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Fmr Obama Official Slams GOP Impeachment Defense As ‘Poppycock’ | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


  1. rupulstilskin
    rupulstilskin January 2, 2020

    to answer poll ad regarding approval rating: he is a negative to me – less than zero the worst score.

  2. Natty and Daddy Show
    Natty and Daddy Show January 2, 2020

    WE, THE PEOPLE NEED #Bernie2020
    – #NotMeUS #BigUS

  3. Miguel Rojas
    Miguel Rojas January 2, 2020


  4. Miguel Rojas
    Miguel Rojas January 2, 2020


  5. ZTruth NY
    ZTruth NY January 2, 2020

    Any witness defying a judges order to testify can be held in contempt and jailed until he/she complies with the order. I like to see who will break the law and who won’t hold them in contempt.

  6. Theodore Pratt
    Theodore Pratt January 2, 2020


  7. Walt F.
    Walt F. January 2, 2020

    When someone acts guilty, it's usually because they're guilty.

  8. Walt F.
    Walt F. January 2, 2020

    “I am the most fabulous whiner. I do whine because I want to win. And I’m not happy if I’m not winning, I’m a whiner and I keep whining and whining until I win.” Donald J. Trump, in an interview with Chris Cuomo, 2015

  9. W Whyte
    W Whyte January 2, 2020

    The most open president is hiding the witnesses. Come on Donny man up and let them be deposed.

  10. Texas75023
    Texas75023 January 3, 2020

    Our mission … should you choose to accept … is to attend Biden events and chant QUID-PRO-JOE until the room errupts.

  11. petewoodroffemusic
    petewoodroffemusic January 3, 2020

    Americans are either utterly sycophantic, always selling something and totally superficial!

    Check out my music:


  12. Ken Kraft
    Ken Kraft January 3, 2020

    The only Patriots that voted for pres. bone spurs and r knot ashamed of themselves ,are Soviets, …people who R "friends with ,and Respect kim jung un,' cowards that dodged the draft 5x, People that want a soviet 1st lady, etc. etc. etc….excuse me , No Patriots voted for pres bone spurs, only child pedophile enablers like Gym jorden, dui matt gatez"do u know who my father is!!"….no matt and neither does YO MAMA!

  13. kenneth humpf
    kenneth humpf January 3, 2020

    Bolton has a book coming out. That's his reason. That is more important than the country.

  14. rustygrey1
    rustygrey1 January 3, 2020

    dear john bolton… if we promise to buy your book, will you testify? Yes, I'm sure.

  15. Paul H
    Paul H January 3, 2020

    President Donald Trump abused the power of his office by strong-arming Ukraine, a vulnerable ally, holding up hundreds of millions of dollars in military aid until it agreed to help him influence the 2020 election by digging up dirt on a political rival. When caught in the act, he rejected the very idea that a president could be required by Congress to explain and justify his actions…asserting a form of monarchical immunity that Congress cannot let stand.

  16. Donna Martins
    Donna Martins January 3, 2020

    Mitch you and wife Choa stole over 68 million and now your bribing KY of billion dollars where you want to put it.lets start you and her go to Moscow let the folks get safe drinking water and medical if Moscow is out go to boarder and lock your self up.Thank God you aren't in my state.I would be at your home or sue you for water and illness.

  17. Search for the truth
    Search for the truth January 3, 2020

    Bolton is what he appears to be, a liar and a coward. This is the Republican way. Fortunately it no longer matters. Come election day 2020 the lights will go out on the twisted empty Republicans. PERMANENTLY. It will all be over well before dinner time. Republicans have done little more than smear their excrement on the walls for a generation. We've had it. We're tired of cleaning up their messes, tired of turning the other cheek. Tired of their dead weight and fetid odor. END THE REPULSIVE AND UNNECESSARY UNAMERICAN REPUBLICAN CLOWNS

  18. El CHE Freedom
    El CHE Freedom January 3, 2020

    None of these criminals have enough days left in their lives to pay up their debt to society. Smh #fakepotus is a criminal deserving of hard prison time

  19. anita hinojosa-wells
    anita hinojosa-wells January 3, 2020

    Ceppoloni, the white house council is the one telling trump that he has executive privilege… THAT IS A LIE!!
    Ceppoloni is the Attorny for the White House & there to protect the office of the presidency!!
    Why aren’t the Democrats Exposing this issue??
    Ceppoloni need to be removed

  20. Jackie H
    Jackie H January 3, 2020

    All full of 💩- all criminals – no justice – government not doing its job – most getting paid by big companies and rich – it don’t matter if your democratic or republicans- greed and power hungry – middle class drowning- racism on the rise- entitlement and mean demanding people – no one outrage just couple of Christian writers, the news covering wrong story. No more 1960’s justice – just air

  21. Julie
    Julie January 3, 2020

    bottomline it's all about money, Bolton wants to sell his story does not want to give anything free for his country when be has 1st hand Information what a shame!

  22. b smith
    b smith January 3, 2020

    if you vote republican you are voting against your own self interest VOTE BLUE in 2020

  23. Ive Chang
    Ive Chang January 3, 2020

    Congress holds the purse. Duh!

  24. redrock1963
    redrock1963 January 3, 2020

    By directing witnesses to NOT testify, trump is obstructing justice – it is illegal… Bolton had no case to start with because trump's directive was invalid…..period.

  25. Joe T
    Joe T January 3, 2020

    He would never describe an action by a male judge as “elegant “.

  26. Bob Bart
    Bob Bart January 3, 2020

    Okey Dokey, Johnny Boy, – the ball is in YOUR Court (Pun Intended) …

  27. Crucial Speaks
    Crucial Speaks January 3, 2020

    Trump just kicked a giant hornet’s nest. all for his campaign yet again.
    Trump will get NO world support for this provocation, and keep in
    mind we are essentially BROKE!
     Put this buffoon and his criminal Enterprise behind bars! GROW SOME BALLS

  28. Crucial Speaks
    Crucial Speaks January 3, 2020


  29. amir ali
    amir ali January 3, 2020

    Trump 💩💩💩💩💩💩😆💩💩

  30. Texas gilley
    Texas gilley January 3, 2020

    Why is all the Republican senators and congressmen frayed of Donald Trump because he got dirt on all of them and they’re all crooks

  31. Anthony Moffatt
    Anthony Moffatt January 3, 2020

    You see as soon as this case get dismissed trump starts a war with Iran

  32. David Funke
    David Funke January 3, 2020

    🍊🐢 Party. With Ms. Lindsey's guidance. 2020 any viable canidate, without 🍊. 🐢, or Ms. Lindsey.

  33. Joe Mills
    Joe Mills January 3, 2020

    Lock ‘em up !!!

  34. Rick V
    Rick V January 3, 2020

    MSNBC is lying to their veiwers and the sad part is they know they r lying.

  35. Aurora Rivas
    Aurora Rivas January 3, 2020

    Bolton do right. Dont let trump take you down in history like him. TESTIFY.

  36. Charles Porter Voice
    Charles Porter Voice January 3, 2020

    Trump's DESPERATE Reelection Stunt Starts WW3

  37. Thomas Engelke
    Thomas Engelke January 4, 2020

    Soon dt will be offering a larger "donation" (aka BRIBE) to gop re-election campaigns IF they still block witnesses and vote to acquit.

  38. Ryan Anderson
    Ryan Anderson January 4, 2020

    John Bolton has always been a dangerous man who never suffers the consequences of his profligate and irresponsible actions. Any guy who is into starting wars has some serious problems. Sicko.

  39. Ryan Anderson
    Ryan Anderson January 4, 2020

    Isn't it a law that people can't make money off of writing a book that is about their personal crimes? Pretty sure it is. Bolton should be stripped of any profits from his book about his own illegal actions relating to Ukraine.

  40. Andrew
    Andrew January 4, 2020

    $ .89 solution.

  41. Barbara Olson
    Barbara Olson January 4, 2020

    They all need the opportunity to freely testify, as it is their right as well as the right of American citizens.

  42. jonny starsmore
    jonny starsmore January 4, 2020

    and? he will just find another excuse.

  43. jonny starsmore
    jonny starsmore January 4, 2020

    imagine all the heads that would explode if barry did any of what donnie has done. maga!

  44. royston mason
    royston mason January 4, 2020

    Colonel Sanders and Capt OG Crumpy ! whatta joke

  45. Darrel sibbet
    Darrel sibbet January 4, 2020

    Why weren’t these “experts” vocalizing their objections when they had the opportunity!

  46. Tom Barron
    Tom Barron January 4, 2020

    Trump 2020

  47. Susi Q
    Susi Q January 4, 2020

    Lock up all of them …they belong in prison. they are loyal to that criminal trump making them traitorous to America. Lock them up. Sick of these selfservers

  48. Laura Vescovi
    Laura Vescovi January 4, 2020

    When are the Dems going to start insisting! When will things change?

  49. Ater Felis
    Ater Felis January 4, 2020

    President Impeached is the weakest U.S. President since William Harrison held the position.

  50. BigRray
    BigRray January 4, 2020

    I don't really give a f*** who you are in an impeachment trial you have to testify

  51. frodofraggins
    frodofraggins January 4, 2020

    OK. This is biased. Bolton's concerns aren't alleviated as the dems cowardly withdrew the subpoena. This means they never used the courts to settle the issue. The court case would be reopened the moment that person was subpoenad again. The House was afraid they would lose the case and thus confirm that the president's claims were legal. So they just avoided it altogether.

    This case was far bigger than ANY election cycle, but the dems want to protect their jobs.

  52. Rob Blokdijk
    Rob Blokdijk January 4, 2020

    I don't care if he will go of the deep end. But I do mind if he takes everybody with him. I have high anxiety disorder.

  53. Marie Rose
    Marie Rose January 4, 2020

    Bolton: Gee, I thought it was greed— but alas, it is cowardliness.

  54. Henrietta Pullin
    Henrietta Pullin January 4, 2020

    Reopen the Improvement hearings and add more charges.

  55. Brandon Boyer
    Brandon Boyer January 4, 2020

    Get your sons ready for the Iran land. Enlistment soon. Thanks trump!

  56. Racheal Fisher
    Racheal Fisher January 4, 2020

    it's time to remove him by military force..

  57. johnny
    johnny January 4, 2020

    I bet these richness levels are so high that mollies and ludes cant gratify that inch I can only omagine

  58. Tom G.
    Tom G. January 4, 2020

    War mongul Bolton and trump tries to get ratings up by attacking Iran starting a war. It worked for Bush and he thinks it'll work for him. Vote this entire lawless administration out in 2020.

  59. walinton
    walinton January 4, 2020

    What happened to the "Presidents are not Kings" motif. That died out quick 🤷‍♂️

  60. Lotty Paria
    Lotty Paria January 4, 2020

    Having Avery thing and not beaing fild

  61. Lotty Paria
    Lotty Paria January 4, 2020

    What missing can you anser

  62. John Rogan
    John Rogan January 4, 2020

    Forget Bolton…an anachronism!

  63. John Rogan
    John Rogan January 4, 2020

    Bolton…teddy roosevelt's right hand man on San Juan hill!

  64. Ramel D
    Ramel D January 4, 2020

    Arrogant Mulveney needs to come in front the nation and tells us to "get over it" one more time… maybe we'll listen.

  65. Sandra Hunter
    Sandra Hunter January 5, 2020

    Where are the "Fair and Balanced" reporters from FOX in the Middle East?
    I don't see any; do you?

  66. Orion Star
    Orion Star January 5, 2020


  67. TY Robinson
    TY Robinson January 5, 2020

    This is a mess on Bolton come on just tell and get it over with….

  68. Rice Burnerbiker
    Rice Burnerbiker January 5, 2020

    Lock the religious up..
    It’ll get 97% of all the immature churches,making tomorrow’s nationalist.

  69. Wade Haden - Master Jedi Engineer Goth
    Wade Haden - Master Jedi Engineer Goth January 5, 2020

    John Bolton is a coward like Trump. Screw his book! He needs to testify and if he refuses a subpeona….jail him indefinitely until he complies

  70. ElPocho DelMundo
    ElPocho DelMundo January 5, 2020

    6:50 Neal Katyal: "One of the stupidest arguments I've heard since I left law school, complete poppycock." Hhmm, tell us how you really feel, would'ya Neal?

  71. Tes Truelove
    Tes Truelove January 5, 2020

    He has a book to sell, that's what's standing in the way !

  72. Gustavo Rico
    Gustavo Rico January 5, 2020

    Make him testify ,I'm tire of political games

  73. Gustavo Rico
    Gustavo Rico January 5, 2020

    Is commander and chief,,,,or commander and king 😳😳😳

  74. Lynette Croad
    Lynette Croad January 5, 2020

    This is ridiculous. He should be arrested, before he does more damage.

  75. Shirley Oliver
    Shirley Oliver January 5, 2020

    People don't care about the truth they just a repub don't matter how much wrong they do

  76. Larry Ames
    Larry Ames January 5, 2020

    The Commander in Cheif should get brig time.

  77. Ricky Ricjardson
    Ricky Ricjardson January 5, 2020

    U.S.A has a Holy WAR coming

  78. Frances Gutierrez
    Frances Gutierrez January 5, 2020

    Make the witness come to court Boulton n the rest or put every body else jail the law is the law. N that all its to it

  79. Hero Chalmers
    Hero Chalmers January 5, 2020

    Well there it is this is what he started this WAR THE COWARD knows he's going DOWN

  80. William Lowe
    William Lowe January 5, 2020

    The tail wagging the dog. Literally a house of cards. It's up to the big kids now. We should fire everyone in Congress for not doing their job. Either party. It's not about the president it's about the people. None should be re elected! Total fail.

  81. Vanessa Knox
    Vanessa Knox January 5, 2020

    Why is it you all keep saying the American people? Wow all people of color a hyphenated Americans even the native. All I can say is welcome to the world of people of color. You all do not even realize that this country now belongs to the very wealthy and not the American or hyphenated Americans

  82. Vanessa Knox
    Vanessa Knox January 5, 2020

    And another thing I heard this country was an experiment. I can only assume the experiment what's hot a mind control white folks. Because you all don't seem to understand the Trap wants to be like poop who puts all dissenters in prison

  83. berdboy
    berdboy January 5, 2020


  84. Allen C.
    Allen C. January 5, 2020

    Of course it's b.s. if the
    republicans think anyone other than those most reliant on their chicanery believe they're not corrupted to the core. They're in for a revelation come.2020

  85. Cesar Pena
    Cesar Pena January 6, 2020

    Highly UN-AMERICAN to say the executive has any privilege in obstructing justice…. But being white..

  86. Shirley Rombough
    Shirley Rombough January 6, 2020

    He wrote a book? One of the few in trump's employ who can put two words together in a sentence.

  87. Tony Lang
    Tony Lang January 6, 2020


  88. B Classie
    B Classie January 6, 2020

    People who can actually clear Trump’s name…… he doesn’t want them to testify. Have to think about that. I did

  89. utagame728
    utagame728 January 6, 2020

    John Bolton, please go and testify! Are you the MAN or a chickenshit like trump? If you make the right (correct) move, people will buy your books‼️😡 The right (correct) move is ‘ For The People’ and NOT ‘ for narcissistic greedy trump’‼️😡

  90. Frank Maskil
    Frank Maskil January 6, 2020

    We are stumbling like a drunken sailor into a stupid unnecessarily war that could last long enough to involve my grandsons. Time to hit the street.

  91. Rico Von Spacewolf
    Rico Von Spacewolf January 6, 2020

    Trump is a stain on American history. Let this be a lesson to not squander our votes. We can’t take our democracy for granted evil is in the driver seat and we need to do something!

  92. Kelly ann kanye
    Kelly ann kanye January 6, 2020

    The only crooks that would ignore a subpoena, are the ones who will Lie, and the ones who know they will get CAUGHT lieing.
    These people SHOULD NOT be on Taxpayers payroll.

  93. Janusha
    Janusha January 6, 2020

    The US Senate and Congress is so AMAZINGLY full of cartoonish characters that dont belong in politics.

  94. Mrs leal
    Mrs leal January 6, 2020

    Thank you Mr. Katyau for explaining and defending the law.
    ❤to see you as
    Secretary of state 2020 to regain credibility in the world stage

  95. Wendy King
    Wendy King January 6, 2020

    Trump is not a president, he’s a career crook he wants to have a Dictatorship, so he can do whatever he wants, he is trying to stay forever!!

  96. S. R.T.
    S. R.T. January 7, 2020

    The most corrupt and troublesome administration in US history. Nixon was a boy scout next to this.

  97. Benaiah Wright
    Benaiah Wright January 7, 2020

    This is crazy

  98. Michael Ortiz
    Michael Ortiz January 7, 2020

    Try trump for treason war crimes crimes against humanity and serial child rapes

  99. patrella bell
    patrella bell January 8, 2020

    The bottom line is the Senate going to summons Bolton.

  100. Babak Kamali
    Babak Kamali January 8, 2020

    It was stupidity on the side of Democrats to drop subpoenas. They should have kept parallel tracks. Taking it all the way to the supreme court. That would have kept the GOP's criminality and disobeyment of the law under public opinion presure and helped with the elections around the country.

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