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Drew Brees – Republican or Democrat?

you likey sports event banquets and has
been kind enough to a join me here jr and uh… he’s who’s out their own
adding you know do you know drew brees might have no idea ledu breezes record
thing we brought out her okay so through british is their quarterback for the new
orleans saint they won the superbowl last year that means nothing new at all but when
the same time we don’t know i mean it’s exciting against but they want to relax your wants to get
rid of the big deal uh… worrier alfacell that got please uh… i just restocked sort it
was a tour is that when the super bowl and these are the big deal he’s like a
smaller than the other quarterback seems like became a big folk hero in into war so we apparently he’s interested perhaps
in a career in politics which is exciting because he ec angeli a
smart guy uh… and i don’t know why he seems like
a spark up a quarterbacks are our guard leaders and they have to understand some
complicated nonsense so it’s possible athletes and generally you’re dubious
wherever they go to politics but he says he might be an instantly the question i
was adders eddie they’re all they also watch my
other almost always republicans but you know you hope rachel what party woodrow
breeze be its new orleans and he was very active in the
reconstruction so you help right to be on the right so here’s what the drew brees had to say
about get antibiotics and i’ll paraphrase a little bit but he says
looking these very serious stuff economic times trooper he says the
politics fascinates any finds it interesting to look at the issues he talks and sort of nonsense look at the issues that fascinates me into both parties going at each other he
says you feel at times that this is
counterproductive why can’t they stick to the issues why can’t we just work to
resolve the problems the country has and has the rest of the global economy
and the rest of what the global economy has focused on things that we can do to
help and everybody wants to get a politics
thinks they can make a difference and i’d like to maybe at some point and i’ll
wait awhile so i consider recess an oddly close any
divorce hopefully down the road i might be able to help okay okay then so we wanted to ask uh… a question
here so like the issue being drew brees democrat oracle so here’s the tape so i love you you
look over and you have couple choices last year president obama appointed him to the president’s council
on fitness interest and health so like in two thousand mood he visited guantanamo bay and said keep part about obama there was this image he keeps a democrat there’s also a prophylactic yet so for
three of them had already fifty but over anne was appointed by president obama so
two issues a big summer what in excel reply stripper believer trailers world staffing clothes
were because he’s likable like is the place you know the person is seen as a big hit as a whole being with us i think he’s
welcome it says some of the condition and we like him it seems like he’s a lowering yet sitting on my student confinement you know sometimes things happen


  1. 00maharum00ma
    00maharum00ma February 12, 2011

    I…. Don't fundamentally understand how the sport of football works.

  2. T-Man242
    T-Man242 February 12, 2011

    who gives a shit?

  3. Michael Czerniewski
    Michael Czerniewski February 12, 2011

    Good point. I can only think of a handful of former athletes turned politicians who are/were Democrats. Bill Bradley comes to mind, as does current Congressman Heath Shuler (granted, he's a Blue Dog, but he still has a D next to his name).

  4. Michael Czerniewski
    Michael Czerniewski February 12, 2011

    @skidawg22 On a more local scale, Kevin Johnson, formerly of the Phoenix Suns, is the current Democratic mayor of Sacramento.

  5. Michael Hancock
    Michael Hancock February 12, 2011

    @skidawg22 As someone who lives in Sacramento, he's not doing it very well

  6. Michael Czerniewski
    Michael Czerniewski February 12, 2011

    @hitch4645 Good to know.

  7. Wikkidinsane
    Wikkidinsane February 13, 2011

    Rush Limbaugh likes him a lot….

  8. Jianxzhi
    Jianxzhi February 16, 2011

    Well, he has done some charity work for WFP, so he can't be a Republican. I mean, come on, charity work, Republican is out of the question.

  9. Muzique Cole
    Muzique Cole February 18, 2011

    I don't know (or care) what political part he represents, but why the fuck is his SON'S HEAD so goddamn BIG? He's a WATERHEAD son of a bitch (his father)!

  10. mrvictor60
    mrvictor60 February 20, 2011

    love the things Ana doesn't know

  11. Ricky Gonzalez
    Ricky Gonzalez April 6, 2011

    God this is retarded, way to make speculations I honestly could give a fuck less if he was a republican or democrat, as long as he's not a corrupt greedy asshole like most politicians and gets the job done

  12. pazzmatt
    pazzmatt July 2, 2011

    Listening to him speak, I've always had the impression that he was conservative. BUT something tells me that his current role in the NFLPA labor discussions might have an impact on his political alliance (if he is indeed a Republican). This labor issue is HUGE for Drew. He's practically the spokesperson for the players. The Democratic judges were/are on the sides of the players. I'm sure it's definitely made him think long and hard about which side to support going forward.

  13. shawnyadeadhomie
    shawnyadeadhomie January 13, 2012

    @knightschwartz Poor white people. They have it pretty tough in the USA

  14. OtterAquafina
    OtterAquafina January 23, 2012

    I think he's probably an economical conservative, but a social liberal democrat. Then again, I don't really give a shit, nor do I understand why I'm commenting and providing my 2 cents.

  15. Xoffalis
    Xoffalis April 23, 2012

    This is a very liberal show. Good lord

  16. Schuyler Hedberg
    Schuyler Hedberg July 12, 2012

    Obama is an idiot. Romney ftw

  17. jam714
    jam714 October 15, 2012

    these guys are typical liberal a-holes. So republicans can't be level-headed, giving nice people.Nice job of stereotyping. Its funny liberals are labeling themselves as nice but it seems 80% of the time they are constantly insulting and verbally attacking those they disagree with.

  18. Shane Markezich
    Shane Markezich January 2, 2013

    Mitt is the shit

  19. Stephen Geist
    Stephen Geist February 8, 2013

    As a drew fan, don't drag out his politics, he hides it for a reason, he knows it divides people.

  20. Kevin Roy
    Kevin Roy June 29, 2013

    I'm poor and I'm a republican…. Fuck democrats there pussys

  21. Kevin Roy
    Kevin Roy June 29, 2013

    It's right from wrong that easy people

  22. Sam Gilley
    Sam Gilley May 2, 2017

    TYT covers sports? Oh geez

  23. MANLY stuff
    MANLY stuff August 11, 2017

    Donald Trump!!!!! Democrats suck dick

  24. Rocky Jacques
    Rocky Jacques September 7, 2017

    Drew Brees on Trading Block this Season… Chicago wants to Win Now.New Orleans looks to Future without Brees. Dr. John, Right Place… Wrong time pal.

  25. Luke Waggoner
    Luke Waggoner December 31, 2017

    He is a republican catholic like me

  26. William Nevins
    William Nevins January 9, 2018

    love Drew Brees is a quarterback but I'm sad he's a Republican

  27. William Nevins
    William Nevins January 9, 2018

    scrolling through a few of your comments the guy that thought Obama was a idiot no sorry buddy that's what Donald Trump is and that's putting it lightly

  28. carlos acosta
    carlos acosta October 9, 2018

    Anna is a bad ass… Hilarious

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