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Donald Trump: $1 Million Dollar Gitmo Soccer Field… So Stupid

Donald Trump is not happy that we spent $1
Million Dollars building a soccer field at Guantanamo Bay.
We just spent a Million Dollars building a soccer field… OK, A soccer field! For our prisoners
who happen to be in Guantanamo OK! I don’t like that! What do you need a Million Dollars
for, level out the surface, let them play! Why do you need to spend a Million Dollars?
We just spent, its the story today! A Million Dollars on a soccer field? How do you spend
a Million Dollars doing the soccer field? You have a level piece of land, throw them
a ball let them play soccer. If they have to play at all!? The Guantanamo commander defends the one million
dollar soccer field The facility, located within Guantánamo Bay
Naval Base in Cuba, is also in the process of building a new headquarters for guards
and a new hospital! The US government does not anticipate closing
Gitmo anytime soon. That means that U.S. taxpayers will continue to pay 140 million dollars per
year, or about $828,402 per detainee — to operate the prison. We have Totally Incompetent People! Now some
people say they’re bad people… I don’t think they’re that smart to be bad people. I just
think… Honestly, i mean, a lot of people get angry when i said, I don’t think they’re
bad, I think their stupid, i think their incompetent!


  1. v Beckman
    v Beckman December 18, 2015

    our government is messed up

  2. jose salas
    jose salas June 6, 2016

    Trump repeat him self

  3. vsbladz
    vsbladz October 6, 2016

    I agree with Trump. Why are my tax dollars paying for that?

  4. Travis Lewis
    Travis Lewis November 12, 2016

    Trump your the MAN.OBAMA IS A PUSSY

  5. ron4640
    ron4640 December 18, 2016

    Because the Republicans won't LET OBAMA close Gitmo and bring them to USA and try them. Meanwhile a lot of Congressmen and Military connected contractors are making a ton. Trump is going to change that? lol

  6. Here's the thing....
    Here's the thing.... January 6, 2017

    Why do we house these guys in Cuba? Why don't we lease an island off Newfoundland and have our super max army detention center there? 6 hours of sun today, 30 degrees.F. They can skate on a frozen pond. No soccer.

  7. The Ambient Sojourn Band
    The Ambient Sojourn Band January 18, 2017

    this is bullshit our money should never be spent like this

  8. VideoBestCritic
    VideoBestCritic November 24, 2017


  9. Nyrerun S&R
    Nyrerun S&R August 20, 2018

    Hillary can play too.

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