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Evo Morales and the threat to democracy in Latin America | IN 60 SECONDS

Recently, leftists won landslide
elections in Argentina, and left-of-centre candidates won key mayoral
posts in Colombia. For all its faults, democracy works in Latin America. But
fair elections weren’t good enough for Bolivia’s leftist President Evo Morales,
who was caught trying to steal an illegal fourth term, and had to flee the
country when the army sided with pro-democracy protesters. In Ecuador and
Chile, leftists have tried to oust democratically-elected leaders using mob
violence. The rampage continues in Chile, despite the president’s decision to
reverse unpopular transit fare hikes and to increase social spending. It’s clear
that Latin America’s leftists want power by any means necessary. In Bolivia and
Ecuador, authorities suspect Cuban subversion. The
narco-regime in Venezuela and the narco-dictatorship in Cuba have the motive and
the means to attack the rule of law, democracy, and free market policies, and
that’s exactly what they’ll do as long as democratic governments let them act
with impunity. Will Latin American democracies confront mob violence? Let us know in our poll. And let us know what other topics you’d like our scholars to
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  1. Teebs131
    Teebs131 November 21, 2019

    Are we gonna ignore that Evo basically had the support of 70% of the public and has reduced the countries poverty by over half ? Yeah he broke the term limits rule, but thats because the supreme court, who is a democratic institution, said term limits were unconstitutional. Not to mention the referendum was basically tied 50/50 anyways. I can't say anything on Chile cause I dont know whats happening exactly there, but this is an extremely bias assessment of Morales. The interim president wasnt even the vice president, having jumped over him in favour of the leader of the senate who was the opposition. She is a Christian fundamentalist and considers the indigenous people of bolivia (60-70% of hte country) to be backwards heathens. Why are we considering this "coup" a good thing for Bolivia ?

    Im not even that left leaning, but like this is completely one-sided and a gross oversimplification of a very complicated issue.

  2. juanfrancisco abdon
    juanfrancisco abdon November 21, 2019

    Loved video. First media telling the truth about what de radical left did to latin america.

  3. ReadyOrNot
    ReadyOrNot November 21, 2019

    It's long past time for the US to be actively re-engaged in the affairs of the Americas. Soft power tools can have a massive stabilizing effect in the region while also deterring the mass waves of illegal immigrants coming over the border. With Russia and China continuing their influence campaigns, the US needs be out there educating people on the historically failed leftist governments and their policies. The biggest challenge is the culture of corruption that has historically plagued the region though. Definitely not an issue that can be solved overnight..

  4. 1stGruhn
    1stGruhn November 21, 2019

    You forgot to mention China's and Russia's influence in supporting these tyrants….

  5. Simon Grey
    Simon Grey November 21, 2019

    Right, because democracy is good because reasons and US is a beacon of stability and freedom in the world. What a joke…

  6. Cristian Parra
    Cristian Parra November 21, 2019

    Leftists are not the ones responsibles for the revolution that is going on in Chile right now.

  7. Johnny Goode
    Johnny Goode November 22, 2019


  8. wimmisky
    wimmisky November 22, 2019

    Wins an election and "had to flee the country when the army…" A coup. That's what the rest of the planet calls a coup you arrogant hack. Is "democratically elected leaders" your new term for fascists now? You just gonna gloss over the new fascist "president" of chile, who literally just decided she's the president and started torturing dissidents?

  9. infinity plus
    infinity plus November 22, 2019

    This video doesn't state the facts that back up Morales. He was going to win re-election because he has the support of the poor of the nation. Which is why when those votes of the surrounding areas were to be counted, calls of lying and corruption spread. Wake up people! These surrounding areas are were the poor of Bolivia, the people that Evo vowed to help are from.

    This video is bullshit.

  10. redrocks
    redrocks November 23, 2019

    I would like to see an analysis on what the US State Department and its various Embassies have done to promote socialist governments in Latin America and undermine the rule of law, including working with anti-democratic organizations such as the UN's CICIG in Guatemala and how the US ever became involved with this corrupt organization in the first place. Also, an analysis on how US AID money, via NGO's, is undermining the rule of law, thwarting economic development and fostering upheaval in Latin America.

  11. Suika Manti
    Suika Manti November 23, 2019

    Wow what a loads of bollocks. Misinforming people. If you want the truth do not believe this pathetic journalism. Do some research yourself!!

  12. Luis Chevere
    Luis Chevere November 26, 2019

    hi , i am having problems, you guys most definitely can help me!! I think I am being mind controlled telepathically by the narco dicttator maduro with his powerful mustache ! he is turning me in to a gay socialist vegetarian!! what can I do ? i need an exorcism, i am starting to feel ticleness around my anus, and all of a sudden I hate meat and women and corporations! jajajjaja this instittute is pathetic and bulshit, fuck yanki emperialism, fuck the international oligarchy, and free puerto rico, down with "la junta", fuck natalie jaresko, fuck her motther and her grand mother!! fuck jose carrion!!

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