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‘DOJ Is Wrong’: Trump Loses Grand Jury Court Fight With Congress | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. Design Develop Deploy
    Design Develop Deploy October 28, 2019

    I cannot stand your voice madcow.

  2. Angelo Perez
    Angelo Perez October 28, 2019

    What a resource cluster. Circus.

  3. 柳宇泷
    柳宇泷 October 28, 2019


  4. Almagiri Mai
    Almagiri Mai October 28, 2019

    Rachel, you seem to be enjoying reporting this rather a lot.

  5. gibbeys
    gibbeys October 28, 2019

    Typical Trump BS……. spew enough And the small minded will eat it up.
    The real criminals here are Trump’s enablers; Rush, Sean, Mitch, Lindsey.

  6. Dean Frank
    Dean Frank October 28, 2019

    What are the repercussions of legal counsel being so clueless when it comes to the law? If this language was concocted for misinformation and misdirection of legal proceedings, as I suspect, is this okay to waste the courts time? To waste a nations time?

  7. Yago Usera
    Yago Usera October 28, 2019

    Oh Well, I guess Congress will find his "Heel Spurs" handy that they can use when they kick his Butt out of Office and in Jail.

  8. Nadesican
    Nadesican October 28, 2019

    Saying it's a victory for Democrats is false – it's a victory for the law. For the standards put into place by Congress. It's a victory for any body of Congress pit against a corrupt president, Republican or Democrat, that tries to invalidate their own investigation.

  9. Son ofman
    Son ofman October 28, 2019

    Live from Sodom and Gomorra ——–

  10. Gloria Govoni
    Gloria Govoni October 28, 2019

    I can not wait to see RM face on election night. It will be worth hearing all her crap for months. SNL Pat lost some weight. Trump 2020 and one of his family for 2024 and on and on and on.

  11. howdy268
    howdy268 October 28, 2019

    Well done DOJ … you just body slammed yourselves…BIGLY

  12. Oblio965
    Oblio965 October 28, 2019

    The one big problem that our government is having right now, is that there are no descriptions, and no specifics about the kind of lawbreaking that trump is engaging in as our "president". There has never been this level of a "career criminal" in office before. The judiciary branch is now going to HAVE to draw up some guidelines for subsequent presidents to follow which will in effect LIMIT the powers of the executive branch, and set some standards for them to follow. I really CANNOT BELIEVE that there are still so many fools in this country who would SWEAR that trump hasn't done anything wrong! "What laws has he broken?", they will always ask, but no laws have ever needed to be written to control such a NUTJOB of a "president" before. What I'm attempting to describe, is what is NOT being mentioned by ANYONE in our government right now, but it is becoming so abundantly clear that it REALLY, REALLY NEEDS TO BE!!! Our Constitution is being ATTACKED by this "administration".(I put admin. in quotes, because it contains only ONE GUY who needs a Psychiatrist in the WORST way!)

  13. Bebe
    Bebe October 28, 2019

    Watch what our President did for the WORLD today LADY!!

  14. john herring
    john herring October 28, 2019

    The Trump cult trying so hard to create a alternate reality

  15. Gwen Goodrich
    Gwen Goodrich October 28, 2019

    Why are we still talking about this vile orange dotard? If we give up talking about him this w ill drive him absolutely crazy. HE IS A MEGALOMANIAC.

  16. Candidateforpresident
    Candidateforpresident October 28, 2019

    Yes dumb dumb the President is the Cheif Lead Investigator for the United States of America. If he suspects that he needs to withhold funding because it could be going to a new corrupt leader then he needs to be able to withhold that funding. A new corrupt leader who may be working with the same corrupt people the last leader worked with when Joe Biden was doing deals, that Joe was aware of the corruption and was participating in it, means Mr. President is doing the right thing and is not breaking any law. He's uncovering the lies and the who. Racheal dumb dumb why aren't you asking why are we giving money to some other country when we need it here.? But racheal is such a dumb person or is been a told what to do and think and the overall direction in agreement with the news team producers, these people would NEVER ask such very important questions, why are "we the people" still getting hosed.

  17. Arthur Watts
    Arthur Watts October 28, 2019

    Surely its time to stop pointing and laughing and start dragging people into courtrooms ? Month after month of commentators (and writers with a book to peddle) rolling their eyes and telling us it will all end badly for Trump but other than Manafort I'm just not seeing the prosecutions I would expect to come out of the actions of a career criminal who just happened to find himself in the Oval Office.

  18. Freyja Wired
    Freyja Wired October 28, 2019

    When in recent history has the DOJ been right?

  19. Lou Montana
    Lou Montana October 28, 2019

    Stop doing business with people who support Trump.

    Trump is a liar and his supporters lie for him.

    Think about it, why would his supporters do honest business?

    Stop doing business with Trump supporters.

  20. Christina Cyrus
    Christina Cyrus October 28, 2019

    Yeeaaayyyy!!! Awesome news!!! Thanks.

  21. Chollo Mollo
    Chollo Mollo October 28, 2019

    Everybody can hear the voice and tone of a 5 year old child in this so-called lawyer's letter.

  22. Doug Hahnke
    Doug Hahnke October 28, 2019

    Hey Pubes! Hahahahahahaha! Pubes.

  23. Doug Hahnke
    Doug Hahnke October 28, 2019

    Lowlife Pubes are seething perhaps?

  24. Cynthia Hawkins
    Cynthia Hawkins October 28, 2019

    These guys who still defend 45 are whistling past the graveyard…whoever still doesn't get it..tough noogie.

  25. Clarissa Park
    Clarissa Park October 28, 2019


  26. ZZig ZZag
    ZZig ZZag October 28, 2019

    I just Mute the sound so I can watch this Fake News Clown show, lots of hand waving arm movements & facial contorting gestures suggests the MSM Ventriloquist's dummy is trying to put on a convincing performance & hypnotism to fool the unsuspecting public.Try it  people & see for yourselves,  just Mute your sound & watch how the MSM Ventriloquist's  dummy moves instead listing to subliminal sound frequencies tracks they use to brainwash the masses.  enjoy the MSNBC Clown show.

  27. Joel McCoy
    Joel McCoy October 28, 2019

    What is the Clock that Trump is trying to run out? Is it some statute of limitations or what?

  28. Razvan Zamfir
    Razvan Zamfir October 28, 2019

    I like you Rachel, but we haven't reached the end of the line with anything about Republicans. There's always room to be sinking lower. I love to be proven wrong.

  29. Ejenio Luth
    Ejenio Luth October 28, 2019

    MSNBC = More Shyt News By Communists — RM = wicked witch of the west

  30. Cathy Buchanan
    Cathy Buchanan October 28, 2019

    I wonder who's the most worried about this….Trump or Barr.They both expected the redacted portions of the report to STAY redacted for years.

  31. Gunsandrosalina Padtwo
    Gunsandrosalina Padtwo October 28, 2019

    Good News.

  32. qu786 8322
    qu786 8322 October 28, 2019

    Practically every week for the last 3 years, Maddow has opened shows with remarks like, "Well this sort of changes everything" and still, nothing changed. This is propaganda.

  33. Alexander Snyder
    Alexander Snyder October 28, 2019

    Republicans moving the goalposts? Say it ain't so!

  34. Soooby Rooo
    Soooby Rooo October 28, 2019

    Trump is acting like an impressionist painter who is constantly slapping more paint on they canvassed to try to make his artwork look right and now so much wet paint has piled up on the canvas it's all going to slide off.

  35. VivaToddVegas
    VivaToddVegas October 28, 2019

    The rulings of judges don't matter if the chief law enforcement official in the land (Barr) refuses to enforce them, and is in fact "in the back pocket" of the person being investigated. We're in a situation where we're saying the king is corrupt, but the only person who can do anything about it is his equally corrupt sheriff.

  36. Peter Sedesse
    Peter Sedesse October 28, 2019

    the DOJs legal position has evolved, so the judged estopped it… The judge was an awesome troll 🙂

  37. Steve Penney
    Steve Penney October 28, 2019

    Isn't it awkwardly apparent that this administration of corruption tends to ignore the strength of our constitution unless it might be used as a shield against the prosecution of their corruption?

  38. Kevin Williamson
    Kevin Williamson October 28, 2019

    When you have no valid, legal argument just do a variation of the "fake news" narrative: Fake Impeachment.

    For the sake of seeing justice done and, perhaps, making any future persons take a step back before trying similar tactics, I'd love to see Trumpster and Barr impeached or resign and then tried and sent to prison. But I'm also a realist and understand how unlikely that will be. The prison part, that is. Wealth, position, and connections offer some individuals a certain immunity from facing the same justice system as the average citizen. So I'm not pinning any hopes on it.

  39. Bill Dexter
    Bill Dexter October 28, 2019

    Obviously Trump was behind every word that Sipaloni wrote. if he's smart he'll get away from Trump before his reputation is completely ruined.

  40. William Zabel
    William Zabel October 28, 2019

    Dictators will always say that legal authorities have no right to investigate them. Dump Trump before he destroys america.

  41. K McG
    K McG October 28, 2019

    THIS is why the judiciary matters! Thank you, Judge Howell!!!

  42. gary avona
    gary avona October 28, 2019

    They do not play well with others , dictators , autocrats tend to behave this way . We need more cow bell when they whine about being caught !

  43. Juanjose Negron
    Juanjose Negron October 28, 2019

    "" THE WEST WING BELIEVES MORE SHOULD BE DONE TO SHORE UP REPUBLICAN SUPPORT TO AVOID EMBARRASSMENT AND GENUINE POLITICAL PERIL "" this statement was issued from the press at the White House. Indicative of existing issues that would do just that. Makes you want to know what matters constitute such statement, what ethical issues would constitute such statement????

  44. Ronnell Littlejohn
    Ronnell Littlejohn October 28, 2019

    I thought he was exonerated though

  45. Moe
    Moe October 28, 2019

    I have no doubt Trump forced the WH council to write such garbage. They all deserve to be disbarred for breaking the law and obstruction of justice. Barr is a traitor to the United States. HIs legacy will be gross corruption and obstruction. I want to see Barr in chains and an orange jumpsuit. Finally we will get to see Barr's redacted Mueller report IN FULL. Trump will have to be dragged out of the WH kicking and screaming. He knows he and his corrupt brats are going to be indicted by the district of NY the second he's impeached and no one can pardon them.

  46. marilyn newbold
    marilyn newbold October 28, 2019

    Nixon's AG was found guilty of Obstruction of Justice was fined 42,000.00 dollars and sever 8 years in jail. Take warning Barr this could happen to you.

  47. Peggy Trawick
    Peggy Trawick October 28, 2019

    For a president to get items of value from a foreign country is a crime. Doral which is infested with bedbugs.

  48. Peggy Trawick
    Peggy Trawick October 28, 2019

    The Department of Justice is real, despite what Trump says.

  49. Bernie Demuth
    Bernie Demuth October 28, 2019

    So the orange turd says that the DOJ is wrong but he's just recruited them to investigate themselves.

  50. Peggy Trawick
    Peggy Trawick October 28, 2019

    The Impeachment Investigation is ongoing

  51. Marzio Moura
    Marzio Moura October 28, 2019


  52. Jeanne 54
    Jeanne 54 October 28, 2019

    Who exactly wrote this crapola? Sounds like wacko Steven Miller-or a first year law students! What happened to FACTS?

  53. Voicewav
    Voicewav October 28, 2019

    She said Coolio. Tell me why are we so blind to see. That the ones Trump hurts are you and me.

  54. Daniel Kruger
    Daniel Kruger October 28, 2019

    The Republican party is a box of crayons that need to find a coloring book to work in. But we can fix all this in the next 6 years of elections. Because that's how many years we'll have to wait to vote out all involvement of today's politicians

  55. Daniel Kruger
    Daniel Kruger October 28, 2019

    But can get out a percentage of them every 2 years

  56. Jack Givens
    Jack Givens October 28, 2019

    Stunts like this are why not one objection was made against Barre being head of the DOJ…#hindsight#are Dems really slow?

  57. Michael Pondo
    Michael Pondo October 28, 2019

    Fry trump and then lock him up. Lock him up. Lock him up.

  58. nadine dilani
    nadine dilani October 28, 2019

    Rachel, You really have nothing good to say ,and every sentence carries a touch or more mockery ,people are not interested to your sarcasm and you are not good enough to mock him i think you should choose your words carefully.

  59. george chase
    george chase October 29, 2019

    Dems claim to be so well educated yet the only game they play is the oldest game in the book. DENY AND BLAME. You are anti american and I invite you to GTFO. POS MORONS

  60. Jane Leppin
    Jane Leppin October 29, 2019

    Trump refused his pay to be the president of the US= unemployment or no income claim. Then he instructs the Admistration 's postmaster to take his pay and donate it to one of his favourite charities. This is a limited donation that can be claimed as a deductions. That possibly looks like a loss of income.

    Most likely all of his income left in his possession, is hidden through shell companies, off shore accounts and other pro Trump countries. Which the IRS can't touch it verify. My belief is that Trump has plenty of hidden money. He has set the US tax payers up to pay for the care, entertainment/ lodging of WH. Personal and Security Teams and upkeep of his of his resorts in Florida, Scottland, Turkey ect.. It looks like we are set up to keep paying for his properties after Trump is no longer President.

    This is all conjecture based on information available on TV, Videos, News Paper Articals and Historical Documenteries, all available to public research. But be aware, it looks like, we've been set up to support D.J.Trump and hisl for the rest of his life

  61. Joseph Meholick
    Joseph Meholick October 29, 2019

    they aren't fooling anyone how ever they are providing more evidence of corrupt intent. makes it easier for congress to force recusal or simply jail the offical that tries to obstruct.

  62. John Smith
    John Smith October 29, 2019

    how do u remove a stubborn orange stain? vote

  63. alex johnson
    alex johnson October 29, 2019


  64. alex johnson
    alex johnson October 29, 2019


  65. Cyd Oman
    Cyd Oman October 29, 2019

    False, twisted, fraudulent narratives: tie a big sign on them saying Buyer beware. The people who lie about the specificly stated Constitutional authority of the House to impeach the President have unclean agendas, most often associated with a desire to exploit.

  66. Shimon Frankel
    Shimon Frankel October 29, 2019


  67. Dre-Day 1127
    Dre-Day 1127 October 29, 2019

    Only one explanation is needed, the Republicans in the House have no balls and are all being b*tchd out by Trump. Totally spineless men, jellyfish. The Republicans literally voted for private meetings like this in 2015. NOW it's a problem. Such hypocrites….lol!

  68. Cyd Oman
    Cyd Oman October 29, 2019

    The Judgement found there is no need for the whole House to vote on an impeachment inquiry in order to have subpoena powers to obtain evidence from the grand jury because:

    (1)there is no textual requirement in the Constitution for such a vote;
    2)there is no requirement in the House rules for such a vote;
    and 3) there is no requirement in the law governing release of grand jury testimony to the House for such a vote;

    Pelosi's agreement to have a full House vote now forces the Republicans to vote against the judicial argument in order to protect Trump, cementing them to his crime of blackmail or gives them a chance to publicly admit they find the blackmail offensive enough to support the furtherance of the investigation.

    Well played.

  69. Roddy F.
    Roddy F. October 29, 2019

    Celebrities with courage and care and compassion for our earth! Our children and the livelihood of the honest working person, we need you to start speaking out to these morons that are giving all the support to this evil man tearing down our future and teaching our kids that bullying and lying are how life is supposed to be!! The good need to speak out,, they might listen to a celebrity. This is crazy it is all happening.

  70. greg magrath
    greg magrath October 29, 2019

    How can you ever win a Trial when 50% of the "Jurors" aka Republican Senators have already said they will acquit Trump?. 50 out of 53 Republicans have openly said they will support Trump regardless of what charges are filed. How can you get a fair hearing when these rich old white guys are so set in there ways that its Party before Country???

  71. Shelley Dwyer-Murphy
    Shelley Dwyer-Murphy October 29, 2019

    Thanks, Rachel. Always appreciate you. 🌻

  72. Bradley Squires
    Bradley Squires October 29, 2019

    All I got to say about time

  73. Bradley Squires
    Bradley Squires October 29, 2019

    All I got to say about time

  74. Gunner DJ
    Gunner DJ October 29, 2019

    So one stop on the road to the SCOTUS and you call it over? This was just one lower court. President Trump has the right to take this to SCOTUS and that is where all of this is heading. So before you get all worked up think this is nothing it is Meaningless and it carries no legal weight since the Appeal was already filed. If you want to do a touch down dance why not wait for the Touch Down and that will done at the SCOTUS.

  75. Damir
    Damir October 29, 2019

    I know this is a show, but little more objectivity would be nice…

  76. Gary O
    Gary O October 29, 2019

    I think everyone forgets  that even if trump is impeached and thrown out of office  Mike pence would be president and carry on with trumps policies ………

  77. Bacchus Lacchus
    Bacchus Lacchus October 29, 2019

    LOL,….You're lying to us for 3 years now Rachel…! You've lost your smelly credits…

  78. Wm.
    Wm. October 29, 2019

    Every citizen in the United States knows there is NOTHING going to happen with #NancyPelosi #AdamShiff impeachment. Every citizen is laughing every time a #CNN or #MSNBC FAKE NEWS REPORTER talks about it.

  79. D800Lover
    D800Lover October 29, 2019

    How did Rome end up with Emperors like Caligula and Nero? Surely could not happen in modern times? Can it? Did it?

  80. BJ Rosen
    BJ Rosen October 29, 2019

    I really hope that this judge has excellent personal security, because the Trump supporters have already shown that they are crazy enough to attack people in his defense. I really wish that wasn't even something we had to think about in America.

  81. ALL711 TRIBES
    ALL711 TRIBES October 29, 2019

    Haha. For duffus

  82. ALL711 TRIBES
    ALL711 TRIBES October 29, 2019


  83. Sloe Bone
    Sloe Bone October 29, 2019

    So he obviously did it, they even admitted it. What’s the hold up?

  84. ALL711 TRIBES
    ALL711 TRIBES October 29, 2019

    This is real the impeachment.
    Well let the house of congress INVOKE THE 25TH ADMENDMENT !
    NOW! Behind closed doors.

  85. Julie
    Julie October 30, 2019

    So for a while now since I've fact checked Rachel am comfortable with her reporting and if I don't have time to follow up with current affairs I check in with her …she sums it up for me very well and explains it well to my content …So thank you Racheal and all your team that keeps us informed.

  86. DD
    DD October 30, 2019

    People in the Trump Administration are testifying against him left and right. Their testimony must be legit since he only hires the best people.
    So either he is a liar or a fool. Trump supporters how does it feel to have elected a liar or fool?

  87. Sheri Gilmore
    Sheri Gilmore October 30, 2019

    Does anyone feel like this is Alice In Wonder Land and trump is the crazy Queen of Hearts? OFF with his head!

  88. Drecon84
    Drecon84 October 30, 2019

    It's really no wonder people have been calling this "Stupid Watergate"

  89. Marina28ish
    Marina28ish October 30, 2019

    Oh my, this is too much and so unprofessional.

  90. Paul Henri
    Paul Henri October 30, 2019

    Those lawyers that are supporting Donald Trump after his presidency they might as well just go ahead and take their license and put it into the shredder because no firm would touch them with a ten-foot pole. Cuz every court case that they have the judges in that court case would eviscerate them. Which means that their job is a lawyer is over there's no way they can do their job with that letter that they sent.

  91. Paul Henri
    Paul Henri October 30, 2019

    I was wondering does it mean that now Donald Trump has to hand over 8 years of tax returns to Congress. When they do take a full vote on the house impeachment.

  92. Paul Henri
    Paul Henri October 30, 2019

    I believe and I think the whole world is coming to the same conclusion just by the Republicans actions. Did the Republicans knew all along about Donald Trump in the Russian government they not only knew what was going on but they were working together with Donald Trump for this to happen. Which makes Donald Trump the first person in American history that is not legally president. And when all is said and done I believe that a lot of Republicans might end up in jail when the dust settles. This is why they're protecting Donald Trump's so much to the point they look like a bunch of morons.

  93. debora smith
    debora smith October 30, 2019

    Why don't all the democrats move to a country of their liking Venezuela! Stop trying to change our constitution… You can have everything free over there and they will even think for you!

  94. debora smith
    debora smith October 30, 2019

    Lol what kind of judge is this not one that follows the constitution…lol dummy

  95. Mary Rose Kent
    Mary Rose Kent October 31, 2019

    Whoever is doing Rachel’s make-up really needs to take “less-is-more” to heart!

  96. dave williams
    dave williams November 2, 2019

    Blatant OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE! I am NOT a fan of Hillary, but at least she showed up when summoned by the Republicans.

  97. William Peterson
    William Peterson November 2, 2019

    Were people asleep or not in class or not paying attention in their high school Civics class?

  98. Armin Engelhardt
    Armin Engelhardt November 3, 2019

    Tr!!mp is a sovereign citizen!

  99. metaldogsg
    metaldogsg November 9, 2019

    It's an "odd" argument because it sounds like something Trump came up with.

  100. T S
    T S November 17, 2019

    No! It's the CONSTITUTION of the United states of America that DEMANDS these impeachment hearing's!! If Trump is innocent then prove it!!

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