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Fellow Military/Veterans: Andrew Yang Has DETAILED Policies, NOT JUST "TYFYS"

yeah we're spending at least 750 billion dollars that we know of per year and and a lot of that is going to things that may or may not be making us safer and so I get the desire for economic activity and so my approach is going to be to try and shift a lot of that military spending towards domestic infrastructure projects because then if people are saying look like we need the spending we need the jobs it's like sure like you can have the spending in the jobs but let's just freaking do something that's going to have concrete economic value that we need what I being gang what up YouTube so y'all just saw a clip I'm going to comment on that soon the long and short of what we're doing today is we're looking at a Politico article how Andrew yang would improve veterans services he came out with this on Monday I'll leave that there so the fast people among us can start reading but yeah the long and short is he came out with new military policies on Monday this channel we're gonna be adding that to our playlist of Ann Jennings policies so I'm gonna do that this weekend and yeah like and subscribe this channel check out my soldier side chats I come out with those daily so commenting on the clique that we saw those from jimmy dore show jimmy doors pretty progressive channel i really like watching jimmy dore that was when he had andrew hang on and and reing isn't talking about just cutting military spending military people I know some of y'all y'all hear cuts the military spending the I'll just think about y'all own paycheck that's not the way the world works but yeah for my fellow military people out there I just think it's super cool that Angie updated he had a hundred and five hundred and six policies before plus eight so look on the screen you can see veteran employment and business and businesses ending veteran suicide every vet under roof initiative controlled substance waivers for veterans improving veteran health military training which is the gold standard GI Bill improvements and reverse boot camp so I'm gonna be recording those during the weekend but yeah Engineering's really looking out for the soldiers to comment on that clip yeah I think my first point that I have here is when you focus on the wrong problems you aren't prepared we get this in the military all the time it doesn't matter if you spent three hours four hours studying three hours or four hours training if you train it for the wrong exercise if you studying for the wrong test you're not prepared and uh yeah the United States in the future we got to stop worrying about conventional arms we need to worry about cybersecurity and we got to worry about our infrastructure back home we got to worry about national unity that's why I always say like Fox News all these things that are destroying national unity social media you know censor Fox News we'll figure out what we want to do afterwards but that's my stance I'm gonna keep standing by that read the link below the description the show notes below every video I have sites for Fox News censor Fox News it's always down you can see it but yeah let's get straight up to the article so on Monday he nailed proposals the ones that I mentioned before on this list over here one of the most significant changes is letting military use the certifications that they got in the military for certain jobs in the civilian world so if you get trained as a medic in the military you can straight up just being EMT as soon as you get back from you know duty you know you you are you out process and you will be able to straight up just get a regular civilian job that is equivalent to what you did in the military yeah requiring veterans to obtain a civilian license to go through more training is pointless what else mentorship programs for veterans a I would like I've looked I would love to see mentorship programs too for our young people that aren't going to college he's got a plan for that too I'm telling you man Anji gang has got like everything covered it's a very policy oriented dude that's why I love them the planet health includes changes to veterans benefits under the GI Bill which helps veterans pay for college graduate school to Easy A and in the military y'all probably didn't even know that this week is straight up just get educated while we in the military some of us were sometimes in state and there'll be schools that work next to us so I'm telling you man the military's pretty cool y'all over here arguing in the civilian sector about social benefits military they always set you up for success a word peers you want to get education I just got another a a I already have a master's I already have a bachelor's outside of the military but they just gave me a just for man military man we got to really take their example I'm civilian sector what else so yeah those changes to the GI Bill they talk about more school stuff you know getting public tuition regardless of how long you've been in the state so you're not paying out out state tuition and you know they should that out state in-state tuition that's killing kids if you just change states that gives you an incentive to stay in your state don't we want more people traveling around this country that would make sense to me I'll say tuition is more expensive they'll make no sense yang promises to cut the number of daily veteran suicides by half a man I've been the military short amount of time and I already been a part of more than one suicide funeral remembrance Israel out here and I'm man I'm not infantry trust me it's military wide infantry is more it's more suicides so you have veterans crisis lines free gun saves to all veterans these are things that the civilians should have to lock your gun up ain't nobody gonna break into your house and you're gonna have to Max Payne it real quick like no man what you think this is this is America man better anyways Veterans Affairs health care network I mean we already have that in the service but it just makes sense to keep taking care of people once you out out of the military might as well stay in that military Network marijuana we got to start using marijuana a they've been on demonizing hemp for a long time the paper companies and I think it was like the canola oil companies it's like something like that but hemp extremely useful product has been lobbies you mean that's just the way the government works right lobbyists all the time yeah you already know Big Pharma hates marijuana because you could just smoke and you might be good for whatever you feeling but now they want you to take silent role and then that night too sure whatever the whatever they coming out with next year last year moving on to and veterans homelessness oh man veterans homelessness first of all homelessness is garbage that is that is the fact that we don't try to solve that in these United States is garbage you look at states like California I think people say that in California homelessness is pretty bad freedom dividend and some of these homeless people are veterans damn shame America you got to take care of your people Medicare for all straight up I'm gonna care for all Medicare for all freedom dividend you know how many people are gonna start just having better lives conservatives stop judging people always judging people for what benefits they deserve you probably a little lazy in your life sometimes Amen everybody's got their flaws I think we just got to see each other as our own brothers and sisters like Cornel West's always be saying I'd be saying it too what else the a system of access to employment at health care reverse boot camp I think that's for real I have been military for a short amount of time and sometimes I just feel like I like the way the system works better than like actual society sometimes people be talking about oh when you join the military you got to give up some of your freedom amen as of now I really like the community aspect of the military people don't be fighting that much black white people Hispanic people everybody everybody sold together people try not to argue people try to be reasonable I think people are more reasonable in the military than they are in real life I promise you moving on so yeah reverse boot camp I think it's a great idea we got to get on the military cuz I don't know you might join the civilian sector and I think I saw I think I spoke to somebody in my last duty station it was an older gentleman he was a black dude and the black dude was just like yeah man I love being in the military he was a Marines he stayed for 20 years he got out and then he's just like yeah and when I went back at the society I had to moved back to somewhere near base and I just started working with the base because I couldn't take how outside in this country outside of the military people just seemed so divided I was like Tim that's real so yeah military military is I'm telling you America I mean justjust look the military has historically done integration better than society as a whole in all societies it's only when politicians are trying to get power and keep power that people start talking about race and immigrants and minorities and who deserves what and who's leeching off the state and who isn't working and it's all whack we all brothers and sisters Fox News just doesn't want you to see it and you know the mainstream media all of them aren't really helpful that's why I always say I think we need to move from mainstream media corporate television to YouTube staying free and YouTube is not going that direction we need to fight you for it YouTube needs a safe needs to stay free and we all have to like look out for the news that we're gonna be paying attention to and I think it would be a lot better if we did that instead of like people just being blind following these channels that don't have any these channels don't care about cha they care about profits I'm getting off the subject but yeah if veterans military people in giing he got like a bunch of new policies he already got so much more policies than most candidates but he just updated I don't even know how much this is like eight he got he's updated with eight new policies some people they barely got like twelve policies in total so why no engine met with members of common defense a veterans group that opposes Trump in May when he signed the end forever Wars pledge so he's just like Tulsi Gabbard I wrote that in my thing here he's just like Tulsi Gabbard in that respect he doesn't care about these infinity Wars I had a funny joke Marvel infinity Wars before I knew what that was I thought it was like a documentary on American foreign policy got him anyways he was talking to Richard pogge Etta there's some progressive channels that interviewed him Major General Richard o jeddah retired he was running for president but he suspended his campaign I'm not gonna go over them what other Democrats have proposed because this is just about Andrew yang bianjing I respect you I see what you're doing for the veterans I think that's super cool I am in progressive look at that picture that's our next president right there Johnny did but I need to get y'all stuff together in America Larry who this man is Andrew yang anyways I'm signing off y'all oh wait real quick I want to talk about seeing our servicemen and women as assets so yeah reallocating military funds from abroad to here we also got to do some with the people and I think people see people these days as things that need to be taken care of but the military men and women we got a lot to offer this country and if you just stop putting us in these dumb places that we don't need to be in for oil and when you send us back into the country and we can start helping think about all the infrastructure that we have in our lives that conservatives want to cut taxes all day but they don't even realize that they use every day sewers buildings roads like all these things that everybody uses keeping the air clean keeping the water and the parks clean you can pay people to keep that stuff clean straight up and it's important conservatives never want to do anything they just want to cut taxes but then they don't realize every give a lot to do in this country and you could just straight-up pay people to do a lot of the things that need being done in this country anyways like taking care of our infrastructure so in that same Jimmy Dore interview that clip that I played at the beginning yeah just look up Jimmy door do our e and reing and um his how about the military so ya see our servicemen and women is s that's America soldiers if you all know about Angie yang if he ended up on this channel you know fellow soldier over here very Pro yang over here I think he's I think he's the future America's just got to see it and if they don't see it then you know we could lose what little Kemal Harris or Joe Biden that's my opinion so yeah thanks y'all I can subscribe you could always unsubscribe later if y'all like the content that I'm putting out but I'm gonna be doing this forever I don't do this for money you know it'll be nice to get monetized though I put a lot of work into this stuff and I'm learning every day I love doing research on this stuff everything I miss channel is done by me that's writing the scripts when I do write scripts when I go acapella off the dome like today I do that all the subjects I pick all me everything's me on this channel my my military duty staying physically mentally tough going to the gym my girl my family they take up all my time yeah it was very fun a man I'd like to subscribe much love y'all like corn always says like corn OS says my white brothers and sisters my black brothers and sisters Hispanic israel-palestine trying to rush all y'all much love peace got to figure out how to turn this off though Oh


  1. Offkilter Concepts
    Offkilter Concepts July 27, 2019

    Hello young man. Thanks for your service. I want to point out that Yang is a Venture Capitalist. He does have some progressive ideas and he does have some good ideas for veterans so I do not want to take away from those. However he is wall streets answer and NOT a truly progressive democratic socialist answer. He was not for healthcare for all, but recently has changed to support this but many think he will waffle on this issue because of his many interviews saying that he does not prefer a medicare for all system and would rather work inside the privatized system. The dividend is a good idea, but he want to use this dividend to eliminate many public services. This is problematic for several reasons even though it sounds like a good idea prima facie. If you take away public services then by definition its not a dividend on the already $21 trillion dollar economy that we have. its just taking away from public services and paying you that money. a public dividend should not directly have much to do or depend on reducing public spending as its principle. That is the public money and the public will continue to fight for a more equitable share since this is a public driven consumer economy. If you want to be progressive, you eliminate all student loan debt, you make college tuition free, you make healthcare a right, AND you talk about a public dividend. Yang is wall street waiving a $1000 carrot, but it not willing to address the real issues. That only a terminus of capitalism as we know it will be the answer. My friends a $1000 carrot is not that change when we still have the same system, the same student loan and expensive colleges, the same expensive healthcare. The best progressive policy is a socialist third party candidate, then daddy bernie as a democrat would be a distant second. Yang is no real progressive

  2. Connor June
    Connor June July 27, 2019

    Never stopped nodding the entire video. Hell yeah man, this was great.

  3. Casa Station
    Casa Station July 27, 2019

    Agreed w/ everything you said! Salute to you and thanks for your service. hope yang comes through.

  4. Joey Klein
    Joey Klein July 27, 2019

    Wonderful video! thanks

  5. TheBOR1S
    TheBOR1S July 27, 2019


  6. Loxodon Locuturus
    Loxodon Locuturus July 27, 2019

    I think the military should encourage soldiers to transition out because I feel like many soldiers would quickly rejoin the military and be even better soldiers than before. The civilian sector has a lot of problems.

  7. asoka nelson
    asoka nelson July 27, 2019

    great work

  8. Heather S
    Heather S July 27, 2019

    Excellent!! I am a Yang supporter. You did him proud. Please continue!!

  9. AJ Seguro
    AJ Seguro July 27, 2019

    From a Veteran to a New dude. Recommend you take advantage of MWR.

  10. Patty Witrado
    Patty Witrado July 27, 2019

    Great videos!

  11. Aaron Carson
    Aaron Carson July 27, 2019

    I thought you might like to see Mr. Yang's position on nuclear weapons. He's so cool!

  12. Caleb Strohl
    Caleb Strohl July 27, 2019

    Dude the world is crazy today. So much insanity in the news. I don't get how half of the people are saying the Mueller report is a non-starter and the other half are saying impeachment proceedings should start immediately. How are there is no middle-ground on this at all?

    I'm super pissed about the death penalty stuff. From my personal research, it is TERRIBLE. It costs more than simply keeping prisoners in jail due to the extra processes that are required to convict and execute. But the biggest issue for me is that it seems to have TERRIBLE effects on the the people who are tasked with carrying out and assisting in executions. If you have any counterpoints on death penalty I'd be curious to hear. All the people I've heard defend it so far seem to be foaming at the mouth. Really disturbing to me.

    And this is only 2 out of like a dozen bombshells that have dropped today…

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