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Fash the Nation 9: White Democrats

my journey to the already um I'll just really quick go through I was raised by my mom and stepdad who were Democrats my dad's a little bit more successful sort of a generic businessman type basic bitch GOP but also racially aware to a decent extent just from being older I was familiar with politics I wouldn't have failed the like man-on-the-street quizzes about who the fucking Vice President is or anything like that I just wasn't really that passionate about it I started paying attention in oh wait I was mid 20s at that point still considered myself a Democrat because that's just what I had defaulted to growing up and so I watched that whole primary process from start to finish and with the magic Negro in the race and the minorities and minority you know people who suck off minorities sjw's had formed their coalition that was when I started I started to see how fucking delusional these people were as well as like how much the minorities disliked white people and how fucking pathetic the white people involved in all this shit were like I don't know how there's still one white man left in the Democratic Party I got the message loud and clear that was not the political organization for me yeah I wasn't like super shitlord be but I definitely was aware of the fact that white people had built this country and it was successful because of white people and that it is our thing along with Greater Western civilization I know I mean I I know I wasn't supposed to notice that in history class it didn't get past me


  1. Joubert x
    Joubert x June 12, 2019

    It is right there, horizon to horizon. The 1st world is a Caucasian Creation.

  2. Dick Toles
    Dick Toles June 12, 2019

    "I can't believe there is one white person in the Democratic party." I tell myself this at least once per week.

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