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  1. Elfeis Ojeis
    Elfeis Ojeis November 20, 2019

    don’t underestimate Melany, she’s the wife in Total Recall

  2. Viki Demos
    Viki Demos November 20, 2019

    Great stuff 👍 Democracy, what a joke

  3. Jason Mask
    Jason Mask November 20, 2019

    So you dems that are commenting and so your research people

  4. Mark Adderley
    Mark Adderley November 20, 2019

    So, the man committed the crime, we get it. So where are the hand cuffs ?

  5. Eddie Ortega
    Eddie Ortega November 20, 2019

    "To protect a president who doesn't even have a red one" Dayyyyyuumm! 🔥😂

  6. Leopol Stevenson wide neck the 3rd
    Leopol Stevenson wide neck the 3rd November 20, 2019

    Tiny hands

  7. most hated
    most hated November 20, 2019

    we have clown as president lol

  8. Galantir Galadross
    Galantir Galadross November 20, 2019

    heart attack? Well people can dream can't they? Man i wish that were true, that would have been so awesome even more if it killed him.

  9. Allan Hegyes
    Allan Hegyes November 20, 2019

    This county's recovery from this debacle may take decades or never.

  10. Da-Vorzon
    Da-Vorzon November 20, 2019

    Jimmy Kimmel is a hatchet man

  11. Lahom Bombay
    Lahom Bombay November 20, 2019

    sometimes a bowl

  12. Lori Morse
    Lori Morse November 20, 2019

    Rep. Jordan just FART so Jennifer Williams will smile LOL…I'm going to hell hahaha

  13. Project Philk
    Project Philk November 20, 2019

    Orange man bad am I right.

  14. Moon Child
    Moon Child November 20, 2019

    You are corrupted media, dont get your news from these puppet comedians who are hilary clinton and bilderberg group back for their agendas, Shame on you jimmy for selling your balls,you used to be funny

  15. TruthMan
    TruthMan November 20, 2019

    a great problem here is that when the dems can and have the right to be be angry and loud they are very meek…..the repubs act outraged kavanaugh and Lindsey Graham and Jim Jordan….. and so they SEEM they are more right than the dems..hey dems………act and be more outraged!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!also………it's very simple………here an ambassador (marie yovanovitch) tried to get rid of corruption and rudy (trump) blocked her!!!!!!!so they want the corruption to continue…'s so simple and they are so obviously guilty!!!!!

  16. Brian Jensen
    Brian Jensen November 20, 2019

    hey jimmy i'm a big fan but when you gonna talk about ABC covering up the Epstein story

    CYBER TROLL November 20, 2019

    MSM and Hollywood are all part of the same propaganda machine and the brainwashed libtards clap like circus seals to an applause sighn. This country is doomed!!

  18. Lillie Mooney
    Lillie Mooney November 20, 2019

    Trump 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  19. Indra
    Indra November 20, 2019

    according to trump everyone is a lair except him, and he is a genius and the chosen one and has unmatched wisdom, ahhh right

  20. Marc Verrrrr
    Marc Verrrrr November 20, 2019

    What i really don’t understand as a European. I always thought that the republican party and it’s voters stand for Christian values. Cross reference the 7 deadly sins to Donald Trump.

  21. Melissa Hoover
    Melissa Hoover November 20, 2019

    Melania Trump: the first Fist-Lady that nobody has to ask why she looks pissed off all the time.

  22. Rob Bishop
    Rob Bishop November 20, 2019

    This is why late night t.v. has the lowest ratings ever.

  23. Jeff Long
    Jeff Long November 20, 2019

    That Pence Bit at the END, OMG HILARIOUS!!! LOOLOL..

  24. Tachyon Drive-by Shooting
    Tachyon Drive-by Shooting November 20, 2019

    I remember a video of Trump having his hand continually pushed away by Melania every time he tried to hold it for the Press and we are expected to actually believe that she calls him "Darling" when he gets home out of the public eye. Really? How about asking his Secret Service Detail what she really calls him in private. Bet it begins with a capital "A".

  25. Goahead
    Goahead November 20, 2019

    Kushner has such a punchable face.

  26. utterbullspit
    utterbullspit November 20, 2019

    Kimmel's being real sassy lately. I like it! 😏

  27. Herb Nichols
    Herb Nichols November 20, 2019

    😄😄😄 like we couldn't tell that was Pence just by his voice! 🤔😄😄

  28. Goahead
    Goahead November 20, 2019

    Who's that crazy woman screaming?

  29. Lahom Bombay
    Lahom Bombay November 20, 2019

    True lacking real Dorsey

  30. Lahom Bombay
    Lahom Bombay November 20, 2019

    come abroad

  31. Joe Camillo
    Joe Camillo November 20, 2019

    Lol ty jimmy for the Jim Jordan joke lol 😂 I hate Jordan!! He should be gone now!!!

  32. Ekkie101
    Ekkie101 November 20, 2019

    Trump went to the Walter Reed Medical Center to see if doctors could treat his hurt feelings.

  33. Randall P. McMurphy
    Randall P. McMurphy November 20, 2019

    I hope DJTJ runs for President, just for its comedic value.

  34. Peazyman1
    Peazyman1 November 20, 2019

    A whole lot of projection going on here. When did the left start respecting and caring about the military. They have always bashed the military, and now they care because President Trump didnt serve. Well the last 3 democrats to be President didnt serve.

  35. Latice Johnson
    Latice Johnson November 20, 2019

    I love your show and Donald trump is a joke remove him already

  36. E S
    E S November 20, 2019

    Narcissists don’t do Anything wrong. It’s alcoholic thinking. If I say or don’t know it happened then it didn’t it’s a witch hunt democratic falsehood & I am a perfect genius. Gag

  37. Lahom Bombay
    Lahom Bombay November 20, 2019

    they're too out of the mind

  38. Vbat 421
    Vbat 421 November 20, 2019

    Mexico offered to pay for the brick lol

  39. Lahom Bombay
    Lahom Bombay November 20, 2019

    so be it

  40. Olyv Oyl
    Olyv Oyl November 20, 2019

    Trump nanners on endlessly.

  41. Hope
    Hope November 20, 2019

    I think this is Jimmy’s best segment yet! He really came for them and I love it! A big heaping spoon of Truth is the best medicine

  42. Three Jewels
    Three Jewels November 20, 2019

    Such waste for a joke. I coulda used that TV

  43. Lahom Bombay
    Lahom Bombay November 20, 2019

    No one is ever clear

  44. Drew
    Drew November 20, 2019

    I'm really curious how Jimmy is able to talk so well with that many Leftist cocks buried in his mouth?

  45. Cadami Ahmed
    Cadami Ahmed November 20, 2019

    He is somthing

  46. AlexYounger
    AlexYounger November 20, 2019

    …and my wife said, “Darling, you beautiful perfect Adonis! Is your money okay?”

  47. libra orange
    libra orange November 20, 2019


  48. Ramon Pagan
    Ramon Pagan November 20, 2019


  49. Lahom Bombay
    Lahom Bombay November 20, 2019

    i ask Goodman where is at Comedy Central my choice

  50. john smith
    john smith November 20, 2019

    LOL now he knows how his lot made Hillary feel.

  51. Edward Decker
    Edward Decker November 20, 2019

    Since the republicans don't believe in facts, they will just make up their own BS!

  52. Motivator Warrior
    Motivator Warrior November 20, 2019

    the current "president's" mouth makes me mad when talking

  53. Jawad H
    Jawad H November 20, 2019

    Even tough he did something wrong. Impeaching a president will have consequences in the present and future.
    How are you going to explain to the 50% of the voters that? half the country voted for him. Probally more people will vote for him since he done what he promissed. The economy is stronger, the dollar is stronger, ISIS is gone, North korea dont dear to mess with the US. He probally have a majority in the nation now. Just saying. And i dont like the guy.

  54. William Tomkiel
    William Tomkiel November 20, 2019

    where's the gif of a saggy baggy flumpy dumpy saggin' & draggin' old mans butt being soundly spanked –
    in slo-mo of course
    "like the ripples on a pond'
    can't be unseen . . .

  55. Fernando Silveira
    Fernando Silveira November 20, 2019

    Iai Donald trump. Beleza cara.

  56. Alberto Garcia
    Alberto Garcia November 20, 2019


  57. Sarina Henderson
    Sarina Henderson November 20, 2019

    Lt. Col Vindman was very intelligent and well spoken, has a Purple Heart and the Republicans tried to discredit him. This is making my Republican war vet friend very mad. I hope all the vets understand that the Republican Party is only out for themselves

  58. D Mack
    D Mack November 20, 2019

    Republicans hate patriots.

  59. Old School
    Old School November 20, 2019

    Fake News😂

  60. Geoff Boving
    Geoff Boving November 20, 2019

    what an absolute shitstain…

  61. Joe Wynne
    Joe Wynne November 20, 2019

    Kellyanne Conway is "Anonymous."

  62. Judi Bickford
    Judi Bickford November 20, 2019

    Wouldn't shock me if that's who "Anonymous" is.

  63. Dawn Heath
    Dawn Heath November 20, 2019

    Well ur right things look horrible for the republicans and they can thank trump for taking them down with all his lifelong corruption. They all knew what trump was and still put them in the WH!! It’s about their own personal well being rather than our country!! Ppl who don’t do their job gets fired ! So vote them all out,,

  64. James Sefcak
    James Sefcak November 20, 2019

    Good one that Melania actually asked Trump, "Are you alright?" Does anyone really believe that one.

  65. card hutt
    card hutt November 20, 2019

    trump: the Dunning/Kruger president

  66. David Walker
    David Walker November 20, 2019

    10:41 REVEALED! Proverbs 20-19
    "Whoever goes about slandering reveals secrets; therefore do not associate with a simple babbler"(OPPOSITION)
    James 1-12
    "Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial,(TRUMP) for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him!.

  67. Punte Dai
    Punte Dai November 20, 2019

    "Daddy bone spurs… lol"

  68. TiberiusIV
    TiberiusIV November 20, 2019

    Late night comedy is dead it has devolved into cringy half assed Trump jokes and impressions

  69. Steve Winchseter
    Steve Winchseter November 20, 2019

    The real reason for the physical was to see if he is healthy enough for erectile dysfunction meds. He has pornstars waiting in the wings to earn their hush money!

  70. Sop Sok
    Sop Sok November 20, 2019

    It’s crazy how Fox News sees things so different from the truth. I don’t get how people can say and do anything to keep their jobs.

  71. Tomiciable
    Tomiciable November 20, 2019

    I actuallly sometimes skip the short Scenes where Donny T talks because it is too awkward to listen to him. Anyone else feeling that way?

  72. Dave Johnson
    Dave Johnson November 20, 2019

    Dont know what tv your watching…trump team is hitting it out of the park

  73. tiMSta
    tiMSta November 20, 2019

    6:13 ; 7:05

  74. Ronnet
    Ronnet November 20, 2019

    Build that Wall… Around America. Because they're going to reelect a criminal and the rest of the world wants nothing to do with it. It might actually bring the world together to build that Wall in perfect harmony.

  75. Taylor Krom OFFICIAL
    Taylor Krom OFFICIAL November 20, 2019

    Kimmel is so garbage and yall are media sheep 🤣🤷🏻‍♂️

  76. Wizard Suth
    Wizard Suth November 20, 2019

    If Trump were declared too stupid to be held legally responsible for his actions, wouldn't that in itself be grounds for impeachment?

  77. Kenneth Uyabeme
    Kenneth Uyabeme November 20, 2019

    Kimmel is peak late night tv right now. I mean the chaos in Washington is definitely helping but this is great stuff.

  78. Wizard Suth
    Wizard Suth November 20, 2019

    Sorry, Jimmy, but I'm not going to break another wizard's spell until I know why he cast it.

  79. Jamee Choi
    Jamee Choi November 20, 2019

    I knew the cholesterol Tweet was made up because I doubt he can spell cholesterol correctly.

  80. James Sefcak
    James Sefcak November 20, 2019

    so Trump has the recording of his new crime stored inside an almost impossible to access server…wow, what a coincidence!!

  81. Corn Pop
    Corn Pop November 20, 2019

    Brilliant, Jimmy! The entire Putin-led GOP is going to prison…

  82. Dean Naisby
    Dean Naisby November 20, 2019

    Remember when Donald Rumsfeld went on TV, and said " We have lost $7 TRILLION, and don't know where it has gone ". And America just swallowed it. That's when "THEY" new they could serve up any old bullshit, and America would accept it at face value. ???????

  83. Heidi Melendez
    Heidi Melendez November 20, 2019

    All members of this administration will forever be tainted by the mud stuck to this man.

  84. AHMC HI
    AHMC HI November 20, 2019

    What world do you people live in? He is not getting impeached. Can anyone tell me one impeachable offense trump committed that can be demonstrated as factual beyond reasonable doubt? Kimmel has full blown Trump derangement syndrome, you can't impeach a president because you don't like him!!! Furthermore you can't base your information on CNN kimmel it's drastically polarized from any conservative news channel. You unbelievable ass hats need to muster the ability to think for yourselves and stop being sheep because it's popular in the Democratic party to hate Trump. UHH!!! TRUMP IS BAD!! UHH THEY SHOULD IMPEACH FOR NO REASON UHH!!! It's like God shut the hell up you fools are gonna look so stupid in the next four years.

  85. William Platt
    William Platt November 20, 2019

    Devin,"elmo", Nunez!
    Works for me!

  86. dav ep
    dav ep November 20, 2019

    Is this the real life?
    Is this just fantasy?
    Caught in a landslide /
    No escape from reality

  87. Marilyn Reallon
    Marilyn Reallon November 20, 2019

    Trump's criminal activity is catching up with him!

  88. FH
    FH November 20, 2019

    Kimmel 2020!!

  89. msdodo brain
    msdodo brain November 20, 2019

    They need to confiscate Nunes phone & all transcripts since the Mueller hearing. Trump is definitely texting him during these investigation s

  90. Charmaine Walker
    Charmaine Walker November 20, 2019

    We were hoping you would have had a damn heart attack indeed

  91. Indover
    Indover November 20, 2019

    Totally thought that tweet was real LOL AND SAD!

  92. Daisy
    Daisy November 20, 2019

    "…he doesn't even have a red one…" = PERFECT 👍👏👏

  93. Lame Goldfish
    Lame Goldfish November 20, 2019

    I have been afraid of Trump since the '80's. I could see he had problems even back then. Never Trumper since 1988! .

  94. Josseph K.
    Josseph K. November 20, 2019

    I've been watching fox news…they are lying about everything in the trial of impeachment

  95. jose c
    jose c November 20, 2019

    I don't mean to be off subject but Jimmy's suit is Fly!…🤵

  96. Justo-Jose Tapia-Padron
    Justo-Jose Tapia-Padron November 20, 2019

    That was the most serious I’ve ever heard kimmel speak and it really made think about the state of our nation

  97. tj 1911
    tj 1911 November 20, 2019

    dream on Jimbo. your electing Trump in 2020.

  98. Catherine S. Todd
    Catherine S. Todd November 20, 2019

    "It was a mistake. It was an adiminstrative error." UNBELIEVABLE. IT NEVER ENDS!

  99. noah noah
    noah noah November 20, 2019

    dang!! go Jimmy! 'low-life' 'questioning a purple heart' – absolutely right on. your stock went up with me man.

  100. James Cobmarley
    James Cobmarley November 20, 2019

    Puppet Jimmy Got Mad Tune In Adam Corolla podcast With Donald Trump Jr

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