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European Elections: Can social democracy survive? – BBC Newsnight


  1. Rex Stout
    Rex Stout June 24, 2019

    Everything Blair has ever said to amy camera has always been campaign rhetoric in one form or another.

    The man is simply incapable of saying anything of substance.

    His liberal wing is bereft of ideas and enthralled to finance. Next.

  2. Exodriver
    Exodriver June 24, 2019

    Weather it's the United States, Europe, and Asia, the citizens of first world countries don't want their countries turned into third world shit holes, and destroyed by unchecked globalism, and out of control mass immigration policies. Average citizens want their countries back, don't want an all powerful one world government running their lives, and want their governments to focus on the needs, and wants of their hard working, tax paying citizens first, and foremost, before letting in mass swarms of third world trash, who refuse to assimilate with their host country, refuse to work, and demand all the free stuff they could ever want at the expense of the host countries taxpayers. nuff said.

  3. Cig Guard
    Cig Guard June 24, 2019


  4. ABfield
    ABfield June 24, 2019

    Centre left political parties had no answer to the question: If jihadists could execute half a magazine staff in Paris in January 2015, attack and kill hundreds in Paris in November 2015, run over and kill 84 in Nice in July 2016, blow up 34 in Brussels in 2016, dozens attacked in London and bombed in Manchester, why should citizens not vote for the populists who promise to protect them?

  5. B H
    B H June 24, 2019

    RenZi legacy: I let Italy be invaded by Africa !

  6. DavidJ J
    DavidJ J June 24, 2019

    It seems Europeans can’t learn. You guys were fascists before, and authoritarian, but you still want to have it again after learning it didn’t work so well. Turning right will only bring corruption to Europe and more war. And after learning it won’t work europeans will try to rise up again and bring even more damage to Europe. Or you can chose democracy and stop acting like the Middle East situation was not you fault. It is 90 percent Europe’s fault. You made the borders you took there land making them poorer and you left as if nothing happens as if they could easily recover.

  7. revpgesqredux
    revpgesqredux June 24, 2019

    Riefenstahlesque look at the situation. Bravo bozos.

  8. Stephen H
    Stephen H June 24, 2019

    It's telling that these BBC propagandists treat populism — political movements favored by, well, a majority of the population — as a bad thing.

  9. Gary Churchill
    Gary Churchill June 24, 2019

    Always amazes me how the media can see the Popularists as some kind of outsiders. Surely Polpularist means popular and thus the majority= democracy? How the hell they manage to make this be looked at as outsiders I just can't understand….it's the majority. Sooner the Brexit Party are in power and abolish the biased BBC the better. £160 per yr saving without bias would be great. We simply don't want to be one big happy family giving up our cultures, heritage and beliefs. We want to be independent but still get on with each other without Big Brother (EU) telling us what we can and can't do!

  10. Dean Beck
    Dean Beck June 24, 2019

    Blair dose not represent democracy in any form he doesn't respect democracy

  11. Mr Screamer
    Mr Screamer June 24, 2019

    The game is up. In the words of Reagan, "If fascism ever comes to America, it will come in the name of Liberalism". We know what social democracy means … it means theft via taxation, mass surveillance in the name of security and authoritarian rule where any opposition sees you branded of having some kind of phobia or 'ism and that your job must be taken from you.

  12. The English man The English man
    The English man The English man June 24, 2019

    Mass migration is problem

  13. John Jones
    John Jones June 24, 2019

    More on the non fake news site

    any suggestions send message to site admins

  14. Gayle Elizabeth
    Gayle Elizabeth June 24, 2019

    Tony Blair, Social Democratic Poster Boy’s famous saying about The Little People (after deciding to open the UK’s floodgates to immigration) : “I’m going to shove diversity down their throats…”

  15. Gayle Elizabeth
    Gayle Elizabeth June 24, 2019

    ….”The Social Democratic Party forced the spread of its philosophy throughout Europe, with a focus on human rights”….So, they’re the morons that started —and spread—this mess…

  16. the eye
    the eye June 24, 2019

    we are not in the eu @

  17. D 1
    D 1 June 24, 2019

    Macron 😂 what a joke

  18. Marco Pereira
    Marco Pereira June 24, 2019

    End of Democracy 👍👍

  19. Black Wolf
    Black Wolf June 24, 2019

    The Left social democracy doesn't exist.

  20. fabio tresoldi
    fabio tresoldi June 24, 2019

    The new Lega – 5 Star is a real social democrat government with a solid program of progressive reforms re-establishing welfare state and Keynesian policy (restricted by the EU)

  21. Brian
    Brian June 24, 2019

    It doesn't seem like any of the government's in the EU represent the people

  22. ::
    :: June 24, 2019

    Tony bLIAR.

  23. ::
    :: June 24, 2019

    The Brussels Broadcasting Company…. These stinking globalistz cvntz have the audacity to speak of democracy? These far left extremists only 'do' deMOCKracy! DO NOT PAY THEIR ANNUAL RED TAX! They are anti white and anti British….

  24. P Carr
    P Carr June 24, 2019

    A neo-liberal war criminal gives his analysis of what the left needs…hahahahahaha

  25. Giggler
    Giggler June 24, 2019

    lol talking up Macron , his "movement" will go the way of the dodo /libdems if he is lucky.

  26. Giggler
    Giggler June 24, 2019

    The SPD is not left wing it has become a corrupt corporate blairite party . "centrists" broke the world and created the immigration issues with their constant war agenda , vandalizing one country after another.

  27. jacob kesanen
    jacob kesanen June 24, 2019

    People need to keep on voting patriotic parties everywhere

  28. Ogallalaknowhow
    Ogallalaknowhow June 24, 2019

    What is the conservative solution to our economic crisis?
    Does the conservative economic philosophy still amount to a blind faith in market efficiency?

    Where are the conservative "populists" talking about monetary and financial reform?

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