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  1. leigh perks
    leigh perks May 26, 2019

    doodoo lol 🙂

  2. leigh perks
    leigh perks May 26, 2019


  3. Dominic Wood
    Dominic Wood May 26, 2019

    Another highly informative video!

  4. Crypto Scalpel
    Crypto Scalpel May 26, 2019

    Great video. Please do a video comparing ELA vs nOS.

  5. L G
    L G May 26, 2019

    sold my neo bags for ela… was good at first, now my portfolio is getting fucked in the ass.. that being said.. the market cap is so low.. it has a lot of room to 20x or 30x in the not so distant future.

  6. Prateek Gupta
    Prateek Gupta May 26, 2019

    Main Chain, Side Chains and Friend Chains so clearly explained, your videos deserve great shout out by the ELASTOS Community. Thanks Jeremy! You are contributing to the success of ELASTOS in one of best ways possible. ELASTOS shall contribute in making a better and fair world.

  7. Thomas Whelan
    Thomas Whelan May 26, 2019

    Hi great content, cleared a few things up for me. For me the only way for elastos holders to benefit from elastos hosting centralised and uncenrelised projects is if the projects airdrop to token holders. Otherwise what are the incentives to hold elastos? Is it going to be able to be staked for income if it can't be used as a day to day currency? I consider elastos a 4th generation blockchain project and I love it, it's just not all clicked yet. Complex project!

  8. Jeff Henry
    Jeff Henry May 26, 2019

    Great Content. Would be interested in hearing your comments on Ontology's Circulating supply. Coinmarketcap has a circulating supply of 184,206,203 ONT and binance lists it @ 537,500,000 ONT. This dramatically effects the marketcap and can be misleading for people wanting to invest.

  9. Rosh Ghadamian
    Rosh Ghadamian May 26, 2019

    Thx for the shout out dude

  10. Shashi Chaurasia
    Shashi Chaurasia May 26, 2019

    When the price will increase.

  11. Charlie Mclaren
    Charlie Mclaren May 26, 2019

    Excuse my ignorance here but is it the case that every other single layer Blockchain project is a trade-off between security and speed of transactions ? It seem as if the Blockchain projects running quick, cheap micro-transactions (Stellar for example) could benefit massively from operating as an Elastos sidechain. Also is ELA used as a payment for the use of their sidechains or is that effectively a free-for-all ? Very interesting video again Jeremy, thank you for taking time out to inform the community.

  12. Bide Ku
    Bide Ku May 26, 2019

    Appreciated! Clearly laid out! Keep up the good work!

  13. hamish nair
    hamish nair May 26, 2019

    Curious, who are the melbourne crew that organizes Elastos? Im pretty keen to get involved and change career into this space and just love the Elastos vision

  14. Moon Boy
    Moon Boy May 26, 2019

    Great job, mate! We Aussies love Elastos 🙂

  15. Lee Harris
    Lee Harris May 26, 2019

    Brilliant video as always, total clarity! Elastos = 😎

  16. Marvin Gove
    Marvin Gove May 26, 2019

    Really like your "bite sized" videos. As you say, they are more easily digestible.

  17. Luis Becerra
    Luis Becerra May 26, 2019

    Ela always a great buy!

  18. Kyle Dore
    Kyle Dore May 26, 2019

    I love ELA. The vision of this project is incredible. Where would I go to get more involved with this project and maybe help spread the word of Elastos?

  19. Victoria Paige
    Victoria Paige May 26, 2019

    XRP is the most decentralized ledger in existence. Over 75% of the Bitcoin network is controlled by 7 mining pools. lol

  20. Linoleum Music
    Linoleum Music May 26, 2019

    When Ela on Exodus?

  21. Jeronimo Rodriguez
    Jeronimo Rodriguez May 26, 2019

    There's always good content here!

  22. kara aylward
    kara aylward May 26, 2019

    Thanks legend !

  23. DJ Crypto
    DJ Crypto May 26, 2019

    whos out of fiat to buy more ela? 🙁

  24. Time2GetOdd
    Time2GetOdd May 26, 2019

    Nice video brother!

  25. shoaib
    shoaib May 26, 2019

    💯$ elastos soon it means after merge mining.

  26. Steve Mascari
    Steve Mascari May 26, 2019

    Awesome video Jeremy. Love your Elastos videos mate. I'm balls deep all in Elastos.

  27. shoaib
    shoaib May 26, 2019

    Like like mighty like

  28. B_ mused
    B_ mused May 26, 2019

    Even if Bitmain has over 51%, it is a system where they are incentivized not to take advantage. Them trying to cheat the system would basically be like hitting the self destruct button since their whole business model is built around people’s faith in Bitcoin’s immutability. Cheers Jeremy!

  29. Rob
    Rob May 26, 2019

    How many do I need ?

  30. J C
    J C May 26, 2019

    seen all your videos. best one yet. you are neck deep in this project and the vision is bright.

  31. Salomon Markovich
    Salomon Markovich May 26, 2019

    hey man love your vids. Can you look into the new fund proposed by feng han? Sounds like itll take a lot of anxiety off the token release in feb (which is really my only concern with this investment )

  32. Martin Dillon
    Martin Dillon May 26, 2019

    As all the fair weather contributors fall by the wayside Jeremy is putting his foot to the floor. Only the investors with the biggest balls are now left. Perserverance, perseverance, perserverance. Share the shit out of this man's videos, it's the least we can do

  33. Say My Name
    Say My Name May 26, 2019

    Finally u are back with a Elastos video 👊

  34. Kristen Grady
    Kristen Grady May 26, 2019

    Does anyone know if the ioex airdrop for ELA holders is still happening in October? I saw the ico for ioex was pushed back from September to November and I didn't know if that was going to change the airdrop as well.

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