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FISAgate The Democratic Party is finally over, Deep State in a f

FISAgate: The
Democratic Party is finally over, Deep State in a free-fall collapse FISA Memo
Compared to the unparalleled political fallout guaranteed with the publication of the FISA
Memo, the 2018 government shutdown is a walk in the park for the Democrats. Just how radioactive is the FISA Memo? As
follows: �Explosive�, �Shocking� And �Alarming�
FISA Memo Set To Rock DC, �End Mueller Investigation� It�s very important to note that this engineered
shutdown has been correctly named: Schumer�s shutdown. See: �SCHUMER SHUTDOWN� BEGINS! For the uninitiated, the �FISA Memo� will
expose so much naked criminality and corruption on the part of the Democratic Party that it
may very well end their little party�forever! The outright collusion between Democratic
leaders and the DOJ, FBI and Obama administration reflected their collective intention to overthrow
the incoming Trump administration by any mean necessary. The many Deep State co-conspirators executed
like clockwork to subvert democracy, such was their sheer desperation to kill Trump�s
presidency in order to cover up their 8-year crime spree led by Obama. Truly, the �FISA Memo� is that damning
where it concerns the conspiracy to commit felony crimes by high-level officials and
political appointees who are mostly Democrats and agents of Deep State. FISAgate
In fact, there are so many Democrats directly involved in this scandal � FISAgate � that
they are hoping the government shutdown will distract the American people from what many
experts have called highly organized sedition. Others have labelled their reprehensible schemes
as treason against the American Republic. In any case, when the �FISA Memo� is finally
released, and it will be eventually, Nixon�s Watergate will look like jaywalking compared
to Obama�s FISAgate. Without even an iota of restraint, these misguided politicos have
perpetrated high crimes never seen in U.S. history. That�s not to say that this kind of illicit
conduct hasn�t gone on before in the highest echelons of the U.S. Federal Government. The
key point is that, if such clear-cut violations of federal statutes have occurred in the past,
they were never disclosed to the American people. #ReleaseTheMemo
There are very good reasons why #ReleaseTheMemo has gone more viral than anything else in
2018. See: #ReleaseTheMemo Goes Viral That�s because the FISA Memo has been throughly
vetted by the concerned congressional investigators and committee members, and it�s contents
are deemed to be as explosive and incriminating as anything ever seen on Capitol Hill. What distinguishes the FISA Memo from so many
other scandals is the existence of so much hard evidence of official misconduct and serious
wrongdoing. This pattern of unprecedented lawlessness, which was rampant under Obama,
especially reveals the workings of Deep State. How the FISA memo can take down Deep State It�s as though the white hats in government
made a very conscious and collective decision to allow the Obama-era appointees and Clinton
loyalists to collaborate in carrying out their criminal activity. The more time they were
all provided to perpetrate their misdeeds, the more rope they were given to hang themselves
along with their countless co-conspirators. Deep State in a free-fall collapse
As the quote above emphatically states: �This thing is so BIG it will likely cause
Deep State to collapse. There are now so many crimes and so much corruption
to cover up that it�s impossible to hide it
all.� Every profoundly corrupt government inevitably
reaches a point where it begins to collapse under the weight of its own crimes against
the citizenry and transgressions against the nation. That�s exactly where the American Republic
is at this very moment. The FISA Memo revelations have simply pushed the imperative reformation
of the U.S. government beyond the point of no return. Likewise, many other radioactive
disclosures have been made which have irreversibly exposed Deep State. Because there is no putting this genie back
in the bottle, the relatively little unwanted exposure that Deep State received during the
2016 election cycle was just enough to significantly diminish its power and influence. After all,
even a little bit of sunlight is a great disinfectant. However, and it�s a H U G E �however�:
that there is no question TPTB permitted this whole D.C. drama to be staged in the first
place. Therefore, the $64,000 is: Why did the top-tier controllers really allow FISAgate
to be blown wide open? Answer: The Most Important Thing To Know About
The Classified FISA Memo (Video) Conclusion
There can only be one conclusion to this exceedingly melodramatic turn of events. That they are
being used to further distract We the People from much more serious happenings. There are so many things jumping off day-to-day
on the headline news channels that you know TPTB that control Deep State are doing something
even more nefarious behind the scenes. Diversionary tactics like this are their primary MO. So
is the obvious misdirection that they now use at every opportunity. The bottom line: Keep your eyes wide open,
and your ear to the ground. Because Deep State will do everything in its power to prevent
its �free-fall collapse�. Nonetheless, just like their controlled demolition of Building
#7, once that button has been pushed�.


  1. Dragon Girl
    Dragon Girl January 23, 2018

    I know you're there TRUMPHATERS! I can drop my pants or skirts and let out a smelly fart RIGHT AT YOU!!!!😈😈😈😈😈😈 🀀🀀🀀🀀🀀🀀🀀🀀🀀🀀🀀

  2. Merlin Hathaway
    Merlin Hathaway January 23, 2018

    Finally the people will know what the dematarts are up to lie steal and cheat the people of the USA Vote all dematarts out of office

  3. Leroy Stingley
    Leroy Stingley January 23, 2018

    Dems Reaped The Wrong Ground?

    ROYALOAKRUTH Dunn January 23, 2018

    Release the MEMO

  5. Carolina Girl
    Carolina Girl January 23, 2018

    Release the Memo on Fox news every post is talking about this crap "Release" and get on with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Crow fart
    Crow fart January 23, 2018

    Release the memo , you messed with our hero president , you dirty rats , we're going to get you !, Guantanamo for the Deep state .

  7. Catherine Campbell
    Catherine Campbell January 23, 2018

    God bless President Trump and his family!

  8. Catherine Campbell
    Catherine Campbell January 23, 2018

    Obama was not a legal President, so all he did should be not legal and erased!!!!

  9. Arturo Favez
    Arturo Favez January 23, 2018

    This CIA agent on our side suggest, instead of you going by 1000 poll, have your own TV channel at white house, or you tubers or trumpets inter react with you directly and will bring millions of people to exposed their problem directly to you, by you doing your poll, he says beware of Zionist, and you could get rid of a few agencies, CIA, which is unconstitutional, they work without congress authority, same with, NSA. Deep state is working with them, for example the Jesuits working with Vatican to take over america, stay strong in faith and God shall set us free, amen. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈβœŒπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸŒžπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈβœŒπŸŒž

  10. Betty Carruth
    Betty Carruth January 23, 2018

    SHITHOLD Democratic has the DAMN DACA Dreamers here so they can get money from America. Banned the Democratic DACA Dreamers Mexicans Muslims. America never need they.

  11. Betty Carruth
    Betty Carruth January 23, 2018

    Deep State is Geroge Soros and Democratic are with this DAMN Geroge Soros. banned them

  12. Yesenia Rivera
    Yesenia Rivera January 23, 2018


  13. George Edmonds
    George Edmonds January 23, 2018

    If ever gets out,the bastards will be running like a bunch of rats they are,back to there rat holes,but they won't make it, the American people have had enough, it's going to be a bad day in America for these bastards.

  14. Margaret Foucha
    Margaret Foucha January 23, 2018


  15. William Hildabrand
    William Hildabrand January 23, 2018

    I always knew the dem cock suckers were crooked

  16. William Hildabrand
    William Hildabrand January 23, 2018

    Hang um all

  17. Patricia Bonitz
    Patricia Bonitz January 23, 2018

    Thank God Americans made the right choice to vote for President Trump. Americans knew how Obama was doing things in our gov. that were questionable and darn right anti-American. It greed and power that motivated them to pull such a horrible crime in America.

  18. Freezencrash
    Freezencrash January 24, 2018

    All that but you can't spring for a human voice? But you want likes and subs? I want humans and I don't like robot voices. Unless I don't notice who posted, I'm outta here!

  19. dolores lopez
    dolores lopez January 24, 2018

    No one is distracted by the criminals in the Democratic party! They have played people for so long it's sickening! I hope the leaders hang for the traitors they are!! They certainly earned it!!

  20. patricia faulkner
    patricia faulkner January 24, 2018

    Believe when I see this memo it might as well show to all of the people even in the world o n tv problem for an hours news best use live tv and then get few seat down and speak their mind and this get big deal!!

  21. Baraka Obama
    Baraka Obama January 24, 2018

    So is Trump owned by the Zionist Jews or not??

  22. harry viking
    harry viking January 25, 2018

    tired of all the yak yak…get it on morons! this is slower than a drunk turtle!! lol!

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