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Donald Trump Approval Rating Polls | QT Politics

President Donald Trump shared some interesting
poll results with his twitter followers, tweeting Great News! #MAGA And accompanying his message was a graphic
showing his approval rating to be 55%. That graphic came from Lou Dobbs, who reported
on his show on Fox Business… The Mexican city of whashildah-uh, tonight Sorry, wrong clip. He had reported… …according to a Georgetown University poll! The president’s overall approval rating is
a literally incredible 55%!! Let’s hear that! Fifty-Five percent! And the approval rating of his handling of
the economy is a robust 58%! In fact, Lou Dobbs was mistaken, prompting
the director of Georgetown University Politics, which produced that s tudy, to point out the
mistake. As his tweet correctly pointed out, the poll
found that Trump’s job approval is 43%, and his disapproval is 52%. That 55% number may have been mistakenly drawn
from the President’s unfavorable rating, which was 55%, while his favorable rate was 40%. While Trump has yet to pull down his tweet,
which has so far received 130 thousand likes and 32 thousand retweets, credit where credit
is due: Lou Dobbs made a correction, one albeit couched in kinds of other distractions The fact that Trump has yet to do the same
is obviously wrong, as he’s misinforming his following. But, more interestingly is the fact that it’s
likely imprudent. The people who get their information from
Trump’s twitter feed are diehard, MAGA caterpillars. If Trump’s approval rating was really 55%,
he would be pretty much a shoe-in for re-election. If his supporters believe this tweet, and
continue to believe he is that well-regarded on election day, that could hurt Trump in
the only poll that really matters. If you’re certain your candidate is going
to win, you might be less likely to vote. While an American president pushing misinformation
is certainly problematic, if routine, there’s another layer of stupidly overlaying this
entire incident. And, that is the tendency of partisans of
all stripes to cherrypick single polls that support their viewpoints, and ignore the larger
patterns. If only one poll exists on an issue, it might
be reasonable to cite that one poll. Indeed, digging into a single poll’s qualitative
results can provide detailed insight. But the reality is that a single study in
science is virtually meaningless, and a single poll in politics is equally misleading. In other words, You have to separate the signal from the noise In this video, I’ll break down Donald Trump’s
job approval numbers and his favorables. I’ll break down how approval on key issues
ought to affect campaign strategy. And, drawing from lessons learned in the 2016
presidential election, I’ll provide some context for how favorability numbers might predict
the 2020 election. In fact, I’ll give you a single number value
that should provide an answer to this question: What does he need to win? While pollsters go through great pains to
try to make their polls as accurate as possible, numerous factors can muddle their studies. While good pollsters will correct for it in
their data, single studies may over sample particular demographic groups. Even massive studies survey a tiny portion
of the electorate. And signals as subtle as a surveyor’s tone
of voice can accidentally bias responses. On top of that, respondents may for other
reasons misinform the study, whether out of malice, or embarrassment, or outside pressures. Political polls always rely on self-reporting
intentions, and the reality is that people don’t always do what they say they will do,
nor do they always feel how they say they do. For these reasons and more, polls have serious
limitations baked in. Some, but not all of these limitations can
be overcome by looking at poll aggregations. Overarching issues involving standardized
polling practices and the culture of the electorate remain, but aggregations of many polls can
overcome, for instance, the drawbacks inherent in small sample sizes and the biases of individual
organizations. There are several popular poll aggregators
that you can look at for aggregations, including Five Thirty Eight and Huffington Post, but
for the purposes of this video, for the sake of consistency across all figures, I’m only
going to use the aggregations of Real Clear Politics, which I consider to be reasonably
reliable. That one poll I mentioned in the intro found
Trump’s job approval to be 43%, and his disapproval to be at 52%. Those numbers are actually pretty much spot
on, when compared to the overall poll averages presented by RCP. Currently, RCP finds Trump’s average approval
level to be 43.2%, and his Disapproval to be 52.8%, for a net job approval of negative
9.6%. Since the spring of 2018, Trump’s job approval
has remained around 43%, disapproval around 53%. Closely related, but distinct from approval
is favorable, and in this area Trump has remained relatively consistent throughout his presidency. Since the beginning of his presidency, Trump
has remained between 37 and 45% favorable, and between 47 and 57% unfavorable. Currently he’s at 41.2% favorable and 53.1
% unfavorable, for a net favorability rating of 11.9% unfavorable. Throughout his presidency, Trump has been
dogged with an overall negative public image. This would lead some to argue that his re-election
chances are poor. I mean, how do you win re-election when most
voters don’t like you? In response to this position, Trump’s advocates
might argue that Trump won election in the first place with low popularity ratings. And indeed, while job approval ratings of
course did not exist before he took office, his favorability was more of a net negative
before he assumed office than it is now. In fact, on election day, 2016, his net favorability
was 21.0% unfavorable, nearly double the net negative he enjoys today. Still, Trump wasn’t the only historically
unpopular candidate. Hilary Clinton was also incredibly detested,
with a net unfavorability of 12.6% when RCP stopped tracking, the day before the election. Clinton may have won the popular vote, but
it’s the electoral college that matters, and Trump got a narrow victory in 2016. Indeed, it was a very narrow victory. In an election where more than 120 million
votes were cast, a Washington Post analysis reveals that the election was effectively
decided by just 107,000. Had Clinton flipped Pennsylvania, Michigan
and Wisconsin, the three states where she lost be the narrowest margins, she would have
won the electoral college. She lost these states by roughly 68,000, 12,000,
and 27,000 votes, respectively. Altogether, representing just .09% of all
votes cast, Clinton lost by a margin of error: even a statistically insignificant shift in
overall support would have changed everything. Because the election was so close, it gives
us a strong sense of where the threshold lies between a Trump victory or Trump defeat in
2020. Thanks to the electoral college system, Trump
was able to win the election despite trailing in the overall popular vote. For this reason, he was able to pass the win
threshold while maintaining a favorability deficit to his competitor. Trump’s favorability on election day was -21.0%. Clinton’s was -12.6. That means his favorability was below hers
by precisely 8.4%. Moving ahead to 2020, the very problems in
polls that existed back in 2016 will continue to exist. And so, too it seems, will be the threshold
Trump will need to pass in order to win the electoral college. Since Trump was able to narrowly overcome
a favorability deficit of 8.4%, that same deficit, I expect, will what he will be able
to make up for again in 2020. If he maintains his current net unfavorable
rating of 11.9%, for example, I would expect him to be able to beat anyone whose net approval
falls below 3.5% unfavorable. A democrat with favorability above 3.5%, however,
would be a dangerous opponent. While Trump has proven that he can overcome
a favorability deficit, there are limitations, and that 8.4% figure seems to be the approximate
line. Don’t take this as gospel, as it’s just one
metric, but I do think that 8.4% threshold is a useful figure for estimating what kind
of popularity deficit he is able to endure. To the extent that the 8.4% threshold is useful,
it is not good news for Trump’s current reelection chances. Again, according to RCP data, virtually every
potential opponent Trump might face seems to poll at a net average over 3.5%, including:
Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Beto O’Rourke, Cory Booker, even Pete Buttigieg—they
all pass that threshold. Of course, while Trump’s favorability has
been relatively stable throughout his presidency, it is clearly subject to change, as will be
the favorability ratings of his opponents. One of the major factors that will affect
how the president is viewed, is of course, his performance as President. While I may have railed against giving too
much weight to a single poll in the intro of this video, one thing that is useful about
individual polls is the detailed indications they can give you about particular factors
behind the headline numbers. Take for instance, the study Lou Dobbs cited. While Dobbs misrepresented Trump’s actual
Job approval—43% not 55%, he accurately represented another figure, Trump’s job approval
on the economy. Wadashidala… Sorry. Wrong clip again. Trump overall: 55% (It’s actually 43%) On the economy: 58% Indeed, Trump’s handling of the economy, according
to the Georgetown poll, is rated quite positively. To be precise, his net favorability on that
issue is +20%. That study also found he had an even more
positive net approval rating when it comes to jobs, where he has a +23% approval rate. On other issues, his job approval is not so
hot. His score on foreign affairs is -13%. His net approval on taxes is -2%. On immigration, it’s -15%. And worse among all his scores, is his rating
on Health Care. His approval over this issue is 25 points
lower than his disapproval there. Trump’s overall net favorability relative
to potential opponents can give us a sense of who will win the election, if evaluated
with the 8.4 point threshold in mind. But these more granular looks at his approval
by topic can give us insight as to how Trump and his competitors should campaign. If the trends found by Georgetown carry over
to other polls, a successful 2020 Campaign for Trump would be all about the economy and
jobs. His opponent would have a good chance to beat
him, if they focus more on foreign affairs, immigration, and especially health care. Yet another tactic Trump could take up would
be to diffuse the Democrat’s most powerful issue. Trump, in fact, may have been on the right
track when he tweeted in late March that the GOP would become known as the party of health
care. Were he able to advance and pass a healthcare
plan with even similar popularity levels and democratic proposals, like Medicare for All,
his job approval on the issue would surely shift dramatically. And by the way, yes, Medicare for All, is
quite popular. A Reuters Ipsos found 70% of Americans supported
the policy, with just 21% opposing it. Even medicare for all opponents have trouble
cherrypicking polls that support their claim that it is unpopular. In an article in the hill, titled: Poll: just 13 percent want Medicare for all
if it means end of private insurance The Hill’s evidence for their claim demonstrates
that their headline is absurdly misleading. They site their own poll, a Hill-HarrisX survey,
which found that given multiple options, just 13% of respondents chose Universal Coverage
without private insurance above all the other options, which included universal coverage
with a private supplement and universal coverage with a private opt-out. That doesn’t mean that only 13 percent of
voters would support Medicare for all if it means ending private insurance. It just means it’s only the top option among
many for only 13%. That same study found that 71% Americans wanted
the government to provide universal coverage. The obvious conclusion is that Americans want
some kind of universal government coverage, like a medicare for all, and are split on
the precise details. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think that
the Hill is intentionally lying to their readers. But I digress. The popularity of a system like Medicare for
All does make it challenging for the president to find a health care option that would be
even more popular. Yet another challenge he faces in defusing
the Democrat’s strongest campaign issue is the fact that Mitch McConnell has been clear
that he wants to avoid the issue. In truth, I find it difficult to determine
which is the path of least resistance for Trump to secure re-election. Would it be easier for him to avoid the topic
and control the 2020 narrative—keeping it focused on jobs? Or does he need to fight for a popular healthcare
proposal in order to diffuse the strongest Democratic talking point? What do you think? What does he need
to win?


  1. The Southern Explorer
    The Southern Explorer April 15, 2019

    Funny how people forget President Obama lost big in the 2010 midterms; a sign of his favorability/ unfavorability rating. Yet, he still won comfortably in 2012. Trust me, with the current list of Democratic candidates, President Trump will win again in 2020!!!

  2. Aɴᴅʏ B. Gᴏᴏᴅᴇ
    Aɴᴅʏ B. Gᴏᴏᴅᴇ April 15, 2019

    3:08 There was a lesson to be learned from the 2016 Election? I'm a Joe Biden supporter and very astute, I think I would have noticed! Nice try!

    heavy sarcasm lol

  3. Albin Martinsson
    Albin Martinsson April 15, 2019

    I think that polls overall should be taken with a HUGE grain of salt. Most seen in the brexit vote. If you look at the electoral college, Trump (can) still win without most of the rust belt. It would certainly help him, but he can also look to the states of nevada and new hampshire. If he loses the 3 rust belt states, and takes new hampshire+nevada, he gets exactly 270. And I think alot of support in New Hampshire can be taken from the actions toward the opoid crisis (seeing as NH is the center of this). The president is also more favored in Nevada than most tossups Trump won in 2016. It is a longshot, but it is def a possibility.

  4. Miguel
    Miguel April 15, 2019

    I didn’t vote for Trump in 2016 but I think he’s done a really good job as president honestly. I’m probably going to vote for him in 2020, but I’m not sure. I do want the country to do more for the climate (not the green new deal lol) and do something to help with healthcare.

  5. SB SB
    SB SB April 15, 2019

    LIFE IS GOOD , why risk it? Trump 2020

  6. Nicklas Zande STVS TDP est. 2001
    Nicklas Zande STVS TDP est. 2001 April 15, 2019

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  7. Legendary KoreanBBQ
    Legendary KoreanBBQ April 15, 2019

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  8. Agcaoiliproductions
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  9. Christian Terada
    Christian Terada April 15, 2019

    The path of least resistance, which is what I think he'll go with, is focusing on Jobs and the Economy like in 2018. As much as Trump may want another policy to bolster his chances I think the Republican Senate is done with him for now, and nothing is getting through the House.

  10. Daniel Jones
    Daniel Jones April 15, 2019

    I just wanted to say that I appreciate your relative balance compared to both Fox News and outlets like MSNBC and CNN. Don't get me wrong its not perfect and often you make assertions that reveal bias but I respect that you try and largely succeed to provide political analysis without overwhelming partisanship.

  11. funny men
    funny men April 15, 2019

    Go trump #trump2020

  12. Allen Z
    Allen Z April 15, 2019

    You gave three "focuses" to beat Trump: foreign affairs, health care, and immigration. Tulsi Gabbard is obviously the strong choice for foreign affairs (although her position in the polls is very low right now). Which candidate would be best for health care & immigration? I'm guessing Bernie, as only Bernie and Biden are consistently double digits in the candidate polls.

  13. Melissa Davis
    Melissa Davis April 15, 2019

    What should he do to win? Let's not encourage him to win. 😂 🤣

  14. D. Bates
    D. Bates April 15, 2019

    I'm of the belief that Trump's approval ratings would plummet substantially if he dropped his bullying tactics from his campaign style gatherings and stuck to conventional presentations. He plays just as much, if not more, on that trait as he does presenting hard core facts to his more discerning public at these events and generally.

  15. President Mermaidman
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    Wugar 19 April 15, 2019

    He is more approved than bush in 04’. Because of this, what do you think his chances of winning are? Edit: also do you think this election will turn out like 00’ or 04’?

  21. Gregory Samuel Teo
    Gregory Samuel Teo April 15, 2019

    it all depends on whether dems would be dumb enough to backstab bernie again or ignore the rust belt again.
    don't hold your breath.

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    Blood Angel April 15, 2019

    The only numbers that really matter are Trump's 2020 approval rating among people that actually vote in a handful of battleground states.

  24. MrNettoon
    MrNettoon April 15, 2019

    Actually, Oversampling is actually corrected within certain polls.
    They correct polling based on voting data from presidential elections, there is no such thing as oversampling in Presidential polling

    ENDRID COLD April 15, 2019

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  27. Zac G
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    Asking about a president's approval rating on jobs is a nonsensical question. You could ask about the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court's handling of jobs or the Speaker of the House's handling of jobs and it would make just about as much sense. The Fed Chairman's handling would be at least somewhat relevant. But presidents don't have an immediate effect on jobs, unless they do something really dramatic.

    The fact is that the job growth under Trump is a continuation of the growth under Obama, but at a slightly slower rate. But I still wouldn't give Obama the credit. I give him credit for the Stimulus Package he signed that help pull us out of the downward spiral.

    The point is that the unemployment rate is not something that we should associate with any president. We should give a president credit for championing legislation or hold him/her to account for bad legislation.

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    You should be Thankful that such leadership is in place 😇 ✴ woman dismember their child ✴ even at the point of birth ✴ there is – nothing left – 2 think about ✴ There's NO place in ❤ America ❤ 4 neutrality✴

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    Vanessa Renee April 15, 2019

    He needs to reincarnate into a whole other person to win because he is his own worst enemy as is and he will lose it for himself by just being who he is. He is an arrogant, ignorant asshole who can't even pronounce the word 'origins' correctly. He lies constantly, even about his own approval ratings and we don't need the leader of our country to be someone who cannot even admit when they are, obviously, wrong. Instead, he defends his lies and his administration does, too, because they are a bunch of cowardly loyalists. Loyalists to him, not the American people. All administrations should stand for the people, not one idiot man who is a complete demagogue. We still have plenty of time for him to keep digging his own hole right out of our White House. He will lose it on his own for us! I have faith that there are far too many good, wise people in this country to allow it to become a full-blown oligarchy. That is why we are the greatest country in the world. We are the greatest country because of the people here who will never allow us to continue on the path of being immoral and corrupt. That shit never wins for long, not here.

  33. rex gressett
    rex gressett April 15, 2019

    WE don't give a shit. the president's opposition is debauched and confused. the president is focused like a laser, Trump will win in a landslide, and the country will survive in spite of your dithering incompetent blathering.

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  39. Jack
    Jack April 15, 2019

    Donald Trump can hardly beat 40%, even with the help of Rasmussen. Perhaps it's because of lies, twitter, and insulting heroes like John McCain.
    You are why I, as a moderate Republican, cannot support you. I'm kicking you out in 2020.
    (P.S. Question Time, great video, you are the first channel I found with respectful yet logical videos 🙂

  40. Jack
    Jack April 15, 2019

    Beware: A liar (Joe Biden) vs a liar (Donald Trump) will result in more lies after 2020.
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  44. Gordon Adams
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  47. Last Guy Minn
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    Trump "handling" the economy is such a joke. His "efforts" to shape the economy are vastly overestimated and obfuscated. The decisions of the Federal Reserve Board and the simple attitudes and confidence of consumers has far more to do with the health of the economy than a president's economic agenda.

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    I actually think Trump is doing everything right, in terms of getting the fools that voted for him the first time around to vote for him again. I also believe the Democrats are doing everything "right" to alienate their own voters like they did in 2016 by being wishy-washy on the issues that are important to Democratic voters and lying, cheating and stealing the nomination for another corporate sock puppet. Nobody wants more bullcrap on the healthcare issue, everybody wants Medicare For All. Nobody wants another Obama or another Hillary, everybody wants Bernie or someone just like him. Nancy Pelosi is setting up the stage for another devastating loss for Democrats in 2020, and I honestly believe Trump would win if there was a vote today. Polls are one thing, getting people engaged enough to bother voting is a whole other issue, as we learned (yet again) in 2016.

    The only light in the tunnel is that reality is catching up with Trump. People can see their pay checks and they can see them staying the same, which actually means shrinking when you consider inflation AND the trade wars. People can see Amazon paying 0% taxes, while their own taxes in effect went up due to the removal of important loopholes for the middle class. The official unemployment has gone down, but good jobs have been replaced with temp jobs and shitty jobs. Another important issue is that rivers and water reservoirs are more poisoned now then ever before due to deregulations, especially considering the fracking and coal industry. Unfortunately… well, it is actually fortunate, but from the "getting morons of the orange clown bandwagon" viewpoint it is unfortunate,.. it takes decades to develop cancer, so most people likely do not understand the importance of this issue. Still. The people Trump claimed to support are the ones that suffer the hardest from his policies. The Pavlov's dogs effect just MIGHT flip the election in favor or Democrats.

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    Overall if Trump wants to talk about healthcare he needs to do the following in detail and assign blame to himself if it comes to it.
    1) Explain why the vote on repeal and replace didn't work
    2) Give his ideas on health care and how it can be implemented
    3) Give evidence why the opponents position on heath care wouldn't work

    To be frank I don't think he could do all of this so he should just forego talking about health care.

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    I feel like these polls should be taken by states not by nation. Since only a couple of states (i.e Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Nevada) really are the ones who elect the president.

  75. Brandon Birch
    Brandon Birch April 16, 2019

    Yang 2020

  76. Bob Schneider
    Bob Schneider April 17, 2019

    Well, so far, The Chump is NOT playing it smart, and is rather making possibly THE MOST incredulous assertion ever. At this point, he needs to stay as far away from Healthcare as possible, as that is perhaps his biggest blind-spot of all. He can foolishly continue to make the Orwelian maxim that the Republicans are "The Party Of Healthcare" (😆), but most people in this country actually KNOW better by now. The more he talks on the subject, the more his poll numbers will drop. It's as simple as that. And he is really hoping that Bernie does not win the Democratic Nomination, because if Bernie does so, then…Game Over, Chump. 🙂

  77. Bob Schneider
    Bob Schneider April 17, 2019

    Oh, and by the way, what's the deal with Lou Dobbs' goddawful dye-job? He was gray-haired for over 20 YEARS beforehand! LOL! 😆

  78. payz hayz
    payz hayz April 17, 2019

    I wish they wouldn't just go by net favorability . Why can't they do favorability per state, especially swing states. That data would be way more useful, both Hillary and Trumps favorability is brought down by red/blue states where they're certainly less favorable then other states.

  79. Wugar 19
    Wugar 19 April 17, 2019

    Will trump change his motto? Because If trumps motto is still “make America great again” it implies that he failed his first term.

  80. john e Lawler
    john e Lawler April 17, 2019

    truth means nothing to Trump

  81. MNorbert
    MNorbert April 17, 2019

    "It's over 9000!!"

  82. David Smith
    David Smith April 17, 2019

    wait til Andrew Yang slam dunks

  83. Sparky McCloud
    Sparky McCloud April 17, 2019

    Trump supporters are retards. Try having a conversation with one.

  84. Kiz Epic Journey
    Kiz Epic Journey April 17, 2019

    Trump is THE worst president in American history. Worse than Hoover. Worse than Bush. Maybe even worse than James Buchanan

  85. woodchuck 00
    woodchuck 00 April 17, 2019

    All Medicare for all polls are flawed. They don't ask the most important question. Are you willing to pay for the dramatic increases in taxes to pay for Medicare for all?

  86. Luke Kuang
    Luke Kuang April 18, 2019

    Whats the music at 4:30? I've heard it somewhere but don't remember the name…

  87. ìFåГt Mägîç
    ìFåГt Mägîç April 18, 2019

    "Sorry wrong clip" lmfao. That "waffle-da" gets me 😂 every time lool

    Edit: Oh the GOP should definitely run on healthcare lmfao. Hand it to the Dems 100% that way. The GOP cant propose a healthcare option better than Bernie's. Their donors cant allow that to happen, and any deals made with their donors will be sub-par. So yeah. Run on healthcare guys, we'd love that.

    Also, if they dont propose any healthcare, it's going to piss some people off too. I think Bernie might be the better 4D chess player here.

  88. Wugar 19
    Wugar 19 April 18, 2019


    If you can, please do a video on it. Thank you for your time.

    THE WHITE DEVIL April 19, 2019

    Actually as a President Trump supporter we don't really buy into polls due to we remember Killary's landslide poll results by these same pollsters

  90. MrFrigginAwsome
    MrFrigginAwsome April 19, 2019

    Trump must avoid healthcare at all costs. 1. He knows notning about healthcare policy and would have to just trust the GOP thinktanks and congressmen to create a plan. A plan which is guaranteed to suck ass. 2. He will then have to defend that policy in debates. A policy he most likely wont understand and that will get ripped to shreds by his democratic challenger who most likely supports the popular medicare for all. 3. He said over the campaign trail that every american will be covered. Given the 3 million people hes kicked off of healthcare and the fact that no right wing reform will ever accompmish such a thing that promise may come back to bite him if its picked up and used in debates/ads.

    By focusing on healthcare he will get fucking decimated. He stands zero chance. His only hope is to try and keep the debate centered on jobs and the economy which he has high favorability on and can at least sound somewhat competent on given his background and policy success in office. Bringing healthcare into the debate will only highlight how completely ignorant he is on that topic which has high importance to the american public. It would be like being a famous marathon runner and then instead of running you try to impress people with your swimming skills. Except trump cant swim and the water is actually lava.

  91. Josh L
    Josh L April 21, 2019

    Best commentary channel ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    MOON LEAP April 21, 2019

    hey dude remeber we having a discussion and u telling me there was evidence of trump and russian collustion that was great until it din't happen

  93. David Soll
    David Soll April 27, 2019

    Considering Bernie's favorability rating is and has been for at least the past nearly three years the highest among ALL current politicians and definitely among ALL declared POTUS candidates, party be damned … need I say more?

  94. TCB 101
    TCB 101 April 28, 2019

    He needs a human brain to win 😉

  95. jangoagogo
    jangoagogo April 28, 2019

    All polls are dumb

  96. Jay Dez
    Jay Dez April 28, 2019

    “[the president] has yet to pull down the tweet.” hahahahahahahahahahhahhhahahahhaha

    He knows it’s wrong and it seems some people are so infatuated he’ll just let the lie live.

  97. Satoshi Matrix
    Satoshi Matrix May 1, 2019

    What does Donald Trump need to win?

    To not be Donald Trump.

  98. So So
    So So May 7, 2019

    I'm democrat but I do not support socialism and hell NO Communism
    1990 thru bullies I escape from the communist regime and that's the last thing I would vote for because living in communism was living hell!

    As a communist survivor, I can tell you

    Any country and politician who want to control people
    1st must control the media, and we can see that media is controlled from Globalist from CNN, BBC, Young Turks, MSNBC, EURONEWS, SKYNEWS, HuffPost, YAHOO NEWS, FB, ANY NEWS
    Globalist hate trump because he said He is for Americanism and NOT Globalism!

    The road to communism

    Green deal = communism
    Gun control =communism
    Freedom of speech FB jail = communism

    Anyone who is right on his/her right mind does not vote for Democrats

  99. So So
    So So May 7, 2019

    This is who Democrats are and this is why I'm embraced to say, "I'm a democrat!"

  100. Javier Andrade
    Javier Andrade June 19, 2019

    Love how the question time theme is from Mahler no. 5

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