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Donald Trump displays Hurricane Dorian map apparently doctored with marker pen

But that was the original chart
and you see it was going to hit not only Florida but Georgia. It was going toward the gulf. That was what was originally projected
and it took a right turn. I know that Alabama was in
the original forecast. They thought it would get it
as it was a piece of it. It was supposed to go …
Actually, we have a better map than that, which is going to be
presented, where we had many lines going directly …
Many models. Each line being a model. The original path that most people
thought it was going to be taking, as you know, was right through
Florida, where on the right would have been Georgia,
Alabama et cetera. I don’t know.
I don’t know.


  1. Guardian News
    Guardian News September 5, 2019

    Trump shows fake hurricane map in apparent bid to validate incorrect tweet ►

  2. MRMR
    MRMR September 5, 2019

    Remember he thinks he is the chosen one therefore he knows it all.

  3. Sa Sa
    Sa Sa September 5, 2019

    oh he likes models alright

  4. nomadic slacker
    nomadic slacker September 5, 2019

    Liberal hate is just beyond anything normal in this country. Liberals are far worse than anything this president has done.

  5. Mike B
    Mike B September 5, 2019

    The hurricane was literally changing every 5 minutes, but I thought Democrats told us the daily weather has nothing to do with Global Warming?!? Oh ok.

  6. Sir Turd
    Sir Turd September 5, 2019

    I don’t even see it as a big problem
    So… the map was marked with something else aaaand … well there’s like 1000 possible reasons why, but people want to make a great deal about something that anyone’s grandma could have marked

  7. Messiah Franc
    Messiah Franc September 5, 2019

    Being infallible is not easy when one is ignorant, stupid, and mentally ill. Way to go Donald.

  8. Walter Black
    Walter Black September 5, 2019

    Why are you in bed, naked, with pee all over you? I don't know. I don't know.

  9. R & E Jackson
    R & E Jackson September 5, 2019

    Just when everyone thought Trump couldn't get any worse, wrong again! And again…

  10. WildwoodClaire1
    WildwoodClaire1 September 5, 2019

    Daffy Donald has gone "full Captain Queeg" over "Sharpie-gate." Obviously suffering from dementia and it would be merciful to place him in some sort of elder-care facility.

  11. John Doe
    John Doe September 5, 2019

    Im just sitting back with my popcorn and a fresh cup of covfefe.🤣

  12. Fly on the Wall
    Fly on the Wall September 5, 2019

    All Trump did here was mark out the size of his inauguration crowd?

  13. indianrunner70
    indianrunner70 September 5, 2019

    nuke it dotard, just nuke it!

    CCRXOT LSLSZX September 5, 2019

    Why is he trying to present the weather to start with? We have weather professionals that people follow for that. But it was still funny although the presidential seal gag was much funnier. What's NOT funny is that this man has America's nuclear codes. Clear that Trump was not a bright choice. Wow!

  15. Diana
    Diana September 5, 2019

    "There are moments in the life of every politician in which the best thing that can be done is not to take off the lips ”. A. Lincoln

  16. Georg
    Georg September 5, 2019

    Sick !!!!

  17. look and listen
    look and listen September 5, 2019

    The main thing is never to go over the line when colouring in.. especially with crayons.

  18. indoctus41
    indoctus41 September 5, 2019

    This just in. Trump's rating rises 4 points after the successful defense of his Alabama warning.

  19. Scott
    Scott September 5, 2019

    Hey Trump, are you missing a piece of your toupée on your head in this video you jack fkR ? And btw I have zero point zero amount of respect for you! You NY crook slime ball !

    CHIKA ODUMODU September 5, 2019


  21. Scott
    Scott September 5, 2019

    Haven't seen or heard much from Fred Flintstone the AG in a while. He must be hiding out at the all you can eat Chinese Buffett restaurant and laying low after destroying his career six ways to Sunday !

    EL SABAR SEMAHJA' September 5, 2019

    Here's the Dumbie in Chief. The Chosen One Klown. First Graders are laughing at the Klown while in classes all across Make America A Laughing Stock. Komrade Putin and Mini Me Kim; Loves Da Klown. @

  23. Jason b
    Jason b September 5, 2019

    LMAO…The Sharpie is Slaying Me!🖖😁

  24. Return Of the Mac
    Return Of the Mac September 5, 2019

    Trump is correct. There were maps in the beginning showing the storm cutting across the state of Florida toward the Gulf of Mexico. That supposition was toward the beginning of the storm. There eventually were several different forecasts that differed from day to day.

  25. Return Of the Mac
    Return Of the Mac September 5, 2019

    So, he extrapolated an existing forecast. If the storm had continued on that particular path, it could have headed toward Alabama which lies just beyond the Florida panhandle provided that it didn't make any sudden turns. You people are strange.

  26. Jack 1
    Jack 1 September 5, 2019

    Stupid news and stupid people in the comments.

  27. soon come
    soon come September 5, 2019

    King Canute: I can hold back the tide!
    Trump: That's nothing! Watch what I can do to a hurricane😎

  28. Beggar Wall
    Beggar Wall September 5, 2019

    Has a more stupid individual ever attained such a position of power?

  29. WorldTalks
    WorldTalks September 5, 2019

    I sort of tried to make a small documentary about hurricane Dorian and Florida. I just started this channel and wonder what you guys think of the quality and quantity. Thx and stay safe🇺🇸🌴

  30. Mike Oudt
    Mike Oudt September 5, 2019

    Big fat liar.

  31. Hona Wikeepa
    Hona Wikeepa September 6, 2019

    But the Guardian never fakes anything like CNN. You really expect people to believe your CNN take?

  32. birdy1numnum
    birdy1numnum September 6, 2019

    That's the work of a "stable genius"!

  33. Rob Rob
    Rob Rob September 6, 2019

    The forces on earthnull indicated trumps prediction for sure.

  34. Kara Wigley
    Kara Wigley September 6, 2019

    They didn't even take the effort to draw the black line on straight to make it more believable. I am done. 🤣

  35. dellam04
    dellam04 September 6, 2019

    He meant if we nuke the eye then that's where it should go.

  36. Elaine Bohman
    Elaine Bohman September 6, 2019


  37. magan
    magan September 6, 2019

    What a complete disaster of a man. He is beyond embarrassing. A pitiful, sad, narcissist.

  38. S M
    S M September 6, 2019

    Trump 🇺🇸💥🇺🇸💥🇺🇸💥🇺🇸💥🇺🇸💥 Trump 🇺🇸💥🇺🇸💥🇺🇸💥🇺🇸💥🇺🇸💥 Trump 🇺🇸💥🇺🇸💥🇺🇸💥🇺🇸💥🇺🇸💥 Trump 🇺🇸💥🇺🇸💥🇺🇸💥🇺🇸💥🇺🇸💥

  39. 1970harleybike
    1970harleybike September 6, 2019

    He must really think Americans are stupid… Unbelievable..

  40. Peter Green
    Peter Green September 6, 2019

    Ironic he tried to turn that diagram into a scrotum.

  41. T E
    T E September 6, 2019

    Well is not the sharpest knife in the drawer now is he?? Smh😨😨😨

  42. matthew lambert
    matthew lambert September 6, 2019

    Maybe he can draw himself a new wife that actually likes him.

  43. Neil A
    Neil A September 6, 2019

    “What about the sharpie, great chosen one?”

    Trump (looking like my grandma when she has given grandad’s dinner to the dog) replied…
    …” Me know nothing… me know nothing… me know nothing “

  44. bongo fury
    bongo fury September 6, 2019

    How dare someone add speculation to a speculative speculation.

  45. billy billy
    billy billy September 6, 2019

    Ha ha master troll… Alabama.. yes the storm is hitting Alabama.. evil satanic pedophiles and corruption are being exposed… Go get em Trump Q team

  46. DiscoScottie
    DiscoScottie September 6, 2019

    We've been living in Donald Trump's Cone of Uncertainty for some time now.

  47. de0509
    de0509 September 6, 2019

    Thanks Trump

  48. D H
    D H September 6, 2019

    The Lying Corrupt Orange Dumbbell in chief! tRump is NUTS, senile and demented!

  49. Nancy Desch
    Nancy Desch September 6, 2019

    The maniac can't even admit he screwed up with this latest mess – why in the hell would he care about what states would be hit by this hurricane? Except he should care but not try and change the path of the hurricane – he's a psycho and a misfit and in any other situation he be getting psychiatric treatment if he was just an ordinary citizen of this country.

  50. Hester Malatesta
    Hester Malatesta September 6, 2019

    a Dorian gray area (to be gracious and not call it an across-the-board intentional lie, which I'm not saying it isn't)

  51. Jim Russell
    Jim Russell September 6, 2019

    Trump is also concerned about the possible Chinese help to the Bahamas which is clearly not nearly as threatening as their help to the Alabama hurricane Dorian survivors.

  52. Emzy Saphire
    Emzy Saphire September 6, 2019

    What a baffooooon

  53. Johnnythefirst
    Johnnythefirst September 6, 2019

    This dude just can't admit he was wrong in any case. Pathological little liar.

  54. Garry Attrell
    Garry Attrell September 6, 2019

    Donalds a lengend .

  55. twizzm
    twizzm September 6, 2019

    At least it wasn't about drone striking Americans without due process

  56. este ya no es robloxiano
    este ya no es robloxiano September 7, 2019

    he Is SO SmARt

  57. CEO Of IDC INC.
    CEO Of IDC INC. September 7, 2019

    Lmao america😂😂😂. I don’t care about what the adults think because obviously they voted for him, but where are the kids who can’t vote yet at???? What do you guys think of your president?? I’m not meaning to be mean, but America (from my countries POV) went from one of the greatest countries when Obama was in office, to a running joke when Trump got elected😂😂 I genuinely feel bad for the people who didn’t vote for him

  58. Steel Here
    Steel Here September 7, 2019

    "Damn shame what Trump did to that map." – (Coming to America reference.)

  59. F S
    F S September 7, 2019

    I just heard Trump said it is on its way to Texas now. He even drew a new map 😂

  60. Vince Pace
    Vince Pace September 7, 2019

    Who cares

  61. Brett B
    Brett B September 7, 2019

    finally got to have a look at the source of all the jokes – turns out to be a minor miscommunication magnified by Trump Derangement Syndrome.

  62. Ja’don Rene
    Ja’don Rene September 7, 2019

    it looks like even he’s starting to get tired of his bs

  63. Salvador Perez
    Salvador Perez September 7, 2019

    Lets go to see the forecast by "Mr Donald Trump"😅 come on he tries his best

  64. Human Potatoes
    Human Potatoes September 7, 2019

    President Numbnuts “thinks” that the guy who irons his hair does such a great job of making it indistinguishable from the real thing, that he gets him to doctor all his weather maps too.

  65. isjus4kix
    isjus4kix September 7, 2019

    Even the weather works for Trump!

  66. Edward Lee
    Edward Lee September 7, 2019


    CRINGE 101 CENTRAL September 7, 2019

    I just got Autism

  68. Scotty
    Scotty September 7, 2019

    Okay to be fair I am a Trumper but you got a minute that was f**** stupid

  69. treboomboom
    treboomboom September 7, 2019

    The Guardian is doctored news. Americans know better.

  70. dennis seechan
    dennis seechan September 8, 2019

    One of the earlier tracks did indicate Dorian passing through Florida and heading for Alabama..

  71. HIVE777
    HIVE777 September 8, 2019

    Who cares if they used a sharpie to update the photo. You people are useless

  72. abot533132
    abot533132 September 8, 2019

    Entertainer and chief

  73. norma armstrong
    norma armstrong September 8, 2019

    Trump has also become a weather forecaster now. He says , he has suuuch a big brain. Poor Mr. Peahead

  74. Anonymous
    Anonymous September 8, 2019

    They thought…??? Who’s they?

  75. Deloris Reyes Nite Show
    Deloris Reyes Nite Show September 8, 2019

    I'm speechless!🤫

  76. Deloris Reyes Nite Show
    Deloris Reyes Nite Show September 8, 2019

    I never heard about ALA being one of the states.🤫

  77. idris scott
    idris scott September 8, 2019

    What if Trump is saying more than what he said in statement. Since hurricane was "forecasted" perhaps, "they" changed the forecasted Hurricane trajectory and caused it to sit on Bahamas….

  78. Margo Mason
    Margo Mason September 8, 2019

    Stretched it there a bit with your sharpie, didnt you Sharpie Trump?

  79. New Jeffersonian
    New Jeffersonian September 8, 2019

    Donald Trump is not alone when it comes to making embarrassing mistakes as president. On five separate occasions Barack Obama publicly stated Trump would not win the presidency. Has he ever retracted or apologized for any of those statements? NO.

  80. shenriquez1221
    shenriquez1221 September 8, 2019

    Living representation of the emperor's new clothes

  81. stephen trupp
    stephen trupp September 8, 2019

    nobody knows more about the weather or geography than donald j. trump

  82. Joe Biden
    Joe Biden September 8, 2019


  83. ra15899550
    ra15899550 September 8, 2019

    Says thy lying Donald Trump. Black sharpie revision to hurricane map to include Alabama.

  84. Broken Baz Bass Fret
    Broken Baz Bass Fret September 8, 2019

    I’ve done many lines and many models in my time, and really, I don’t know either!

  85. Burt Da-Flurt
    Burt Da-Flurt September 9, 2019


  86. Phoenix
    Phoenix September 9, 2019

    What is an utterly stupid, stupid, situation this is. This is so utterly childish!

  87. A G
    A G September 9, 2019

    He was showing his true colors during the race… this is what america wanted. We're almost 1 year away from election and he still has a decent chance of winning re-election. This Idiocracy is what america deserves.

  88. Snipview
    Snipview September 9, 2019

    Sure, everybody knows "doctoring" is done with a thick black Sharpie line which pokes your eyes. How incredible pathetic you are! LOL!!!!!!!!!!

  89. Spruce Tree Whisperer HydroGeneration
    Spruce Tree Whisperer HydroGeneration September 10, 2019

    Stop people.
    You're bullying him.
    Support your President and be patriotic.
    Soldiers have to.
    You have to.

  90. johnboy matt
    johnboy matt September 10, 2019

    👦🏻🎬👱🏻🐒🐒🐒🐒NOW that's enTERtINmENT!!🤣

  91. Tiffany Elliott
    Tiffany Elliott September 10, 2019

    He said supposed to in the full clip he clearly says thats not where it was going your LIENG!!!!!

  92. Gareth Wigglesworth
    Gareth Wigglesworth September 10, 2019

    To the world: the guardian is the newspaper the far left and ultra far left read in the United kingdom. It's where they essentially congregate, And attack imposters as they see fit.

  93. Robert Jordan
    Robert Jordan September 10, 2019

    lol I wish he was my president. That would be so awesome if he just drew it on lol

  94. Don't Tread On Me
    Don't Tread On Me September 10, 2019

    Hey dumb asses go back and look this was CNN's original projection. You fools will believe anything you see maybe you should try looking into things a little bit before you criticize

  95. - Buehmann
    - Buehmann September 10, 2019

    Trump is so stupid. Everyone knows you don't use a sharpie to mess up a weather map.

    You use it to mess up a woman's face.

  96. Adrienne Cameron
    Adrienne Cameron September 11, 2019

    Just where the hell does he come up with these ideas…….he's 70 so what alzheimers or something

  97. PalmerEldritch666
    PalmerEldritch666 September 11, 2019

    the muddle in his head….

  98. tomas garza
    tomas garza September 11, 2019

    Who is the the guy on the left in the beginning of this video? I kinda need to know as soon as i can because i have an idea for a comic.

  99. Joe Bennett
    Joe Bennett September 11, 2019

    What's it like having Trump make you grovel on your hands and knees every day of your life? 🙂

  100. Peter Wysochanski
    Peter Wysochanski September 11, 2019

    Find CNN video saying Alabama was in play. What a waste of time.

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