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Fact-checking the third Democratic presidential debate

-The third Democratic debate
is done. -Alright, Meg.
We’re live. -This is the first debate where we saw the candidates
on one stage. But, as per usual, some things
they said were more accurate than others. Let’s take a look. Over the last three hours, we saw these 10 candidates
answer questions on a wide array of issues. There was a lot of talk
about healthcare. -You got to defend the fact that 500,000 Americans
are going bankrupt. You know why they’re going
bankrupt? Because they suffered
a terrible disease — cancer or heart disease. -Candidates defended
their records. -We didn’t lock people up
in cages. We didn’t separate families. We didn’t do
all of those things. -Questions about guns
and gun control got emotional. -We have a Congress that
is beholden to the gun industry. And unless we’re willing
to address that head on and roll back the filibuster, we’re not gonna get
anything done on guns. I was in the
United States Senate when 54 senators said,
“Let’s do background checks. Let’s get rid
of assault weapons.” And with 54 senators, it failed
because of the filibuster. -Now the numbers
are much higher, because they realize
what I’ve been saying — and we’ve all been saying —
is correct. Over 90% of the American people
think we have to get assault weapons
off the street — period — and we have to get buy-backs and
get them out of their basement. -And, of course,
inequality came up. -We have a
criminal-justice system that is so racially biased,
we have more African-Americans under criminal supervision today
than all the slaves in 1850. -Three Democratic debates down
and many more to go. If you see something fishy,
send us a note. We want to hear about it.


  1. JoeEspo17
    JoeEspo17 September 14, 2019

    this is fact checking? not even close. sell it to the bobbleheads WP. you are a sad excuse for what you used to be

  2. Larry Tolemy
    Larry Tolemy September 14, 2019

    Right off the top CORY ( BOY ) should get the hell out of politics and continue his career in men's washrooms as a security guard stationed at the URINALS for safety reasons, I'M NEVER GONNA LET IT GO YOU PEDOPHILE, I BET YOU KNOW EPSTEIN!! WWG1WGA!

  3. 420 420
    420 420 September 14, 2019

    FAKE NEWS FACT CHECKING??? i GOTTA SEE THIS… wheres my popcorn?

  4. 420 420
    420 420 September 14, 2019

    overall a c on this wapo keep it up remember to report FACTS not FEELINGS👍

  5. Aaron Venema
    Aaron Venema September 14, 2019

    They all think socialism and communism work.

    Fact check: they don’t

  6. Sergio
    Sergio September 14, 2019

    Fact check how many American families still own a record player? C'mon Joe 🤔

  7. Zoo Life
    Zoo Life September 14, 2019

    If here were 2.4 million african americans in jail in 2014 then how many are there today?

  8. F!@#Guilt
    [email protected]#Guilt September 14, 2019


  9. Max Goodman
    Max Goodman September 14, 2019

    Of course Yang is still a saint.

  10. oran smith
    oran smith September 14, 2019

    You dumb democratic should  stop and give the election to trump. These are the same people that have not voted for anything to help America.

  11. jack tyler
    jack tyler September 14, 2019

    The Washington Post fact-checked Sanders' bankruptcy claim before, they asked the researcher if Sanders was citing the claim correctly and he said he did, not to mention TWP used "500,000" themselves in an article on medical bankruptcies

  12. mike park
    mike park September 14, 2019

    Democrats are racist party.
    Fact check: True.

  13. Robert Blake
    Robert Blake September 14, 2019

    TWP isn't fooling anybody here.

  14. Ray Sachs
    Ray Sachs September 14, 2019

    They sound like communism

  15. Ray Sachs
    Ray Sachs September 14, 2019

    Because black people live a culture of crime … they sing about it brag about it…. I see them in groups every day robbing and beating people

  16. steven jenson
    steven jenson September 14, 2019

    Yes I heard a few fishy thing things that need to be fact check and that’s everything everyone of the said. Trash debate. I’m definitely not voting democrat

  17. Alex N
    Alex N September 14, 2019

    Socialist/communist debate.

  18. Alexei Voloshin
    Alexei Voloshin September 14, 2019

    So, basically, they lied and misled… what else is new?

  19. Michael Hegyan
    Michael Hegyan September 14, 2019

    Once was a great pub, back when Bernstein was a investigative reporter, there. Fast forward, a worthless far left journalism paper, with poor wannabe reporters.

  20. Marton Steve
    Marton Steve September 14, 2019


  21. T Mc
    T Mc September 14, 2019

    WP: As long as you keep refusing to accept the fact that expenses from expensive health care causes bankruptcy, you are NOT fact checking. It is a FACT that if you cannot pay 10's of thousands of dollars for doctors, hospital stays, surgeries, medications when you are ill and cannot work, you go bankrupt. Done, period, end of discussion.

  22. Jonah Rosenberg
    Jonah Rosenberg September 14, 2019

    The Bernie fact check… yeah, you used that same source in one of your newspaper’s articles, when you say it it’s okay, but when he says it, it isn’t? This is a joke

  23. coocoocachooforyou
    coocoocachooforyou September 14, 2019

    Jesus that audio quality is absolute trash.

  24. Mike Kub
    Mike Kub September 14, 2019

    wow. finally, a liberal network doing its job. ok. i will bite and watch more. this is how you get more subscribers people. just present the FACTS and let us make up our minds and stop this insane race bating hysteria.

    thank you for the facts. now a viewer and if you continue presenting facts, a soon to be subscriber.

  25. Keith
    Keith September 14, 2019

    This editing is worse than mine on a bad day, also…that audio is terrible, can someone plz help?

  26. DSAhmed
    DSAhmed September 14, 2019

    they're slightly off on their statistics, they're not flat out lying, like our GOP friends.

  27. Piano Piano
    Piano Piano September 14, 2019

    Like him or not Yang is spitting facts

  28. Burn Wermple
    Burn Wermple September 14, 2019

    Seriously, someone needs to fact check the fact checkers.

  29. Horse Talk
    Horse Talk September 14, 2019

    Fewer viewers for this debate than Buggs Bunny Looney Tunes on Saturday morning although I they were very funny

  30. Knight Watchman
    Knight Watchman September 14, 2019

    A 3 minute fact check of a 3 hour debate is a joke.

  31. David Russell
    David Russell September 14, 2019

    Facts ? …… why bother ?

  32. gemstateguy
    gemstateguy September 14, 2019

    I found myself gagging after less than two minutes of this bullshit! What a waste of time. Your point is?

  33. Dave smalley
    Dave smalley September 14, 2019

    Washington post……fact checking…..what a joke!!!!!!!

  34. Patt
    Patt September 14, 2019

    LoL go ahead and try and take away people's guns. I don't own ANYTHING like that but you will start a civil war in this country.

  35. ken Krak
    ken Krak September 14, 2019

    Of course Bezos (Amazon CEO) owned Washington Post doesnt want to talk about Yang. Youre not fooling anyone fuckers

  36. Mike Ortolani
    Mike Ortolani September 14, 2019

    top ten most unwanted!

  37. t dawg
    t dawg September 14, 2019

    Elections are rigged ur vote don't really mean anything the presidents are selected Not elected

  38. Vinay Tummarakota
    Vinay Tummarakota September 14, 2019

    The author of the study on medical bankruptcy literally said that Sanders was right. Maybe you should point that out instead of making pedantic and irrelevant arguments

  39. J.
    J. September 14, 2019

    Didn't know the words "Fact" and Check" could be so hilarious, but it is coming from this wanna be journalism association.

  40. Bob Robertson
    Bob Robertson September 14, 2019

    WP is a racist publication. They never recognized Andrew Yang (even tho' he's the most correct presidential candidate) because he's an Asian male !

  41. Simon Ghost Riley
    Simon Ghost Riley September 14, 2019

    Bruh did they watch the same clowns we did.

  42. Jeremy Gorecki
    Jeremy Gorecki September 14, 2019

    I can’t believe these people think they could possibly beat trump.

  43. Bitch/ L
    Bitch/ L September 14, 2019

    Idk why people call these debates a clown show. Acting like our president was classsy or something

  44. MisterHeroman
    MisterHeroman September 15, 2019

    Can't vote democrat because they did our girl Tusli dirty…

  45. letus hear
    letus hear September 15, 2019

    Yang is on it. They can laugh if they want to. This guys is exactly what the middle and lower class needs in America. Not to mention once he wins the white house and get that $1000.00 a month in the hands of the American people: Never again will any candidate or any party be able to win office thereafter if they are not adding to that $1000.00 a month. Not Congress, the Senate or Dog Catcher if they cannot add to that $1000.00 a month. Everyone will be paying attention every election. "Think struggling Americans are going to listen to Trump say to the American People how you don't need or deserve a thousand dollars a month: While he sits and craps on actual gold toilets and not paying his taxes? I don't think so.

  46. That Guy Bob
    That Guy Bob September 15, 2019

    Should spend more time fact-checking your own articles

  47. Kenier Moore
    Kenier Moore September 15, 2019

    Why you didn’t show andrew yang?

  48. james wilburn
    james wilburn September 15, 2019

    Hot air.

  49. Hisoka Morou
    Hisoka Morou September 15, 2019

    The Washington Post’s Motto is “Democracy Dies in Darkness” which is so true when you sellout your journalism ethics to your overlord multibillionaire owner of the Post Jeff Bezos, What fuckin’ hypocrites.

  50. Samuel Iam
    Samuel Iam September 15, 2019

    democrats make up their own facts because the real ones dont support their arugments.

  51. MikeL
    MikeL September 15, 2019

    You [WaPo] actually cited the same report as accurate and stated that 530,000 families went bankrupt because od

  52. MikeL
    MikeL September 15, 2019

    Of medical bills. Quit lying you corporate shills

  53. ctchrisf
    ctchrisf September 15, 2019

    WP your Corporate Bias is showing.
    how about some real journalism?

    NDFOOTBALL September 15, 2019

    A socialist propaganda machine doing a fact check on a liberal hell hole.

  55. Chuck Kady
    Chuck Kady September 15, 2019

    No US flag on the stage!!!!!!!!!!
    In 2016, "Iron Man Trump" came to Swamp Country and said two things! "Today I declare myself as a candidate for President. #2 I'm going to "Drain The Swamp" //
    Washington laughed on the outside but there was fear in the hearts of the men and women of the swamp! You see this Man of Iron was honest! He was rich and like a magnet this Man of Iron wouldn't budge an inch to amend our beloved Constitution! // Why do I call our POTUS "Iron Man" Well. Look what's happened since Election Day. They stopped laughing. A smear campaign was already established: Impeachment was in Process! // um? What are we going to find him Guilty of? A Senile Mueller fake investigation only proved this man of Iron was guilty of nothing! They smeared him, his family and were as low as attacks on his 10 yr old son! //
    Again Iron Man Trump stood tall like "The Old Rugged Cross!" // The empty jackets of his own GOP. Wimped to their fears of exposure to the swamp!
    Well American's we've been kicked in the head by these conspirators long enough. Get some Iron in your Grit and let's support our Constitution and re-elect our Man of Iron, Pres Trump in 2020!
    His record for doing what he says is impeccable :: Re-elect Iron Man Trump a 2nd term and drown the swamp rats in their own sins and crimes against our beloved Constitution.
    Gen Barr Roll out the Barrel of Justice for all!

  56. Dude Dude
    Dude Dude September 15, 2019

    Ultimately, if democrats make stuff up like trump they are as bad or worse than those who they criticize.

  57. Julian Blohm
    Julian Blohm September 15, 2019

    You literally made an article with the headline about Bernie’s claim, and the Harvard study confirmed what he said to be the you dumb fucks

  58. Joseph DuPont
    Joseph DuPont September 15, 2019

    Dear Editor,
    I just got an email from Jaime Harrison <[email protected]> telling me of his desire to unseat South Carolina's Senator Lindsey Graham (R). For what ever reason, since the death of Senator McCain, Graham has become a sage of sanity in giving our government back to the people. It is obvious to me that any vote for a Democrat Senator or Congressman is a vote for more radical socialist/ communist mentality in the direction of this country. We only have to look at Cuba or Veneszuala to see where that will take us.

  59. Mary Klamm
    Mary Klamm September 15, 2019

    Going to lie about Sanders again?

  60. Angel ina
    Angel ina September 15, 2019

    The Winner Bernie! Only candidate who delivered substance, consistency, trusting, never wavers with a clear policy agenda. Warren, Yang and Castro even with less time outshined. Everyone else either reminisced, rambled or skirted questions with no real plans if nominated. ABC failed. Biden, Klobochar, Harris, Buttegieg, Beto & Booker all need to drop out in that order. Finally, Castro thank you for pointing out Biden’s incoherence and arrogance.. which is it, “Buy-in” or Buy-in?!? Biden needs to retire period!

  61. The Carr Show
    The Carr Show September 15, 2019

    I don't even believe that 50 to 60% of Americans want to ban "assault rifles."

  62. James Fehr
    James Fehr September 15, 2019

    so they torpedo Booker BIden and Warren…….while Bernie is the biggest liar up there

  63. Harry Fishnuts
    Harry Fishnuts September 15, 2019

    So Yang didn’t say anything inaccurate. Possibly the only “honest” politician running for office.

  64. David Kim
    David Kim September 15, 2019

    Where's Andrew yang at tho

  65. Fabi Grossi
    Fabi Grossi September 15, 2019

    I seriously, without any offence, don't understand, how there are still people supporting trump. Even if they are just a small minority. He is so obviously mentally ill, incapable and hopelessly over-challenged with his function, that by now even his hardcore fans can see it.

  66. ZenFox
    ZenFox September 15, 2019

    Correlation is not causation, but that’s a lot of correlation.

  67. ZenFox
    ZenFox September 15, 2019

    How about the veracity of playing record players to young disadvantaged children?

  68. JSENNER83
    JSENNER83 September 15, 2019

    WaPo fact checking…I'd have an easier time believing in albino ninja vampires that if these profligate bullshit merchants reported a sunrise.

  69. Aman Bendel
    Aman Bendel September 15, 2019

    See they didn’t have to do a fact check on Yang. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  70. agikus
    agikus September 15, 2019

    amazon and the CFR tell the washington post what is and isnt a fact. the propaganda rag is too corrupt to know the difference.

  71. Bill McGill
    Bill McGill September 15, 2019

    Cory Booker is still adhering to the 3/5th compromise. 3/5th of 3.6 million is 2.16 milliion.

  72. AznCoolDragon
    AznCoolDragon September 15, 2019

    Where is andrew yang?!?

  73. Mezcaliber
    Mezcaliber September 15, 2019

    Warren keeps citing "corruption" in Congress but is never asked to produce actual evidence or specifics.

  74. Steve Farris
    Steve Farris September 15, 2019

    Not exactly related to the debate, As a former democrat(30 years ago) I liked the Shields and Brooks discussions. Now I believe they are just talking heads reading the script their masters ordered them to spew out to America. Biden is lost in his childhood fantasies and they think he did well in the debates last week. Go figure.

  75. Brandyn Lavemaa
    Brandyn Lavemaa September 15, 2019

    How about you fact check how america indeed does spend more than any other country on healthcare

  76. Windy canovercome
    Windy canovercome September 16, 2019

    well i got to give them a clap for can stand on stage and speak very brave hehe

  77. good morning
    good morning September 16, 2019

    Seriously folks, everyone agrees school shootings are horrendous, but if you let your right to own assault rifles slip away, how are you going to defend yourselves when the increasingly insane right wing, led by madmen, comes marching down your street waving swastikas and firing automatic weapons at your homes?  You don’t think that can happen?  Really?

  78. Jason Clark
    Jason Clark September 16, 2019

    Andrew Yang one of the guys who helped elaborate a lie against Candace Owens to try to get her silenced? Yeah Yang is competition. If you mean in corruption. You're absolutely right.

  79. JJSC
    JJSC September 16, 2019

    "Some things were more accurate than others"?! Something is accurate or it is not.
    You mean precision. Precise. It's called metrology. Look it up.

  80. Darrell Green
    Darrell Green September 16, 2019

    Cory Booker was right they took 3.6 million Africans from Africa but only over 350000 Africans made it.

  81. Mister X
    Mister X September 16, 2019

    Andrew Yang? Seriously? You people would support anyone that said you'd get a $1,000 a month for nothing.

  82. Gottenburg
    Gottenburg September 16, 2019

    Yang won’t last everyone of his policies are factless. Yang Gang cannot debate this. But I’m open to one so come get your “$1000” free money. What a joke

  83. amanda davis
    amanda davis September 16, 2019

    Never seen so many pieces of lying trash on one stage before.

  84. Matt Taylor
    Matt Taylor September 16, 2019

    FACT CHECKING?? With this bunch?? LMFAO! The ONLY fact is not ONE of them will EVER become POTUS. And for that??? I'm thankful!

  85. Mark Benson
    Mark Benson September 16, 2019

    Bunch of LOSERS!!! TRUMP owns 2020!

  86. Nicholas Wolf
    Nicholas Wolf September 16, 2019

    Cory booker on trump failing to condemn white supremacy it’s pretty obvious

  87. Tai-Chen Lin
    Tai-Chen Lin September 16, 2019

    Bernie was siting Washington post study… that's too funny.

  88. Amelia Law
    Amelia Law September 16, 2019

    Trump 2020

  89. Amelia Law
    Amelia Law September 16, 2019

    Fact check trump 2020

  90. Danny Anderson
    Danny Anderson September 17, 2019

    All those things on stage are pathetic liars. TRUMP 2020

  91. Random Cat
    Random Cat September 17, 2019

    The 3 minute fact check video for a 3 hour debate has 30 seconds of introduction

  92. Patrick Maher
    Patrick Maher September 17, 2019

    Everybody on that stage is a part time politicians but all of them are full time clowns 🤡

  93. Random Cat
    Random Cat September 17, 2019

    For those saying Yang is not fact checked, first I would like to point out he spoke the fewest words, so there was less room for obvious error, also he isn't a major candidate, so the Post does not really care about these minor candidates (three of the biggest candidates were fact checked out of four total), and besides he says:
    "I’m going to say to immigrants, “Come to America, because if you come here, your son, your daughter can run for president. The water is great. And this is where you want to build a company, build a family, and build a life."
    Ignoring the Lake Erie crisis and all the pollution in Michigan waters, such as Flint water crisis.

  94. Volcanic Ash Advisories Daily Updates
    Volcanic Ash Advisories Daily Updates September 17, 2019

    Bottom line is… none of these clowns is worth voting for

  95. Elbow Pucket
    Elbow Pucket September 17, 2019

    Watch there be a 30 minute video for the republican debate

  96. ScootMagoot46
    ScootMagoot46 September 17, 2019

    More propaganda from the Washington Post about Bernie. There have been multiple studies citing a similar number of 500,000 per year.

  97. ScootMagoot46
    ScootMagoot46 September 17, 2019

    Notice how they did not fact check Biden on healthcare when he constantly lied about his policy and Medicare For All. Biden’s healthcare is more expensive then Bernie’s.

  98. ScootMagoot46
    ScootMagoot46 September 17, 2019

    Biden’s healthcare is more expensive then Bernie’s.

  99. Big Bro
    Big Bro September 17, 2019

    Trump beat Hillary 304 to 227 in 2016. Seeing these possible dem opponents he'll probably win 400 to 138 in 2020.

  100. Martin
    Martin September 17, 2019

    Politician Lie. Andrew Yang is not a politician.

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