move you need to learn how to do is to count these out and this is how you do it you hold the packet in dealers grip and I keep my pinkie down here my index finger up here so these fingers actually you can move these fingers and release so you're holding holding it here and it's braced up against here as you're dealing these out you want to keep the cards angled towards your spectators eyes in this case I'm looking at the camera lens and you want to have it like that and then tilted back just a little you don't want it like this and you don't want it to where they can't see it either now you start dealing these out you push it over like this grab it with your thumb and your index finger and turn it over first card goes like that you peel the next card to do the same thing now this second card goes off to the side like this the third card goes like that the fourth card goes right there you want to make a square now when you come to the fifth card you're gonna do a bottom deal along with the seventh card the fifth card and the seventh card or bottom deals when you're holding your hand here keep a slight number I was showing you before when you put this finger back make sure there's enough gap that this finger can slide in between this finger and this finger so make sure you have a gap right there so when you push off this v card and by the way make sure you try to keep your index finger there at all times when you come to grab that v card this finger is going to grab that bottom card and as you do you're going to do a movement where you pull back like this so see how the this card is out you're going to pull it back at the same time you're gonna yank that bottom card out so it's going to be like this v just like that that's your fifth count the sixth count is normal the seventh count as another bottom now when you pull the fifth and the seventh card out you don't want to flash the black cards so when you pull it out this card is already see there's a little bit of flesh right there you're gonna make sure that's just right you're gonna flip it like this before get even flashes and that is the move so you push over as you grab looks like you're grabbing the 8th but you're pulling out at the same time you're pulling back like this and turning now this has to turn quick enough so you don't see it and then the 8th and the 9th card now when you come to your 9th card you're not going to place it on top you're gonna use the 9th card we're gonna use this card to scoop up all these cards and put your hand right there so hold these middle cards in place and you'll understand why we made that square in the beginning so you go like this hold these grab the whole mess turn it over all you're gonna see is red cards because since you made that square those black cards are hidden in there like that so you start off you count out the black cards I'll do it in slow motion and hopefully I won't flash 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 and 9 turn it over square them up put the top card as the leader then you do the same thing with the red cards 1 2 3 4 5 six seven eight and nine turn it over square them up flip it turn that as the leader card now you're ready to go it's it's automatic up from this point up until the last four cards this is from the point of view of the magician it's like this one two three four five six seven eight and nine turn it over square it up put one as the leader now when you do this speed counts you don't want to go too slow I'm doing it slow so you can see what's going on but you want to go basically at a brisk pace I'm gonna go slow but you would have work on your speed and all you need to do is get before you work on the routine just grab seven black cards and two Reds and just work on this count over and over and over and over work in front of a mirror or a camera where you can monitor yourself so it you see what it looks like from the spectators point of view and also this finger right here needs to be a little tacky so you can wet it and then rub it like this right prior to the trick and it'll make that finger grip those cards really good so slow motion it's like this 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 and 9 square them up and put 1 is the leader now when you get to this point all you have to do is follow the routine and follow this sequence you switch the leader cards you turn these top cards over and simultaneously and they should match you switch these again you've turned over everything should line up show this pile the bottom card is the black pile and this is the red pile switch those and they should line up you switch these again here and you turn over now at this point this is when you're the routine you're saying you can do it face up you pull off the same pile again face up you grab these and you put them or you can do it face down now you switch these piles and you say and you switch them you see what I did I didn't do anything really because they were already matched he put him here and you switched it's just for the normal layman person they get fooled and then when you have these last four cards this is where you have to do another move you mix them I'll show you this from the backside as well you're going to interlace these like this so the second card down is a red card and you mix them and you put them together now this move I already showed this on the last video the three travelers so if you've learned that move already it's easy from here for you you're going to do a double lift from a packet of four cards we're going to do Marlowe's diminishing lift sequence where you hold the packet here and smear three cards over put a lot of pressure here so you've pushed over three cards and retained a single card there so push it over a little bit once it's over a little bit get this finger in on the bottom card of these three and put this finger on the corner here and pull again and you're gonna have a double card here come around follow it around it's jammed it's kind of hard to do slow motion it's jammed into your palm here and you come around and you turn it and flip it and then you place it here and actually you're just putting a black card and now you're down to three cards you're doing a double lift here these are the cards I have doing a double lift turning it around and if you have a problem with you separating at this point come around like this and instead of holding it like that if they're separating on you you can get these two fingers and just hold that corner come like this and bend it you're just going to show a black card and flip it and then your single lift and put your red card down this is from the point of view of the magician take the last four cards and you're going to interlace them together like this so you have the red card second from the top square them up you're going to do Marlowe's diminishing lift sequence slide three cards over put your finger there slide again and bring them around like I said if they separate on you you can you can come around like this and bend it so try it like this so flip it over and you're placing the black card down same thing make sure your square come around like this show the black card flip it and you're placing a red card down and then you come over here and flip them now when you get to this last move this is this is one of the coolest moves ever invented by Ed Marlowe it's called buffaloed and what you do is you basically lie it's an ingenious concept you just you just call it out you call a red card and a black card you turn them over you call the same thing a red card in a black card and that is how you do that


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