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Esper: Trump Gave Order For Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher To Keep Trident Pin | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC


  1. Donald Tonks
    Donald Tonks November 25, 2019

    in three short years everything 'good' about America… has been flushed… not a GOP President nor 'real' old-time GOPer non'-tRumpian would EVER condone… only the tRumpies think desecrating your enemies is cool…

  2. will Anderson
    will Anderson November 25, 2019

    typical msmbc crap

  3. Diana Tutt
    Diana Tutt November 25, 2019

    "It's very confusing…what we did find out is…". Our pres is nuts!

  4. Johnny Johnstone
    Johnny Johnstone November 25, 2019

    The democRats and their supporters are a good example of why we need to bring back tar and feathering. For the more heinous traitors on the left, of which there are thousands, we've got plenty of rope and millions of trees.

  5. Dee Smith
    Dee Smith November 25, 2019

  6. Puttentane Same
    Puttentane Same November 25, 2019

    Trying to imagine #45 doing something that honors his oath of office…………..NOPE, can't do it.

  7. Luis Arredondo
    Luis Arredondo November 25, 2019

    Sociopaths align with sociopaths.

  8. JRG2733
    JRG2733 November 25, 2019

    The military has its own standards and certain notions of honor. Trump has none.

  9. Barneyjake
    Barneyjake November 25, 2019

    The reporting on this is horrible. I wish they would lay this out in order of occurances, the players etc. Trying to follow this reporting (and others as well) regarding Spencer is so convoluted.

  10. Esther Elferink
    Esther Elferink November 25, 2019

    Trump protect a warcriminal and let a good men fired…?

  11. Lonewolf Fisherman
    Lonewolf Fisherman November 25, 2019

    The entitled, celebrity, elitist at it again. Are we enjoying this unfortunate reality show yet?

  12. hankakah
    hankakah November 25, 2019

    Trump has just made one of America's lethal, well respected, potent secret operations units…and took them down a notch. All those SEALS before this, and after, will now be tainted.

  13. cindy b
    cindy b November 25, 2019

    I have a terrible feeling that Gallagher will go psychotic from PTSD and harm or worse, starting with his family. Hope I am wrong but he seems like ticking time bomb.

  14. JRG2733
    JRG2733 November 25, 2019

    Sec. Esper is not bothered that Trump refers to him as "Esperanto."
    Anyone with a shred of loyalty to the U.S. military would have resigned.
    Nobody who signs up to serve Trump survives with honor.

  15. Jeff Woods
    Jeff Woods November 25, 2019

    The President made his decision..If someone has an issue, maybe they should run and make those decisions

  16. Ernest Turnage
    Ernest Turnage November 25, 2019

    Love it. They don't call the President the Commander in Chief for nothing. And they ain't anything that you whiners can do, other than whine. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²πŸ—½πŸ˜†

  17. marathonman
    marathonman November 25, 2019

    Gallagher was thrown under the bus by his extremely gutless commander that was to pathetic to except the responsibility of his command. it was all political garbage and it just cost this fool his job under shady dealings. Serves him right.

  18. brian Lohse
    brian Lohse November 25, 2019

    Trump is the Man MAGA2020

  19. Steve Carr
    Steve Carr November 25, 2019

    doesn't make up for the fact that the buffoon is a draft dodging coward.

  20. Spock The Builder
    Spock The Builder November 25, 2019

    Of course Trump defends a psychopath. He has to protect his own kind

  21. Marc St.james
    Marc St.james November 25, 2019

    horrible halting presentation……. too much coffee?

  22. Kim Nguyen
    Kim Nguyen November 25, 2019

    This President is following the path of the Russian President who uses death row inmates against constitutional legislators and against Presidential candidates. This is the most brutal act that Trump who is chasing after pultin…

  23. willy wonka
    willy wonka November 25, 2019

    Time to dismantle the crooked navy and rename it β€œ armada of fire β€œ and make Jared top admiral . USA USA USA

  24. Rocket Racer
    Rocket Racer November 25, 2019

    Trump is a traitor to America!

  25. david zero
    david zero November 25, 2019

    Trump has several decorations from his prep school rotc, "Bonespur Clusters" and the "Bigly Yellow Belly Oakleaf"!!!!

  26. Ann Pringle
    Ann Pringle November 25, 2019

    All the Trumpeters are liars! Its sad! Trump committed TREASON against his own country with Russia and his Republican party stills protects him over their own country! Liars!

  27. me
    me November 25, 2019


  28. Hashem Alsmadi
    Hashem Alsmadi November 25, 2019

    why do they only bring up the stabbing of the isis prisoner he also killed little girls and bombed houses shows you how sick trump is

  29. Monica Besa
    Monica Besa November 25, 2019

    TRUMP 2020 πŸ‡±πŸ‡·πŸ‡±πŸ‡·πŸ‡±πŸ‡·πŸ‡±πŸ‡·πŸ‡±πŸ‡·πŸ‡±πŸ‡·

  30. Geoffrey Cass
    Geoffrey Cass November 25, 2019

    50% of the American people (ca 140 million people!) Think Trump is a great President!!! That is mind boggling. Show how stupid the yanks really are!

  31. Willie Shook
    Willie Shook November 25, 2019

    Phony Bologna Impeachment will never get past the majority controlled senate, but your comments are hilarious!

  32. edgardo martinez
    edgardo martinez November 25, 2019

    Bone spurs giving orders, WOW! You have to earn the right to give orders, captain bone spurs is still trying to earn the right to be a human being.

  33. Doug Anderson
    Doug Anderson November 25, 2019

    Screw Fat-rump, I salute Secretary Spencer !!!, NOT the IGNORANT, LYING MORON ELECTED PREZ, even though he lost the popular vote by 3,000,000 votes !Β‘!!! Impeach the THE DIVISIVE FAT-RUMP !!!!

  34. ramos1258
    ramos1258 November 25, 2019

    Republikkkcon = terrorist.

  35. votes- have consequences
    votes- have consequences November 25, 2019

    Once again, Executive Office OVER-REACH! If Obama had done this … There would be OUTRAGE!

  36. CNeubauer
    CNeubauer November 25, 2019

    Trumps job was to weaken and destroy America and its economy.
    They won’t win the election and trump will distract with war.

  37. Leonore Cron
    Leonore Cron November 25, 2019

    Wow. Country to sell out.

  38. StarKiller 5iveOh
    StarKiller 5iveOh November 25, 2019

    Trump = DickTraitor

  39. TheSilent People
    TheSilent People November 25, 2019

    Meanwhile in Moscow… πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ 🍾πŸ₯‚

  40. hmmcinerney
    hmmcinerney November 25, 2019

    Trump is the great corrupter, a career killer.

  41. Bruce DaBuc
    Bruce DaBuc November 25, 2019


  42. Brother Michael
    Brother Michael November 25, 2019

    Does Courtney Kube have a false eye? Just can't get over how one of her eyes is off by just a few millimeters, uncanny valley disturbing.

  43. Words Bliss
    Words Bliss November 25, 2019

    I alone can fix this

  44. James Mcconahay
    James Mcconahay November 25, 2019


    FRANK GETSUM November 26, 2019


  46. David miorgan
    David miorgan November 26, 2019

    Spencer go by by! LMAO! TRUMP2020

    xZANZIBARZx November 26, 2019

    Restore Gallagher's Trident!
    He deserves the Medal of Honor for the media smear campaign…
    The enemy is the enemy is the enemy… Period
    Would the enemy be shamefully charging their soldiers for doing their duty?

  48. Jack Boot
    Jack Boot November 26, 2019

    Every top official in this government should have their resignation letter drafted and ready to submit.

  49. Barbara Brown
    Barbara Brown November 26, 2019

    Posing with a dead isis prisoner is not right and disgraces the military that do a good job

  50. Roy Paul Carter
    Roy Paul Carter November 26, 2019

    There was nothing controversial about it. He tried to disobey the president then he got fired. Then the dummy tried to relate his actions to the constitution. Nice try but your desire to be insubordinate has nothing to do with our constitution. By the way Eddie Gallagher is America's chief but in a month no one will remember your name.

  51. kvdgadj
    kvdgadj November 26, 2019

    Trump said he could walk down the street and shoot someone and get away with it. Just like the seal did.

  52. xerakis
    xerakis November 26, 2019

    God Bless President Trump for siding with the US Military. The Left is against the US Military and must be killed and slaughtered !

  53. Circle H
    Circle H November 26, 2019

    I agree with all of you trump the man glad he got balls

  54. Ron Wuerch
    Ron Wuerch November 26, 2019

    Best President Ever…Trump 2020

  55. Neva Sanford-Griffin
    Neva Sanford-Griffin November 26, 2019

    How can you let a President that knows nothing about military honor or anything else make that call.

  56. Robert Hennessey
    Robert Hennessey November 26, 2019

    Trump is now destroying the military command . Divide and demote . what's next , the unions.

  57. C N
    C N November 26, 2019

    Trump is doing an excellent job dividing the country, and now even disrupting order in the US military. His master must be so happy. Wake up Americans!

  58. Roy Paul Carter
    Roy Paul Carter November 26, 2019

    Anyone who has served knows the UCMJ is a joke. Only in the military can they pull what they tried on Eddie. You get a pardoned so they try to get you another way for what you were just pardoned for. Have you ever heard of that in civilian life? Absolutely wrong. To disguise what they are doing they call it a competency review board. The navy made him the team chief that's means they had overwhelming confidence in him. Most of you out there have no idea of how big a deal it is to be made a team chief of a SOF unit. Bach off of America's chief.

  59. MothaOfDragons
    MothaOfDragons November 26, 2019

    Five time draft dodger should fall back on his bone spurs and be silent in military discipline matters.

  60. chamber25
    chamber25 November 26, 2019

    So Trump won't even let the Navy instill morality into their own soldiers. How has the US military fallen. Seems like all they want to protect nowadays are dictators and oil.

  61. Hvalpikk
    Hvalpikk November 26, 2019

    A lot to do over a pin. Eddie might be getting a job offer for… secretary of defense….from trump…. the best people.

  62. random commenter
    random commenter November 26, 2019


  63. dems lost
    dems lost November 26, 2019

    We were Not going to vote in 2016 bcuz there are always 2 puppets running but there was only one puppet in 2016 and everyone knows her name

  64. Magnetron33
    Magnetron33 November 26, 2019

    why is he meddling in other peoples business when there is a country to continue to run into the ground?

  65. Feanor
    Feanor November 26, 2019

    Those Trident Pins ain't what they used to be.

  66. Magnetron33
    Magnetron33 November 26, 2019

    What about all the sacrifices the trump family has made. JR. said so, so it must be true. And the Dumpster fire that is the trumps continues….

  67. Robert Allen
    Robert Allen November 26, 2019

    "The cross-eyed presenter is VERY hard to follow and makes my eyes tired."

  68. Nick Mougros
    Nick Mougros November 26, 2019

    Boy look at all the haters. Now liberals love the military.. its laughable how pathetic you all have become. Salivating like Pavlovs dogs for the next "BOMBSHELL" to drop so you can get your fix. Hes going to win reelection you know

  69. Joe Flaherty
    Joe Flaherty November 26, 2019

    The people on this thread are very miserable people, Trump did the honorable thing . A monkey could see it. I suggest you people check into a de-programming center. Maybe, there is still time.

  70. LINER011 F
    LINER011 F November 26, 2019

    Trumps stands for the soldiers. Deep State stands for ISIS.

  71. B spearbach
    B spearbach November 26, 2019

    nothing is confusing. impeach the freak & liar. "vote the gop/Greedy Old & Perverted" out.

  72. Bjarke Stemann
    Bjarke Stemann November 26, 2019

    After corrupting the courts, underming FBI and calling media enemy of the people, the dictator now removes anyone in the military who is doing his job instead of just being a Trump worshipper

  73. Philoctetes Returns
    Philoctetes Returns November 26, 2019

    Spencer gave his middle finger to the court decision and tried to retaliate against Gallagher by weaponizing his position and the system to get him in other ways. That kind of rogue behavior and abuse of power should be prosecuted. He got fired, but he needs to be in handcuffs and headed to court himself. I actually agree with Trump on this one, his intervening was justified.

  74. Elias Farias
    Elias Farias November 26, 2019

    ANDREW YANG ANDREW YANG ANDREW YANG. The incumbent has allowed big businesses like Amazon to channel income streams through Ireland financial systems and paying 0 taxes here. Pass ANDREW YANGS freedom dividend to remind Jeff Bezzos he is still an American citizen. MSNBC subverting democracy end the media blackout of ANDREW YANG. Country before party

  75. Prop B
    Prop B November 26, 2019

    Spencer cool wit me.. He said "check this trump screw you and this job. I been ready to bounce jack" he went out as nobodys fool.. βœŒπŸ˜†πŸ˜ŽπŸ’―πŸ’―

  76. rick wallace
    rick wallace November 26, 2019


  77. Charles Reece
    Charles Reece November 26, 2019

    Everybody we hear about in uniform is a commando, a SEAL, special forces this or that….who the heck isn't a super soldier these days.
    These terms used to mean something; not anymore when you hide murderers behind phony medals and trident pins, or wings or any other piece of phony tin. A draft dodger running a mercenary army, that is what it has become!

    SIGN OF THE SOUTHERN CROSS November 26, 2019

    The ONLY reason why Trump commit such a STUPID and PATHETIC move is because he knows very well that populism works well with the ones who still living in the caves ! It's amazing the havoc and chaos that one CLOWN can cause to the life of 300 million IDIOTS who still putting up with such a bizarre CIRCUS

  79. Matt Hawley
    Matt Hawley November 26, 2019

    Great to have a president have the war fighters back. Posing w a enemy combatants body is not worth losing years of service for. The punishment doesn't fit the offense. The guy is a Navy Seal and a US warrior. War is ugly.

  80. T. P
    T. P November 26, 2019

    I seen Kids as young 10 and under carrying IEDs and seen them get their heads shot off by a 50 cal

  81. Tom Ogden
    Tom Ogden November 26, 2019

    Trump stuck his nose in where it doesn't belong for 2 reasons: 1) he wanted to create yet another distraction from his impending impeachment, and 2) he knows his cultists will think it's proof that he "supports the military," and now he wants to parade his war criminals around on his campaign tour as props. REAL veterans know it means he has absolutely no respect for the military or its leaders.

  82. Bill Pool
    Bill Pool November 26, 2019

    This is what happens when you put a 5x DRAFT DODGER in charge of the military.

  83. J. Muller
    J. Muller November 26, 2019

    That's president Trump, always looking out for our military. We are so lucky to have him.

  84. Joe alonzo
    Joe alonzo November 26, 2019

    Richard V. Spencer playing dangerous games against President Trump.Β  According to the Pentagon statement, Esper learned Friday that Spencer had privately made an offer to the White House to allow Gallagher to retire as a Navy SEAL with his Trident insignia. The Washington Post reports that the proposal was "conditioned on the Trump administration agreeing not to interfere in the proceedings against Gallagher."

  85. Mark Watney
    Mark Watney November 26, 2019

    trump also gave the order for ukraine to dig up dirt on his political opponent biden and his son for his own political benefit

  86. DN N
    DN N November 26, 2019

    The ADMIRAL is NOT the PRESIDENT. Now the ADMIRAL is a civilian and he should be in ft Leavenworth MILITARY prison.

  87. Benjamin Miiller
    Benjamin Miiller November 26, 2019

    If Esper had any integrity, military honor, or respect for the military code of conduct, he would have resigned. Instead he carried out the draft dodger in chief's orders, and let a war criminal go free with no consequences. Sad, sad, day for our military, and it's reputation around the world.

  88. Felicita Nunez
    Felicita Nunez November 26, 2019

    Remember to take the high blood pressure pill.

  89. rich ernest
    rich ernest November 27, 2019

    Scope of leadership is negligent so valor of honor gets sent packing for speaking up.Wow!

  90. yootoober2009
    yootoober2009 November 27, 2019

    Obstructor-In-Charge thinks he is also the Chosen-In-Charge and there is no one else in the chain of command – just HIM

  91. kudos premier
    kudos premier November 27, 2019

    President out of control

  92. christian navarro
    christian navarro November 27, 2019

    Hallie Jackson keeps looking better and better everyday. She is such a hottie MUCH love to the beautiful Hallie Jackson πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜β€βš˜

  93. Angel Solis
    Angel Solis November 28, 2019

    all you weak people why don't you go and fight and see how easy it is to stay alive. Good job brother and even better Mr. President!!!!!?!

  94. Don Anderson
    Don Anderson November 28, 2019

    That’s wonderful,now all of the people that proudly wear that pin understands that trump,that is smarter than the general’s has in a whim,down graded the Trident Pin.

  95. Denyze
    Denyze November 28, 2019

    A suggestion to deal with Eddie Gallagher and the Trident.
    All the Seals return their Trident Pins to the Commander in Chief.
    Jill Wine-Banks designs a new pin for the Navy Seals.
    We, the people, need to take back our power

  96. Ron Azbill
    Ron Azbill November 28, 2019

    a trident pin and 50 cents will buy you a cup of coffee who cares

  97. crocusflower
    crocusflower November 29, 2019

    i couldn't comment on the video of this where the admirals superior is talking about him & why he was 'fired'. it's a f'ed up world when a mass murderer is given no repercussions for his violent heinous acts but an admiral is because he didn't do a few things by the book in dealing with it, to hold the killer responsible. i bet trump ordered him fired. i'm hating this country more & more.

  98. RazielBorn
    RazielBorn December 1, 2019

    He interfered in military business. He is casting our country and now our military in a negative global light.

  99. Joseph Cienega
    Joseph Cienega December 1, 2019

    Trump ,has Intervene in this Military matter with Galegar, because he's trying to Devide our Military to Get what he's been trying to do from the beginning He WANTS A CIVIL WAR..

  100. allen elswick
    allen elswick December 2, 2019

    Even tho i support Navy SEAL Chief Edward Gallagher i still don't understand what the man was really resigned over. being a career politician he will take up some other position.

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